posted 11-01-12 08:52 PM EDT (US)   
It will most likely be after 8:00PM CDT

This is part of a baby effort to build a regular playgroup for myself and a couple /tg/ers I know. The games I host will be tiny at first because I can't rely on people to make it back to games after the first play attempt.

Standby for more information as I cement the plans. I am advertising this in many places at once.

At one time I had planned with my gaming group a "first come first serve" style game that involved jumping into the spot of another wizard after loading up the game at a later date. But this is best accompanied with a Storytime style screenshotting effort. I am not up to that right now, but I used to take screenshots of my games and post stories on /tg/. I storytimed as Aasimar, an Archon zealot with a SMITE AND BURN attitude and a grudging respect for humanity alone (if you recall, the High Men came down to protect humanity).