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Topic Subject: Unit idea: Goblin war machine
posted 02-20-06 02:13 PM EDT (US)   
Theres been some discussion about an evil land transport. I thought up an idea for such that I thought great but please judge for yourself. No accompanying picture since I'm not able to do that kind of thing. But I'll try to describe it best I can.

Quoted from flavor text:

One day a bunch of goblins were sitting around pulling the wings off a big beetle,

Nuagh: Those kharagh's sure are strong, they bash things real good!
Splog: Lets blow them up, we could see whats inside them that makes them so strong.
Gren: Or eat their flesh and steal their strength, then goblins can be strong just like kharaghs!
Splog: But goblin'ss are strong, they blow up good and do much damage already. I'll show you,
Naugh: Latter splog, goblins know we need something better then splogs to bring our explosives and weapons with use. Something for lots of explosives and weapons for much damage!
Bob: Why not a large cart loaded with our explosives and weapons?
Gren: But what would be strong enough to pull this cart?
Naugh: Yes, What could possible drag all our immense explosive supplies, cannons and so forth with us?
Bob: What about a kharagh?
Gren: Yes kharaghs are strong, they could pull our cart. But Gren really wanted to taste n eat kharagh flesh and get strong *frowns*
Naugh: Maybe one of the old ones Gren.
Bob: Problem is, kharaghs probably not like to pull cart.
Naugh: True bob, but kharaghs like goblin flesh, I bet they do it for goblin flesh!
Gren: Lets feed it bob, then it will agree!
Splog: But splog really want to show you how good he can blow up.
Naugh: Afterwords Splog.

Narrative: So the snickering goblins dragged the screaming Bob to be eaten by the kharagh, then set about designing and making the war wagon. Only afterwards realizing they could have used bob to help in its design, and probably should have waited to feed him to the kharagh.

Its a giant cart with two giant wheels, a harness for the kharaghs to drag it. Railings along the side and back, Most of it is made of scrap wood. Spikes poke out everywhere, from its wheels,sides, railings, some pointing up to prevent attacks from above, one or two pointing into the wagon just in case someone jumps in. A few goblins have been skewered by this, but not enough for them to change it. These spikes are made of metal, but some also of wood as metal was hard to come by and more work.

In the back of the wagon is a cannon (& ammunition), a ballista(& ammunition), some bombs, and a large pile of gun powder (in keg form or as a lose large pile in a large wooden crate without a top) As well as several goblins to work it all.

This unit is a transport 7 machine, speed maybe around 36, it slows the kharagh down somewhat but not too much. It has an melee attack from the kharagh, but lower since its harder for it to hit anyone with a wagon attached to its back, damage is still the same. No first strike or charge.

It has cannon, shoot javelins, & has a short range fire bomb attack. It also has the ability to self destruct, maybe 3 or 4. This self destruct does tremendous damage in a radius equal to fireball in 1.4.

What do you guys think?

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posted 02-20-06 03:18 PM EDT (US)     1 / 7  
2 questions:

why 2 range attacks? isn't cannon stronger than javelin anyway?

what about melee attack (similar to steam for dwarven steam tank) for all the spiked poles on the cart? separate from the kharagh attack

great description by the way. it sounds like something out of warhammer or blood bowl

posted 02-20-06 03:33 PM EDT (US)     2 / 7  
Patch v1.4 already has a Goblin Transport Vehicle, but your idea is well too. IMO this Transport Vehicle suits the Goblins much better then the Goblin Tank from Patch v1.4.

Quoted from aliss:

why 2 range attacks? isn't cannon stronger than javelin anyway?

Shoot Javelins is multiple shots, but those apart are less effective. Cannon is one destructive hit. Sometimes you should use the Cannon and sometimes Shoot Javelins.

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posted 02-20-06 03:38 PM EDT (US)     3 / 7  
Why two shooting types? Well because it seemed excessive, the whole thing is the goblins excess.

Shoot javelins has 3 attacks, shoot Javelin might have some better qualities in some mods. Javelin having better attack then cannon does make sense to me. We could give it poisoned javelin or poison darts instead of either of those.

Quoted from aliss:

what about melee attack (similar to steam for dwarven steam tank) for all the spiked poles on the cart? separate from the kharagh attack

Care to elaborate on that some? Plus how could they attack with the spikes? It can really only go foreward, the kharagh's not going to back up into anything as a form of attack. The goblins would probably have spikes on the front as well anyways. All of which would makes it hard to use the spikes in a attack.

But it does have the throw bomb ability, which would be a little bit like steam.

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posted 02-20-06 04:35 PM EDT (US)     4 / 7  
Maybe give it Smoky Haze and write in that they poisoned the spikes? The actual ability Smoky Haze doesn't make too much sense, but the effect (Posioning anyone who attacks) fits in nicely.

I like the idea! Compared to the Steam Tank, I'd say this is meant to deal a lot more damage but be a lot less durable. Is that right?

posted 02-20-06 05:36 PM EDT (US)     5 / 7  
That sounds about right.

Part of it will depend on whether its a level 4 regular construct unit, or a special recruitment unit. But yeah, it wouldn't have the same defense or resist as a regular kharagh.

posted 02-21-06 12:43 PM EDT (US)     6 / 7  
Would it count as an engine or a normal unit?


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posted 02-21-06 03:39 PM EDT (US)     7 / 7  
Well it could go either way, but its more about the wagon then the kharagh pulling it. So it should be a machine in my opinion, which means vulnerable to fire and sabotage which sounds about right.
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