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Topic Subject: Strange Lands Mod [was LOW]
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posted 09-12-08 10:27 PM EDT (US)   

Quasi-familiar world, filled with surprising adventures.

Intro video (oldish)


- 15 new Races, each with unique style, strengths and weaknesses.
- Units have 20% reduced Attack, Defense and Resistance scores, compared to the original version.
- 30 new wizards and new wizard ability and skill pick system.
- 70+ heroes, new hero classes and level upgrades.
- New Spell Schools (previously Spheres), with many new spells and icons.
- Over 70 new artifacts, some with "special" properties.
- Many new sounds for units.
- 800+ units, ranging usually between levels 0 to 8. Exploring them all might take a while.
- Converted to MPE patch, providing many nice extra features.

You can see more details below and some additional info can be found in the Strange Lands Docs once you install the mod.


Install order:

1. uPatch 1.4
2. 3-in-1 pack
3. MP Evolution 1.5
4. Strange Lands 2.0 (420mb)

You need to use MPE-Setup to enable the mod. Set English language and Strange Lands -custom resources there, and run Strange Lands Mod.exe (or use the link provided) to play the mod. Campaign wont work with this mod, but random maps should work just fine. There are also few custom maps converted to the mod now, see below.

Have fun.

P.S. Thanks to hatstand for previously hosting the SL mod files for a long time.


Custom maps:

Strange Lands of Non by Dorbungan
Unexpected Conflict by Fly
Strange Promising Land by Tendril
Strange Vikings by Tendril
Strange Valleys of the Lost II by Galumbovic
Anarchy and Treachery by Oleg123

In case some map is made for earlier version, you can convert it by selecting Strange Lands -custom resources in MPE setup, opening the map you want to convert with the MPE editor, and simply save it.

\/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Overview ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\/

___________________________________ Good races ___________________________________

Revenants [dwarf]
+ Units are relatively strong for their price, with good protection abilities. Undead ability gives even more protections.
- Units actually get weaker with experience, especially at gold medal. Being undead can be a weakness as well.

Visitors [syron]
+ Units have haste and invisibility, making this an excellent sneaking race. Towns get very strong research bonus. The race has strong ranged attackers.
- Units can be bit costly for their combat effectiveness. Towns get major penalty at growth and some penalty to production as well.

Ainúr [archons]
+ Can make some of the strongest units in game, and just generally looks cool. Mana and research bonus.
- Units are expensive and cost more upkeep than in average. In addition, towns have gold penalty as well, so gold might be in short supply.

Alliance [halfling]
+ Very diverse selection of trainable units. Because of the diverse population, gets some bonus to gold, mana, production and growth.
- Is not especially strong at anything, but relatively good in everything.

Enchanted Forest [elf]
+ Units can be quite sneaky, and on top of that, the town can be hidden in a huge forest as well. Can make powerfull ents at early stages in the game.
- Most units are tiny and have low hitpoints.

__________________________________ Neutral races __________________________________

Viking [frostling]
+ Strong melee units, and all of them have willpower. They can also move in snow and water at ease.
- Not very good ranged abilities. Towns get some production bonus, but nothing else.

Consortium [tigran]
+ Most units have summoned property, so you can save your gold income. Towns have great mana income bonus.
- Units being summoned, you can run out of mana easily, and the units have extra weaknesses.

Avian [nomads]
+ Most units can fly, and they have good vision. The towns can be sent flying as well, and act as transports.
- Units can be bit squishy.

Automatons [humans]
+ Units have good amount of protection abilities. They are mechanical as well, so they have even additional immunities. Towns have huge production bonus.
- Mechanical units mean additional weknesses as well. They also have lightning weakness, and mana penalty.

Dragonkin [draconians]
+ Lots of morphing abilities. Units also have swimming. Powerfull priest units. Mana and reseach bonus.
- Most units have kinda low defense value.

____________________________________ Evil races ____________________________________

Legion [dark elf]
+ Strong fire and death based abilities. Can train godlike Balrogs at top tier.
- Many units have holy or secret weakness.

+ Many units have physical protection or resurgence. High level units are possessed. Good research bonus.
- Most units have holy weakness. Not good at scouting.

Gremlins [shadow demon]
+ Tricky units, who commonly have sabotage, taunt and repair machine. Units can also multiply and grow stronger in battle. Awesome growth rate and some mana bonus.
- Low level units can be bit squishy, and most units have cold weakness. Production penalty.

Beastmen [orc]
+ Lots of trainable units, and they are relatively cheap. Good growth rate and mana bonus.
- Units are beasts, so they could be easily controlled by certain units.

Giants [goblin]
+ Units have huge amount of hitpoints, they can move through most terrain easily and are immune to entangle. Awesome production rate.
- Units move bit slowly, and have low resistance. Growth penalty.


Also most buildable units can morph to better form atleast once at gold medal

*Race in [] means the replaced race


Magic Schools
(Idea for new spheres by Merkraad)

One of the two schools that have more diverse types of spells. Thaumaturgis main speciality is health affecting spells, having 5 of those. It also has spells like Holy Light, Turn Undead and Holy Champion to combat forces of evil.
Thaumaturgy has total of 5 combat spells, 2 combat attack spells, 3 summoning spells, 4 overmap spells, 3 general enchantments and 4 unit enchantments.

The other school that has diverse types of spells. Necromancers command the forces of death and darkness with great skill. He is specialized on the undead, having spells like Animate Hero, Animate Dead, Animate Ruins, Animate Dragon and Create Undead. Also they have spells like Power Word Fear, Rot, Infection, Corpus Furia, Weaken and Poison Ray to throw at enemies in combat. It is also one of the few schools that can learn Mastery spell, but at an increased cost.
Necromancy has total of 5 combat spells, 3 combat attack spells, 3 summoning spells, 5 overmap spells, 4 general enchantments and 2 unit enchantments.

Alterers specialize in bringing changes on the general environment. They can alter terrain with spells like Mist, Spiders Curse, Freeze Water, Clear Terrain, Level and Raise Terrain etc, and also they have very strong General Enchantment spells. They can also learn Mastery spell at reduced cost.
Alteration has total of 3 combat spells, 1 combat attack spells, 1 summoning spells, 6 overmap spells, 10 general enchantments and 2 unit enchantments.

Conjurers specialize in conjuring various creatures to their aid, and sometimes forces of nature. Their summoning spells are generally cheaper than those of other schools, and they are very diverse. They can also learn spells like Conjure Comet, Call Tremors, City Quake and Tornado.
Conjuration has total of 2 combat spells, 2 combat attack spells, 12 summoning spells, 5 overmap spells, 2 general enchantments and 1 unit enchantment.

Evokers command the forces of destruction like no other. Their Combat attack spells are generally cheaper than those of other schools, and they are very diverse. They also have spells like Storm, Forge Blast, Fire Storm, Tornado and Fire Domain for blasting enemies from afar.
Evocation has total of 2 combat spells, 9 combat attack spells, 2 summoning spell, 5 overmap spells, 1 general enchantment and 1 unit enchantment.

Enchanters can fortify their units with wide variety of unit enchantments, and also use certain Power Words and charms on enemy units.
Enchantment has total of 4 combat spells, 1 combat attack spell, 2 summoning spell, 1 overmap spell, 2 general enchantments and 11 unit enchantments.

Cosmos spells are available for all wizards, regardless of their school. There are some spells that will be available only on certain conditions though, like Spell of Mastery is only available for multiclass wizards and Mighty -enchantment can only be gotten if Shadow World is available. In addition to more general type of spells, Cosmos spells include some usefull summoning and enchanting spells, alltough theyre generally pretty expensive.
Cosmos has total of 5 combat spells, 1 combat attack spell, 2 summoning spells, 4 overmap spells, 5 general enchantments and 3 unit enchantments.


New abilities:
(At least some of them)

Clarity [Crusader]
Gives Willpower & Immunity to Drain Will.

Prismatic Breath [Cold Breath]
Deals Fire, Cold and Lightning damage. Only for some of the most powerfull units..

Aimed Shot [Fire Crossbow]
13ATT, 7DAM, extra long range, 1 shot. Advanced archer skill.

Kill Shot [Throw Spear]
10ATT, 15DAM, long range, 1 shot / day. Advanced archer skill.

Gunfire [Poison Darts]
11ATT, 6DAM, medium range, 3 shots. Powerfull ranged attack for some advanced technological units.

Psychic Attack [Shoot Javelin]
12ATT, 8DAM, unlimited range. Magic and holy damage types. Combined with seeker, this ability can be real nasty..

Energy Beams [Lightning Bolts]
10ATT, 5DAM, long range, 3 shots. Lightning and magic damage. Doom gaze animation.

Corrosive Breath [Fire Breath]
11ATT, 7DAM, breath attack. Physical and wall damage. New breath attack with physical damage type attacks defense instead of resistance and damages walls.

Smite [Spread Attack]
10ATT, 10DAM, holy damage. Divine storm animation.

Secret Weakness [Dragon]
Powerfull units have this attribute, and also some other strange creatures. Slayer ability [Dragon Slaying] gives +5 ATT against these.

Might [Shadow Walking]
Gives +2 to all stats, allows immunity to shadow sickness, and disables Changeling ability from unit. The temporeal version of this ability gives +1 to all stats, and any unit can get it from the Altar of Might [Shadow Weed], except the units that allready got permanent version (or enchantment) of this ability.

Normal [Shadow Walker]
Allows immunity to shadow sickness, and disables Changeling ability from unit. All units in game have either this ability or the Might ability, meaning that all units are immune to shadow sickness and cant use changeling ability. Normal unit is able to get temporeal version of Mighty ability.

Dragonkin Growth [Draconian Growth]
Allows Dragonkin Warriors to become either Dragonkin Nobles or Allosaurs at gold medal.

Natures Blessing [Free Movement]
Nature lends its aid for the unit. Gives free movement, +2RES and immunity to entangle.

Rune of Mastery [Wind Walking]
Allows a Unit to Float across all Terrain, gives +2ATT and immunity to freezing.

Multiply [Devour]
Gives the Unit a chance to steal it's Targets life force with each Melee Strike and, when a unit is disintegrated, produce a Gremlin in a new combat round.


Hero Classes:
(Some possible quidelines..)

Champion [Warrior]
- Decent ATT, high DEF, high HP
- Block, extra strike, mounted, polearm, physical protection and other protections are common
- Leadership I and holy or unholy champion, willpower at start

Bard [Paladin]
- Decent RES, decent HP
- Aimed shot, taunt, pixie dust and seduce are common
- Spell casting I, bards skills, leaderhip II-IV, some have ranged attack with mark 1-2 at start

- Decent ATT, decent MP
- Control animal, archery, critical / aimed shot, spear of slaying, natures blessing, trap and concealment are common
- Mark 3-5, vision 2-3, heroism and some ranged attack at start

Assasin [Rogue]
- Decent ATT, low DAM (compensated by mighty meek feat), high MP
- Double strike, first strike, blurred, energy drain, throw blades, venomous spit, gas breath and poison strike are common
- Some concealment or invisibility, mighty meek, vision I and wall climbing at start

Cleric [Priest]
- Decent DEF, high RES
- Holy dagger, hurl lightning, black bolts, divine breath, lightning abilities, protections, holy strike are common
- Spell casting I, true seeing, turn undead, healing 1-2, mark 2-3 at start

Sorcerer [Shaman]
- Low ATT, low DAM, high RES, low HP
- Magic bolts, fire bolts, frost bolts, flame throwing, frost blowing, bombard, lightning abilities and some protections are common
- Spell casting III, mark 4-5, and some ranged attack at start, willpower

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good Wizards: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Neutral Wizards: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Evil Wizards: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~Wizard Skills:~~~~~~~~~~~~

Explorer: 4 Skill Picks
Conqueror: 4 Skill Picks
Summoner: 3 Skill Picks
Peace Keeper: 3 Skill Picks
Merchant: 3 Skill Picks
Survivalist: 3 Skill Picks
Constructor: 3 Skill Picks
Scholar: 3 Skill Picks
Expander: 3 Skill Picks
Enchanter: 2 Skill Picks
War Mage: 2 Skill Picks
Channeler: 2 Skill Picks
Casting Specialist: 1 Skill Pick

Anarchist: 4 Extra Skill Picks
Pacifist: 4 Extra Skill Picks
Decadence: 5 Extra Skill Picks
Bureaucrat: 6 Extra Skill Picks
Technophobe: 6 Extra Skill Picks


Special thanks to Kirky Picardo and BNW mod for the additional graphics!


If you got cool ideas for improving the mod further, or something, feel welcome to post here.

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posted 03-06-12 12:35 PM EDT (US)     181 / 241  
Heh, thx for the nice comment. Happy to hear you're making a russian translation, would be fun to have some games with those guys in SL.

Anyways, I was planning on making at least one more update, to fix few issues. Especially I dont like the new stone walls, they seem bit too strong now (was better before). Also Odin wizard has Casting Specialist at start which he shouldn't have (so would be good idea to ban him for now).

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posted 03-06-12 02:01 PM EDT (US)     182 / 241  
Legion can made wooden ballistas/catapultas with "Flame Shield" (gives immunity to fire). Dont no how to change this, but seems weird. Walls are allright (for me of cause). All buildings descriptions i remade in russian as:
Town is enveloped by the 'Mud' during sieges{eol}Income (+15){eol}Mana (-5)
Very comfortable i think.

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posted 03-08-12 08:08 PM EDT (US)     183 / 241  
Yeah, Legion gets the flame shield from the racial structure. Dunno if it's a big problem, could consider giving them different siege machines though. As for the racial structure spell enchantments, I dont think many of them work in SL actually. Took me a while to realize that after changing the race of the structure, the spell effect doesn't work properly. But I haven't found that to be big issue either. I changed the description appropriately for the last update though.

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posted 03-11-12 00:37 AM EDT (US)     184 / 241  
If i will change lists of defenders for all map objects, how many files will be changed?
I want make strong (and diversive) independent defence in random maps for personnel purpose with optional quick patch (without copying all directories and files).
Thank you for help.
posted 03-11-12 03:10 AM EDT (US)     185 / 241  
I'd guess those variables are saved in the Resource.ahr file in the mods resource folder. But if you want to make an alternate version, most practical way would be to copy the whole resource folder at \MP Evolution\Strange Lands and paste it with a different name. (and share with whomever interested)

Random map uses the first structures in Map->Tiles->Places tab, up to Underground Gateway. The rest are for custom maps.
Some of the units are bit chaotically organized in the unit tabs (mostly because of practical reasons), so it might take a while of getting used to.

Have fun.

Maker of the CoMA and Strange Lands mods.
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posted 03-11-12 04:20 AM EDT (US)     186 / 241  
Thank you again.
I know about time and reasons. Too many beautiful, interesting unites were left forgotten, of cause it will take time to change it.

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posted 03-12-12 03:52 PM EDT (US)     187 / 241  
Happy to hear you appreciate the units. Those are what I've been most passionate about with my mods, I think. (although theres plenty of influence from other people in there too, obviously)

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posted 03-13-12 05:20 AM EDT (US)     188 / 241  
Unite Ravager (№331) has no ilb (invisible).
posted 03-13-12 07:06 AM EDT (US)     189 / 241  
Thanks, seems I forgot to add it on the last update installer.

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posted 04-21-12 04:27 PM EDT (US)     190 / 241  
Mayhem's animation seems to be missing, too.

Also there is an issue that is making converting existing maps harder - objects in Places tab are seldom not compatible with UPatch. Part of shifts vs. the "original" sequences, there are a few income structures often used in the custom maps which positions in the tab under UPatch correspond to income structures in SL, but IDs of these objects differ. So when I open UPatch maps under SL resources, such structures disappear.

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posted 04-26-12 10:27 AM EDT (US)     191 / 241  
Whenever I try to start a game(Using strange lands.exe) it doesn't seem to start. I press "Start" it shows loading for a split second then it disappears. What do I need to do? What did I wrong?. Could I get some help, I'll appreciate it
posted 04-27-12 01:42 PM EDT (US)     192 / 241  
Hi folks

Yeah, unfortunately I made the mistake of moving around few structures in the editor before realizing proper way to adjust the overmap structures at some early point in development. And so those structures don't convert automatically when taking map from another version to SL. Dunno how exactly to fix this, perhaps I could ask Hellbrick about it later.

Did you try with a custom map or random map? Random maps should work fine, custom maps work only if you convert it for SL mod. There are some custom maps converted for the mod already (look at opening post), although they are for the older versions now, so you need to open them with the "AoW - MP Evolution editor" and save them again to make them work. Maps made for other mods can be converted in the same fashion, although they will probably need some extra work to adjust some of the defenders, structures, events etc.

Also note that for the latest version, you need to select the mod in "AoW - MP Evolution settings" (not the AoWSM Setup).

Maker of the CoMA and Strange Lands mods.
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posted 05-12-12 07:51 AM EDT (US)     193 / 241  
Hi there Griffith,

First of all thanks for making this mod, I'm having a real good time playing it. You didn't do things half way and changed all 15 races, introducing many new ideas (I like the "alchemy" option a lot) and concepts, yet managing to keep the game balanced and challenging. It's true that the AI doesn't cope very well with all those changes but it does make for some surprising enemy armies.

The only thing I really don't like is the "Cosmos mastery" spell, since I hate the mastery spells (game breakers all of them I say) and now every mage can use them. But that's not too high a price to pay for such a high amount of work and, in the end, most excellent content, both game-wise and lore-wise. So, except for some minor gripes that are a matter of personal taste (Millenium Falcon ? Smurfs ?) "Strange lands" is a real success as far as I'm concerned.

Two things though :

1) The structures that raise dead, like catacombs or undead cities, raise the same unit that fell (or some totally unrelated, yet powerful unit, like a "sandworm" rising after killing a "lich"), and not some minor zombie. I don't know if it's intentional or not but it sure ups the difficulty of some battles. The more so with undead units, since most are "possessed". So you have to kill the former unit, then the incarnate, then the former unit again, then the incarnate again.

2) Some units don't morph at gold medal as they should. The dragonkin "Ruler", for instance, does morphs into a "Dragonet" at gold (losing his leadership 4, which is really a sad trade btw), but said "Dragonet" doesn't get to morph to "True dragon" at gold, as opposed to the "Dragonet" that you can build in dragonkin cities.
Same goes for units you buy at recruitment places, I bought some "Spriggans" that wouldn't morph to "Spriggan hulks" and a "Golden Leprechaun" that wouldn't morph into a "White dwarf".

Anyway, very good work, it provides me with endless hours of good gameplay, so I'm all thanks.

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posted 05-13-12 05:26 AM EDT (US)     194 / 241  
Hey Lonely Vazdru,

Always happy to hear people enjoying the mod.

About the issues: I think only cosmos wizards (i.e. multi-class wizards) should be able to get the "spell of mastery". Also Alteration wizard can get mastery spell at reduced cost and Necromancer at increased cost. I don't think the mastery spells are particularly game breaking, but then again I'm more used to playing online multiplayer games, it might be bit different in single player. (also depends on the map size a bit I suppose)

Raise dead raising Sandworms? That sounds bit strange, perhaps I should check if theres an error somewhere. And yeah, animating or resurrecting units that have possessed ability by default could be kinda heavy (although I think the possessed ability is removed from heroes at least if they're resurrected, not sure about units). Raise dead shouldn't raise any such units though, since only the highest level undead have the ability.

The Dragonet grown from Ruler don't have morph to True Dragon on purpose. Originally almost any Dragonkin unit could grow into True Dragon with experience and it was kinda game breaking. So I needed to put limitations on what units could morph into what, same applies to units from other races. The unit versions that cant morph into better form are marked with "*" at the end of the unit name. You might have a point about the Dragonets leadership thing, perhaps could rethink its abilities a bit, it's an important unit for the race after all.

Thx for the feedback,


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posted 05-17-12 09:48 AM EDT (US)     195 / 241  
Thanks for the details about morphing units. I noticed the (*) sign, but didn't know what it meant.

About the raise dead issue, you said :

"Raise dead shouldn't raise any such units though, since only the highest level undead have the ability."

but that was my whole point, "Raise dead" raises the same unit, not a zombie. So if you kill a Nazgul lord, it raises a Nazgul lord, and it still has the "Possessed" ability.
The sandworm example was just a rare case of "Raise dead" raising a completely different unit, but it didn't happen much.

Another thing I noticed is that "Leadership" doesn't seem to affect machines. Even automatons units don't seem to benefit from it. Is that intentional ?

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posted 05-20-12 02:28 PM EDT (US)     196 / 241  
By "Raise Dead", do you mean the necromancy spell / enchantment "Animate Dead" or the unit ability "Animate Corpse" ? I thought the structures you mentioned uses the spell, and not the ability. And the spell should only raise some of the low level undead units.. But I rarely play tactical combat on those structures, so cant remember anymore how they work exactly. I'll check it out, thanks.

Oh right, leadership dont work on machines.. Perhaps should change the master drone unit for automatons a bit then.

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posted 05-20-12 03:33 PM EDT (US)     197 / 241  
I mean the spell "animate dead" used in structures/undead cities. It always raises the same unit that was killed, no matter how high level.

On another note, the spell "Power word stun" never seems to stun, contrary to what its description says, it just deals the damage. I tried quite a few times, so unless the chance to stun is abysmally small, it seems "broken".

Also, good work in adapting the D&D 3.5 monk in Age of Wonders. Just like its PnP counterpart, it starts a bit weak but ends-up a powerhouse on steroïds. I love that unit.

[This message has been edited by Lonely Vazdru (edited 05-20-2012 @ 03:49 PM).]

posted 05-22-12 11:03 AM EDT (US)     198 / 241  
Hmm, the Power word: stun has the lightning damage type, so it should be able to stun much like chain lightning (if target dont have lightning immunity), I think. It also has holy damage type, so it can additionally cause vertigo. But the spell has been proven bit weak, perhaps could lower its cost a bit or something.

The monk is my favourite alliance unit too.

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posted 08-31-12 12:00 PM EDT (US)     199 / 241  
Is there a way to restore the missing Ravager unit? It's possible but annoying to play with or against Avians when one of their best units is invisible.
posted 09-11-12 10:57 PM EDT (US)     200 / 241  
Ah right, that unit. I havent used avians much, so almost forgot about it . Well as a temporary solution, I added the image library here, for those interested. Just copy the file to your #AoW:SM#\Images\Units -folder.

Maker of the CoMA and Strange Lands mods.
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posted 11-03-12 06:37 AM EDT (US)     201 / 241  
For whatever reason, the Visitors in my copy have no city graphics nor unique portrait; it's just a blank space. In the city case, I suspect that it's because my computer is set to Japanese language mode; the image file had random Japanese characters in it for some reason, and I believe it can be fixed by renaming it correctly. So, what is the Visitors' city image file named?

I don't know why they don't get a portrait. Other than that, I've seen no errors with the mod, and have been having a blast playing around with it.
posted 11-03-12 08:05 AM EDT (US)     202 / 241  
Hello HisRotundity,

Interesting problem you got there, but I think you might be on the right track. The filename for the Visitors image library should be "LoW_Asgård.ilb" (yes, thats with a letter "å" in it). The filenames for the race ILBs and some other things might be bit misleading, as the mod has been through multiple iterations since the original version, and I havent bothered to change the filenames much..

Anyways, happy to hear you've been enjoying the mod. I hope it will hold your interest for a game or two.

Maker of the CoMA and Strange Lands mods.
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posted 11-03-12 10:16 AM EDT (US)     203 / 241  
I thought it was that file, because I got "LoW_Asg蚌ds" instead of "LoW_Asgård". Unfortunately, after renaming the file in question correctly, the city still fails to display, so I don't know what could be the problem there. I even tried out "LoW_Asgårds", with an s at the end, but that didn't do anything either. Ah, well. It's annoying, but still playable, because the city visibly flattens the ground wherever it's placed. I did download your Ravager fix, which helped enormously, as an invisible unit is a lot harder to deal with than an invisible city.

I don't think that re-downloading a correct image file would help, but you never know. I'll just pretend that they have some big spaceship overhead that beams down units or something onto a landing zone if I can't fix it.
posted 11-04-12 00:46 AM EDT (US)     204 / 241  
Right, "LoW_Asgårds.ilb" I ment. Well if it still doesn't work, and you play the mod mainly in single player, you could try the following steps:
1. Rename the ILB to anything you think is appropriate.
2. Open the mod with MPE editor.
3. Choose Resources -> Edit, then go to Settings -> Races tab.
4. Find the Visitor race slot (second to last slot, or the one that is invisible), then change the "ILFileName" to the filename you chose.
5. Save the resources (you can avoid overwriting the old version by naming new resources at Resources -> Customize, if you like).

I hope that works . If you wanna use that version with other people, they should have the copy of the resources you're using too (just the mod's folder under \MP Evolution). Thanks for reporting this, I'll try to remember to change that filename for the next update of the mod (when / if theres going to be one).

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posted 11-04-12 01:58 PM EDT (US)     205 / 241  
Thanks for the tip, that worked like a charm. I wouldn't have been able to figure that out on my own, and it's helpful you mentioned the copying bit because I was planning on having a bit of a LAN party at some point soon. I just renamed the file in question LoW_Visitors.ILB, edited the ILFileName, and, lo and behold, it worked. It'll make playing the Visitors a lot more palatable; I'd started just disallowing them in my single-player games because I didn't want to deal with their invisible cities.
posted 11-07-12 03:25 AM EDT (US)     206 / 241  
Have fun . Multiplayer play is where the mod should be at it's best, if I dare say so myself.

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posted 12-08-12 01:39 AM EDT (US)     207 / 241  
Just lil' reminder, animation of Mayhem unit's missing.

Spell check failed - not enough mana
posted 12-09-12 01:36 PM EDT (US)     208 / 241  
You probably know that Patch MP Evolution 2.0 beta does not run with Strange Lands resources. Is it going to stay that way (no big deal for me)?

Spell check failed - not enough mana
posted 12-15-12 06:20 PM EDT (US)     209 / 241  
Yo Oleg,

Yeah, mayhem is missing graphics, but it shouldn't be available in game anyways (I hope). As for your other post, you shouldnt run SL resources with MPE.exe anyways atm, as the mod has its own executable for that purpose. You need to select the mod in MPE setup though. There might be some compatibility issues with converting maps to last SL version or editing resources with the MPE 2.0 editor though, I might need to look into it again, thanks.

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Well, it seems Optifine was the problem (I have no idea how). I redownloaded the minecraft.jar, installed the mods without optifine and it was working fine. Then after installing optifine, massive lag.

Now to find a way to use Optifine...

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