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AoW2/SM Mod Making
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Topic Subject: Brave New World v3.2 Available for Download!
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posted 04-01-08 01:05 PM EDT (US)   

Update: nvc_for_the_soul has created an excellent PDF file listing the stats and abilities of all the buildable units for each of the races. It is available in the downloads section or you can just click here .

Hopefully this is something which will be appreciated not only by those who are already familiar with the mod, but new people who may be thinking of trying it as well.

Thanks a lot, mate!

NOTE: A new Update for Brave New World (BNW 3.2) is now available. It requires previous installation of UPatch 1.4, BNW 2.0 and BNW 3.0 Beta.

You can download the BNW 3.2 update by clicking on the link below:

Click here to download BNW 3.2 Update

The rest of this post was written in regards to the Beta version, but may still be of some interest to newer people who have not yet tried the mod.



I have decided to release a beta version of BNW 3.0. Everything is not finished yet, but after such a long time working on it, I felt that enough is finished that I should make it available for those who may be interested.


BNW v3.0 Beta is a very large file (696mb zipped) and requires that both BNW 2.0 and UPatch 1.4 are already installed on your computer. When you install this new version of BNW it will overwrite some older ILBs with improved, newer versions. So it is important that BNW 2.0 be installed prior to installing this version. If you install BNW 2.0 after installing BNW 3.0 beta, you will overwrite some new versions of ILBs with old ones, which is something we don't want.

So if you have fullfilled these requirements, you can download Brave New World v3.0 Beta by selecting the link below:

Click here to download BNW 3.0 Beta


After you have installed the update, I would very much recommend you head on over to the scenario section of the downloads page and get:

Roger has really knocked himself out on this map and it is stunning. It features beautiful landscapes, fantastic events and stuff you have never seen before! The map is a true masterpiece and I would really like to thank Roger for all his effort in making it. I hope some of you who download the map will also consider taking the time to post a comment there thanking Roger for the wonderful job he has done.

Three Cheers for Roger the Rampant!!!


To install BNW 3.0 simply unzip and run. Then run AoWSM Setup and make the sure the custom resources box is checked, then select BNW 3.0 from the list.

BNW changes the names of some things in game such as races, spells etc., and puts in a BNW title screen. This will be done automatically the first time you install the mod. When you want the normal stuff back in, open your main Shadow Magic folder and run "Disable BNW 3 Extras". When you want the BNW stuff in run "Enable BNW 3 Extras". You can do this as often as needed. One puts in the BNW stuff, the other puts back the normal stuff.

That's it! You are now ready to play, and in this version you no longer have to load and save maps to play them, and you should even be able to play the campaign if you wish.

Special Thanks to PawelS for his Resource.ahr validating program which makes it so you don't have to load and save maps.

Here are some of the features included in this new version:


The mod now features five new races: Arabians, Asgardians, Immortals, Morlocks and Zulians.

Special thanks to Iskatu Mesk for helping out by writing excellent descriptions for most of the new races.


As well as new races, the old races that are still used have been re-made and are really like new races as well. How this is done differs somewhat from race to race. For example, Dwarves have new units, but they also still retain most of their default units from the original game (with modified skills and stats). Other races such as Dark Elves have been completely redone.

So you will have to check this out for yourself, but I don't think it's inaccurate for me to say that nearly all the races are like new.


Level one and two units for each race can now be upgraded to advanced units at gold medal. This a feature I really love, and feel adds tremendously to gameplay.

I expect this is something that will used to some degree in nearly all mods, and I would like to thank TurboBeholder who discovered how to do this. It was a great discovery and addition to the game. Also thanks to DimaGromyko who I believe first discovered how to mask the changeling ability. I need to also thank my friend, Merkraad, who wrote an excellent guide on this subject which he sent me long ago and has since been posted in the forums and in the modding wiki.


It wouldn't be BNW if it didn't feature many new heroes. And this version more than doubles the number of heroes from 2.0!

BNW heroes are advanced and don't all necessarily adhere to a rigid class-based system. I often find that in my opinion at least, such rigid systems often relegate heroes of certain classes to more or less subclasses. And the heroes of these classes can often feel like they are of a much lower level than other classes. So in BNW I try to make all heroes good, and while there are differences in the various hero classes based on a number of factors, there is not a large overall gap between the quality of the heroes classes. All are good.

I think I should mention that while there are five classes of heroes in shadow magic, many BNW heroes don't fall into one particular class, but are more like mixed classes and you have Ranger/Clerics, Fighter/Thieves, Warrior/Priests and so on...

Also, in this version of BNW heroes start with slightly less stats than previous versions. So you will have to be extra careful with them, especially in the early stages of a game. If you do take care and use them wisely, then they will become the mighty champions and true heroes they are meant to be!

All BNW heroes use a high quality unique body graphic and have wonderful portraits. I hope that all will have their own individual stories before I am done as well. Many do, but there is still work to be done in this area.

I think BNW heroes are very special, and if you play the mod, there's a chance you may think so too.

Many new wizards have also been added and some extra ones are included.


It probably isn't necessary to also mention new units after already talking about the new races etc. However, as well as new units for each race, there are also many new additional units that appear as independents, as I like to use a lot of these for recruitment structures, quest rewards, guards and so on... Generally, I just like having a wide variety of stuff while playing. So you can expect to see all kinds of new units in this version, with everything from animals to mad ogres and even occasional sci-fi stuff which I know some really enjoy, heh.


A long time ago a couple of guys by the names of cowboys94 and RMX suggested racial ships for BNW. took a while (like three years,heh), but this new version has racial ships. They are in the editor now but are not yet available in shipyards as I have not yet finalized their stats/costs or which ship goes to which race. I also haven't decided yet if they will replace the default generic ships or if each race just gets an additional unique ship. However, in this beta version you can check them out in the editor and place them on maps if you wish.

So anyway, I doubt you guys are still playing this game, but thanks for the suggestions!


BNW 2.0 added some nice new map structures and 2.5 (which I imagine most people will never of seen as it was never available in the downloads section) included many more. There are some nice new ones in this version as well and more will be in the final version.


There have been various additional tweaks and adjustments in these areas as well as some new summon spells. A couple I really like are the Headless Horseman with his firebombs that stun and the frost-blowing magical Snowman!

You will also see more units with advanced skills like Marksmanship V, Leadership IV etc. These type of things are often given at gold medal, but also to units where I just think it fits.

Special thanks to PawelS and his excellent uniteditor2 program which allows mod-makers to give advanced abilities to units.


The mod was made to be as compatible as possible with maps made for the default rules, with thought and care given to how changes would affect playing maps. This not only includes the actual changes or additions the mod makes, but also the method in which they were made.

For example, different sections of the editor you have to be careful with. In some areas it may be fine to do things a certain way (delete and replace, cut and paste etc.), but in other areas this may not be a good idea, especially if you want people to play normal maps with your mod. If the mod is not designed to be compatible with maps then it may not be as much of a problem. However, With BNW I do want people to be able to play maps, and so I try as much as I can to do things in ways which will work well in general, but also work well with maps.

However, that being said, BNW is a mod and not a patch, and when you play a map with it things are meant to be different. Also there's a limit to how much compatibility I can have, and still have the mod be what I want it to be.

In BNW 2.0 when you played maps any custom heroes the map-maker included continued to use the default generic rider graphics. Well I decided to change that and in this version a unique body graphic will be used as the default for the various classes of heroes of each race. Now these won't always match very well tcustom portraits that map-makers may of included for their heroes. However, this was inevitable with the new races, and there is no point keeping the default generic riders in my mod any more.

Likewise, while one can change the text in game (Frostlings become Asgardians etc.), this doesn't affect text that map-makers add to their maps. So text in maps will often still refer to things from the normal game and not BNW.

In terms of actual gameplay, while there are many changes, we do try and keep the basic structure of the game intact. And when I put new units in, I keep in mind the unit it is replacing. So you won't have things like a level four Dark Elf unit being put in a slot used by a level two Archon unit etc.

Now that being said, there are a very few instances where to have complete compatibility with maps, comes into conflict with what I feel is best for my mod. And in these cases I choose what's best for my mod over compatibility with maps.

An example of this is Zulian heroes. Zulians replace Draconians in this version of BNW, and any maps which have Draconian heroes will now have Zulian heroes in their place. This, of course, is how it should be in a mod where a race is replaced by another. If Draconian heroes appeared as heroes from some other race other than the one which replaces them...well, that would be a problem.

The thing is, while Draconian heroes have floating, Zulian heroes do not, and this has the possibility of causing a conflict with maps where Draconian heroes may be required to float around the map in areas not accessible by walking. In fact, if a Draconian hero is placed on lava on a map for example, when you went to play that map with BNW that hero would not appear.

Now I have no idea how many maps like this exist. I suspect very few, possibly even none. However, it does illustrate the point that while I have tried to make my mod as compatible as possible with maps, it is a mod which makes many changes, and in some rare instances these changes may adversely affect the playability of a particular map.

In general though, I think that you will not have many problems playing maps made for default rules with BNW. If you enjoy BNW, and it is a good map, then you will enjoy playing that map with BNW.


Let me end by saying that this is a beta version, and of course that means it is not completely finished. Many units still need new descriptions and some still use old ones and in game text still needs to be changed in more areas for example. There are things I just haven't gotten to yet, and there will undoubtedly be many changes and additions in the final version. However I believe most things are setup well and there should not be significant bugs or oddities in the mod.

I plan to try to hopefully release a final version before too long and if you would like to offer suggestions or perhaps even help out a bit by possibly writing a unit description or two, please send an e-mail to:



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posted 02-25-14 10:23 AM EDT (US)     681 / 792  
Great new units Kirky! Can't wait to do some damage with those brainy-things, or get (b)eaten by it...

AOW3 is on the horizon, but I am sure that I remain playing AOW:SM and BNW is a big reason (maybe even the biggest) for that.
posted 02-25-14 12:23 PM EDT (US)     682 / 792  
Hi nvc_for_the_soul,

Thanks mate. I really appreciate the support and help you have given to BNW over the years.

Hi VenomTDA,

Thanks too for the nice comments. When you need to perform the same function on a number of images you do what is called a "Batch Process". In Paint Shop Pro (which I use) for example, I load up an image and then press record and proceed to do whatever it is I want doing. I then save the script and run this on all of the images.

Long ago I wrote a little tutorial on converting civ 3 units in post #45 of the thread:,0,0,0&st=25

This isn't really the best way to do them but it does provide some helpful info on batch processes etc.

A modder by the name of Firegolem wrote a tool for converting civ 3 units. I used this for civ conversions I did for BNW 3 (like the ships etc.). You can read about it here:,4601,,all

I know I still have this tool but I haven't used it in quite a while. I remember someone else asking about this and when I loaded the program up I had completely forgotten how to use it, lol. And I didn't feel like spending an hour or so to figure it out, heh. However, I can find it if needed. I believe the UPatch team may also have a tool by Pawels for civ 3 conversions, but I have never seen it so can't provide any info about it.

Anyway, hope that helps.


posted 02-25-14 02:21 PM EDT (US)     683 / 792  
I'm using photoshop, so i'll have to find the right way to do that with that. But, zour tutorial did help me a lot.

I actually finished my first unit, and it's ok. Well, yeah, the shadow is kind of annoying, but it was my first try, so i let it slide

I'm going to play around with pallets in photoshop and see what i can get.

Anyway, that program you gave me the link, i knew about it. But, i can't get it from there, since the link is broken.

Thanks for the help! I'll get back to making some units in a few days, maybe i'll even get some of them right )
posted 02-27-14 06:04 AM EDT (US)     684 / 792  
3d doesn't bother me as much as aow3 having so much less content and basically coming off as a quick cash grab. Dodging important questions like formats and such was basically the killing blow for my interest in that game.

Do get a hold of me when you do make another release. I'll mirror it like the current one.
posted 02-28-14 01:52 PM EDT (US)     685 / 792  

I didn't expect that little picture would make anyone's day, heh. It is nice to hear it did though.

At least the intial new version of the new BNW will not be based on MPE. I have too many other things to do and can't fully explore MPE changes and how they will affect things and how effective numerous levels of block might be for example. And most importantly, I don't want to have the possibility of running into some problem with MPE that I can't solve and then be screwed and have to redo a lot of stuff. So porting BNW to MPE would only be something I would look into down the road after a regular version is released.

Hope this doesn't disappoint you too much. By the way, I noticed you specifically refered to MPE 1.5 and not the newer version. Is there some specific reason for this?
LOL, no, there isn't. I wasn't aware that 2.0 was already out. And I really get your point. That's absolutely fine for me, if you will do it later after the release. I was mainly asking, because of custom campaigns. MPE solved the campaign bug and would allow to create custom campaigns, which will work properly now.

A Proud Member of the Unofficial Patch Team
posted 03-12-14 06:19 AM EDT (US)     686 / 792  
HI guys! I am new to this forum and as a matter of fact, new to aow. I love the game and the mod . I would really like to edit the mod. For example remove the sci fi untis. Can somebody point me in the right direction, like what files to edit and what editing tools to use. Thanks in advance.

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posted 03-14-14 03:45 AM EDT (US)     687 / 792  
Hi TWJunky,

The editor (AowSMEd) is mostly all you need to edit the mod. It should be in your main shadow magic folder (as long you checked include editor tools when you installed the game).



P.S. In post 463 of this thread I gave some info to another person who wanted to edit the mod in a similar way as you (removing sci-fi units). So you may possibly want to check that out.

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posted 03-16-14 06:49 PM EDT (US)     688 / 792  
Hey Kirky, thx for the fast response! Good to see that you are still aktive !I have read post 463 and i am fiddeling with the editor now . I have a problem though. When i try to edit the building i can only see the vanilla game units, no bnw untis at all. What am i doing wrong?. I also have another question, regarding the morph untis. Does the ai morph their units also, or is that just a feature human players can use? Untill now i have not been able to spot any ai units that have morphed. thx
BTW i think that King guy has/had issues....

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posted 03-17-14 06:50 AM EDT (US)     689 / 792  
Hi TWJunky,

Oh yes, the ai will always morph a unit whenever it is able to. Now the ai won't put the same type of effort into getting its units the necessary xp to upgrade as a human player of course, but when any unit is gold medal, and can morph, it will. It just needs full action points. If you use quick combat you will see your own units do this and enemy units controlled by the ai function the same.

I don't really know what the problem is with you not seeing BNW units in the editor. You see them in game without any problem I assume. Usually this type of thing is the other way around and due to the game not being properly patched. I do seem to remember another person having the same problem as you, but I don't recall if anyone had a solution.

If anyone reads this and knows the answer feel free to post it.



P.S. The King guy was entertaining in his way. He posted a link to a funny skunk video/song which I actually enjoyed.
posted 03-17-14 09:15 AM EDT (US)     690 / 792  
Hey Kirky! Thanks again for the fast response! OK I reinstalled the game and now i see all the mod units in the editor. I also figured out how to edit the units within the different type of buildings. But what do I do after editing. How/where is the new file being saved to and how do I launch my edited version of the mod?
posted 03-18-14 11:50 AM EDT (US)     691 / 792  
Hey TWJunky,

Well when you are done editing you select 'save'. If you are editing BNW then you will overwrite it with your new edited version, so I would recommend you first select 'new' then choose a filename. You would then select this name under AoWSM Setup whenever you want to continue working on it or play it. You will also want to make copies and have different versions blah blah blah etc.

Mods are saved in your Age of Wonders Shadow Magic/User/Resources folder.

Hammer Time!


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posted 03-18-14 01:50 PM EDT (US)     692 / 792  
It feels like you're preparing something huge, Kirky.

Pride guide thee to beautiful productivity and success.
posted 03-19-14 12:54 PM EDT (US)     693 / 792  
He always is...

Looks great, I love more dwarves. they are like gold to get.

A proud member of the Unofficial Patch team
posted 03-20-14 05:19 AM EDT (US)     694 / 792  
Perfect, I think that Kirky prepares new version. His units, new races are so amazing, a lot of work on it.

Brave new world is perfect on notebook. So colourful balanced mod.

All fans are waiting for new upatch 1.5! --> then new version of BNW from Kirky.
posted 04-13-14 03:37 AM EDT (US)     695 / 792  
I just made this account to say thank you for this great mod and give you my honest review because i love this mod!

graphics and animations are GREAT! i love the variety of hero models! and i love new models for humans asgards and immortals!

some of factions like shadow demons and especially syrons are so messed up! the units in this factions have almost no connection at all, it feel like a random united units faction! the original Syron and shadow demons had much more meaning and role to them! it would be great if you can do the same thing with new models!
Undeads are not bad but they dont feel like undeads anymore, i was so hoping that you would make undeads a northrend undead like faction! with arthas as their wizard! :/

1. it would be great if you can change undead faction to northrend style themed instead of undercity blood themed, you know add death knights, frost wyrm, skeleton warriors, blood prince(for vampire model), and any unit that give the undead feeling back to this faction!

2. the models of elves faction looks outdated (its the old high nightelf before blood elfs) it would be great if you change their unit models to blood elf style with green sets,

3. some of hero and wizard arts are way out of place like picture with robotic body or modern pistol and guns in their hands but its no big deal

4. it would be great if players could edit all heroes so we could use some of costume models to the way we like

Over all, it would be great if faction unit's models had more connection to each other to feel more like a faction!
it might be personal taste but i do prefer mangement and theme connection over colourful random unit faction,

Still even with all this said, your mod is the BEST mod of AOW SH! i love it! and thanx again for ur hard work im a modder my self and i know how much time and energy making such a huge mod draw ^^

Wish if possible:
Im an angel nerd!!! it would be GREAT if you could introduce an fully divine angel faction with different angels, 4 wings, armoreds, casters and etc and with heros like uriel, michael gabriel and etc that would be awesome @.@
or can you at least add some more angelic units? i saw some lovely units in your screenshots which arent ingame, like those Kayle(League of legend) models! will you add them in your public release too plz? @.@
A vampire hero with vladimir blood lord model from League of legends would RUUUUX too @.@!!!!! <= (day dreaming)


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posted 04-25-14 04:07 AM EDT (US)     696 / 792  
Hi ahrimansiah,

Racial units in BNW are much more individualised in their appearance and there is not the strict uniformity that units typically have in the default game. This is very much intentional and something that evolved over time. I remember in the early versions of the mod I made an effort to have new units follow the look of the default ones. However at a certain point I started to move away from this approach. For some people this might take a bit of getting used to as they may expect all units to be basically the same guy but with a different weapon/mounted/all the same color etc. However, in some other games I played units were not like this and I decided I didn't want to do this either. Way too boring for me. Besides, units in BNW can feel more like mini heroes anyway and the game is more intimate. They deserve more of an unique look I feel.

That being said, I am not exactly going for the "random united units faction" look either, heh. And while I don't feel this is the case here, there is always room for improvement.

The Elves have gotten quite a makeover with a distinctively middle earth look and feel and most of the unit graphics you refer to are no longer part of the race

One thing I don't think I have mentioned at all is that all the level 3 units for each race now can be upgraded as well. This is something I gave quite a lot of thought to as I didn't want to take away too much from the value this has for lower levels. So while level 3s can be upgraded now, they don't get as much of a stat increase as the lower levels do when they upgrade. This seems to work really well I feel, as even without the big stat boost, you do get a much better unit. Getting back to elves, in my last game I was loving upgrading my elven knights to lords. It was quite a buzzz having them smack a pack of bone horrors with their holy champ ability. So this might be something for people to look forward to.

I don't intend on adding a complete angel race, but there will certainly be new angels. Any ones I have shown a preview of will be included as well as a few additional ones I believe.

I know I have done a couple versions of the vladimir guy from LoL (it becomes a blur after a while) and so your dream may very well come true.

Thanks for the comments!


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posted 04-27-14 03:54 AM EDT (US)     697 / 792  
Hi Kirky thanks for replay ^^
Well i guess i didnt explain my mind good, actually i do love that your units are individual in their model! what i mean is that i wish they had more connection to each other like your Human and asgard faction! a little closer color and connection to each other! your new elven faction is also a perfect example
Though the only thing that make me worry a little about new elves is that WOW models are much more detailed than middle earth models, but i dont think it will be a big deal in 130% zoom ingame btw i loved that Blood elf models hope u do keep them ingame

The upgrade system sound great! i love the idea!
Awesome news about angels, thats more than enough! and thanx ALOT for vladimir model pal you made my day ^^
So any chance for revamping undead faction to something like northren undeads from wow world? would be cool to give them some bone lord and skeleton lords with heavy shields, you know... more undead themed

Oh btw i love the vampire transforming to bat ability! great idea, just 2 requests if you got time and like to
1. can you change the bat model from big bat to doom bat model(swarm of bats)? seems more ancient
2. can you please change model of vampire to either vladimir models OR blood prince models that you have?

once again thanx alot for your amazing mod and the hard work you did put in it! im so enjoying playing it! its amazing how much love you did put in it! i love the fact that even most of heroes have different animations! and thanks ALOT for listening to your fans ^^

EDIT: oh btw around when can we expect the release for next version? ^^

Best regards

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posted 04-27-14 12:46 PM EDT (US)     698 / 792  
Looking good, Kirky! I totally subscribe to the "mini-heroes" aspect of BNW; the humanoid units of old tended to be mediocre and your mod gives them the more relevant appearance they deserve. Can't wait to experience the 3+ level system; hope this works out. BTW, I would love to see more of your city/structure/landscape work as this is a HUGE element with the maps. Can you post a pic?
posted 04-27-14 02:59 PM EDT (US)     699 / 792  
Great news about upgrading level 3 units! I really love that. I feel that the new BNW-version is quite a huge update also considering the totally new elven-race. Can't wait to try it.
Totally confident it will be great
posted 04-29-14 05:14 AM EDT (US)     700 / 792  
Since Elves are my favorite race, with close second being Syrons, i love what you did to them! Can't wait to try them out! Nice work!
posted 04-29-14 06:05 AM EDT (US)     701 / 792  
-This mod is beyond impressive.
-I'm inspired to try my hand at making new units for starters.
In the long run I'd like to make a new Devil race derived from D&D material I found on wikipedia along with their adversaries The Enlightened.
-As I'm not a programmer and new to this MOD business, I'll see what I could do about posting my progress step by step to help others understand the process as well as any pointers that the knowledgeable may share.
-Thanks for taking the time to create this.-
posted 04-30-14 06:44 AM EDT (US)     702 / 792  
Thanks for the comments, mates
Though the only thing that make me worry a little about new elves is that WOW models are much more detailed than middle earth models, but i dont think it will be a big deal in 130% zoom ingame
I think the middle earth models are usually as detailed as the wow ones. Sometimes even more so. Check out the morphing dwarf a few posts up. Gifs tend to be better for showing off units than screenshots.
Oh btw i love the vampire transforming to bat ability! great idea, just 2 requests if you got time and like to
1. can you change the bat model from big bat to doom bat model(swarm of bats)? seems more ancient
2. can you please change model of vampire to either vladimir models OR blood prince models that you have?
Actually, I did a new vampire for undead quite some time ago. However, it is from King's Bounty. I feel this is a classic looking vampire and while the new bat that goes with it isn't a "swarm", it is quite nice I think.

I always listen to peoples comments. It's interesting that often people suggest things that are quite similar to what I am doing or have done anyway. Take your idea about the older wow elves for example.
BTW, I would love to see more of your city/structure/landscape work as this is a HUGE element with the maps. Can you post a pic?
I don't have a large amount of new map type structures setup yet in the mod. I do have folders full of various things that will eventually be put in, but some of that may come in a smaller update later on. This is similar to the approach I took when I released BNW 3. Just too many other things to do and I like to put in map structures later after nearly everything else is done as it takes quite some time to set the guards and things for that stuff and you don't want to have to keep redoing them. Though that's usually what happens anyway, heh.

However, here's a little peak at the graphics for asgardian towns along with a few other things.

Lastly, I know it's probably a bit disappointing to some of you that the mod is taking so long to be released. I am disappointed too! It is quite a lot of work and I don't usually go very long without working on it. I did spend the last couple weeks playing AoW 3, but I will get back to working on it soon. I can't say with any certainty when it will be ready but hopefully not too long!

By the way, if you think I am slow, you should check out this game called "Grimoire" by Cleveland M. Blakemore. It's a long running saga about a "soon to be released" rpg game. You might be interested in the promotional video for the it. I think it's actually one of the best and funniest videos for a game I have ever seen!



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posted 04-30-14 07:29 AM EDT (US)     703 / 792  
Kirky, is there a reason why you decided to replace the frostlings, draconians and nomads by the asgardians, zulians, and immortals? These races are important to the age of wonders lore. The new races are great, and while i prefer the draconians, the zulians fit in well. The asgardians, whoever, feels a little out of place to me. The immortals as well, but to a lesser degree.

Not that i am complaning, they fill the mechanics of their replaced race pretty well, i am just curious because i believe a visual rework and enhanced units for these races would be more awesome than being replaced (like what has been done with elves and dark elves, which are amazing now).

Goblins and tigrans being replaced by morlocks and arabians don't bother me so much because they are very similar in culture and feel, feels more like an evolution than a replace.

Again, not complaining, just curious. Your work is amazing and my hands are itching to play the next version.

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posted 04-30-14 09:51 PM EDT (US)     704 / 792  
Hi Lucas,

Well that's an interesting question. I can see the appeal to just redo the races instead of replacing them. However, with some of the races I just felt a new race would be more interesting. How it happened in each case is different. Zulians came about after someone suggested making a few dark skinned warriors. I did that and liked them so much that I wanted to do even more. From there the idea of them being a race living with prehistoric creatures in a lost valley just seemed natural. While I liked frostlings quite a lot back in the day, asgardians were an obvious choice for me being a marvel comics fan. I also felt that heroes like Thor and Fandral etc. might be a bit cooler than that crazy looking Borkur guy, Heh.

That being said, elements of all the old races still exist in the mod. And you could definately make a case for how, generations later, new factions arose, and the old ones were absorbed into their empires if you were of a mind to do so.

Or maybe it is best explained by the old adage about not being able to bake a cake...



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posted 05-01-14 04:08 AM EDT (US)     705 / 792  
i love the new asgardian units!!! this give them much more meaning and role! thats what im talking about dude! hope to see this changes for all factions
and i like the new vampires!(im a kings bounty fan my self ^^)
although im a fan of bat swarm but since the transformation animation works great its the obvious choice! and thanx for keeping blood elf units they can be a race for them selfs in natural units
so any other change for undead faction? i love your change for other races!

Btw if there is no trouble can you show some pic of all new units your created or are creating?

Good luck pal
posted 05-01-14 09:01 AM EDT (US)     706 / 792  
Would there be any interest in settlement images for the Immortals? I've put some together from Kyriakos' stuff from the old uPatch forums. I hope they look ok .


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posted 05-01-14 05:20 PM EDT (US)     707 / 792  

Hey that's very nice work there! I am definately interested in it. However I actually already have made new city graphics for immortal cities (see image in post 610). Coincidentally, one of the small buidlings you use looks the same as one I used as well, though mine are larger. I got it out of an online game. Did you make these city graphics specifically for Immortals in BNW or are they for your own mod? I wouldn't want to take any work you may of done for your own mod (if you have or are making one) and put it in BNW as that might take away too much from your own project.

You definately seem to be good at this though as putting together city graphics is much more difficult than people might think. Do you have any other city graphics or mod work you have done or was this a one time thing?

i love the new asgardian units!!! this give them much more meaning and role! thats what im talking about dude! hope to see this changes for all factions
Glad you like the new asgardians guys and yes all races are getting these type of changes and additions (some more than others). That's one reason why it is taking so long.
Btw if there is no trouble can you show some pic of all new units your created or are creating?

A pic of all new units I have made would be one massively large pic I would say, lol. Unless I shrunk them down to ant size you would need a whole network of computers to view it! I think it might be better to just have people discover most of it when the mod is ready. However, if you are interested in seeing a few more which have not been posted in the forums you might want to check out this link:

It's got some gifs of units I made some time back.



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posted 05-02-14 04:11 AM EDT (US)     708 / 792  
i love HOMM5 angels! glad to see them here too! your mod is going to be one of legacy games on my pc which i never uninstall or delete
btw you keep dodge undead questions does it mean we are going for a surprise?
posted 05-03-14 08:18 AM EDT (US)     709 / 792  
Hi Kirky!

It's ok, I don't mind sharing anything if it's wanted . Better it see a good deal of play than none at all to my mind . I've been on and off making a mod I started years ago (now converted over to MPE, which hopefully will excite some people if I am capable of releasing it) but I rarely got around to making any progress on it. In all honestly I wasn't initially planning on having a Japanese/Chinese styled race in the game but when I played BNW and looked at the Immortals I couldn't stop loving them . I never really liked the Syrons, so I would love to replace them with an alternate interpretation of the Immortals with a Pure Good alignment (if that's ok? I thought they were so awesome they needed to become one of the default races for everyone to have fun with). There are a couple of problems with that though, and both are based around the heroes . At the moment, Immortal heroes are being given Mounted and Shadow Walker by default and I've got no idea how to change the Fixed abilities, stats (like Movement) or how to change their individual unit bodies.

I think I would probably only make one or two more city graphics when I get around to replacing a couple of the other races. I've never really thought of Halflings being the military type for one and I wanted to put more Barbarian into the Nomads (and rename them to Barbarians which I think sounds cooler ). I'd also like to change the Shadow Demons into the Demons, though I'm not sure whether that'll mean I'll recolour their units or change them altogether (but they will probably get a new city graphic based around large, obsidian buildings and plenty of lava ).

Cheers and all the best,

posted 05-03-14 09:50 AM EDT (US)     710 / 792  
Well i love Syrons and shadow demons because i love the idea of another dimension named shadow realm!, without them the whole shadow realm will be meaningless! i hope we will see their faction fixed again in BNW too!
they were always about light and shadow and the idea was VERY original!.
i love hell demons but we have them in every single str game, i do prefer shadow and light style of AOW SM
posted 05-07-14 00:21 AM EDT (US)     711 / 792  
Hey Joe and ahrimansiah,

Syrons and maybe to a lesser extent Shadow Demons are pretty polarizing it seems. People either love them or hate them. I can see with the color scheme you chose for your Immortal city how they might replace Syrons though.

I am not sure if your problem with fixed abilities is related to using MPE. It's a fairly simple process to set the fixed abilities and what unit bodies are used in the heroes/resources section of the editor. It sounds like you may be trying to use the MPE mod editor for this, which even if you are using MPE, might not be what that is for. Hopefully you get some help from Hellbrick on that.
btw you keep dodge undead questions does it mean we are going for a surprise?
I don't know that I am dodging questions about undead really, heh. I did show the new vampire for them. I am still making decisions on other units though and so they are not as finished as Agardians/Elves etc. We do have plenty of cool new stuff for them and surprises can sometimes be nice too.


posted 05-07-14 01:02 AM EDT (US)     712 / 792  
awesome evolution for that unit I evolve him from a wheelbarrow pushing unit you sent me a long time ago, watching him beat archons to death with a shovel is one of my great pleasures...

A proud member of the Unofficial Patch team
posted 05-07-14 03:12 AM EDT (US)     713 / 792  
Man i love how you do use all models from all cool games! League of legends definitely have some lovely models!
well good luck pal! i hope we get a dark and heroic undead faction with some awesome serious looking units
posted 05-09-14 02:34 AM EDT (US)     714 / 792  
Hi Kirky, could you try to release new version of BNW, please? I can not wait until you release your updated mod with new graphics of units, evolution of outpost to city which are very detailed and awesome for each race I like town of Elves with magic tower (new graphics of gold snake around this tower) which you have shown on this forum.
Kirky, you have sent very nice pictures, for example this: New frogs

What do you think about random summoned magic (for example eagle - a few kind of eagles can be summoned, or summon fire elemental - fire elemental, lava elemental and so on)

Kirky, what about this:
Is this your new units and features?

All fans are waiting for a patch 1.5 too.

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posted 05-09-14 08:15 AM EDT (US)     715 / 792  
Hey Kirky,

It turns out it was a problem with MPE's Editor but I've managed to work around those issues now .

There is a problem with the Immortals city graphic I've done, I haven't yet added new Tactical Combat structures . In any case, here's a link to the ILB: I hope it will be useful!

I'm not sure whether the Loyal Archer's movement sounds are a problem or not but after running it through UGPM (with some colour filters), its movement sounds have suddenly started working again for me . Running a unit through UGPM without modification didn't seem to work though . I'm so confused with movement sounds, one day they work and the next they don't.



Edit: Just in case there are some that don't know this yet; I've tested NB_Yoshimoto.ILB, set two Walking sounds for it (one has a delay to fit in with the movement) and set MoveStep2Pcnt to 100 and it now seems to be fully working in-game. Setting MoveStep2Pcnt to 0 did some weird things with the former Walking sound set up, such as odd, overlapping movement sounds.

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posted 05-10-14 09:19 PM EDT (US)     716 / 792  
Thanks Joe. You did a nice job on this. Good to hear that additional walking sfx with delays work in game too.

It does seem a bit unlikely to me that recoloring a unit would affect its sfx, but strange things can happen I suppose.

Hi D4rken,

Yep I am trying to finish the mod so it can be released. I was quite disappointed I didn't finish it before AoW 3 came out. Once that happened I took a little break but I am getting back to working on it.

There will be random summons. I don't think there will specifically be different types of eagles, but for most of the summon spells there will be a variety of units which may appear.

Yes that link shows some new units I made a while back. There are plenty of others as well.



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posted 05-12-14 06:43 AM EDT (US)     717 / 792  
Hi Kirky, thank you for this nice message, I am looking forward to testing new BNW and plenty new things. I like your graphics, new towns, races, monsters, effects and morphing! Everything is awesome and excellent job.

Yes, random summon monster what you described

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posted 05-24-14 02:02 PM EDT (US)     718 / 792  
Hi i am new to mod and have one serious question.Will Concealment work in SP.I know that AI in vanilla ignores this perk and it's useless (MP evolution mod/patch,supposedly fixed this).So let's take for example Grove maiden,it has Grass Concealment perk,so i suppose it can hide in long grass,now if an AI army is nearby will it be immediately spotted or until enemy commander gets very close.Also if said something funny or stupid,forgive me because i am also new to the game,I have been playing it only week or so.
posted 05-25-14 02:14 AM EDT (US)     719 / 792  
Absolutely great news those lvl 3 morphs! Cannot wait to play with those!

I believe BNW is the reason why I keep playing AoWSM over AoW3. Its just that great!
posted 05-25-14 03:49 PM EDT (US)     720 / 792  
Wait a second ... you actually added Hulk into the mod(upcoming version)?Btw i love Asgardians and as fun of Marvel comics i am pleased with the effort you put in for them.Also some new heroes backgrounds are so funny that i ended up reading every single hero background (I laugh like crazy once i read Sif background).
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