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AoW2/SM Online Multiplayer
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Topic Subject: How to start playing online from a noob me :)
posted 04-07-07 02:40 PM EDT (US)   
ok well i just played my first online game last night and Lev asked me to write a short guide to help get other new players and understand what its like.

The first thing you have to do is download patch 1.4 and a few mods that are played on multi player often otherwise you wont be able to play with people ill post links here

patch 1.4


Dwiggs patch

Dwiggs ilb update

Multi player mod

Ok so once you have downloaded all those great mods you actually need to play it seems that the easiest place to meet people is gamespy which just in case you don't have this is the link it is free you dont have to pay the subscription to use it

Now after you register for gamespy and connect it should do a search for all compatible games you have AOW:SM being one of them after it does that you should see an AOW:SM icon in the corner under my games.

After you click on it it should bring you to a AOW screen there click the main lobby link and then see if anyone is there to play

Now just a few tips on how to start from my very limited experience i made some mistakes that i would rather you not repeat

1. All battles against indies are FC so you can count on the AI screwing you over some

2. at the very beginning of the game be careful what indies you attack and make sure if you don't want to fight you press retreat and not quick combat i lost a hero that way lol

3. Make sure you come back to attack indies guarding income structures that you werent strong enough to take at the beginning you need all the gold and mana you can get

4. when the attack screen comes up check what your attacking you never know when there may be a concealed army in there you werent planning on. If you do make a mistake and you are overpowered in the battle kill what you can weakening there heroes wont help killing there low level units at least makes them pay gold or mana replacing them

5. If you do make a mistake DON'T QUIT i lost 9 units between 2 turns including 2 heroes towards the beggining and i didnt have much left but i didnt quit cause if you arnt palying you cant learn fom the experienced players

5. Sometimes it is better to wait and defend whle building up and army if you are in a postion to then constant attack and expansion if you can afford it. This way you can have good enough defenses that your opponets dont want to attack you remember your first time playing your goal isnt winning its learning and staying alive which you cant do without a decent defense.

6. I should of said this earlier but ohwell you have to have plenty of time i started playing at about 10 pm last night and was playing till 5 am and we still hadnt finished. It takes alot of time but it is worth it to play someone who can actually cripple your army early as opposed to running through the AI

7. This is my last one for know unless i forgot anyting make sure you have fun rememeber its a game and everythings not going to go your way early on its better to laugh it off instead of complaining about it you are at the bottom of the totem pole and you cant work yourself up without taking loses early.

If i said somehting wrong or left somehting out which im sure i did just tell me ill fix it and add it in also if you have anyother advice for people wanting to start playing online you can post it here

thanks again to tp lev bashful and everyone who gave me a chance and helped me through my first game last night

posted 04-07-07 05:02 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
This is great description. That was I want to write by myself with my restricted English. Just some notes.
Pay attention, that aow room at game spy is free, you do no need to be subscriber. If you cannot find it, seems you are doing something wrong.

Game mods are played online because standard universal version has unbalances and does not fit online gameplay completely. Another good mode for online play is NewArsenal 2.0

Do not be afraid of game time, author was just lucky he had not experienced neighbor near him, only newcomers like himself. Or the game would not last more than half and a hour for him. Another point is that games under dwiggs mod are slower (my estimation) that under more classic multiplayer mod that is much closer to original game. However, do not start a game unless you have at least 3 hours for play. (4 for dwiggs game). Or your possible quitting can seriously spoil the game.

When you come to gamespy, DO NOT EXPECT that people were just waiting you to start a game. They all can be already in game, or not at the computer. AOW games last a few hours, and some time is needed to arrange a game. Best time for it is from European evening till USA evening. Optimal way to get aow game now, is to pick out some whole evening for it, take another occupation, like watching tv, and check gamespy chat time to time. Every day several games under various mods are played there.

posted 04-08-07 04:12 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
I'd say be ready to commit at least 4 hours to a game, dwiggs or not. (unless a med/small map with few players) People who just quit because they aren't doing well or they get bored or because they decided to do something else.. Aren't liked much.

If you have less then 4 hours time, tell people how much time you might have and make sure its ok for you to just quit if the game goes past how much time you have to play.

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posted 04-10-07 10:40 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
Great guide!

I shall post a link in the sticky topic in General Discussion to this thread shortly.

Edit: Go here

~ Swolte

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