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Topic Subject: Unit suggestions for mod
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posted 06-04-04 05:39 PM EDT (US)   
I'm trying to put together a mod (more info here.)

It's not going to change any of the default rules or races, but simply give more units and map objects to use when creating maps. I'm running out of ideas after creating 20 or so units, so now I need your help to give me new unit ideas. No units in this mod will be buildable in cities, so don't worry about balance, just let me know what kind of unit you'd like to see. Give me the units name and what it looks like. If you want you can post stats, description etc as well.

posted 06-23-04 06:33 PM EDT (US)     31 / 98  
*claps Magog* Just as I thought they should look!

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posted 06-23-04 08:57 PM EDT (US)     32 / 98  
Hmmm ... How many Dragons would you like to add ?

Poison looks good for Green Dragons.
I would say Lightning for a Blue Dragon, but unfortunately, Hurl Lightning isn't limited to 3/day. So maybe make him a really good fighter.

Maybe you can also add Silver and Bronze Dragons, being similar (and maybe smaller) to the Gold Dragon, but weaker.

E-mail : chascal at gmail dot com
posted 06-24-04 04:48 AM EDT (US)     33 / 98  
Give the Lightning Dragon Hurl Lightning,Seeker and Floating,optional Static Shield to keep down the melee swarm.

allflying except Mountain,all same stats(12,9,12,14)

all get Regeneration at silver

Cave Drake-Tunneling,Cavecrawl,Underground Conceal,Poison
Strike,Extra Strike,Night Vision

Mountain Drake-FreeMovement,Stoneskin(nofly)Hurl Boulder,Steppe Conceal

Lava Drake-FireHalo,Energy Drain,Vision I

Desert Drake-Desert conceal,Fury,First strike,Vision II

Cold Drake-Cold Immunity,Cold strike,Snow Concealment

Sky Drake-Haste,Lightning Immunity,Seeker,Whirlwind,Vision III

Wood Drake-Entangle Strike,Concealment,Control Animal

Swamp Drake-Lifestealing,Smoky Haze,Poison Immunity,Water Conceal

Ocean Drake-Liquid Form,Swallow Whole

Cathedral Drake-Turn Undead,Holy Strike,Holy Champion,Healing,Blessed,Bard's Skills

Astral Drake-Holy Immunity,Resurgence

Crypt Drake-Raise Dead,Dark Gift,Death Immunity,Unholy Champion

Void Drake-Shadow Shift,Shadow Walking,Magic Immunity,Blurred,evil,Trail of Darkness

Chaos Drake-Phase,Cause Fear,Confused, Possessed,Devour,Sabotage,no align

Clockwork Drake(metal bone dragon)-Steam,Ram,Static Shield,machine,Self-Destruct

Wizard Drake-Magic Relay,Dominate,Dispel Magic

Battle Drake-Charge,Block,Taunt,Dragonslaying,Leadership I(levels up)

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posted 06-24-04 07:27 AM EDT (US)     34 / 98  

I Especially like the clockwork en void Dragon.

I'd vary them in the stats though... Give some more/less mov and the magic type dragons a higher res, lower att.

Cool job!

Love, peace and Rock 'n Roll...

Ahh... Why not take all...

posted 06-24-04 07:50 AM EDT (US)     35 / 98  
Thanks BT!

Btw, I can use the Lightning Bolts ability on the blue dragon, that way he can only attack one unit at a time instead of an entire area like with Hurl Lightning.

posted 06-24-04 08:56 AM EDT (US)     36 / 98  
A lot of Drake ideas there!

Here's how I see the Dragons:

*** Green Dragon: (size: Extra Large, Neutral)
Att: 15 Def: 12 Dam: 11 Res: 14 hp: 27 mp: 40
Flying, Cause Fear, Magic Strike, VisionII, Strike, Poison Immunity, Dragon, Willpower, Gaz Breath(3/3).
VisionIII & MarksmanshipI at silver.
VisionIV & MarksmanshipII at gold.

I wouldn't add "Smooky Haze" or "Poison Strike" because he already becomes really deadly if his enemy is poisoned.

*** Blue Dragon: (size: Extra Large, Evil)
Att: 15 Def: 13 Dam: 10 Res: 14 hp: 30 mp: 40
Flying, Cause Fear, Magic Strike, VisionII, Strike, Static Shield, Dragon, Willpower, Death Strike.
VisionIII & Death Protection at silver.
VisionIV & Death Immunity at gold.

No ranged attack, but he's the only Dragon able to paralyse his enemy with a strike.

*** Silver Dragon: (size: Large (?), Good)
Att: 13 Def: 10 Dam: 9 Res: 13 hp: 21 mp: 40
Flying, Cause Fear, Magic Strike, VisionII, Strike, Willpower, Dragon, Magic Immunity, Holy Protection, Divine Breath(3/3).
VisionIII & Holy Strike at silver.
VisionIV & MarksmanshipI at gold.

*** Bronze Dragon: (size: Large (?), Good)
Att: 12 Def: 10 Dam: 9 Res: 12 hp: 19 mp: 40
Flying, Cause Fear, Magic Strike, VisionII, Strike, Willpower, Dragon, Magic Protection, Holy Protection, Fire Protection, Divine Breath(3/3).
Vision III & MarksmanshipI at silver.
Vision IV & MarksmanshipII at gold.

These 2 Dragons are like the Gold Dragon, with lower stats and abilities.

What do you think of this ?

E-mail : chascal at gmail dot com
posted 06-24-04 01:38 PM EDT (US)     37 / 98  

Stats (att: 8, dam: 4, def: 4, res: 6 mp: 32)

Skills: Walk, strike, magic protection, shape shift (the ability from the syron unit).

Lev. 1 unit with what should be imo, a lev. 1 skill. After all, who builds a lev. 3 guy in order to have him hopefully kill another lev. 3 guy so he can have a decent troop.

These little suckers could scavage the landscape looking for unwary victims.

Tom Bombadil

"And even in a mythical Age there must be some enigmas, as there always are. Tom Bombadil is one (intentionally)."
The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, No 144, dated 1954

posted 06-24-04 02:18 PM EDT (US)     38 / 98  
Looking back,the Swamp Drake is massively overpowered,especially for something that lives in a cesspool.So give his Poison Immunity to the Mountain Drake,since the poor bugger can't fly.

Is a spider dragon,with fire weakness and web,a dumb idea?
I think so personally.With alot of those Drakes I was thinking along the lines of the Chinese dragon elementals,who started out all the same but picked up apsects of their habitat.

posted 06-24-04 07:52 PM EDT (US)     39 / 98  
Ok, a few questions. Do Myrdraals have some other special ability than not having eyes? I mean, the AoW units are so small that no eyes are visible anyway... And what weapon does it use? Does it ride a horse?

And all your suggestions about dragons/drakes are good. Except for the mountain drake, I don't think I can make a walking dragon look good with the available dragon graphics...

posted 06-25-04 02:44 AM EDT (US)     40 / 98  
Use a Basilisk,or Climber's Dragon Turtle.And they aren't Dragons any dragon should be able to beat any drake mostof the time.Except fairy dragons they kind of blow.
posted 06-25-04 04:37 AM EDT (US)     41 / 98  
Don't forget to add the Human Witch from AoW2:WT!

E-mail : chascal at gmail dot com
posted 06-25-04 08:37 AM EDT (US)     42 / 98  
I think the cathedral drake isn't the best idea. But you could have an Iron Drake which is basically like a gargoyle in the fact that it was created by the Dwarves.
posted 06-25-04 10:37 AM EDT (US)     43 / 98  

Golems (Clay,Stone,Iron,etc.)
Void Elemental
Giants (Ice,Fire,Hill,etc.)

There can be only one.
posted 06-25-04 01:41 PM EDT (US)     44 / 98  
Magog, could you use my unit set? I `ve got already over 50 new units most of which are taken from Warlock`s ruleset from AoW 1, and i use in most of them ilbs from AoW 1 or recoloured units (part is taken from GM Mod part is recoloured by myself). Please indicate which units you already have (feel free to e-mailme). I also do not change anything exept unit production and production rules (actually I used the exisiting one). But the gameplay is much more exiting while I play the large maps- so many variety in AI unit building!
posted 06-26-04 05:37 AM EDT (US)     45 / 98  
That's great WonderR, i'll use some of your recolored SM units!

Edit : sorry for calling you wanderer....
Edit again : Now that I actually checked your mod out, my reply does not make much sense. I thought you had used old AoW1 ilbs!

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posted 06-26-04 09:20 AM EDT (US)     46 / 98  
@Magog - Myrdraal are mounted, though you cannot call their mounts horses...coz normal animals shy away from them. So, you could give Magical MOunt to them too.
And other than not having eyes, they are all in black (to melt with the shadows). They do carry a sword - a sword made in the forges of the Dark Lord. A single touch of the sword will ensure you die a painful death. Make what you will of that.
Edit: When they move, their cloaks do not even twitch. But thats something that won't be possible in AOW.

Once I finish the Wheel of Time (I am in the 9th book right now), I am going to make a map of it and was hoping that I would be able to use your mod. Hence, the suggestion.

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posted 06-26-04 11:51 AM EDT (US)     47 / 98  
How about this? :
posted 06-28-04 01:13 PM EDT (US)     48 / 98  

If your mod is specifically adding only more independent units... perhaps the developers will make this an official download since there won't be any complaints about unbalanced issues.


Golems (Clay,Stone,Iron,etc.)
Void Elemental
Giants (Ice,Fire,Hill,etc.)

There can be only one.
posted 06-28-04 05:41 PM EDT (US)     49 / 98  
Zealot - Holy/Unholy Champion, Holy/Death Immunity, Holy/Death Strike, Holy/Black bolts
(Based on the idea that humans can be good or evil)

Plague Carrier - Self-destruct, infected
(So when they blow up, they leave a parasite behind)

Guard Turret - Flamethrowing, Fire Cannon, Hurl Firebomb, Marksmanship IV, seeker, all protections, immobile

BTW, the pictures you posted aren't showing up.

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posted 06-29-04 08:43 PM EDT (US)     50 / 98  


BTW, the pictures you posted aren't showing up.

The server they are on is sometimes a bit slow. Reload the page now and then, and they will appear.
posted 06-29-04 09:34 PM EDT (US)     51 / 98  
How about Sea Elves ?

E-mail : chascal at gmail dot com
posted 06-29-04 11:37 PM EDT (US)     52 / 98  
Elven Hermit(6,4,8,10)12,34
Forestry,Entangle,Concealment,Healing,Dispel Magic
Control Animal at silver

Some elves fail to see the point in dying for causes which will die before they do,and they disdain the highly magical society of modern elves.These Hermits voluntarily return to the woods all elves love,to spend the rest of their days consorting with Nymphs and Treemen.The say they live how all elves are supposed to,and that healing comes naturally to them.They learn only enough magic to cancel it,but can command plants,and with experience animals will
obey them.

Elven Thallid(5,3,4,14)18,24 pure neutral
Forestry,Poison Immunity,Poison Strike,Venemous Spit,Regeneration,Lifestealing
Smoky Haze,MarkI at silver,Entangle Strike,MarkII at gold

Elves are fascinated by Treemen,and attempted to replicate their sentience in fungi.The result was the Thallids,considered a failure because their intelligence was that of a very dumb animal.Still,the elves used them for menial tasks,and all was well until a Thallid observed mushrooms being picked.Elves learned the hard way that while it was simplistic,all thallids shared the same mind.The Thallids were hard to completely destroy,due to their poisonous aspects and tendency to absorb the enemy.

Dwarf Gremlin(8,4,9,12)8,28 evil
Sabotage,Night Vision,Cave Crawling,Poison Immunity,Wall Climbing,Blurred,Taunt
Poison Strike at silver,Poison Darts at gold

There are some especially small and annoying goblins,called Gremlins,that even other goblins can't stand.Special goblin commandoes sneak into Dwarf cities with Gremlin eggs and plant them.Gremlins are the bane of Dwarf existence,able to destroy years of work with a single strike.They're unusually
smart for goblins and know a thousand different ways to insult a dwarf's beard or wife.While no tougher than other goblins,they are very hard to hit,especially with an axe.

Dwarf Pacifist(0,0,8,13)15,24
Block,Cave Crawling,Mountaineering,Undeground Concealment,Healing,Repair Machine,Drain Will,Fire,Poison Immunities

Dwarves are very warlike,and won't tolerate any dwarves with what they think of as "elflike" qualities.They throw anyone who speaks ill of war out into the caverns,letting them fend for themselves.They won't strike enemies,prefering to hide in the shadows,but they do know healing both for man and machine.Their arguments can drain the fighting will from anything.

Halfling Bully(7,6,6,10)10,26
Strangle,Block,Extra Strike Charge at silver,Leadership at gold

Hobbits being as diminutive as they are,any one larger than the norm has a good chance of succeeding as a bully.The reason why sheriffs were needed in the first place,Bullys are expert at shaking down halflings for their many valuables.Their strategy is to hold down a victim and get as many hits in as possible,and with experience can learn to better direct their cronies.

posted 06-30-04 02:55 AM EDT (US)     53 / 98  
Halfling Sorceror(0,0,5,12)8,24
Magic Relay,Magic Protection,Phasing,Dispel Magic,Magic Bolts,Pixie Dust,MarksII
MarksIII,Steal Enchantment at silver
MarksIV,Magic Immunity at gold

Halflings are tolerant people,but generaly don't think that magic is anything a good hobbit should be getting into.They don't ostracize Sorcerors,but they do ask that they practice far away from large settlements.Sorcerors are usually physically weak even for halflings,but they make up for it with a truly impressive grasp of the Art.

Archon Mercykiller(10,8,9,8)16,26 neutral
Holy Immunity,Holy Strike,Unholy/Holy Champion,Dragon Slaying,Energy Drain,Turn Undead
Cause Fear at silver

There are some Archons which hold Justice above all else,even the Archon cause.They couldn't be crushed by the elders because of popular support,but they are cast out from cities dreading their judgement.They judge everything they come across,seeing themselves as Justice's avatars,and almost everyone is guilty.

Archon Fanatic(11,8,4,5)14,28
Fury,Doublestrike,Haste,Martyr,Holy Immunity,Holy Strike

Archons believe that the elves should have passed into Evermore long ago,but some believe more strongly than others.There is an outlawed sect of Fanatics who wish to kill every elf which refuses to leave,and they all plan on dying for the cause.More moderate Archons are disturbed by these renegades,as it makes them question their society.

Syron Traitor(8,8,9,9)12,24 evil
Dark Gift,Poison,Death Immunities,Black Bolts,Lightning Weakness
MarkI,Lifestealing at silver
MarkII,Shadow Shift at gold

Some Syrons couldn't resist the Hive's call,and betrayed their race for the promise of induviduality in the Hivemind.They got what they asked for,but after the chitin armor was in place they realized they could still hear the All-Devourer gnawing and gnashing away.They became more Demon-like as the madness crept in,making footholds for the Hive's takeover of their minds.

Syron Necrophage(12,4,10,9)16,24
Swallow Whole,Lifestealing,Devour,Death Strike
Death Protection at silver
Death Immunity at gold

During the long years when Syrons were under the dominion of the Hive,many were faced with starvation,and ate the most plentiful thing around:their dead.There had been protocols against this sort of thing for years,but the reasons why became apparent too late.The offenders grew in girth until they were bloated caricatures of Syron form,and then they began to spawn Larvae.They are shunned everywhere as abominations.

Flying,Haste,Magic Relay,Summoned

Homunculi are tiny,winged humanoids often used as familiars by wizards.They are useful for their ability to project their master's will and relatively easy to make.Often wizards will use these creatures to daisy-chain across an area,exploring the region and creating a tiny flying army in the process.

posted 07-04-04 08:14 PM EDT (US)     54 / 98  
hey Magog!
I've been working on similar mod, but I'm too lazy to finish it... so you can use it if you want. I've created 20 units so far...there is only one difference: I've added 16th race to the game, and I will be very happy if you include it

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posted 07-06-04 10:40 AM EDT (US)     55 / 98  
Ok, 65 units so far, I don't think there will be a problem to reach my goal of 100 units.

Now I need a name for the mod itself. I'm thinking of something more fun than just "Expansion mod", something special that makes it stand out. Any ideas?

hatifnat -> ok, I'll check it out.

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posted 07-06-04 12:43 PM EDT (US)     56 / 98  
Bastard Indeps Are Going To Kill You

"You're a metaphor for your kind,Mr. Anderson."
-Agent Smithbane
posted 07-06-04 06:21 PM EDT (US)     57 / 98  
Perhaps the developers will make this an official download since there won't be any complaints about unbalanced issues.

What about a descriptive name like:
100 more independent creatures/beings

There can be only one.
posted 07-07-04 01:47 AM EDT (US)     58 / 98  


Perhaps the developers will make this an official download since there won't be any complaints about unbalanced issues.

I don't think so, Triump has moved on and are probably working hard on their new game. There's nothing in it for them to make this mod official, other than potential trouble for units like Myrdraals (copyright) and Gypsies (not PC) etc etc.
posted 07-07-04 02:55 AM EDT (US)     59 / 98  
Being the Dwarf fan that I am, I would love to see the return of the Firstborn from AOW1. I suppose you could make it out of a modified Runemaster, with a huge mallet instead of the rather small Runemaster hammers. (Also make them a bit larger) I'd also like to see the return of the Elven Ranger, not sure what unit you could modify for him. (That I can think of at least) Also, is there a cyclops yet? I believe the troll would be a good start for him. Oh, and another throwback to AOW1, how about the Satyr? Seems like the halflings no longer have any friends to tell jokes to anymore
posted 07-07-04 09:26 AM EDT (US)     60 / 98  
Those are good suggestions,but many other mods already use those units,so you would have to make them radically different from other mod's versions to make this mod distinct.

And c'mon,Firstborns were a cool idea but they sucked in combat.My definition of a lvl4 unit is something that can take down a warlord.Warlords school Firstborn,something you really can't say for any other lvl4,not even leprechauns.

"You're a metaphor for your kind,Mr. Anderson."
-Agent Smithbane
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