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Topic Subject: Stranger's Dwigg Mod
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posted 03-30-05 02:59 AM EDT (US)   
Dwiggs5.0 is available here:

Update 17-12-19 Joep and I are making an Age of Wonders 3 Dwiggs mod. If anyone is interested, just email me at


In regards to Dwiggs mod, special thanks to:

El Joep-who did too much to list.

Timelord-again, too much to list.

Igoraki-converted many of the new graphics.

Merkraad-taught me the whole morphing thing

Kirky Picardo-maker of the excellent Brave New World mod. Like Timelord and Joep, he helped me too much to list just any one thing.

Kaskoid-Many of the excellent descriptions come from his desk.

Stillborn, Jean Luc, and many others also contributed some very creative descriptions. Look for the letter at the end of the description to see who wrote it.

If you wish to contact me, you can do so at

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posted 01-20-06 06:19 AM EDT (US)     541 / 2994  
Here goes for the Enchanted Armour (called Broudair). Again, a fast work, so feel free to edit it if you want to.

The desperate need for a Broudair was what drove the few remaining members of the Shadowdancer Cult to flee when a cursed Katakiri chose to flex its magical strength within the confines of the Fortress. Powerless against the stunning strikes of the sword, the displaced Priestesses finally realized that weapons do not distinguish between master and foe. Their very survival threatened by the possibility of another such outbreak, they set to crafting an armour that will be the nemesis of the Katakiri - to be used only by the Priestesses. Having no access to the Lightning Forges and thus, unable to counter the stunning strikes of the Katakiri, the Priestess searched far and wide to enchant the armor with magics for which the Katakiri had no counter. The Broudair came into existence, a curious artifact forged by Dark Elf priestesses but blessed with Holy Magic.

Suggested stats and abilities:
10/5/13/16/19/28 (att/dam/def/res/hp/mp) (lvl3, Gender:It, Alignment:Good) - Magic/Fire/Cold/Poison/Holy Prot (Silver: Immunity?), Holy Strike. Maybe Physical Protection at Gold?.

No Lightning Imm to keep in line with the desc but has Holy Strike - basically Broudair and the Katakiri can counter each other, thematically atleast!

Edit: Stranger, maybe you can remove some of the standard wizards that were used as heroines in Dwiggs - Artica comes to mind as one (though I like her too!!). Why don't you remove all the standard male wizards only? Leave the women in!

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posted 01-20-06 06:28 AM EDT (US)     542 / 2994  
So are these animated weapons and armor going to be non-buildable? I'm torn whether I would want these as a spirit of war quest reward or as buildable dark elf units (especcialy with the theme of lightning throughout now with the cult of storms). On the whole, I think adding new buildable units adds more to the game than adding unique units, though the unique units add flavor and interest as well.
posted 01-20-06 06:44 AM EDT (US)     543 / 2994  
If they are buildable units, they would be too strong - especially in Dwiggs. They would need to have a weakness (Holy and Lightning respectively) and undergo a decrease in stats. A War quest reward sounds quite good, an average quest maybe?
posted 01-20-06 06:48 AM EDT (US)     544 / 2994  
Yeah, I was definately thinking shrines, as we'd need to lower their stats to use them as buildable units.

BTW: Even though by looking at attack and dam compared to archery, the ____ bolts abilities could use some love, they usually suck because most units in dwiggs have higher res than def. Maybe change bolts spells to like 14 ATT 4 Dam (maybe 5 for magic bolts to make up for the lack of cursing ect.). Also, are you going the way of the UPatch and making lightning bolts a 3 shot ability? I think you should, as right now it's just a crappy version of call lightning with no splash.

posted 01-20-06 07:17 AM EDT (US)     545 / 2994  
All descriptions done - I need another project to waste my time on! ...Wait...

Love thy enemies - it may hurt their reputation
posted 01-20-06 09:38 AM EDT (US)     546 / 2994  
The Stranger


As we are moving along here, I want to encourage all players, single and multi, to list whatever they feel is an imbalance or detrimental aspect of the mod. Whether a unit, a spell, or a is very welcome. We're working toward a beta in the next couple weeks!

Is there a link where it's possible to see the new numbers?

posted 01-20-06 08:52 PM EDT (US)     547 / 2994  
I think it's best if we actually get our hands on the beta before arguing over balance, as we may wind up with examples like I earlier stated where on paper magic bolts doesn't look that bad, but then you realize most units have higher res than def in dwiggs.
posted 01-20-06 11:24 PM EDT (US)     548 / 2994  
Hi Web, and I think Mitch is right. I'll try and release a beta soon (with a couple weeks) so that people can post their responses and we can craft this mod into something special and still balanced enough for competitive gaming.

(general readers skip this following, slight diatribe and move on to the next paragraph)

Time, I'll take the armour. In regards to removing all the male wizards, I would like to remind you of your now defunct bachelor's status. And, if this should fail to render you sensible of your obligations, let me furthermore state that, as Mark Twain noted, no man, even Heracles or Samson, could possibly do physiological justice to the allotment of lovely damsels attributed to Solomon, nor even, I dare say, to the group inhabiting our little mod. That is to say, moderation is not only suitable to our ideologies but our "abilities" as well....

Speaking of contests and damsels (among other folk), I've been mulling an idea for those who like to write. I include myself in this group. Perhaps this idea would be best introduced in a new thread. Anyhow, it's this:

A contest for short stories relating to the world and characters of Age of Wonders. In my case, I would like them to relate to the Dwiggs SM world and hopefully the new races and creatures populating it. What I want is to give this world a background, a history, so that it seems familiar to the player whenever they load the game. Just a thought...

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posted 01-21-06 03:12 AM EDT (US)     549 / 2994  
All potential writers---

There is a series of Sword & Sorcery anthologies that were published starting in the '70s called Thieves World.

Read the introduction to the first two books (read the books if you can, they are worth the effort); each short story is written by a different author (all big names then, some still are) and deals only with his or her character(s). In this way the world becomes revealed in a patchwork fashion.

We would need to emulate that model. It could be done.

1. We would need to decide who among us wishes to take part.
2. We would all have to list our favorite areas of interest in the mod. E.g., partial to the frozen north and killer penguins, or, enamaored of the Nomads and see them as modern day members of the Golden Horde, etc.
3. Someone would have to collect all this data and compile it. We could then know all those areas that only one or two are interested and let them do them; with the ones that several are interested in, we can make some accomadations with each other. In this way we can establish several standard "truths" that we all would abide by or at least recognize.

Just a thought...

Arch-Enemy of the Annoyingly Dense
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posted 01-21-06 04:47 AM EDT (US)     550 / 2994  
I think it's a great idea.
But I have to find time in these days of exams.

I have existed from the morning of the world and I shall exist until the last star falls from the night. Although I have taken the form of Gaius Caligula, I am all men as I am no man and therefore I am a God.
posted 01-21-06 05:09 AM EDT (US)     551 / 2994  
I second the motions proposed by Kaskoid, and wish Takolin well in his exams

Furthermore, I have finished adding over 100 new hero portraits to the mod in ilb format so that they can be used by map makers as well as being part of the mod. In addition, I have added something like 80 new graphics for various items, ranging from shovels to saddals to staffs to lanterns, etc. On top of this, I have found the time to add the portraits for 10 new wizards, all very lively and interesting I think. Some of these portraits are standard fantasy fare, while others are take from classical art sources. We'll see if you can recognize Botticelli



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posted 01-21-06 05:55 AM EDT (US)     552 / 2994  
If you provide the portrets + race I could write maybe one or two discriptions for them.
I'll find a spare moment to write them.
Hehe, sandals, of Hermes?
Thx, I'll need all the luck.

I have existed from the morning of the world and I shall exist until the last star falls from the night. Although I have taken the form of Gaius Caligula, I am all men as I am no man and therefore I am a God.
posted 01-21-06 01:25 PM EDT (US)     553 / 2994  
So is there nothing left for us to help with before the beta comes out?

EDIT: I assume the new heros from the UPATCH will be included? The new draconian hero that's on the throne is wicked to the extreme.

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posted 01-21-06 02:31 PM EDT (US)     554 / 2994  
Hello Mitch,

and yes, I still need some help from those good folk who are willing

I am looking for a few more portraits, specifically a large portrait for a Lizard Wizard (the fat guy on the throne) that can be worked into two images sizes 480x720 and 180x220. I also need two hero portraits for the rat hero described by Fluster. They are rat faced folk wearing hats (berets) but anything that's not too cute and mousy would be fine

The new wizards will, of course, require descriptions as well....



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posted 01-22-06 09:24 PM EDT (US)     555 / 2994  
Keep up all the good work, Dwiggers!

I am setting off on my own scary journey; taking four grandkids ages 11 to 3 to Disney World in Orlando. The Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland; seems appropriate for me.

It is true that the streets of the Magic Kingdom are paved with gold; all the $$$ they squeeze out of the hapless visitors.

Will be returning Thurs. evening; looking forward to the beta.

Dwiggs Reigns!

Arch-Enemy of the Annoyingly Dense
Practitioner of Whimsy
Celt,Finn & Swede Elder Gamer
posted 01-23-06 04:24 AM EDT (US)     556 / 2994  
Go safely, brave Kaskoid Perhaps, like Bilbo, adventure will come on you unexpecting (though, with youngsters of that age, you really should be expecting...).

Progress: I recoloured some units today. All that remains is to update some new abilities, recolour the new racial buildings, and finish recolouring some of the new units/heroes. And, of course, to write some myths/stories for our mod....



posted 01-23-06 08:12 AM EDT (US)     557 / 2994  
Takolin, Kaskoid- The best of luck to both of you
I remember those "Shared World" anthologies fondly, alhtough the later oneĀ“s degenerated into a "I-can-upset-the-background-even-better-than-you" contest.

When the world was young...
the Highones, determined to get rid of, but not kill, their miscreants. They exiled the minds of the delinquents into the bodies of magnificent creatures, capable of flight, almost invulnerable to random accidents but lacking any means of fine motoric manipulation. The misfits were brought to a place where they could do no harm, the native lifeforms too primitive to matter in the schemes of the Highones. Then, whether by design or accident, all comunication was abandoned.
Left to their own devices some of the Drach or Outcasts turned upon the others in vicious anger, others tried to adapt and survive and some reformed their ways and strove to atone for their former behaviour. The most intelligent or cunning, independently of alignment, set upon a plan to improve their lot by employing the two main resources available in their new haven. The first was an unusually strong magical field, the second those primitive beings, ready to accept the winged workers of miraculos deeds as deities. Thus began the era of the Dragongods!
The Dragongods in time perfected both their command of Magic and, by careful breeding, the stock of their Underlings or Oldones. There were three main strains of Oldones:
- the Alvi, long lived and with high magical aptitude but physically weak and slow to procreate; they were to support the Dragongods magical endeavors,
- the Drewan, with low magical potential but being physically strong and with mechanical talents to do labor and construction work and finally
- the Hobbled or Halfones, again physically small and weak but with even nimbler fingers than the Drewan to work in places to confined for the others.
Whatever the masterplan may have been, if it even existed, the Dragongods provided for their own downfall by bestowing the gift of magic to the Alvi who eventually rebelled, and with superior numbers and in league with the Drewan an Halfones killed their gods or made them flee. The peace between the erstwhile allies turned out to be precarious however and the Alvi undertook some creative breeding of their own to maintain their superiority. They created a warrior-race, after their own image, but stronger, more aggressive, faster breeding and without much use or talent for magic - the Hamuni. The Drewan Runelords enacted their countermeasures, their thaumic methods being much cruder the results were cruder also. The Orgo would do anything the Hamuni could, only more extreme. But, as a safety measure the Drewan had also dug shelters were their most important leaders and their retainers would be safe. The Halfones, being mostly peaceful cast their lot with the Alvi. During the Age of Strive deeds were done, heroic and abysmal, few of which were recorded, fewer records still survived. In the end some faction or other developed and used the Curse of Sundering. The descendants of the Oldones - Elves, Dwarves and Halflings - as well as Humans, Orks and dozens of other races created in desperation, by magical fallout or awakened were driven into the farthest reaches. Only after centuries was another generation of mages and warlords ready to renew the battle for dominance.

posted 01-23-06 11:42 PM EDT (US)     558 / 2994  
Wonderful...where did this come from?
posted 01-23-06 11:51 PM EDT (US)     559 / 2994  

Gremlins are distant cousins of Leprechauns - less healthy than rural counterparts, but more skilled with artificial things.
They are even more mischievous, but sometimes are quite helpful too, since their understanding of machines allows them repair, not only harm (at least when in friendly mood).

Dwarves usually consider Gremlin to be most annoying creature ever, but human mechanicians with larger (or more twisted) sense of humor sometimes able to find common language (generally using small bribes).
Some captains have dealings with such creatures, and (unlike most engineers) sailors respect their ship's Gremlin (also known as Klaubatermann) very much - as anything that can aid them in ship's maintenance.

These creatures can pass through obstacles with ease.

Experienced1 Gremlins can collect and spread Pixie Dust upon area to play dirty tricks on foes and enjoy its unpredicable effects at the same time.

1 If Pixie Dust base Att/Def will be lowered, Gremlin have this attack from beginning, otherwise on silver medal.

P.S.: I formulated my own set of complete performance characteristics for unit, but i sent it to fellow with "Gremlin" nickname for corrections & additions and now waiting for his answer.

And even I make no pretence Of having more than common sence - R.W.Wood
The secret half a country keeps, the whisper in the lane... - R.Kipling
[UPatch 1.4 Team] * STLpack
posted 01-24-06 00:36 AM EDT (US)     560 / 2994  
HA! Come back here, Turbo! I wanna talk with ya.... You're more elusive than a gremlin I reckon I'll have to send you an email...

Good work on that description by the way

posted 01-24-06 05:58 AM EDT (US)     561 / 2994  
Stranger- I adapted some background of a PnPRpg I thought up / plagiarized / moderated years ago, if you like it, use it. (Some people do anything to get "published" )

Of Gods and Kin
"...Pharomtix Suneye however did not like what she saw. The new cratures did not deserve to hallow her name; she left them for whoever might deem them fit for adoption and cast her eye for candidates more suitable for improvement. Finally she chose as prophet and servant Emros Flamewielder the leader of a breed of merfolk, struggling tenaciously to conquer a new environs. Even today the Draconians keep steadfast in the worship of their deity..."
Albandus Fitzfaye, "Lore from the Oldones"

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posted 01-25-06 10:02 PM EDT (US)     562 / 2994  
Any possible date for the beta? I'd love to help out.
posted 01-26-06 02:04 AM EDT (US)     563 / 2994  
Hey Mitch,

The beta is probably a week or two away. We still have a few loose ends I'd like to tie up: mainly, I need to finish recolouring units, and we need to finish up some abilities and the new races' cities. On an encouraging note, Joep showed me his Fey Folk city buildings, and he's doing an excellent job! They have mushrooms for roofs!

posted 01-27-06 09:46 AM EDT (US)     564 / 2994

Some of the stuff I made so far, I hope you guys can give some comment on them. I defenitely think they can be improved. There are also shadow demon structures used in the syron cities. I replaced it with the white house on the second photo. I thought this neutral house would be both good in the demon and fey folk city.

While I do have some idea how to make the fey folk city look like, I don't have much of a clue what to do with the demons. Is there any story like thing finished on them yet, like the racial story?

I shall also make a list of things to do, I cannot promise I will be done with them in 2 weeks. This since college is college is keeping me more busy then I like. If anyone else can do some as well, it would be a great help.

*new tactical map structures Ex-Syrons (in progress)
*new global map city view Ex-Syrons
*new tactical map structures Ex-Shadow Demons
*new global map city view Ex-Shadow Demons


*new tactical map tactical Lizardmen
*new global map city view Lizardmen

Would they really need a new city and such?
The draconians are already very lizardmen like. Also some screenshots of the fey folk/demon units would be cool, you know where to mail them at. And maybe a description of what you would see in their city.

posted 01-27-06 10:07 AM EDT (US)     565 / 2994  
Nice work El Joepo!

The first picture looks good and the only thing would be that the 'roof' looks a bit too cgi-ish compared to the rest. This is a minor thingy, though.

The tree looks just ok, but the houses pop out too much, imo. Its also too 'straight and clean' and it doesn't look natural, if you get what I mean. Perhaps a few green pixels on the treehouses will help with one aspect. As a TC map, I don't like the combination of the buildings.

The idea of that tree I like lots, though! During patchwork, we even tried making one of these as a Watchtower, but the linked TC map would be too deviant from the Worldmapview.

Suggestion: perhaps, for the fey folk, recoloring some of the 'old' syron TC buildings to a light green would look nice? I always felt they had more potential but we never got to it! I might actually have some old stuff on the HD of 'failed' concepts by King David that LOOK good but didn't make it in the context we needed them (or we found better), but might suit here.

Plz remind me if I forget because I am not home that often anymore!

Good luck and let me know if you need help.

This is going to be a great mod and I guess the coming weeks there will be tons of treats for us AoW-ers!! It'll be overwhelming! The maps I played for the competition were ALL truly stunning and the mods I see close to release (RosenMcSterns and this one), look like entire new games in itself!

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
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posted 01-27-06 02:19 PM EDT (US)     566 / 2994  

thank you for the screenshots. If we could make the Draconian structures green with a bit of brown, I would be content. I'll try and get you a story for the Fey and Demons some time in the next two days. Unfortunately, I'm working quite a bit. However, I think the Shadow Demon structures could be inhabited by the demons with a few minor changes: I'd either go with a conventional red, jagged sort of demonic look, or perhaps a gloomier, darker, secluded and run down if the demons were inhabiting the ruins and dark corners of fearful places.

In regards to the pictures, I agree with Swolte that in the first on the roof just needs to shrink a wee bit. Otherwise, perfect In the second, if the tree houses could be lightened in colour a little bit, with a perhaps a touch of green trim, they would nestle nicely into the trees. Of the buildings, one of them should probably go, as the tall, rectangular ones are too different from teh blockish, slanted ones.

Keep up the good work, Joep, and thank you for sharing!

Swolte, I will remind you to send me those things you've got lurking on your harddrive. Just make sure that you rmeind me to remind you



posted 01-27-06 07:38 PM EDT (US)     567 / 2994  
I am looking forward to this in a big way. The hard part will be finding copies of SM for my friends who haven't got it yet.
posted 01-27-06 08:20 PM EDT (US)     568 / 2994  
Nice to see the founder is keeping a close eye!

I have sent some stuff, Stranger!
All from King Davids 'Hall of Shame'!

Couldn't resist, sorry... must not be getting jealous of his new map, must not...)

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
Coordinator of the v1.4 and v1.5 patchteams, Seraph of AoWHeaven, PBEM Singles Champion 2008

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posted 01-28-06 01:05 AM EDT (US)     569 / 2994  
Swolte, If only I could even occupy a small corner of such a hall, I would hold this small life to be fufilled of its promise. There is some really good work there, which many of us will now be able to enjoy! I was thinking of making a future mod based on Dwigg mod but with Lord of the Rings characters, which many of these bitmaps would suit quite nicely. Please send more when you have an opportunity...the more shame for King David, the better you'll feel and then you can forget about his great new ma...oh

Dwiggs! What an unexpected pleasure. Have you moved? Anyhow, I'm looking forward to your feedback on the project you boldy began so long ago...

Update: I'm working on the Excel and readme files.



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posted 01-28-06 11:13 AM EDT (US)     570 / 2994  
I'm eagerly waiting for the next version of this mod, I can't believe how much better dwiggs and the_stranger have made this game, and I'm sure the mod is good enough that even if the_stranger left, someone else would pick up the gauntlet. I for one, don't see myself quiting AoW2 anytime soon unless AoW3 comes out, and even then only if there's a dwiggmod for it!

Also, once this version which had to be made 1.4 compatible is finished, what are the plans for dwiggmod? I think the next version (if there is one) should focus almost entirely on heros and give us more custom heros, because I feel that along with the use of low level units are the highlights of dwiggs.

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