posted 06-26-20 01:36 PM EDT (US)   
Hi All,

So, by reading the description of the Undead tag it says "The unit is immune to Death and poison damage, fear and seduction." but as far as I know they are not completely immune to poison because they could get poisoned by poison domain spell, also fear strike spell could also fear them (even if I found in the MLD file the existence of a fearless ability, but unfortunately it is not available for modding like the hidden ability Black Curse)

The main point of this topic:

Should all the Undeads be weak to holy damage, like some archon units?!

As well should all the Archons units be weak to death damages?

Because I don't find the purpuose of death weakness apart from cursing the enemies (that's a great thing), because just few units have it

Also the holy weakness, no one got it, so what's the point of holy strike apart from inflicting vertigo?!

Thanks in advance to everyone,

A the Cleric


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