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Topic Subject: Seasonal Compliments
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posted 12-13-04 10:10 AM EDT (US)   
Hello all,

After a little chat with the Harlequin the idea was born for some recognition and compliments for members of this community. I am sure we are all proud to have some members in our 'Age of Wonders' community (AoW1 and AoW2/sm). People that have inspired you, or that you are curious about.

Well, we plan to do a Seasonal-Compliment from now on. Keep in mind that this is in no way a competition. You, the member, can nominate (compliment) persons in this thread and we, the staff, will decide who we select for an interview! So, all deserve the compliment, but one gets an offer for an interview.

This interview will (hopefully) be informative and gets placed on this site. You can compare it to the interview here with Queen Elquein!

We start with the..


These compliments can refer to the persons active in the autumn period specifically, but may also refer to whoever came up in your mind in this season now. The range of skills to compliment on may be diverse. You may compliment as many people you like for as many things you like. Please state why you give the compliment (just don't embarrass the person too much). For example, Blackrose for his LotR-project, SmurfHero for his AoW1 programming work, or King David for his wonderful logs.

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My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
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posted 12-13-04 11:02 AM EDT (US)     1 / 48  
A few people spring to mind:

1) Harlequin: he gives a lot of helpful advice to people playing online games, expecially in the crucial (and complex) skills of Tactical Combat. Like Jomungur he wants opponents that put up a good challenge, and has the foresight to appreciate that people that feel welcome in the (small) online community are more likely to stick around. That's good for all of us (the online community)

2) Jomungur: his strategy guides have helped a lot of forumers (including experienced players). For anyone who's interested, you can find them at the top of this page:
Although they were written for AoW2, a lot of the advice applies to AoW:SM

(Just one point about Harlequin and Jomungur: there are a lot of people in the online community that openly give advice to other players in games, which is frequently unwanted, and they are often talking out of their backsides. The thing about Jomungur and Harlequin is that they are both brillient players, they give the advice privately, and their advice is 24 carat top quality advice)

3) Evil Roc and Hiranu: these two create a lot of random maps for our community to play email games on, it's a time-consuming thing to do (as they have to be carefully balanced) and I for one am very grateful

4) TalonThorn: a mine of useful mapmaking information

Please don't feel offended if I've left you off the list, these are just the first few that sprang to mind

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posted 12-13-04 11:02 AM EDT (US)     2 / 48  
I think this is a great idea...

I guess for now I have 2 nominations:

Swolte - since this is the first award, I'm going to go farther back then just this season a little. For those of you that do not know, swolte started off as just a normal forum member (well, as normal as he can be ), but was chosen by the developers to become a developer. Swolte is the reason why alot of the things we wanted made it into the game, and we all owe him for this. He is also a huge reason why alot of the bugs from aow2 have been squashed in SM. He has been one of the most friendly and welcoming members of our community, and has produced many fine maps for us... his latest, 'drums of death' (not released yet, although I am in 2 test games) looks so far to be a classic; I can't even imagine how much time and effort went into all of the scripts in the game, and testing to make sure it is balanced as he wanted (this is NOT a tournament-style 'everyone is equal' map, but rather more of a role-playing map, where some wizards are meant to be much weaker to start).

King David - KD has also produced many maps for us, and I love the style and humour he fills them with. I am very proud to have been a part of helping him 'proof' some of these maps; it feels great to play a role in something so good, despite how small my part may have been. His latest map 'this land is my land' may be my new favorite for a more equally balanced map. KD has also recently joined the PBEM community as a player, and has been a wonderful addition. His skills have improved dramatically, and quickly (which I also feel has helped him balance his maps better), and, as swolte mentioned above, he writes great turn logs (no pressure! ).

honorable mentions-

hiranu - for all the time & effort he puts into maintaining the WL for us, plus the insane # of PBEM games he plays in

zombie eater - for being a terrific partner, and terrible opponent. people in games with us are either going to love or hate us both because of our non-stop 'diplomacy'

fubarno - for being such a long-term, dedicated player, who has always been a great pleasure to play with, and a great sport when I've beat him in so many games!
Hats off to him though, for finally defeating me, and on my own map, too! Kudos!

JWorth - for being the current PBEM WL champion. I've played too few games with him (which I hope to find time to correct soon), but he is VERY skilled, and most gracious, and a very worthy champion.

PawelS - without his help, I would have never been able to finish my aow2 mod, and all of the SM mods would not be nearly as interesting.

Roger the Rampant - its the season of forgiving... (and for beating me to this thread by seconds!)


EDIT; 4) TalonThorn: a mine of useful mapmaking information

- couldn't agree more (for once ).


GMMod for AoW2
'a River Ran Through It' aow2 map 'the Charm'(SM edition)

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posted 12-13-04 11:14 AM EDT (US)     3 / 48  
I'll start by nominated Greenmonster for being a great map-maker, who knows how to create beauty and balance without symmetry (ARRTI, Charm), a modder who worked hard on his AoW2-WT Mod, which was unfortunately shadowed by AoW:SM, and finally a great PBEMer, adversary as well as team partner, teacher as well as pupil.

There, how is that for some embarassment! Seriously, anyone who played ARRTI or Charm knows what I'm talking about. His AoW2 Mod is probably not very well known, but having played it, I can sure say a lot of work and thought went into it. And GM is one of the most engaging PBEMers I'm playing with. Team plays are a blast, because there's actually a discussion, screen shots, etc. going on between us, not just the occasional in-game message. And he is even logging his turns in the PBEM forum!!!

A number of people in the forum do one or two things well, maybe even better than GM, but no one I have met or heard of so far has all these qualities combined.

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posted 12-13-04 11:18 AM EDT (US)     4 / 48  
Alright, I think I'll start then...

But first, thanks Swolte and the staff for listening to the memebers !

My nomination goes to Jomungur. And in order to make this the less embarrassing as possible, I'll state my reasons briefly.

- He's been an active member of the community and the different forums since the first aow came out, with threads and comments interesting to read and constructive.
- He's considered one of the best (IMO, the best), most experienced player around, be it online MP or PBEM (though he's not playing it now, he certainly was when he did).
- He's made manifest contributions to the game with balance ideas and suggestions, that we're all using up to these days. He's a reference (and I know this true for sure) to the devs when it comes to these of things.
- His strategy guide for aow2 was and still is so good, that many people claim to have improved their skills by reading it. Many of its cocepts still apply to SM as well.
- This is personal, but he's been a great teacher and inspiration to me, and helped me improve my skills enormously, and still does.

Congrats man ! You deserve it

P.S.: Please, don't kill me, I know you hate me now, heh.

posted 12-13-04 12:01 PM EDT (US)     5 / 48  
Harlequin and I started our posts with "I'll start...", and neither of us is anywhere close to the top.

Gotta type faster next time, or hit refresh more often.

It is roaming the depths in eternal hunger, devouring all and everything, far from the light, lost in the shadows, alone, wandering, searching, evermore...

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posted 12-13-04 12:31 PM EDT (US)     6 / 48  
This thread is like one big group hug!

Anyway, I think PawelS and HamletG has done some great things for the SM modding community. It would barely exist without their efforts, like the recoloring program.

For AoW1, perhaps Arctic Wolf for his (still going strong) mapmaking which keeps the game alive. Or SmurfHero for all tools and stuff he made.

There are of course others as well, but those where the ones that came to mind.

posted 12-13-04 12:59 PM EDT (US)     7 / 48  
Hehe, you're right ZE. When I started there were no replies yet...


This thread is like one big group hug!

Well, in my country there's this bad habit of honoring and recognizing people once they are dead, when they can no longer enjoy or even realize this was so. Swolte said when I told him to do it yearly, that a year was too much. Where will HG be in 2 years, were his words, and I agree. Many of the members won't be here in a time from now, and why wait till that happens to give credit to what they've done ?. Lots of great people are among us, and they deserve to be acknowledged !

P.S.: Like the rest said, sorry to those I didn't mention in this first Seasonal Compliments thread. Because of this being the first one, I'm going back to my first days and all the people I met, and I can't think of anyone else with the same history of achievements.


Edit: Besides hitting refresh more often, I should also correct the mistakes before hitting the submit button so fast !

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posted 12-13-04 02:15 PM EDT (US)     8 / 48  
Interesting and good idea.

My nomination will be Swolte

Not only for improving AoW game via close contact with Triumph team and introducing gamers' wishes to them (althought that alone is worth nomination)

But also for his realy amazing maps!

* Fight For Light, excellent (best in my book) multiplayer map;
* Goldrush Mountains - very, very good map, I would vote for it in recent poll but for FFL being in the same list
* Drums of Death (althought I've seen only few opening turns so far and only for one player I already can feel that it is no less great than FFL)

And I also heard somewhere that excellent Rise of Kings map is Swolte's creation too

Of course there are many more people around worth nomination but Swolte is first in my list

posted 12-13-04 02:44 PM EDT (US)     9 / 48  
My special thanks go to .... Swolte .... because of his great work together with Triumph and his great work for this community. He was a great and important connection between the fans (who always want too much) and the developers (who never implement enough). His importance gets clear again when we see this great initiative of this thread and through his action during the important discussion about "hidden features".

But I think it is time for me to thank everybody who made this game more enjoyable for me, which is everybody who answered any of my questions I posted here, Climber for reinventing AoW:SM for me with his great mod, several PBEM players I played with/against this year, BlackRose who gave me a lot of fun with his Lord of the Rings mod and scenarios, PawelS and everybody who was involved in designing the recolouring programs which allowed so many new units and just everybody who is part of this special forum which I found very enjoyable.

Happy Holidays!

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posted 12-13-04 03:17 PM EDT (US)     10 / 48  
uh...i have many nominations for different reasions:

Chascal: for pointing out many exploits and bugs in the game, he is incredible!

Swolte: for beeing a nice and helpful moderator his maps are good too!

Jellohead/Madhermit: cause he is so crazy and fun.

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posted 12-13-04 03:20 PM EDT (US)     11 / 48  
dark mystery, you are better off making a new thread for that suggestion, as to not clutter this thread.


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posted 12-13-04 05:04 PM EDT (US)     12 / 48  
I'd like to nominate:

Evil Roc : Who has created some wonderful themed, balanced, and sometimes brutal maps for Random PBEM games. You not only play against an opponent on his maps, but you play against the map itself!

Springheel & Henrysix : Who while whooping my a$$ in random PBEM games were also teaching me a lesson while teaching me a lesson !

Hiranu : Who has shown great dedication to these forums, keeping track of the Ladder, and setting up the random games.

In memory: Mr. Tibbs : Who was incredibly devoted to this game (...until he up and disappeared) and very consistant in getting his turns out in all of the NUMEROUS PBEM games he participated in!

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posted 12-13-04 05:08 PM EDT (US)     13 / 48  
My nominations -

EvilRoc - for those amazingly tweaked random maps that he has developed. They never give you a dull moment and are well-balanced for WL games.

Swolte - for his maps, especially Fight for Light and Rise of Kings - two of the best maps I have played. Also for being the bridge between the players and developers to exchange ideas and reasons, and most importantly for starting and managing the Big Bug List.

Ellumesh - One of the first PBEMers who impressed me with his story-telling in Race to Death, especially that part about his hero, El Gaucho Dorda dying at the hands of a black angel. Great stuff!!

posted 12-14-04 01:59 AM EDT (US)     14 / 48  



posted 12-14-04 04:51 AM EDT (US)     15 / 48  
That's your one nomination then, luc

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posted 12-14-04 08:38 AM EDT (US)     16 / 48  
Here's my list:
a)folks from AoW1 Heaven:
- Arctic Wolf - one of the best mapmakers and the most gentle and helpful forumers. He made lots of good maps, several great maps, two very good campaigns (,,Tides of Golgatha" and ,,Sarrodin the Stormpriest"), and the best campaign for Aow1 - ,,Orc's of the Southron Kingdom". He also helped me much with mapmaking when I was starting, and he used to often help newbies on forum.
2) Smurf Hero - for making campaign editor for Aow.
3)Lord Draggatus - I have never played any of his mods, but he's the man who made DevEdit.
4)Lord Fell - author of ,,Athendore", surely the best single player map for Aow.
b) one person from Aow2 heaven - Narvek (for writing many excelllent ideas on ,,AoW3? Wish list" thread.
posted 12-14-04 01:35 PM EDT (US)     17 / 48  
I will also nominate swolte

Great mapmaker and player, and I almost met him in real life. I wish I have another opportunity soon.

And just because I want to, special thanks to:

JamieJME for his monthly challenge, and also for his post in Stone & Sea.

Evilroc and greenmonster are great players, and the game we've played on the "Stone & Sea" (same as mentionned above) map was the most fun game I've ever played! Do you guys (with Swolte) have time to restart another one ?

KingDavid is a great mapmaker, and also an honorable player. He's just offered a virtual beer to me, just to open my eyes on my "too single-player" style of play. I've decided to change that from now on!

JWorth, really skilled Champion, I hope I will do better than the first time...

Timelord, ZombieEater, Ellumesh, Nerull and so many others: It's really fun to play with you, guys!

And finally Hiranu, for his incredible amount of games played at the same time, and for the rest (ladder, random games)

E-mail : chascal at gmail dot com
posted 12-14-04 06:45 PM EDT (US)     18 / 48  


4)Lord Fell - author of ,,Athendore", surely the best single player map for Aow.

I thought Athendore was created by Queen Elquein...

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posted 12-15-04 00:57 AM EDT (US)     19 / 48  
I am glad to see this thread, as I've been thinking a lot about what I have got out of my participation in this forum (the only one I really participate in for anything at all, other than which I have fairly recently been enjoying, though more through Photoshopping than forumming).

Though there are many folks here who contribute to making this forum a worthwhile and enjoyable place to hang out, my personal enjoyment of it and participation in it and the game have been especially influenced by the following folks, among which I give no preference to one over the other:

SWOLTE: One of the heavyweight "old-timers" when I joined the forum officially when AOWWT was released. At first I thought he was a bit condescending, but it was I who was the newbie, and I'd never participated in on-line forums before and quickly came to realize how easy it is to stick one's foot in one's mouth. Since then, I have come to view him as a cornerstone of this community. He is amazingly adept at peforming the three-part role of regular forum member, moderator, AND Triumph Studios consultant, and I can think of no more appropriate person to consider for Seasonal Compliments. After playing a couple of PBEMs with him, I will say that he approaches his role-playing in the similar way to my own (and this is the only place I do any "role-playing", and this has been tremendously enjoyable, and more often than not frustruating due to his xp and strategic superiority. The fact that he has shown open enjoyment with some of my maps, and cites my "Race to Death: Walker's Crusade" as an influence on his new Drums of Death (in which he uses some of my Wizards in earlier incarnations as heros), is the ultimate compliment coming from the guy who has made some of the most legendary maps available for the game.

GREENMONSTER: When I joined the forum, I knew that GM was one of the heavyweight PBEMers and among the cream of the crop of mapmakers. I have found him to be a tremendously open, astute, shrewd and friendly member of the community, and not only very helpful, but also very supportive of my mapmaking. He has provided a constant boost of confidence for me, both in mapmaking and in PBEM, where I've found him Challenging, Determined and yet Instructional in the games I've played with him. (we may get to meet up in NY over the holidays, GM)

CHASCAL: Chascal is one of the community members who I can actually say I've outlived. I consider him to be among those folks who arrived in a highly influential and positive wave that included among others, Timelord, Tibbs, and some of the other regulars. I think that Nerull, Aus, Unnapu, NarcissusX and others came a bit later (and have also been great for the community). Back to Chascal, I think I can say that he is the person I have learned the most from in terms of actually playing this game. His attention to detail is astounding, and that alone has been instructive in ways that have improved my own gameplay. But on top of that, his sense of strategy is also highly developed, I think. He is always a few steps ahead, but rather than be frustruated by this, I view it as a challenge, and the day I beat him fair and square (without ganging up or backstabbing), will be a happy day for me indeed. Plus, he's a genuinely good guy.

ELLUMESH: Ellumesh participated in, and ultimately won (with Flitter offering the joint-victory), the first PBEM on the first version of my map "Race to Death", back in the AOWWT days. That, I think, was one of the classic PBEM matches in AOW2 history. It was started by Hocus Pocus (see below), and included Ellumesh, Flitter, Rorschach, Thundarr and Llacheu. Ellumesh's storytelling in that game was absolutely amazing, and it was the single-most important influence on my own turn-log story-telling. If it hadn't been for Ellumesh, I may not have ever discovered the enjoyment of really writing up my turns and trying to add my quotient of the novel that develops out of a long PBEM match. BTW, Ellumesh is also a mapmaker and has made what is probably the only map that really requires the use of a naval fleet. Check out High Tides for a great 4-player naval match.

HOCUS POCUS & WONDER BEAST: These two go together, though in separate circumstances. HP was the first person to respond favorably to Race to Death, shortly after I released the first version. He wrote an email and I couldn't believe that someone had actually gone to that extreme to compliment my map! Then he got that first PBEM going, and that was a tremendous boost of confidence for me in terms of mapmaking, especially given the way that game turned out. Since then, I have come to know him as an entirely good chap, laid back, and he will always lend the element of humourous reality to a pbem game. He's probably the first person from the forum who I'd choose to sit down and share a beer with, though there would be a lot more close behind. As far as WB goes, I have never enjoyed the in-game and out-of game role-playing and strategizing as much as I have with her. One of the primary reasons that I began to enter more PBEMs than what I really can handle, is that I enjoyed the ones I was in with WB so much. Her turn logs are among the most memorable in the history of this forum (I think that Swolte would back me up on that bold statement). I also learned another lesson, and that is the following: It is absolutely idiotic to lose a valuable friend over a dorky disagreement about declaring war informally but not formally and sending a unit of doom bats after a fire node or black dragon in some turn-based fantasy game, and that's a lesson that gives me pause to stop and reflect in real life about a few things now and then.

KALF & DRAGONFLY: Not much to say, other than that these are two of the folks who I have most enjoyed getting to know somewhat thorugh this forum. Though they live half the world away, they share a lot in common with my wife and I, and I have no doubt that if we met up someday it would be like reuniting with old friends.

I've got a bunch of "shout-outs" to other folks as well, like JamieJME (invited me into the WOC), Zombie Eater (have much enjoyed some of our in-game negotiations), Timelord (great help with testing some of my maps and great PBEM rival), Tibbs (great guy, wish we knew where he was), Climber (I've never really interacted with him but I really admire his persistance in the forum and work on his mod), Nerull (He whipped my rear a few days into our first meeting, and since then has been a consistent and enjoyable rival), and a lot of other folks as well, especially those who take the time to review maps and provide comments.

Sorry in advance to the folks I've missed. I assure you that it was due to the scotch and not my lack of appreciation.

Author of the following maps for AOWSM:

Version 1.4 - Race To Death: Rise Of Evil
Version 1.3 (also playable in 1.4) - Race to Death S&M - Walker's Crusade ====== This Land Is My Land ====== War In The Valley

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posted 12-15-04 09:49 AM EDT (US)     20 / 48  

So far, I've missed Dwiggs in all this!

So I'll nominate him (and hope to read an interview with him!).

I am impressed by the kind and patient way he approaches the community and gained trust to become the most popular online mod! Though I do not play mods yet, it is surely one I will play when I will!

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My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
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posted 12-15-04 10:21 AM EDT (US)     21 / 48  

Are you getting red yet? It seems a lot of people like what you do. That must feel goooooood. And I think you deserve this recognition.

posted 12-15-04 10:39 AM EDT (US)     22 / 48  
Funny you ask, since it was just offered!
It would be handy to have site-managing powers as well, for the interviews. Its more practical that way! The colors, to me, have little to do with 'value to the community', though. More practical for certain projects and a reflection of the amount of time you can invest!

Is that what you mean by turning red?

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
Coordinator of the v1.4 and v1.5 patchteams, Seraph of AoWHeaven, PBEM Singles Champion 2008

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posted 12-15-04 11:06 AM EDT (US)     23 / 48  
see, I always felt that 'green' was a very valuable color around here!


GMMod for AoW2
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posted 12-15-04 03:49 PM EDT (US)     24 / 48  

Quoted from Swolte:

So far, I've missed Dwiggs in all this!

I didn't forget about him

I am going to nominate him for the next Seasonal Compliments. Just wanted to nominate one at a time, that's all, heh.

posted 12-16-04 00:43 AM EDT (US)     25 / 48  
My nominations:

Swolte: A great map maker. The maps "Fight for Light", "Rise of Kings", "Goldrush Mountains" and his new creation "Drums of Death" provide many different yet pleasant experiences.

Hiranu: For his dedication in maintaining the Ladder and setting up random map games for us.

King David: A gifted map maker and story teller. I enjoy his maps "Race to Death" and "This Land is My Land" a lot.

Green Monster: Another well known map maker. "the Charm" is a very nicely done.

Evil Roc: A formidable opponent and valuable ally. He taught me a lot of neat tricks

Chascal: Thanks for your lessons My armies are getting beat up left and right with odds that I thought were favorable to me but he proved me wrong again and again

posted 12-16-04 03:19 AM EDT (US)     26 / 48  
I must say that the whole AoW community is great. There are always a group of forumers ready to welcome new members and make them feel welcome and it is because of this that I see a increase in the number of pbem gamers that are getting involved. I am also astounded by some of the single and multiplayer maps that some have crafted. Having dallied in the map editor but never satisfied with my efforts (or lacking the creativity / patience to create something I feel is good enough) I take my hat off and toast those who can make good maps.

Having said that, there are 3 that stand out for me.

1 Swolte - What can one say, an all around class act, top map maker, elite player, advocate for bettering the game, often the first friendy response that a new forumer can expect to get a response from. Angel.

2 Greenmonster - Inventive map creator, you want him on your side in a team game, he elevates the forum and the game in many ways and I've greatly enjoyed our matches.

3 Hiranu - This forumer came out of nowhere and took the boards by storm, playing the most games and investing his time to improve the pbem and ladder board to the point that he became an angel in just a couple months of being active.

As I said before, the whole board is distinctive and I hold many in high regard for their skills as mapmakers, mod makers, players and advocates for discussing and improving the game.

posted 12-16-04 02:09 PM EDT (US)     27 / 48  
Well, I only occaisonally go to the main AoW sections, so my nomination will mostly be from the Hall of Wonders, or from the Valley of Wonders forums.

Beren V: Beren is one of the very best role-players and GMs of the Hall of Wonders. I have much respect for him, especially his own fantasy worlds he has made.

ChowGuy: A good roleplayer, and a good AoW-player. GhowGuy has given a lot of good ideas and advice, to me, and the whole AoW community.

Karmic: I haven't actually met Karmic much on this forum, but nonetheless I feel I need to compliment him here; for his great moderator work on other forums, his humor, and just him in general.

TalonThorn: For the obvious reason; mapmaking.

posted 12-16-04 02:49 PM EDT (US)     28 / 48  
No mod makers nominated yet? Do people have any idea how much work it takes to make a mod?

I think I will nominate the 2 major mod makers Dwiggs and Climber witch both must have put a lot more effort and work into their mod, than I have put into mine.

Kris Lighthawk
Creator of Lighthawk's mod
posted 12-17-04 05:20 AM EDT (US)     29 / 48  
Just to add my voice to those that have gone before, in no particular order:

Evil Roc for the great service he provides, tweaking all those wonderful maps we all like to play so much.

Swolte, King David and Greenmonster for the fantastic adventures they create with their imagination and creative skills.

Hiranu for his tireless effort in maintaining the ladder and creating numerous random maps.

But of course this would not be a community with out all of you and the time and energy you all give to make this a great game.

"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."

Ernest Hemingway

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posted 12-17-04 10:17 AM EDT (US)     30 / 48  
I'd like to thank (also in no particular order)

Hiranu for keeping track of all those laddergames, organising the PBEM tournament and playing an awful lot of games himself.

Triumph for making our beloved game.

Swolte for being Mister Community himself. Without Swolte this game wouldn't have come as far as it has come now. Also for his great maps.

All mapmakers, especially King David and GreenMonster You guys have made the best maps available.

Fubarno for being a great partner and opponent. I played my very first AoW2 PBEM game with this guy and 2 other's. Ever since then he's stuck around and we've played quite a few matches. Always fun!

The full crew for making this great community site. Without it, this community would have been a lot smaller or even dead.

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