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Topic Subject: Counsel
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posted 02-27-05 04:25 AM EDT (US)   
Counsel of Emnityblade of the Azracs, Deroman
of the Frostlings, and Bearclaw of the Humans.
Here we can talk about sphere of influense,
kingdom boarders,(bossible) alliance rules and
perhaps tactics.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 02-27-05 04:28 AM EDT (US)     1 / 41  
I find no other way to counsel, I hope you
understand my brothers. So, do we all seek
alliance of 3 neutral kingdoms, or am I
completely lost? Bearclaw and Emnity, post
here, if it is so.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-

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posted 02-27-05 02:13 PM EDT (US)     2 / 41  
Bearclaw: you leave open a possible alinment with the Drow.?...that is up to you as with all of may prove to be beneficial. as the war goes on i think then we can figure out what lands belong to who...You Deroman will probably be in the northen regions,Enmityblade in the south and the Humans in the middle regions. If others agree with us then the areas will obviously change. the purpose here is to say to you and to any others who meet us here in this counsel that we will agree not attack one another but only consentrate on the other true enemies we each have. aiding each other when possible but i think we all will be hard pressed with our own quarrels.

You Deroman it seems have a harder decision to deal with than we,but i intend to push my boarders outward if we must go to war,and it seems we have little choise in the matter...thanks to the Drow and Elf. and if i should meet one in the field.........a decision will be made then on what to do if they are willing to talk!!

BTW...did anyone bring the donuts..?!

People follow the light, blinded by just cause, but what has the light brought them? It has only caused me pain, while the darkness embraced me and kept me deep within its shadows away from my pursuers and made them suffer for their crimes against me
Into darkness, into night, amongst the shadows we shall fight!
-/X\( ++ ) /X\-L.E.D.- Hand of Malice-/X\( ++ ) /X\-

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posted 02-27-05 02:34 PM EDT (US)     3 / 41  
Wise words Bearclaw. Indeed the regions are
clear, but where is the line of that region? We should all
rule as big regions, that noone from the alliance get too
powerful and do puppets of his allies. I suggest, that we
form alliance of 3 races. If some race decides to declare
war to some enemy, allies can make own decision, do they
join to that war or not. But if someone declares war to
someone on the alliance, other allies will declare war
against the one, who declared war against the member of
alliance at the first place. If one allie, who has
attacked against someone else, that other allies have no
war with, and is loosing cities and seeming to be
conquered, and his enemy wont accept peace with gaining
the conquered cities, will allies declare war on him. I
hope you understood my point, my english isnt good at all.
Can these rules be accepted, or is my suggestion too
closely for you? And one more thing. If our alliance falls
to war with Elves, and they are conquered, the main castle
of Elfs must be left out migration. Elven existance means
existance of our races.

And yes Bearclaw, I left a bossibility with Drows open,
because I wish not be left alone in this war. Lonewalkers
will die. I couldnt be sure, that if this alliance would
work, so I left bossibility open. I hope that I didnt
insult your race Bearclaw. if Emnity agrees this, then my
former words are pointless. Only this matters.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 02-27-05 06:38 PM EDT (US)     4 / 41  
I agree to the terms proposed by Bearclaw. I agree to help both Frostlings and Humans when I can. My concern is this...Will we stay neutral even as the Orcs or Elves grow strong? If the Humans help the Azracs, we can take out some of the races that may become too strong in the future. We must decide. I do fear that neutrality may not be an option.
posted 02-28-05 09:02 AM EDT (US)     5 / 41  
Your corcern is serious. If our alliance
doesnt support Elfs, will they survive? They are againtst
Drows and Orcs alone. Its bossible to conquer independent
lands at first and grow armies. When LED have destroyed
Elfs, we could set them free and crush LED with strong 3
attacks, 1 from each direction, 1 from each race. This can
only succeed, if Els fall, and what if they dont? And are
we willing to go war against LED and risk our existance.
What if our attacks fall before their defence? I hope you
bring other ideas to this counsel, because this suggestion
may be too risky and depends a lot of things that happen in game.

Im master of the tactis, but I cant bring my suggestion in
here, because then our enemies know our tactic, and can
defend themselfs.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 02-28-05 04:58 PM EDT (US)     6 / 41  
Bearclaw: that is agreeable Deroman of the Frostlings and you are right,the first thing we all will need to do is get ourselves set up somewhere and defend ourselves,

and yes the only way the Elves are going to survive is if we keep attacking and bothering the Drow and Orcs and any one else who chooses to fight the Elf,keeping them weak.

i will go and declare war on the Highman thats no problem,(the "holier than thou" bunch can go back to their worlds....where ever that is.?)

"Enmityblade" Champion of the mighty race of the Azracs my kinsman of the sand,we will have to decide who we can trust,any one of them can become a powerfull foe if they hold any hatred toward us during or after this war..?. i don't know about alliances with the good or evil races,it would seem that doing so would only anger the opposite race.??that "MUST" be left up to each one remember we all are seeking to expand, if you make peace with someone,it would "Not" mean that i have to make peace with them.But ""OUR"" alliance must come first.

i also have heard that the Lizards or Goblins seek to throw their blades into the mix of this war.....who knows what they will choose.??if they choose the dark side it will be hard for us because then they will have 4 allied together

People follow the light, blinded by just cause, but what has the light brought them? It has only caused me pain, while the darkness embraced me and kept me deep within its shadows away from my pursuers and made them suffer for their crimes against me
Into darkness, into night, amongst the shadows we shall fight!
-/X\( ++ ) /X\-L.E.D.- Hand of Malice-/X\( ++ ) /X\-
posted 02-28-05 05:27 PM EDT (US)     7 / 41  
Our alliance will come first Bearclaw. You may want to stay slightly south though as I am surrounded by Orcs and the Lizardmen, both hostile to me as of now. Maybe discussions with their leaders will change that.

If Bearclaw and I can take the road that connects us, we can cut off the Lizards, Dwarves, and possibly the Orcs. This would give us the whole southeast corner. But that is a ways off, we need to find someway to discuss battle military tactics with each other in secret.
-Dartanyon Dragonbane

posted 03-01-05 08:20 AM EDT (US)     8 / 41  
Lizardmen will bow, if we talk to them about
our peace. This would mean total routing of Lizard race and
cutting all their connections to outside world. If they try
breakthrough, be strike their leader down and share their
lands. Language of peace can only be spoken with terror and
war with those cunning creatures. I suggest that as main
object of our alliance, would be destruction of Highmen and
Undead. I request your commitment to war against them. If
it is unacceptable to someone of the alliance, we need to
change this primary goal. Maybe we could secure most of the
borders of Elven kingdom, refusing to let LED members
access through them. You got any suggestions where to
discuss the tactics? Brobably we could use email?

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-

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posted 03-01-05 08:40 AM EDT (US)     9 / 41  
I hope that we can succeed to create Lizardmen
on of the alliance, instead of our enemy. What do you think
my allied friends? Can we give a change to Lizardmen, our
brothers, if they are ready to stand with us, to the end?
Or is the trust to Lizardmen, who allie with Undead
completely gone now? Foolish they are, if they trust
Undead, that seek only deaht to lizards.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 03-01-05 09:15 AM EDT (US)     10 / 41  
I will certanly support a war against highmen and undead. But only to make sure none of them can tip the balance. I will kill the elves if possible (the "good" elves have ruled way to long). We need change. I feel the time has come for darkelves to rule the world. The time has come for good races to hide.

I would love to have a lasting peace with my frostling brother. And with the azracs as well.

posted 03-01-05 10:58 AM EDT (US)     11 / 41  
See, Rainbow, this Counsel is founded mainly
to resist LED, Darkelfs and their Undead allies. By
allying with them, you bring destruction only to yourself.
In my opinion, if Elves are destroyed, balance of nature
is lost, and whole world can end or get to hads of undead.
Even the swamps of Lizards and snowlands of Frostlings.
LED will only use you during the war, and if you would
win, what do you think, that they are willing to do with
you? You think, that their evil politics tolerate
Lizardmen? You think that their Undead allies would
tolerate Lizardish allie. You cant fight against Undead in
same alliance. If you like to join the Counsel, we accept
you. But you cant be as valuable as 3 original ones;
Humans, Frsotlings and Azracs. Anyway, we can offer you
shelter for LED and Elfs, but we wont promise, that we
would fully support you on your defences and attacks,
because of your untrustworhyness. You have caused this
situation yourself when you were agreeing with LED against
our alliance, and failed our trust. Now foward, if you
like to take our shelter and join to Counsel, we will
protect your existance (partly). If you decide to join
LED, nothing will save you and your traitorous race from
the hate of Counsel. You shall be crushed as main target.
Pounder this threatment, and this offer, and think that,
can LED give you these things, that I promised.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 03-01-05 08:19 PM EDT (US)     12 / 41  
Bearclaw: question?are we supposed to be using our heros name at this councel? or our Leaders name?

Deroman....take no thought to the Orcs remarks of your heritage...he is a fool and will be punished for his boldness. You are as different to the Goblin as the Elves are to the Drow as i see it.

I would question you Deroman on one point,which is...that if the Lizards seek to councel and agree with us their standing would be just as important as the first 3.

WE all have our quarrels with other races...yes?....and our alliance here insures that we will not attack one another...yes?....that makes us all the more powerful to be able to focus on our enemies and not worry about the races who ally with us.....yes?.....we will help one another if we are able and when we are asked to help one of our allied brothers...yes?....if you seek war with someone not allied with far as i'm concerned you are free to do so....i will come to your aid if i am able too and have sufficiant troops to spare,i think we all have a few of the same enemies.

The mighty warrior of the are welcome here if you agree with us,it seems you have things you need to decide and settle in your mind first,

Deroman is correct in saying it would be hard for you to ally with the dark side and then want to destroy one of them.? can see how that would bring up questions of your loyalty to us...

and any one of us who breaks with us and does not keep the agreement here that we agree upon....our wrath will be focused on you!

are there any other things that need to be said or dicussed or added to our agreement??

People follow the light, blinded by just cause, but what has the light brought them? It has only caused me pain, while the darkness embraced me and kept me deep within its shadows away from my pursuers and made them suffer for their crimes against me
Into darkness, into night, amongst the shadows we shall fight!
-/X\( ++ ) /X\-L.E.D.- Hand of Malice-/X\( ++ ) /X\-
posted 03-02-05 09:24 AM EDT (US)     13 / 41  
I lost my trust of Lizardmen leader, because
he seeked alliance with LED sayin: "Its time for Dark Elfs
to rule". As I see, Lizardmen and LED works tightly
together, and if we would grant Lizard as valuable place
in Counsel, would they be trustworthy? Would their war
with LED be as furious as our? Would they be war at all
between Lizards and LED? Would it only be war in
diplomacy, but in reality peace? What if LED agrees
Lizardmen to their cause, and send them to spy on our
counsel. He would tell all our tactics and plans to enemy,
and without no guestion, they would stab us into back if
LED only asks them to do so. If Lizards can prove
themselves and their loyality to counsel, I agree Lizards
as 4th same valuable allie as we others.
And alliance will ensure that noone shall attack against
anyone of us. I hope that our alliance will be deep, and
will not seperate to wars against eachother after this war
is won. I deeply discrace to spill Azrac or Human blood, as
the blood of my own.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 03-02-05 11:41 AM EDT (US)     14 / 41  
I do not trust this Lizardman. He seeks to counsel with us but also with the LED. We cannot risk his betrayal. But if he can prove to be trustworthy, and he does not chose to join LED, maybe an arrangement can be worked out.

This Orc leader thinks himself great. We will see how great he really is on the day of battle. His insults to you Deroman, may cost him his life.

And who do we give protection to. Deroman seems intent on aiding the surface elves, does Bearclaw also see that this is our best move? I do not know how much the Elves could be of use to us. I know their leader, and he is proud and courageous, but will he be squished by the neighboring Orcs before he has a chance? He may be more of a liability. I wish to hear Bearclaw's opinion on this matter before my mind is made.

posted 03-02-05 12:44 PM EDT (US)     15 / 41  
Wise you are emnity, my brother. Lizardmen
are untrustful. I thank you about kind words Emnity. And
Im happy, that you understand my worries aobut Lizard
race. I sayt that we vote about, what shall we do when war
comes with surface Elves. Do we allie with them? Do we
stay neutral with them, perhaps in peace? Or do we crush
them and their Highmen allies? The last opinion could make
me pretty sad and it could help LED alot, but if Counsel
decides so, Im ready to give my blade to battle against
Elven race. I belive, that there is no question about that,
that there will be a war between LED and Counsel. Or at
least I hope so. War couldnt be prevented, and I suggest,
that we crush false king of Lizardmen as primary target,
then alliance of LED as secondary target, and perhaps
Highmen and Elves as last target.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-

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posted 03-02-05 09:46 PM EDT (US)     16 / 41  
Bearclaw: Let us not be hasty in counting out the mighty Lizard race....remember Deroman....he is willing to help fight the undead and highmen with you,for i am willing to make peace with the Lizards if it will aid the humans...i do not wish to fight him also and i have just heard that the Goblins are allying with the L.E.D.

..? does seem that things will not be easy if we seek to expand during this conflict,if we agree to make peace with the Elves...?.you know what that means....we will find no quarter or lenience from the L.E.D. expect their full wrath and all that ally with them.

i will agree with what you others think we should do...if we help the Elf........then so be it.and if the Drow thinks we will only "rattle" our blades then he is gravely mislead. if he sees 'ME' "Rattling" my blade it will be when i releave him of his head.He must be questioning his strength to start trash talking human ability....Hum?..why do you suppose he would start to verbaly assault Humans?

"Rainbowdragon" Lord of the Lizards.... I have no quarrel with you,but the others do not think you can be trusted because of your statements,speak plainly of your intentions and bring forth your not fear the Azracs his quarrel is not with you as i see it,but you must talk with him.

Deroman...fear not the undead...but this one thing you "MUST" do. you need to give your hero "Spell casting 1" then learn "magic weapon" and give magic weapon to your units(yeti and yourself) then the foul "wraith" will flee or you will 'vaporize' it with your sword you will need to produce "priest" also. too must have "sell casting 1" and produce those wonderful elephents of yours

People follow the light, blinded by just cause, but what has the light brought them? It has only caused me pain, while the darkness embraced me and kept me deep within its shadows away from my pursuers and made them suffer for their crimes against me
Into darkness, into night, amongst the shadows we shall fight!
-/X\( ++ ) /X\-L.E.D.- Hand of Malice-/X\( ++ ) /X\-

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posted 03-03-05 08:00 AM EDT (US)     17 / 41  
Lets say, that when the battle beginns, i
declare war on the Lizards when I see them. I shall
destroy them as personal main goal (differend than Counsel
goals of course). Because attacker is me, you brothers of
Human and Azrac, shall decide what will you do. But there
shall be no mercy for Lizards in the lands of Frostling.
They will be attacked by Frostling people. And Bearclaw, I
will add Spell Casting 1 to my hero when he has gained his
2 levels, and then I can cast Enchanent weapon (which you
probably meaned with Magic Weapon). I have a reason to
belive, that My hero has more levels than just 1st one
when he collisions Wraith.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 03-03-05 05:59 PM EDT (US)     18 / 41  
Bearclaw: it is your must do what you think best for your kingdom and may your gods grant you power and wisdom to conquer your enemies.I will be busy defending myself at first and will aid you all when i can.

it looks like we are few......but...we are the ones who have chosen to stay neutral and seek our own gain

People follow the light, blinded by just cause, but what has the light brought them? It has only caused me pain, while the darkness embraced me and kept me deep within its shadows away from my pursuers and made them suffer for their crimes against me
Into darkness, into night, amongst the shadows we shall fight!
-/X\( ++ ) /X\-L.E.D.- Hand of Malice-/X\( ++ ) /X\-
posted 03-03-05 06:22 PM EDT (US)     19 / 41  
Deroman, Great Frostling must do what you feel is right, but you may want to rethink this hate of the Lizards. Maybe you could simply tolerate them.

As for me, I to will stay neutral toward the Lizards. Even though i dont fully trust him, I can not deny that the Lizards could be a useful ally. This Leader seems strong, and I would rather fight with him than against. But King of the Lizards, you must talk to me, I believe that you would make a great force along side the Humans and the Azracs.

posted 03-04-05 09:03 AM EDT (US)     20 / 41  
So Frostlings shall stand against dictatroship
alone. So be it. I tolerate Lizards well, great race it
is. But this leader of them, runs politics of LED, not
politics of Lizards, and thats why he must be destroyed.
Im sure, that he only uses his race to grant victory. If
he wins, he will bail the race of Lizards and take his
place among Undead and Drows. i hope, that you dont speak
about alliance with Lizards Emnity. Because if you ally
with the enemies of mine, you become my enemies. I shall
fight against Lizards and ANY allies of them.

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posted 03-04-05 02:46 PM EDT (US)     21 / 41  
"Tye" Royal Cavalier (bearclaws lieutenant speaks in place of(and as) his captain from now on) speak the truth about the politics of the Lizards....he has spoken and we all have heard and we will aid you if need be,but i would say to you that if the Azracs make peace with the Lizards commander....this does not mean he is 'allying' with him but mearly securing a safe boarder to direct his swords to his enemies. if the Lizard would attack Enmityblade, my help to you would be greatly reduced because of my need to fight the Lizards along with the other plans that i have and land i desire to gain.let us not bring danger to one of our allies needlessly. in time time,i would continue talk on these matters with you but not here "spy" are everywhere.when the war begins we can talk on these matters.

"Mighty warrior of the Elves" Deroman also speaks the truth that we seek not money from you to serve you,i seek not the distruction of your race as others do but must consider my actions carefully in regard to your offer....first of all i think you will be hard pressed to give any money away early on....secondly the I.R.O.N. takes pressidence over other races,i will continue talk with you about your situation but not here and i will not needlessly bring trouble to the I.R.O.N.

Rainbowdragon...brake ALL ties with the L.E.D. and agree with the I.R.O.N. and when this conflict is over you will be able to live in peace

People follow the light, blinded by just cause, but what has the light brought them? It has only caused me pain, while the darkness embraced me and kept me deep within its shadows away from my pursuers and made them suffer for their crimes against me
Into darkness, into night, amongst the shadows we shall fight!
-/X\( ++ ) /X\-L.E.D.- Hand of Malice-/X\( ++ ) /X\-
posted 03-05-05 04:45 AM EDT (US)     22 / 41  
I thought, that Emnity meaned only peace with
Lizards, but I wasnt quite sure. Your peace with them
doesnt bother me (mutch), but If you ally with this
dictator of the Lizard race, you will be feaded to
undead.So Counsel has turned to IRON? The situation, that
Im having is quite mad. I will attack Lizards, and that
can brobably cause LED to attack me. So that would drive
the whole IRON away from the neutrality. If you wish to
avoid bossible war with LED, request me to leave Counsel
and IRON now. That way, you 2 can stany neutral if LED
attacks me when I attack Lizards. I wish no harm to your
races, for the decisions of my own.

I would like us to form united front agaisnt Undead, if
you still can accept me as a member. If we drive neutral
politics, Frostlings seek peace with Goblins, Orcs and
Dark Elfs. If that is against your will, inform me.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-

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posted 03-05-05 05:50 AM EDT (US)     23 / 41  
Elkgloth Do'mtor: L.E.D. War Leader.

I understand that this Counsel was meant for those of neutrality alone. But hear me, before you rumble in your throats at my intrusion.

As with all wars, diplomacy is required. But heed my words, those who converse here. The L.E.D., comprising currently of we Drow, our Orcish friends, the Goblins and the Undead, as a general goal, seek the destruction of the Elves. We have offered you of seperate merits, lands and rulership, that the Elves would not. The Lizardmen, although not fully allied to the L.E.D. has seen the truth! This lizard knows of the Elves deception! The Highmen, being allied with the Elves, must be crushed! The Undead will do this with unholy zeal, and I will endorse their efforts. The Lizards are their own race, who remain friendly with the L.E.D, though not allied. We offer them aid, if they aid us in our efforts against the Elves and Highmen. I cannot promise the full motives of the Undead, for no living mortal can. Their hate for life is unmatched, yet they will not openly defy the will of the L.E.D. I will seek to advise the undead to concentrate soley on the Highmen and Elves where possible. Though this will be difficult. The Undead kingdom is bordered by Frostling, Halfling and Human lands. And because the Undead are open allies of the L.E.D. I will aid them in whatever capacity I am able. I have sworn to speak further with the Undead, to try and convince them to leave those of I.R.O.N. in peace. But this would mean that forces of Undead would need to march through lands of Humans and/or Frostlings. To reach the Highmen, the Undead will have need to pass through Frostling lands. I assure you, if their efforts are met with hostility, they will react harshly, and no amount of speaking on L.E.D.'s behalf, will change that. And what of the nearby Halflings and Dwarves, noble Human? Will you stand against them? For surely they will seek their own conquering of your lands. And they may even ally themselves together openly, in this course of action.

The L.E.D. seek Elven and Highmen destruction, first and foremost. But understand me well. If anyone not allied to the L.E.D. or Elves, strikes openly against one of my allies, they will be given leave to retaliate! And I shall aid them in whatever capacity I am able.

Diplomatic avenues are most useful to all involved. I leave you, Counsel of I.R.O.N. with this thought.

Unless the lizards offer themselves openly to the L.E.D. our relations are merely friendly. As friendly, whatever wars they are personally involved in are theirs alone. Yet we shall not strike at them unless they hinder the L.E.D. We promote self-advancement. But if they are our open allies, and are attacked by any of I.R.O.N. then the race involved will be extinguished. The L.E.D. will stand strong by its allies. You do not hinder our war against the Elves, and do not ally yourselves with them, then at present, we have no quarrel. Aid them openly, or hinder L.E.D. War Party movements, and we will be swift in response!

May your Gods favour your decisons. This war will be bloody and many-faceted. The L.E.D. is always open for allies. But these alliances must be full, and open. We will not buy you. We offer you freedom of the Surface, which will be enlarged, with the removal of Highmen and Elves.


And remember all I have said.

=LASFS Operative #2=
-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. War Leader-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 03-05-05 07:23 AM EDT (US)     24 / 41  
So, King of the Drows comes to IRON. Is this
as a prove, that you dont seek war with Counsel, Shadowkin?
I assume, that Humans, Azracs and Frostlings have no
quarrel with LED. But Undeads are hated by all neutrals,
as highly as Elfs are hated by Drows. Shouldnt we ally
with Elfs, when you have allied with Undead? I have a
fear, that war of the Undead and Frostlings cant be
avoided, and I belive, that my companions, that are not
puppets of Evil like Lizards, will stand in this with me.
If I would let Undead through my lands, I would fail my
people, and expose my weak parts in my defence. Im not like
Lizard king. Im not a *****, that can be bought. If Undead
stand in the lands of mine, then they are hostile to me,
and will be removed. I do not tolerate them and their
leader. If you promise LED to stay neutral in Frostling
(maybe IRON) and Lizards/Undead wars, I (or we) shall stay
neutral in your attack agaisnt Elfs. This sounds fair to
me, unless, I hate my self, letting LED to massacre little
Elven children to deaht. I think, that IRON and LED are in
cold war, as Soviet Union and USA were. We dont whant war
among each other, but it will be hardly avoided.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 03-05-05 08:02 AM EDT (US)     25 / 41  
"Tye": are free to travel in human lands and i stand with you in your hatered of the foul undead.

Rainbowdragon...know will not travel through human lands to seek to destroy my Frostling ally,humans have no anger directed at you but mindful of who it is that you choose to conquer. the Azrac king is my desert kin and i will aid him greatly on the sandy plains..LEAVE HIM ALONE...i know of your secret talks with the Orcs against the desert not continue down that path!!My ambassadors have told him that he has human support if you seek to raise your armies against him.

People follow the light, blinded by just cause, but what has the light brought them? It has only caused me pain, while the darkness embraced me and kept me deep within its shadows away from my pursuers and made them suffer for their crimes against me
Into darkness, into night, amongst the shadows we shall fight!
-/X\( ++ ) /X\-L.E.D.- Hand of Malice-/X\( ++ ) /X\-
posted 03-05-05 08:48 AM EDT (US)     26 / 41  
You are wise, iceling. And dangerously intelligent. But let us toy with your idea for a moment.
You tell me, as yet without full I.R.O.N. backing, that if the L.E.D. command does not interfere with your battles against the Undead, you will not become involved in our fight against the Elves?
Thus making the situation look something like this:

Drow + Orcs + Goblins + Undead VS Elves + Highmen
Frostling + Human + Azrac VS Undead
Lizardmen (have perhaps their own agenda)
Halfling and Dwarves (could go either way, but most assuredly against the L.E.D.

Crunch numbers. All four evil races are aligned as the L.E.D. against the two good of Elves and Highmen. Surely the Dwarves and Halflings will add to the Elven cause, becoming enemies of the L.E.D.
Three of the four neutrals stand together, shakily, as I.R.O.N., with the Humans and Azracs probably with the strongest ties.
Indeed it would seem that the four Evil VS that of the four Good, will be unsettled by the four neutrals. Considering that everyone here is caught neighbouring at least one enemy, the days to come will prove interesting.

And Deroman, I agree, in sorts, to your comment. I.R.O.N. and L.E.D. do indeed stand in the midst of a 'Cold War'.
But if the L.E.D. does not support the Undead fully, it would become effectively 3 vs that of 4, and numerous opponents for my Undead ally. No. I will not turn my back upon those who have sided with us. I will not become involved in anyones attempt to destroy the Undead, knowing who seeks their demise, until an open attack comes against them . The moment someone openly strikes at my Undead ally, I will send troops to reinforce him, to defend his borders, where possible. And if my reserves are attacked, then whoever is responsible will be considered an enemy of the Drow, and ultimately the L.E.D.

As it now stands, there are three distinct forces.
The L.E.D. alliance
The Elf/Highman alliance
The I.R.O.N. alliance.
Leaving the Lizards friendly to the L.E.D. and unsteady to all else.
Also the Dwarves and Halflings, who will aid the Elves without a doubt. This war will indeed be interesting.

But the L.E.D. will not tolerate anyone moving into Undead lands, in open attacks. If the Undead move to expand their borders, then that is their battle alone, unless they call upon aid. But I can see that I.R.O.N. fears the Undead, and seeks their destruction. Yet that is an insult to we drow, who have promised you if you left the Undead be, they would leave you be, otherwise be cast from the L.E.D.

Any attacks upon the Undead will be considered hostile action against the L.E.D. Most especially if such attacks are unprovoked.
Once the Elves are dealt with, and their Highmen allies (which you have stated as enemies, iceling) the L.E.D. will aid ALL of its members, including the Undead. If I.R.O.N. seeks the removal of any L.E.D. force, then you will be brought to justice.
But I need not remind you, I am sure, that allying yourself with the Elves will yield you nothing more than a hollow victory (if not destruction) and corpses. The Elves are not as willing to share the Surface realms, as we of the L.E.D. are.

I shall leave you to your counsel, I.R.O.N.

You may find me in the open War Room, where the war is being planned.

---Elkgloth Do'mtor, War leader of the L.E.D.---

=LASFS Operative #2=
-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. War Leader-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 03-05-05 11:53 AM EDT (US)     27 / 41  
Your loyalty for those, who have no morale
makes me sad. As I have said before, I say again. Undead
are as hostile enemy to IRON as Elfs are for LED. I cant
stand the Undead force. How couldnt I be scared of those,
who feel no cold in my lands and turn my lands to ashes?
If IRON stands united against Undead, I have no fear,
because they wont stand long in that case. It seems, that
Frostlings and LED cant agree with this thing, and this
will lead to war. Think about it, wise Drow. You will have
the Goodrace-alliance and IRON against you, about 2/3 of
the maps races and kingdoms. Can LED handle that supreme
power? If you give us the Undead and Lizards, then it
would exists anymore 3 Neutral races, know as IRON and 3
evil races, known as LED. Then our alliances could discuss
about aiding eachothers after, and during the war (all in
neutrality mind of course). Its obious, that Humans and
Azracs hate Undeads as mutch as I do, and will fight by my
side, if we fight. Are you ready to danger your main goal
to defending your unloyal and moraless Undead allies?
Wouldnt it be terrible to face Lloths punishment after you
have failed in your goal. Pounder this, wise leader of
after-life hell, just

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-
posted 03-05-05 02:12 PM EDT (US)     28 / 41  
Bearclaw, what is our move?The Orcs and Lizards deal as we speak. If an alliance is made between them, I am in most iminent danger. I seek peace with the Lizards, but it seems they do not. Our first move may be required to remove the Lizards from our land. Removal of them could bring great gain to IRON. But I plead with Rainbowdragon! Denounce the LED and join us, as it should be.
-Dartanyon Dragonbane.

posted 03-05-05 02:30 PM EDT (US)     29 / 41  
"Tye": ..Blazensun.. i don't think the Lizards really want an alliance but only peace with the l.e.d. they seek the undead,highman and elves and he knows i have no querral with him as of now but knows i will aid you if need be.

what he has done to have the anger of Deroman directed at him is between them,that may be softened a little in the future...but we shall see

People follow the light, blinded by just cause, but what has the light brought them? It has only caused me pain, while the darkness embraced me and kept me deep within its shadows away from my pursuers and made them suffer for their crimes against me
Into darkness, into night, amongst the shadows we shall fight!
-/X\( ++ ) /X\-L.E.D.- Hand of Malice-/X\( ++ ) /X\-
posted 03-05-05 02:42 PM EDT (US)     30 / 41  
I find comfort in your words Tye. And for his sake, I hope he only seeks peace with the LED.

And if Deroman takes up arms against the Lizards, will we stand by and watch? I suppose it is the path he has chosen.

Tye, Will you travel north to pursue this war against the Undead? Unfortunately, I fear I will be of little use in this battle. For I am in the South, and they in the North. But I do wish to send that foul race back to where they come from.
-Eriftoh Blazensun

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