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Topic Subject: Upatch 1.5 bug list
posted 03-31-16 01:04 PM EDT (US)   
Hey there,

at first I wanna say, that I really really enjoy playing the new 1.5 patch. it is refreshing and amazing what is possible now. I want to thank again everyone who was part of the Upatch team for this great work.

because of the rather rushed release at the end some bugs are left in. we all wanted a fast release and knew what that some bugs would appear. I just want to make a list of bugs that got found so when at some point someone wants to fix them and release, lets say a upatch 1.5.1 he has a list to work with.

for the bugs I post here, it would be nice to have some confirmation from other players having the same bugs.

okay now here the list in the order they were found:

#Upatch description in main menu#

in the main menu "Upatch 1.4" is shown instead of "Upatch 1.5"

#Zephyr Birds Invisible in Combat#

as title states: zephyr birds are invisible in combar maps. they are visible in world map and once they are killed thjere corpses are shown normally

#Nodes created by "Alter Node", Magic Rift and mastery spells have wrong appearance#

some are invisible, some have the wrong graphics. here a list for the spheres I tested:

cosmos -> invisible
fire -> invisible
water -> wrong graphic
earth -> wrong graphic

#Missing translation of Unit Discriptions#

not really a bug, but something that was left untouched in the patch. it is also not really necesarry as most of us can read english good enough to play this game. if at some point someone wants to start working on fixing bugs I would like to offer my translating "skills" for a german translation.

#Goblin with Harbour becomes unusable

when you build a harbour in a goblin city the city window for that city does not open anymore. reason for this is a missing reference in the unitlist for a harbour in goblin cities.

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posted 04-02-16 03:15 AM EDT (US)     1 / 17  
There's others things invisible on map :
- Mana and gold deposits
- Haste trees
- "Catalyseur" (the magic sphere wich give you 150 RP or 50 MP - don't know the english word for this)

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posted 04-02-16 06:43 AM EDT (US)     2 / 17  
actually these are visible for me. so it's not the same for all players. weird.
posted 04-02-16 07:34 AM EDT (US)     3 / 17  
I made an aleatory map to see this.

And after making a test map with the editor, i confirm that's concerning only aleatory generated maps.

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posted 04-04-16 08:38 PM EDT (US)     4 / 17  
Thanks for keeping a log, this will be helpful!

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posted 04-22-16 06:30 AM EDT (US)     5 / 17  
Steam tank after using it's steam ability glows like city with forcefield.
posted 05-02-16 01:30 PM EDT (US)     6 / 17  
Just noticed "Control animal" is having ATT 4. Don't know if this is a bug... but seems "4" is a bit too low.
posted 05-05-16 04:41 AM EDT (US)     7 / 17  

I can confirm the following bugs Zeldafreak reported:
Upatch description in main menu, Zephyr Birds invis in combat, Nodes created by mastery spell have wrong appearance.

There is another bug I 'd like to report:
I made some tests with new terrain features. When using "grass + new rock formations" (at buttom of list) or "swamp + overwrite with new rockformation of grass type OR new plants of grass type" you cannot pass them. Those hexes are fences so to say, you cannot pass them even with flying.

posted 11-08-17 02:34 AM EDT (US)     8 / 17  
I found a new and more serious bug the other day:

if you build a harbour in a goblin city the city becomes unusable. this is because the city window does not open. I also found out why that is. the list of what units can be build from a harbour in a goblin city contains a broken/missing reference. my guess is that it was meant that the "Bilge Rat" is the new ship unit for goblins but the ID for the unit was changes or something. this is easily fixed if you are able to make a MOD.

I will make a MOD where this is fixed and will try to fix some of the other bugs as well and then release it on hte heavongames download central.
posted 01-09-18 10:09 PM EDT (US)     9 / 17  
Invisible underground exits !
posted 04-04-20 10:14 AM EDT (US)     10 / 17  
I've managed to find the way to fix Mastery Spells and Zephyr Bird, and eliminated 1 crash.

Death and Earth Mastery spells are fixed by copy-pasting basic death and earth node from resources of UPatch 1.4 over the same basic nodes in UPatch 1.5.

Zepphyr Bird also could be fixed by copy-pasting it's unit body.

As for Fire, Water, Life and Air mastery could be fixed by copy-pasting base nodes somewhere to the end of the object list.

Also for Red ranger hero body there's the sound that crashes the game - it also could be removed in editor.

Chaos Node converting to Cosmos Node missing graphics could be fixed by copy-pasting cosmos node somewhere to the end of the object list.

Ghost should have undead attribute.

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posted 04-28-20 05:34 AM EDT (US)     11 / 17  
Most of the disappearance bugs nodes, entrances, poison plants are presented by invisible objects in the end of shadow biom tab. All could be fixed by re-entering original objects to the end of the object list.

All of the bugs reported here are fixed in UPatch 1.5 to MPE conversion here

If anybody needs the fixes in original UPatch 1.5 - feel free to wright here and I'm gladly make those fixes.

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posted 05-27-20 03:00 PM EDT (US)     12 / 17  
Hey Triadasoul_7,

I would really like to have a new version of the plain 1.5 patch with some fixes. It would be 1.5.1 then, haha.

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posted 05-27-20 10:29 PM EDT (US)     13 / 17  
Actually there's going to be one:


PS: I don't know if I have time to make it in plain UPatch 1.5 for now cause I'm busy with this one (and if I do there will be only hereos, cause creatures use MPE functionality)

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posted 07-09-20 03:37 PM EDT (US)     14 / 17  
Some of the older maps couldn't be opened until reopened and saved in editor - caused by lilly pond changed with lillies in water object tab.
Crashes by missing sound of Stub unit.
posted 11-10-20 05:11 AM EDT (US)     15 / 17  
Cool, you are doing a great job for the developers, which don't have enough time to find all those bugs and glitches and here you come in. I really appreciate your help in making this game better, even if I am not a big fan sometimes I can turn on my computer and play it. It will be much better if the developers will put some skins here which you would sell or buy for real money, as in most of the games made by valve, where you can easily sell csgo skins, Dota skins, or TF2 skins which you can sell for real money. Well, I still hope they'll do something great in the end.

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posted 02-26-21 01:08 AM EDT (US)     16 / 17  
Sorry for choosing probably the wrong topic for my question but can someone guide me where could I find the change (not bug) list for 1.5 UPatch just like it is for 1.4 here:
posted 02-26-21 08:47 PM EDT (US)     17 / 17  
AFAIK there's no such a list.
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