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Topic Subject: Stranger's Dwigg Mod
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posted 03-30-05 02:59 AM EDT (US)   
Dwiggs5.0 is available here:

Update 17-12-19 Joep and I are making an Age of Wonders 3 Dwiggs mod. If anyone is interested, just email me at


In regards to Dwiggs mod, special thanks to:

El Joep-who did too much to list.

Timelord-again, too much to list.

Igoraki-converted many of the new graphics.

Merkraad-taught me the whole morphing thing

Kirky Picardo-maker of the excellent Brave New World mod. Like Timelord and Joep, he helped me too much to list just any one thing.

Kaskoid-Many of the excellent descriptions come from his desk.

Stillborn, Jean Luc, and many others also contributed some very creative descriptions. Look for the letter at the end of the description to see who wrote it.

If you wish to contact me, you can do so at

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posted 12-04-05 02:31 PM EDT (US)     301 / 2994  
Which units still need descriptions? I'm feeling creative...

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posted 12-04-05 10:19 PM EDT (US)     302 / 2994  
LOL@Swolte I'm sure you must have said or written that the very least, I'm sure you thought it, which is enough. For, they say, the mind cannot seperate the reality of thought from that of perception.

I've got a question for you: assuming that we can implement Invoke Death using strangle, what about something like Whisper of Death using the taunt ability. That is, rather than being taunted, the unit panics, much like under the spell Panic Attack. I'm sure that seeing a big reaper coming for me would make me manifest some signs of fear.... though I don't want to get crass here.

Kaskoid, I added some new heroes and units that need descriptions to the topic thread I also wouldn't mind someone writing a description for a fat lizard wizard seated on a mighty throne pushed by weenie lizard slaves....Jaba the Hutt comes to mind.

Anyway, after several delays, I am finally flying back to New Zealand tommorrow. Talk to you gentemen in a couple days.



posted 12-04-05 10:29 PM EDT (US)     303 / 2994  


I've got a question for you: assuming that we can implement Invoke Death using strangle, what about something like Whisper of Death using the taunt ability. That is, rather than being taunted, the unit panics, much like under the spell Panic Attack. I'm sure that seeing a big reaper coming for me would make me manifest some signs of fear.... though I don't want to get crass here.

As far as I know, this is not possible. Unless TurboBeholder or PawelS discover some new stuff.

Tsk, tsk, what a traveling life. I can understand why you'd call yourself The_Stranger (as thats what you'll be in a lot of places! ).

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My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
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posted 12-05-05 06:37 AM EDT (US)     304 / 2994  
Oh yeah, as for the archery bit, the main thing that has done is make block units extremly valuable against archers, which is good.
posted 12-05-05 07:36 AM EDT (US)     305 / 2994  
It's the opposite of what you say Mitch, it's not good. When range is overpowered and there are lots of ranged units, people won't buy low defense units.
posted 12-05-05 04:13 PM EDT (US)     306 / 2994  
range isn't overpowered, as soon as you get up close to archers they're dead. They too, have lower defense than in the standard rules. Most low level units with block have just as much def against arrows as thier higher level counterparts without, making low level blockers and archers a great early game combination.
posted 12-05-05 09:38 PM EDT (US)     307 / 2994  
I've had no issues with ranged, Its strong but so are alot of otherthings, namely block.
posted 12-05-05 10:50 PM EDT (US)     308 / 2994  
Attacking cities is harder in Dwiggs, certainly, than in standard rules. But I don't think archery should be weakened.

I am for the air galley getting fire xbow, so it can get unlimited shots again. .

posted 12-06-05 02:04 AM EDT (US)     309 / 2994  
yah same here, any Tier4 needs to be continualy usefull, though i'm not really a fan of tier4 super units anyways, probably why I like dwiggs so much.

Its awsome seeing huge racial differences, the Orc Warriors where just brutal fighters with pathetic magic res. Goblins where actually fun, you could pump out a horde army and send it to its death evey few turns! Humans had serious versitility, I think the thief is just unfair in pvp , but I never got around to using it so I dont really know. So what is the new drac race gonna be like? The lizardmen race from rise of lizards is really cool. what are u planning on changing it to stranger?

Btw I dont think I will have time to do any writing until this wednesday, I need time to sit down and write and things keep coming up.

posted 12-06-05 06:32 AM EDT (US)     310 / 2994  
I am very much against going backwards with the air galley issue. Unlimited ranged attacks should NOT be given to flying units under ANY circumstances, as it creates unfair exploits, especcialy against the AI. The air galley should be given ram, shoot javelin 3/3, transport 7, and markmenship IV to make the javelins really count. Maybe raise movement to 50 and lower cost, making it truely an amazing transport unit, which it should be. It's a transport, not a death-machine.

EDIT: I'd like to do the descriptions for the two goblin heros that need it later today, but I have to go to school soon, so not this morning.

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posted 12-06-05 07:36 AM EDT (US)     311 / 2994  
The Gnoll halbardier
The Gnoll´s hunting-pack mentality and individual martial prowress do not make them the most inventive tacticians, so when they started to deploy halbards in their skirmish-line, instead of packing them tightly in shock-units, the Generals of more advanced races were not too impressed. Their infantry and light horse troops however have come to see things rather differently. Even the prospects (and limbs, and mounts) of some overconfidently charging knight or other have been severly cut short by these formidable light troops. Consequently many a Condottiere make a habit of employing a pack or two in their battleline.

I hope this description is not too long, this being my first shot at it.
I read somewhere that it is possible to make an attack "siege only". I propose this should be done with the cannon´s shots. For close defense it should recieve a grapeshot area-attack (like the flamer´s). IMO only the ´high tech´dwarwes should have long range guns to hit targets that are smaller than citywalls and mobile.
*whine* I want my steam-tanks back *end whine*

Love thy enemies - it may hurt their reputation
posted 12-06-05 02:57 PM EDT (US)     312 / 2994  
Goblin warrior hero description:

____ Was the runt of the litter. Always shunned and hungry, his elders thought it was not long until he was weeded out of the pack, but desperation can bring out changes in people. His elders were shocked at the wee goblin's ferocity when he used a sharpened stone to kill and eat the rest of his litter.
Since then, the he's been a very respected warrior, and no one denies him a fair meal, lest he decide to make them into one.
His small size gives him a sizable advantage in dodging larger foes, and is often able to take down enemies several times his greater. Favoring a small blade easy enough for him to use, he nimbly dances around his foes stabbing away.
_____ Has become somewhat of a hero amoung the runts in the goblin society, and an icon for enslaved goblins who are searching for the courage to stand up and fight against the larger races such as orcs and dark elves.

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posted 12-06-05 05:25 PM EDT (US)     313 / 2994  
I have a question, Stranger. How will mapmakers be able to access the proposed unique hero ILB's that have been suggested for use on their own custom heroes?
posted 12-06-05 05:48 PM EDT (US)     314 / 2994  
I imagine only 7 hero ILBs will be available per race. Still better than the 1 offered by the standard rules I guess. Oh well.
posted 12-06-05 10:55 PM EDT (US)     315 / 2994  
Stranger: will give you descriptions of the following to use or not as you choose. I used to do this particularly silly stuff a lot, BITD.

Evil Ent
Amazon Huntress
Stone Giant

Will have these for you by Friday sometime.

What is the word-count limit on these?

Can you give me stats and facts on these? I can't seem to access the Resources for Dwiggs. Send direct to me if you like; no sense cluttering the board.

Arch-Enemy of the Annoyingly Dense
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Celt,Finn & Swede Elder Gamer

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posted 12-07-05 06:13 AM EDT (US)     316 / 2994  
I don't know the character limit, but stranger said it should fit two decent sized paragraphs. Heros can have more.


What do you think of making the unit rewards for quests all non-aligned and unique (not buildable at cities). I think it would we super cool to have unaligned unique units for rewards, as it kind of sucks to get crusaders when playing as archons, and sucks even more to get crusaders when playing as the undead or orcs! I think being able to choose any shrine you wanted regardless of alignment would add more strategic options.

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posted 12-07-05 02:23 PM EDT (US)     317 / 2994  
I see that someone has already done the gnoll warrior, but I had started something well before I noticed that so with some apologies I humbly submit my Gnoll halberdier(Taunt, Round attack, P. arm):

Savage and cunning the dog man is as menacing in reality as its inventive legends imply. The leering head of a Hyena sits atop a massive frame that stands greater than 7 feet tall hunched over. They are capable of emitting an infuriating laugh that can incense even the most level headed warrior into charging headlong towards their ponderous and lopsided halberds. However, their use of the halberd betrays no such hulking ungainliness, be it spearing knights off of horses, or bounding into the fray of battle with a whirling assault that deals death and suffering to all around them, the Gnoll Halberdier is a capable and well armed warrior.

Perhaps the two can be combined into something greater or perhaps we will go with the first one submitted, luckily I dont have to make these decisions

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posted 12-07-05 04:16 PM EDT (US)     318 / 2994  
Hello Guys,

and thank you for the descriptions and posts! I am currently in Auckland, New Zealand, which isn't my home, but wanted to let you know that I'll repond to some of the issues here tommorrow when I'm on a computer I can stay on without paying by the hour. Keep up the good writing (and send me that email, Kaskoid). By the way, I think I'll make a couple Gnoll units, so we can use both of your descriptions



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posted 12-07-05 04:48 PM EDT (US)     319 / 2994  
Heres what I got for the frostgiant as a unit:

Jottun, man-eater, Yeti, the Frost Giant goes by many names. A towering creature of primeval chaos some say a descendant of the first living beings. They are a throw back to an untamed, and destructive time when nature ruled the land, a million years before civilization crawled out of its cradle. Able to cross vast mountain ranges as if they where flat plains and blow frost like an avalanche, they are agile and capable hunters. Neither good nor evil they thirst for blood with a hunger that only natures cruelty could justify. Their demented cry can be heard wherever they roam, a last and final defiance of an untamed land towards the forces of order and civilization that would try and conquer it.

As for a frostgiant hero, I was thinking it would be cool if he had Digging as well as frostblowing and some sort of frostprotection/immunity and if its not getting to ridiculous swallowhole. Then Perhaps I could write something about his hunting style consisting of blowing down an avalache on an unsuspecting group then diggin up and eating his now frozen prey.

However I think I can still work something out with out those abilities, they may be just a little too much.

posted 12-08-05 02:59 PM EDT (US)     320 / 2994  

Will have all of the desciptions I promised before the weekend is over. Busy finishing up all the details of getting a Master of Education degree the past few days; almost done.

What else have I promised? With all that's been going on, my memory is a bit hazy in places.

Arch-Enemy of the Annoyingly Dense
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posted 12-09-05 06:06 AM EDT (US)     321 / 2994  
What exactly is the point of the nymph hero for the elves? If it's only there for the seduce ability then I don't see why you couldn't just build nymph units. I would say, while not starting with these, the nymph hero should be able to learn spellcasting and dominate by leveling.
posted 12-09-05 10:40 AM EDT (US)     322 / 2994  
Stranger-- As promised, the following unit descriptions for your use and edification, to use or not as you choose. As I do not have any false pride or hubris wrapped up in these, if they do not fit your concept of the beast/unit in question, I promise not to pitch a fit and whine if you don't choose to use one or more of them, or any of them, for that matter.

Amazon Huntress

Mercilessly trained from childhood, hardened by living in the wild on their own from the onset of puberty, the Amazon Huntress represents the epitome of her kind. The selection process begins at birth; defectives, the sick and males are all ruthlessly culled. There then follows a training regimen second to none; tracking, trapping, woods-craft, survival skills and intense archery instruction are just part of their education.
Upon reaching sixteen, the young Amazon is sent to live in the wild for 9 months with only the clothes on her back, a small water bottle, ten feet of rope, and an extra pair of shoes. This last test begins on the Summer Solstice, and ends 275 days later. When, and if, she returns, it is expected that she will have developed an empathy with animals. An Amazon must achieve Huntress status to go out into the world; those you see are the best of their kind, and responsible for the Amazons' fierce reputation.

Evil Ents

Considered to be one of the oldest sentients on earth, the ents tended to their arboreal gardens for millennia, content with their place in the cosmic scheme. They sank their roots deep into the nourishing earth, content to tend their trees. But, in every species there are malcontents, ripe for corruption. Sadly, a whole branch of the ent family succumbed to the blandishments of Evil.
Ents were considered to be neutral in the cosmic struggle, with heavy tendencies toward good. This is only our perception, as actually communicating with an ent is terribly difficult for our species. We seem to them like the annoying insect buzzing around our ear seems to us. An angry ent is not something you want to face in a forest, snaring its prey with viney tendrils while poisoning the surrouning flora. Very long-lived, an ent can be exceptionally difficult to subdue.


No one now alive can tell you what the nightingales melancholy song signifies. Only the male of the species can sing; legend has it that the sorrow was so great that it struck the females dumb. There are only three ways to form a bond with a nightingale; raising it by hand from birth, forming a bond with a wild-born specimen, or compulsion by magical means.
The nightingale is said to have eyes second only to a hawk; very little escapes their gaze, and next to nothing can cloud or befuddle their vision. Their thought patterns are well enough understood by their bond-mate so as to let them act as an extra set of eyes.


Behind hooded, malevolent eyes, the Gorgon watches and awaits its turn. Seemingly flown out of a nightmare, this lion with wings and cruel talons can stun or freeze a man with its withering gaze, rendering the individual mute and paralyzed. Merciless, pitiless, remorseless, unfeeling and ferocious all describe this horrible beast. Bloodthirsty and savage are two other descriptors appropriate to this species of fantastic beast. Kin to the Medusa, the gorgon is an implacable foe and can seldom be reasoned or bargained with; too often, only death will end an encounteryours or the gorgons.

Lycanthropy: An affliction the gives the afflicted the ability to shift shape and assume the abilities and mental processes of the shape and species assumed, and is most often transmitted through saliva and bites. Werewolves are the best known of the unfortunates afflicted with this curse, but other were-creatures do exist.
Cursed to be an unwilling slave of the lunar cycle, the lot of the werewolf is in some ways pitiable, but in more ways horrible. Subject to primeval urges that it cannot control, many werewolves retain some small mental vestige of their true forms, making their anguish and despondency all the more awful. Should we fear the shape-shifter? Absolutely! But that fear should be tempered with just a touch of sympathy and empathy; no person or creature in possession of their mental faculties would choose to become thus infected.

Stone giant
Close kin to the elementals, stone giants are one of the oldest races on the planet. Some speculate that they are possessed of the power of stone,some believe that they are part stone themselves; their hides are nearly impervious- hence the spell Stone Skin. The remnants of this mighty race have retreated to the last of the great unspoiled wild places on the planet; the deep mountains.
Phenomenally strong, stone giants can hurl stones weighing hundreds of pounds for incredible distances with astonishing accuracy. Upon dying, it is speculated that the bones of the stone giant are reabsorbed by the earth itself. Earthquakes have been attributed by many primitive peoples to be the welcome home celebration held deep within the earth by all that have gone before each time another dies.

Anything else you need?

Arch-Enemy of the Annoyingly Dense
Practitioner of Whimsy
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posted 12-09-05 01:25 PM EDT (US)     323 / 2994  
WOW, I can't wait for this The_Stranger! It all sounds wunderbar!
posted 12-09-05 04:10 PM EDT (US)     324 / 2994  
Excellent work kaskoid! hopefully this mod will be done sometime soon so I can start playing!

EDIT: Anyone got any ideas for new dwarven units? I'm thinking they need some more machines of thier own. Maybe the goblin tank could be made into a dwarven one (seems to suit them better)... Just a decent HP and def mechanical unit with fire pistol, more durable than most seige.

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posted 12-09-05 10:50 PM EDT (US)     325 / 2994  
Swolte, I like to think that I'm at home wherever I go, although there were places in Mexico City that dispelled that illusion!

Fluesterwitz, I like your description very much! Would you make a few more?

Kalindor, I think that I can add as many new hero ilbs for each class as I want for the mod, as long as I do not change each created hero after I add them. So, if I add an ilb for a Dwarf warrior, then create a Dwarf warrior hero in the library, and then add another ilb, I cannot change the first hero in the library or he will take the second ilb. I'm not sure if this would work in map making, though. You might just get random ilbs for your heroes. I would have to test it....What I can certainly do is add an ilb to every possible hero type so that map makers have more to choose from, as Mitch suggested. They would not show up in RMG mod games but could be placed on maps.


those descriptions are very good, and I mean that sincerely. I think that the Huntress and Werewolf ones are the best, but I would like to use all of them. I might edit the Stone Giant one a bit, only because a couple of lines are somewhat repetitive. I've updated the units that need descriptions, and would be grateful if you would take up any of them. Thank you again.

Stillborn, I like your ideas for the Frost Giant, but I agree that Swallow Whole might be a bit much! Besides, I've got a fat Orc who already has the ability, and he doesn't like sharing! Thank you for the description too.

On a sad note, I have lost all my recent work on the mod. The Cd's I wrote the files on got scratched during my flight, and I can't get the data off them. I was a bit disheartened at first, but am going to try and redo everything a bit better than before this time around. What bothers me the most were the scripts I lost for recoloured units. If anyone could update me on their recolouring adventure and send me some scripts, I would be very appreciative. I should have broadband up at my house by tuesday. If anyone is interested and good at recolouring, I could also send them a list of units I need recoloured. The mod will get done, not to worry

Mitch, I am trying to create a special Dwarven Ballista at present, but need to get paint shop pro before I can finish converting some graphics. I wish I could add some sort of double hit ability--i.e. the projectile passes through several units. I am waiting on Pawels's utility to try and make some new abilities, like hurl snowball , and hopefully Invoke Death. This may delay the mod a bit, but I am sure it will be worth it! It's worthy noting that any ranged ability can have a second 3/3 ability created from it. So, things like poison javelins can be created, etc. I was also curious if you could tell me, Mitch, what that paralyzing darter is in the new mod? The Nymph hero will be added because I like the flavour she brings, I have a sexy graphic, she will have swimming and water concealment also, all of which would make her a very unique hero. I tried to make most recruitable and reward units unique in the last Mod, and would be glad to make them entirely so in the new one. The trick is balancing them.

To sum up, I'm gonna get back to work on the mod in earnest now, and can mainly use help in recolouring and unit descriptions. I will post all required units in the main thread. Cheers for all your great ideas and help! I like to think that this is now "our" mod

P.S. Once I get my broadband connected, I can post a couple screenshots


P.S. P.S. Joep, are you still alive, well, and willing to make some new spell icons?

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posted 12-10-05 02:54 AM EDT (US)     326 / 2994  
I polished stone giant a touch; feel free to do whatever you wish with any of them.

I'll give Nature Elemental and Astra a try.

I can write great bios for individual heros; you seem to be asking for generic stuff. Am I wrong? Greenmonster (I think) once had a bunch of us write up our three favorite heros for a project involving his mod, but I don't know what came of that project.

Arch-Enemy of the Annoyingly Dense
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posted 12-10-05 08:55 AM EDT (US)     327 / 2994  
I think I can find some spare time between my wintersleeps, yes... Maybe you can be a bit more clear on what to create... I think it's often the best way to 'transform' the picture of the unit in game, to an ILB picture. All the summons seem to have such a standard. (like I did with the nature elemental) Perhaps you can mail me some more clear details to me, once you returned?

Maybe you can try my picture again, I noted I forgot a double // after the http:.

This gave no problem with my explorer, but maybe you're running an older version. Blue -> BNW, Green -> Dwiggs, red -> 1.4P.
I) These are the stuff I'd like to see for some diabolical race. Are you assured you are going to replace the races? Can we replace the city image? Since it seems we are doing 'hard code' things anyway. I think it would be doable to make some program that copies and renames things in AoW directories, so it's easier for people. (just run one program that 'transfers' normal into dwiggs, and another to turn into normal game again.)

II) Are we going to write descriptions on all units? I certainly hope so, if not, I think we should do the more common units first. I like a lot of the descriptions made by you guys by the way. I will comment a bit more on'm later.
III) Adding wizards & balance
I'd like to see a lot more different wizards pictures, such as in Brave new world's mod. While not all are fantasy like, I think some are very nice looking. Such as the fat looking Goblin one like, or the evil undead like female with the bats on the background. Distracting me with such pictures might give you a better shot at me in multiplayer as well.
IV) What kind of recouloring would you like? I'd like to try a few, although I lack access to my main computer at the moment.
V) Have a good day sir

posted 12-10-05 11:22 AM EDT (US)     328 / 2994  
Yeah, I personally like the archangel wizard from BNW with the tatoos and the white hair. Very cool.

Think we could get a crazy bladed machine for the dwarves? Like a bunch of spinning chains or blades. I think a melee seige machine for tearing apart troops would rock. Probably double strike, first strike, ect.

EDIT: Also, would you guys be horribly opposed to getting rid of mastery spells? They make large maps virtually unplayable, as you can't exactly stop someone on the other side of the map when there's 4 people between the two of you. It would be an easy way to cut down on spells so we can fit the 5,5,5,5 setup as well.

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posted 12-10-05 01:54 PM EDT (US)     329 / 2994  
I am strongly in favor of being rid of the mastery spells, as the AI does not use them effectively and dispelling them does not return the nodes to their proper owners. Perhaps one of the spheres can still have a mastery spell renamed, but the other spheres' masteries would have to be converted into something just as useful and powerful. I would also not be opposed to taking them out to achieve the 5/5/5/5 format.

Just to dispel the illusion that I only post to support Mitch's ideas, I don't like the concept of the crazy blade machine for the dwarves. Personally, I think this would fit in more with the goblins' theme, as I see dwarven technology as being more controlled and avoiding the intentional induction of chaos of the battlefield. The unit itself would be very interesting, with Round Attack, Double Strike, and Extra Strike. Being a construct, its Fire Weakness would offset its powerful abilities somewhat.

Stranger, I am willing to write some unit descriptions if you find yourself in want of writers, but that does not seem to be the case as of right now.

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posted 12-11-05 11:25 AM EDT (US)     330 / 2994  

OK, where is the Nature Elemental hiding? I have looked everywhere (I think, but apparently not) for it. I can't make a description until I know every trait and power that it has.

Lordee- look at everything an Astra does. I keep revising my description to encompass all she can do; fly, heal, fire bolts, fire strike, Vis II, Markmanship II, etc. etc. What an incredibly powerful critter. I know she goes back to the days of HighMen, but what a being to take on.

I have hunted high and low through the Dwiggs mod, but can't find anything except your very sketchy Summoned, Path of Life, Entangle strike and forestry. Is that it? Is that all the stats for am Elemental? Help me out here, so I can finish this.

Almost forgot to post this; same as before, use it or not at your discretion.

Adamant good propelled by adamant will; that is the essence of the Astra.

The Astra is the physical embodiment of pure good, formed of the energy produced by the good life. Unbending, unflinching, the Astra promotes pure goodness while ceaselessly battling the minions of evil. Summoned with the most puissant of spells, the Astra can be difficult to tolerate by anyone or anything not similarly devoted to the cause of Pure Good.

Powerful beyond belief, the Astra can fly and heal, is possessed with phenomenal eyesight and accuracy, is armed with the might of the Holy and uses the cleansing power of fire effortlessly. The Astra is a fearsome opponent, capable of inflicting great damage while at the same time absorbing great damage. The sight of a fiery-haired Astra wielding a sword of flame is enough to cause a momentary cessation of fighting on any battlefield, and strike dread into the hearts of her foes.

Arch-Enemy of the Annoyingly Dense
Practitioner of Whimsy
Celt,Finn & Swede Elder Gamer

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