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Topic Subject: Dream mods
posted 02-17-21 12:30 PM EDT (US)   
Hello everyone!
After playing with standard rules many times over and about to install my first ruleset mod, I've already come up with several modifications that would change the game significantly without the need to redesign everything to keep it balanced. Maybe some have already been implemented, maybe not, maybe it's impossible, but let's just dream:

Depletable Defense
A good fencer can fend off one opponent for as long as he wants, so I'm OK with the idea of D=10 heroes. Fending off two is also possible if you're really good. Dodging three takes some luck, getting away from four is next to impossible and then it's just slaughter. This could be simulated easily by Defense decreasing every time a unit is attacked: a superhero with def. 10 just laughs at the first attacking swordsman, then drops to 9 for the second one, then has to dodge an arrow and drops to 8, then another swordsman gets him to 7 etc., and in the end, we don't actually need to increase XP costs or put artificial limits on Def. Defense would replenish to full at the beginning of the unit's turn and stay there until the beginning of opponent's turn.

Limited retaliation strikes
Another aspect of fighting large number of foes is that you just can't swing your weapon as fast as all of them combined. So I'd limit the retaliation to three strikes per turn for each unit, maybe four with Extra strike. No more killing whole stacks of attacking swordsmen in one turn! Combined with the depletable defense above, the invincible hero problem is solved without ruining the possibility to have one if the plot needs it.

Limited ammo
How many arrows can an archer carry? 20? 30? Spellcasters can run out of mana, so it would be fair if shooters ran out of shots as well. OK, you never run out of melee attacks, but at least you get bashed back, so it's fair too. The shots would replenish before each fight. Oh, and retreating from combat should cost movement points to limit "attack, shoot, retreat, repeat" tactics (as well as "attack, let opponent cast Terror, retreat, repeat until they run out of mana").

Limited Wall Climbing
Wall Climbing is now just like Pass Wall with different animation. In reality, climbing is much slower; I think it should take a whole turn. The ability could be clickable and only available at the start of turn, like Archery or the like. Clicking it would transport the unit to the other side of the wall it is standing next to (it wouldn't work anywhere else), and end its turn. No more heroes on horseback galloping over city walls, immediately charging archers on the other side!

These are my favourite dreams. What are yours?
posted 03-22-21 05:40 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Depletable Defense is implemented in Dominions 5 and works really well there (as a defense skill harassment penalty).

Brand new mechanics.... a total revamp and expansion of the autocombat system would be great for PBEMs. Like if one side has three swordsmen and the other two, then one of those three swordsmen should be able to attack ranged units/spellcasters, but the other two should be blocked by the other side's surviving swordsmen.
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