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AoW2/SM Online Multiplayer
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Topic Subject: Game-ranger list
posted 06-14-11 01:23 PM EDT (US)   
Post your ID's accounts here. Add your AoW mates and ask them for matches whenever they connect to Game-Ranger.

Jeronimo: 417980
posted 06-15-11 09:27 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
How do you find your account id?
posted 06-16-11 04:19 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
You can see your ID creating a game and left-click your name, then "Show Info".
There you have the screen with the world location + ID number. =) Its easy.

A way to gather AoW players in Game-Ranger is also to leave a Room open... so others join and add you.

Prefer Online matches. If you have spare time at weekend, connect to play L + Ug map along with all available players.
Using Game-Ranger/Hamachi to play 1 match 1 day is the most attractive formula. You already know this.

I have read PBEM threads to analyze. They seem to last many months, with lots of interrupts/sudden freezes.
What I see in this Community are many PBEM threads, but no threads of great Online experiences.

Final Comment: Of course that the "Online dream" is not possible for busy people.
But the others... What are they waiting for real challenge?
Face to face. Minute after minute. Mental pressure. Nervous sweat.

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