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AoW2/SM Online Multiplayer
Moderated by Swolte, Timelord, Ziggurat Mason

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Topic Subject: Multiplayer Mod 1.8
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posted 10-02-08 02:39 PM EDT (US)   
*updated 4.3.2010

Free to dl here (might reguire upatch 1.4):

MP 1.8

Discord program:


Feel free to come test this and other mods with us in Discord.

Our network is: Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
and can be found here:

New Skill System:
You need to pick wizard icon and then choose custom wizard at start of the game to get 3 skill picks. Best skills costs 3 picks, when worst does cost only 1 pick. Also negative skill picks give different amount of picks. (Basically you choose wizard same way like in Dwiggs or CoMA if you have played it, but now itīs kinda mandatory to get same amount of skills than normally would.)


All wizards have 7 att, 6 dam and 30 HP. was 8 att, 8 dam and 20 HP. Wizards also have some minor abilitys.
All archers lose strike
All heroes got better. Heroes are considered too weak by most people
All flyers get floating as well.
This is to end the discussion whether it’s ok for flyers to stay on rocks/houses in TC. With this change flyers can't hide on top of houses or trees in TC anymore to avoid the effects of double gravity and web/entangling. Flyers can still fly over city walls and ground units can't reach flyers.

Removed fire weakness from frostling heroes.
Resurgence has been removed as a hero upgrade. Resurgence as a hero upgrade was bugged. It was possible to resurgence a hero an unlimited number of times instead of only once like other units with resurgence.
Doublegravity spell does holy and death damage also, this means only immune unit to it is gargoyle.


Changed the city bonuses for research races
outpost: 4 research
village: 8 research
town: 12 research
city: 16 research
This will weaken research races because research was overpowered in dozens of games. Mana would not fit to research race.

All the recruitment structures like the inn, druids circle and circus are now razeable.

All races can build 2 new units: the Rebuilder and the Tower Builder.

New spell rewards for the shrines. In 1.4 many of the spell rewards were lvl 1 spells, but those spells are never offered for a reward. The order shrine gave only 4 spells what made the change of being offered the golden dragon spell very high.

Magic: (12) +10 mana and research
air elemental; alter node; bind summon; chaos lord; chaos spawn; double gravity; earth elemental; fire elemental; magic fist; summoners aura; water elemental; watcher

Nature: (12) +15 gold, +30 growth
basilisk; call of the forest; chain lightning; city quake; concealment; dire penguin; level terrain; raise terrain; rejuvenate; spiders curse; spring rains; tremors

War: (12) -10 gold, units get silvermedal
anarchy; animate hero; black dragon; city plague; corpus furia; crash gates; fire domain; fire storm; fireball; minotaur; unholy champion; wildfire

Order: (12) +15 production, +40 happiness
divine storm; enchanted roads; golden age; gold dragon; high prayer; holy champion; mist cloak; purifying water; regenerate walls; resurrect hero; turn undead; water dancer

New costs for lvl 4 units: Unit Upgs: Silver // Gold

Titan 300 was 320 (Holy Imm // Ignition, Fire strike) (down to 32mp)
Fairy Dragon 300 was 310 (Vision, Mark, MI // Holy Strike)
Steam Tank 300 was 320 (Mark +2 // Tunneling, Seeker, Mark IV)
Leprechaun 300 was 280 (Mark, Holy Strike, MI // Mark IV)
Forceship 300 was 300 (Mark, Vision // -||-, Haste)
Air Galley 300 was 310 (Mark, Vision // -||-, Seeker)
Sphinx 300 was 320 (Cave Crawling // Haste, Blurred) (stats -1, drain will at start)
Doomwolf 300 was 310 (Mark // Cause Fear, Lead. I, Haste)
Red Dragon 300 was 300 (Mark, Vision // -||-, Ignition)
Roc 300 was 320 (Vision, Death Prot // Death Imm, Haste)
Incarnate 300 was 300 (Fury // Unholy Champion, Phys Imm) (dmg down to 5)
Kharagh 300 was 300 (Round Strike // Extra Strike, CF)
Glutton 300 was 300 (Death Imm, Lead. I, Mark // CF, Mark, Lead. II)
Lord 300 was 320 (Lightning Prot // Lightning Imm, Haste, UC)
Reaper 300 was 310 (Regen. // Resurgence, AC, UC)

Mark = Marksmanship
Leap = Leadership
CF = Cause Fear
SH = Smoky Haze
Imm = Immunity
AC = Animate Corpse
UC = Unholy Champion

Summons: (also 2nd lvl summons got -5 casting points/mana)
and thx for HellBrick for this list in rus forums

Air Elemental 160->150
Angel 240->220
Basilisk 210->200
Black Angel 240->220
Black Dragon 300->270
Bone Dragon 170->160
Chaos Lord 220->200
Earth elemental 130->120
Fire elemental 140->130
Gold Dragon 300->270
Ice Dragon 230->200
Phoenix 230->210
Water elemental 130->120
Wyrm 190->180


MP 1.8

*Update 4.3.2010
- Champion guild costs 200 gold, making 3rd lvls faster to make.
- Alter node is 1st lvl cosmos spell, was lvl 2.
- Boats lose floating at silver but get more vision during lvls.

- All 4th lvls cost 300 gold.
- Pioneers back to builders hall and 150 cost.
- Ice dragon to 200 (was 190, it already got +1 attack)
- Wind Walking 25/6, was 40/6.
- Chain lightning 16/8. (-1 dmg) (25 cost still)
- Silver floating ship has only transport 5, 33mp and 20hp.
- Desert concealment to sphinxes at silver.
- Syron scout loses one vision at silver.

- Skillsystem is new (check above thread)
- Warmage 450 reseach cost, enchanter 350.
- Doomwolf and Sphinx -10 cost, Galley -3 hp and to 340 cost. Tank to 350 cost.
- Chainlighting is 25 mana and more powerful 16/9, bit more researh cost too.
- Heroes stronger. (rogues fe. have higher attack, when warriors more hp)
- Succubus +10 cost. (has drain will at silver)
- Red and Fairy Dragon +1 hp. (were weakish)
- Iron Maiden to 160 cost (was 170)
- Lightning immune to Astral Sprites at silver but 14hp.
- Swashbuckler has first strike at start.
- Some new hero names, some item forge fixes.
- Resurgence is now 40/10, Static shield 30/7, Liguid form 18/5.
- Minor upgrades to 1st lvl summon, to make them more usefull.

MP 1.79

- Sphinxes got -1 stats, but drain will at start.
- Floating for ships during lvls, so they can go lands. (brings some variety to game also)
- Rebuilder and tower builder -10 cost, 90 and 70 now.
- Pioneer cost 120 (when they are builded in siegeshop itīs not worth of build pioneers in other towns than capitol, if the game wonīt go +60 turns - and it does not - and now itīs worth of the build) 120+200+18 = 338, 10+12+14+16+18+20+22+24+26+38+40+42+44+44 = 360 (takes about 15 turns for pioneer to cost itself back and thereīs population penalty of 250 too) And for other towns it takes now 5 turns at least more time to build pioneer and +150 cost of siege shop. Enough confusing arguments for this I guess.
- Red dragon +1hp, Orc shaman +1hp.
- Heroes have common Gayspy names.

MP 1.78

- Quests spell rewards stay same since itīs over 2 hour work to balance them, cos editor reward system menu is badly made. Rewards got some unbalance, though not that bad, as said Gold Dragon was greatest abuse before.
- Warshrine stays at -10g per turn, hopely ppl learn build other shrines too and tactics with them, even when silver medal is in great use for units.
- Bone dragon is regenerating again with +1hp = 21 hp now.
- Halfling & goblin swordsman got stronger, so possibility to get useless starting army goes lower. (Stabber and peasant will stay same, so they can be made in outposts in one turn)
- Elephants -1hp, charioteer +4mp (like in 1.3)
- Steam Tank 33mp - itīs now fastest transport in UG.
- Life domain and some overland "city dmg effect" spells cheaper. Violent storm is 35cp now.
- Druid and halfling priest can get path of life at silver. (Some other few in gold lvl) (They can return crops to litterlands)
- 4th lvl price fixes (lords, gluttons, incarnate, lep)
- Some cavalrys back to normal hp, cave crawling to executioneers. (like in official patch)
- Warlord Leadership II at silver, Shadow runner -1att, Chieftain +1hp.
- Fairy +1 defence (Itīs no longer double gravity immune)
- Racial priests move 28mp.
- Nightvisionbraineatingz0mBiEsexist with 10 cost.

MP 1.77

- Water walking to 10/3, was 15/4. (Freemovement is 10/2)
- Doom Wolf +1HP, had only 27hp.
- Warlord +1 leadership at start II at silver, tho no III at gold. They were/are weaker than runemasters, with higher cost.
- Reaper has pass wall and regeneration at silver, stats back to 13.
- Air galley costs 360, got +4 hp and +1def and res, still itīs pretty weak vs tank or force ship - but itīs flying, cost may prevent "galley pwning".
- Saints, avengers, centaurs, pegasus riders gain bless at silver. Fury is common upgrade on "melee brutes" at silver.
- Racial priests got +2hp and some lvl upgrades.
- Incarnates +2 dmg and +1 defence.
- Bladedancers and Butchers -1hp = back to normal values.
- Shipyard +5g per turn, building cost +20g to original.
- Some spell research fixes, mist cloak radius 5 = lvl 3 spell.
- Fixed some wrong descriptions.

MP 1.76

- Research races to 16/0 - they are not supposed to have mana, but the 20 research was too much.
- Library gives 16 research - 10g for each research point.
- Crash Gates to 15 mana, was 20. In off 1.3 it was 10. Itīs much worse than tremors.
- Hellfire and Sacret Wrath got +1 dmg, not possible to get them in quests.
- Static Shield and Liquid Form cheaper.
- Nomads got 10g at city size - I think itīs the least played race atm.
- Hurl Boulder back to 12/12 - att/dmg.
- Hall of Enchantment needs city size - this decreases the chance that ppl raze/caravan their town when they got Hall of Enchantment.
- Most items made in Item Forge cost "a lot" less now, this is good thing for PvP and online games - and gives possibility to create mighty heroes.

MP 1.75

- 4th lvl units cost bit more, most expansive ones in construct races 360g = 3 turns with constructor and ordershrine.
- 90% of melee 1st lvls got +2hp, 2nd lvls +1hp and some "weak" 3rd lvls too, cost stays same.
- Higher lvl summons cheaper to cast - research cost will be same.
- Research races have 10/10 mana/research, instead of 20/0 - balance to the overpower of research races.
- Chanlerer research cost is now 450.
- Masteries research 1000, casting / upkeep costs stay at 600/60.
- Darkland had 20 upkeep, now 10.
- Gargoyle is good unit now and got +20 cost.
- Necromancer got -1 marksmanship.
- Archers/spitters etc +1hp, berserker -1hp
- Champions guild is 220g, instead of 240g.
- some other minor fixes, not much influence to gameplay.

MP 1.7

- Air galley loses fire cannon 3/3 but receives fire crossbow 3/3 in its place.
- Frostling icedrake loses cold strike on silver and gets cold immunity instead.
- Hydra loses the animal ability.
- Gargoyle will get +1 attack and -10 gold. (will be 11 attack and 120 gold)
- Saint will get +4 MP and +1 attack. (will be 32 MP and 10 attack)
- Succubus will be -20 gold (will be 130 gold) and will get vision I at silver.
- Necromancer will get +2 attack, +1 damage, +2 HP, 1 more level of marksmanship and +20 gold. (will be 11 att, 8 dam, 16 HP and 120 gold)
- Unicorns will get willpower at the start and healing at gold instead of silver medal.
- Gold dragons will start with night vision.
- Pit guards lose fury at silver medal and gain willpower with silver medal instead.
- Forceship will get hurl lightning 2. That will give it 13 att and 7 dam with no medals.
- Wyvern gets gasbreath instead of black breath at gold medal.
- Updated descriptions of frostblowing and flame throwing.
- Gave the zephyr bird grasp -2 at gold. (It had the normal graps at gold medal but that's to powerfull IMO. From the description I think Gandalf wanted to give it a decreased lvl. in mp 1.6)

Ability changes:
Grasp increased to 18 att / 13 dmg (was 17/12)
Ram attack increased to 16 (was 12)
Venomous spit 12 att/8dam (was 11/10)
Flame throwing and frost blowing can be used in red movement. to improve the flame and frost cannon


Some things in earlier "Online Mods", which done here too:

Wizard skill picks:
- All wizard skills have research cost 500 except enchanter 400 and chanlerer 450, technophobe gives 3 extra sphere picks.

Building changes:
- Champs guild reduced from 240 to 220.
- Stronger defenders on magic catalysts (this one were needed when ppl abused catalysts, could be removed back to easier guards)
- Stronger indies when razing structures (not sure is it done in MP mod - should be tho)

+ loads of unit changes


Original Ideas:

1. Wizards:
Wizard units should get 24 mps, 40 hps and -1 att, -1 dam, +1 def and +1 res. This will have the effect of making them harder to kill early in a siege on the capital (increased defense and hp), and the reduction in mps and attack stats is needed so they don’t get too useful in grabbing ressources in early game. The low mps will also make them more dependent on other units and on transport units, and thus more nerdy and wizardlike.

- How the units look doesnīt mean balance since 40hp would be too much in sieges to kill the wiz even in 3-4 turns - wiz stay at 30hp with 7/6/8/12 stats.

2."More focus on spells and spell-casting:
I would like spells and spell-casting to play a stronger role in the game. At present, the most important strategy for winning the game is building a lot of powerful units fast and smash your opponent with them. If the attack strength of area damage spells (and perhaps combat spells and even summons) was added, there would be more focus on research and spell-casting in this."


- done in 1.75 (might have 1-2 mistakes)

1. One idea was certainly that units would get better lvl upgrades, this is hardest thing to balance out and need a lot testing. Many units get their massive upgrades at gold tho, so it wonīt be that huge issue in most of the games. Conqueror is very useful skill now, like war shrines. War shrines got -10 gold penalty cause this.

2. Razing is less effective, since thereīs cheaper rebuilders - cost of 100. Animate ruins is also cheaper to research. Towerbuilders (80g + 50g tower) and stronger hero upgrades brings some development to the game. All lvls of units should be useful now and nothing easy way to wictory does not exist.


Ideas and guestions are welcome here, main point is to keep it near upatch and original game.

AoW:SM and WoW gamer

Maker of MP Mod 1.8

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posted 02-12-09 11:23 AM EDT (US)     51 / 60  
Some seem to use it here in February too

AoW:SM and WoW gamer

Maker of MP Mod 1.8
posted 02-12-09 05:25 PM EDT (US)     52 / 60  
The effects can be stunning!

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider
posted 02-20-09 04:38 AM EDT (US)     53 / 60  
Lowering 4th lvl prices might also require lowering 2nd and 3rd to keep it balance again.. Although lower lvls have plus hp and some very good upgrades. Making unit cheaper should make games end faster as some ppl donīt really build units that much

Also now all races can do 4th lvls in 3 turns with ordershrine, still production races does them fastest, in 3 turns without ordershrine. Comments, testing needed.

Dunno why pioneers were originally in siegeshop, itīs mathematical impossibility that pioneer would get itīs gold back if builders hall and siegeshop is builded before actual pioneer. Well, at least it was about 25 turns, now near 15.

AoW:SM and WoW gamer

Maker of MP Mod 1.8

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posted 02-21-09 02:47 PM EDT (US)     54 / 60  
congratulations! But I always felt the many mini mods made it hard to pay mulitplayer but if it is necessary good work!
posted 02-21-09 05:13 PM EDT (US)     55 / 60  
Come back to Gamespy, and we will help you play all the different mods...

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider
posted 02-25-09 07:51 PM EDT (US)     56 / 60  
i tell you that I do not stay in rooms but last week I check gamespot for the first time in years, and ok there was nobody there. I did play single player though and oh my god I have always had little understanding of this game, I still do not understand most things in this game so I will always be an eternal loser at this game.

I will continue to check in on gamespot rooms, but just send me a private message sometime with a time and date!

Getting mods will be no problem!
posted 02-27-09 03:27 PM EDT (US)     57 / 60  
Try Gamespy (and in weekends) not Gamespot

AoW:SM and WoW gamer

Maker of MP Mod 1.8
posted 03-08-09 04:09 PM EDT (US)     58 / 60  
No one here, you play only saturdays? Sunday evening there is nothing.

oef spider floating around but not in the lobby.

Maybe all these mods did destroy online gaming.

How to expect a newcomer to install all these mods - yeah, they are probably often better than the original but it seems only for veterans.

In 1.3 era the room had 20 people almost always.

Honored Core Balance Team Member of UPatch 1.4
Also known as TirAsleen
posted 03-29-10 09:13 AM EDT (US)     59 / 60  
Unarchived upon request

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
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My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
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posted 04-03-10 08:51 PM EDT (US)     60 / 60  
Thereīs update with autoinstaller.

AoW:SM and WoW gamer

Maker of MP Mod 1.8
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