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AoW1 Mod Packs
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Topic Subject: Nostalgia Tweaks
posted 05-05-15 04:45 PM EDT (US)   
Before we begin...


I’ve always been in love with strategy games. Risk, Axis & Allies, you name it! I won’t say I was always the Pro, or that I never fell flat on my face, but my love for them has endured great empires and tragic defeats. With the dawning of the age of digital strategy, I no longer had to rely on the availability of others – computer AI became my nemesis. My brothers and I have always shared interests, overlapping to some degree, and where one brother’s interest fell short of the Fantasy elements of AoW, the other became thrilled (he’s the only one of us to have read Lord of the Rings, if that tells you anything).

It became a competition between us to develop the best map – rudimentary as they were – to try to best each other. He was always the better artist, so his typically took on a more creative flare, leaving me far behind. Mine were bland and brutal, lots of blood and little scenery. His took into account the flow of strategy and the plethora of options available to those with eyes to see. And then there was Athendore…

Eventually I found the ability to edit the Mapset.

The oddities and intricacies of the game suddenly became my playthings. I could change so much and bring to life a new level of strategy. My brother and I quickly rearranged the combatants to suit our silly whims, but over time we looked to practicality, logistics, and balance. As we moved through our lives into adulthood and through university and into marriage, we fell from our games. He more than I, for I still can’t get enough of them – for him, they are childish memories best left in the past.

With this in mind, I plan to recreate – and improve – the choicest pieces of our Mod, instilling all that I’ve observed in the multitude of other games I’ve experienced along the way. This is not a Mod for everyone, and I don’t expect to make many fans or curry for their favor. This is my project and I will shamelessly utilize all the products of other AoW fans along the way, and I plan to eventually force it upon my brother for one more rematch.

So, welcome to the Requiem Mod.


(Starting Note – “Level” refers to skill/experience levels, be it a Hero level or a Silver/Gold Medal. “Tier” refers to the Production level of a unit, coinciding with the number of hexes of a city, or the installation rate in Guilds.)

I remember a rather long time ago reading up on a couple of reviews from such staple classics as Age of Empires and Warcraft II – and later Warcraft III. The views of such professional gamers gave me reason to take stock of my own adventures in less mainstream games like Lords of the Realm, Age of Wonders, and perhaps less known Total Annihilation: Kingdoms (another game I edited heavily). The wonder of Age of Wonders is that it sort of combines the two into a turn-based setting. Age of Empires gives you a hearty load of units, all with basic core principles and strategies, while Warcraft II gives you tons of cannon fodder… but it is her later sibling Warcraft III that hits on my points here. They saw that the units in WCII were not likely to survive a couple of fights whereas they took efforts in WCIII to keep units around longer. They effectively slowed the pace of the fighting so that you could get those clear little nuances out of each unit.

Age of Wonders has the same basic layout faction-to-faction as Age of Empires, but I feel it often leaves your frontline forces with the pointless longevity of those Warcraft II grunts. So with that in mind, I’m adding +1 HP to every unit in the game, regardless of its race, role, tier, or cost, or alignment. July 3 2018: A much less blanket addition is now the goal.June 3 2020: I'm now considering a more nuanced +1 HP per Tier, but I haven't so much as looked at the game in 2-ish years. Now, that isn’t to say those parameters won’t dictate other changes, but for starters every unit getting additional HP gives it a little longer to stand in the fight. This gives you more harrowing battles as every punch and kick builds the anticipation of victory or defeat. It also balances the weaker hordes against the immense titans of damage, like Dragons or Heroes.

And, so that they might yet live to fight another day…

Of Abilities & Attributes

We all grow. We all learn. We all get better through practice. This is as it should be, and I’ve always been quite annoyed that the people at Triumph Studios (TS) never felt the same way. A Tier 1 Swordsman who survives to Gold is pretty valuable, and rare. That means he either felled a handful of other swordsmen, more than one mounted warrior, or – good gods – a Giant or somesuch. He might even have carved the heart out of a Hero! Either way, that fellow is a certified badass.

So… why doesn’t this badass have more useful skills? Sure, he’s become an expert swordsman, but a well-rounded warrior knows other tricks of the war-time trade. I used to give all Gold Swordsmen Wall Climbing so as to simulate the ability of grappling hooks to take the Ramparts in a siege. All this seems to do, however, at least for the AI, is putting a valuable killer solo over the walls against all the nasty evil defenders who can pick him off with ease. I eventually diversified a bit, including giving levels of Concealment, avoidance, enchantments (sans actual Spell Casting), and so forth. For example, Dark Elves might keep Wall Climbing as they’re used to scrabbling over rough cavernous terrain, so their light and agile frames can easily find footholds and such. Meanwhile, Lizardmen Archers are rougher, scaly bastards so they might be able to whip an attacker with their tail, either as a Strike or Parry feature. Minimal damage, but still some way of fighting back. These are just a couple of examples, but there’s to be a steady supply of Abilities with continued Experience – hopefully for ALL units, but that might be OP in some cases.

Meanwhile, there’s been plentiful discussion in how to nerf the Uber-Heroes of the Level 25-30 range. Level 5 Spells, 10 Attack, 10 Defense, etc, etc… it all makes a couple of Heroes and whatever nasty baddies they’re travelling with a very, very broken part of the game. Look, I’m all for Heroes and Leaders being awesome ass-kickers, but there’s a question of balance. I should not be able to take a Doom Stack and wipe out 3 other empires in totality. I just did this in one of the later campaigns, when you’re up against Azracs/Lizards/Frostling, shortly before the Valley of Wonders – with 2 level 20 heroes, a Troll, a Warlord, 3 Hell Hounds, and a Doom Priest – all Gold medals. And that’s not even a full group, much less packed out with the bigger, scarier guys. No Tier 4, no Dragons – hell, no flyers at all. And I broke no less than 7 lvl 20 enemy heroes and whole stacks of Tier 3 units with hordes of the other guys. This is ALL TS 1.36, not my Mod.

So how do you address this imbalance? Well, I’ve been trying to find a way to edit the Skill Point value of certain things. It is easy for the Abilities (Spell Casting, Wall Climbing, Archery, etc) – the sort of skills you add to your fellows as they grow, BUT I have yet to find a way to edit the Skill Price for the Attributes (Attack, Defense, Resistance, Damage, Movement, Hit Points). I’d very much like to change those, to double their required skill points. Why double? Because it is still PLENTY for an all-out warrior, and even enough to safeguard a Mage-type hero without breaking them beyond control. July 3 2018: Still very much want to do this.Pretty sure Warlock's Mod changed that, and other things, like Parry. Need to look at that.

Of Magical Ability
So if I am able to and the combat attributes are doubled, what about Spell-Casting? It will require 50 Skill Points. July 3 2018: Thinking 40 points might be more balanced, especially if I can't up the attribute costs at all. That’s 5 levels, yes! Why so much? Because Mages get the shaft in this game, and I mean something awful. But won’t this give them more of a shaft? No, it will require a Hero to DEDICATE him/herself to Magic. Now, before you lose it and say it’s not worth it, I plan to COMPLETELY overhaul the Spells themselves. Right now Spell Casting 1 might get 2 (at most!) combat spells per day. That’s just sad. I could have taken Archery and Marksmanship and had unlimited ranged attacks, at least until I’m dead, or a bunch of Attack and HP. Spell Casting heroes who dedicate themselves to Magic under the 1.36 get a handful of spells, or one big one, and then hope they don’t get creamed by someone with 10 Attack and 10 Damage.

So I plan to make all Combat Spells cheaper, by up to 50% in *most* cases. July 3 2018: Most combat spells, ideally, will be able to be used at least twice per combat. Which will be necessary with tougher units running around.

My goal here is to make it so that Battle Mages are exactly that. You’re level 22-23 before you get Spell Casting 5, which means by that point there are a LOT of stronger units running around, making it a bit more balanced when your Summoned Hordes come along, or your Masteries, or nasty Storms, etc. It also means that a Combat Hero will have to watch himself a bit more around other Mage Heroes. Before, I could just run up and bash the fool in the face a few times, maybe get hit with one spell – or forced the Mage to use his mana against a bunch of useless Swordsmen – and he’s dead. Done is done. Now, with many cheaper spells, and more spells thrown around on the battlefield – a LOT more – then the Mage is far scarier than a single Warrior Hero.

Now do you see why Spell Casting is 50 points a level? Just imagine Chain Lightning going off about 12 times in a single battle…. Yeah, you get the idea. But before we get too bogged down in Magic, let’s switch (to) gears.

We’ve all been there. Beset on all sides by superior forces, both numerical and mythological. How on earth are you supposed to defend the walls against Titans and Cavaliers with just a few measly archers and warriors? Well obviously the goal is to snipe the siege. This is made infinitely harder by the presence of long-range bombardments from catapults, and it’s hard to sally forth when they are defended by ballista. This, to me, sort of ruins the hype of the siege. I mean, yes, it’s tactically preferable to open up a wide avenue for your attacking forces, to avoid chokepoints, blah, blah, blah… but it’s not nearly as fun. Same for when you assemble a firing line of Ballista. Only Dragons or Heroes can storm a two-rank Ballista battery, and they might not even make it.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to be a bastard and force the up-close-and-personal sort of sieges. By removing Ballista and Catapults from the standard Racial line-up. No longer will every race have access to these weapons in their Cities – the only place most will be able to find them is at a Builder’s Guild. July 3 2018: Well, the only place they'll be guaranteed for EVERY race's access. Which makes those locations HIGHLY strategic. Used to, I’d simply rush in and raze it to the ground, mostly to deny the enemy access to a horde of Flamethrowers. Never made sense to me. But now, I’ll do my best to grab that Guild and keep it for myself!

But, wait, what?! Cutting out all the Ballista and Catapults? Why would I be so foolish? How could I be so cruel?

Well, it forces some key changes to strategy (such as holding the Guilds, and not just cities, and less reliance on keeping other races happy), and returns the grit and determination of Wall Crushing sieges over the Hurl Boulder sieges. Let me explain.

Of Battering Things
1) It puts more reliance on Battering Rams for exciting sieges and not simple back-field bombardments. Anyone can sit back and wreck a few portions of wall. That's not fun. Especially as the AI is silly and stupid, for when the walls come down, they'll run out from behind the relative safety of the rest of the walls. Forcing attacks on the Walls up close with Rams will give the defending AI a better chance to NOT throw away potential victory by charging the guns, so to speak. July 3 2018: I mean, it will reduce the likelihood, but that AI is still stupid.

Not only does removing the City access to these siege weapons keep the AI from killing itself, but it leaves the RACIAL prowess of certain races intact - like the Dwarves with their cannons or the Lizardmen Turtles.

2) It also opens up to two additional slots for RACE-specific units. Some of the replacements will give different strategic/tactical options for the player. This Race-specific nature also forces players to be a little more attuned to Diplomacy,June 3 2020: I know the Diplomacy system is infantile, but still. as their lacking of some siege units will force them to rethink that Occupation/Migration... That means one less army out in the field raging, but you'll get what you need eventually, whether it be a happy populace or a couple of siege units from another race – ya know, before you Emigrate them.

(Indeed, if I can figure out how, the Race Relations will get a nice overhaul, too, because in most mythologies Dwarves and Elves are NOT the bestest of friends… among other things. We’ll get to this if I am able to crack the code, but there’s no point in harping on it now.)

In short, it brings another dynamic to balance during your conquests.

Now, with more reliance on the Battering Ram, a few Stat changes are needed. Now that the ram is a later-game requirement, the Ram will get a couple more hitpoints or added defense as they'll now see more action. I think probably +2 HP. Or in the case of the Dwarves, they'll get the Drill, now Tier 1, because... well, it's a drill – not, say, a Cannon. (I'd also considered making the Drill the Tier 1 siege for the Goblins and Dark Elves, seeing as they're both underground races as well, but am unsure here. Seems to me the tech bonus of a drill should be Dwarven alone, but then the other races aren't inherently stupid or oblivious to the needs of their environment... so maybe a Dwarven version that's just stronger? I don't know, but I digress.)

But it's not just siege, is it? What do you do when confronted with a super Hero or swarm of dragons? Hell's Teeth, man, you shoot them down with a battery of Ballistas, right?!

Only if you've thought ahead and grabbed a Builder's Guild. Or if you're lucky enough to be able to field the Orc Shredder Bolt or some such. Again, this is Racially motivated, otherwise you'll see the same basic, stagnant tactics. Just my opinion, of course. So let’s talk specifics.July 3 2018: Really, I'm curious what a doomstack of Heroes and Dragons is going to do in the Rebalance. Only one way to find out!

Of Factories & Guilds
As stated, I’ve never had a terribly high opinion of the Builder’s Guild. To me, it is merely another source of income – or an annoying distraction for the AI. Why sit and build so many Flamethrowers that take so long when you could be using that gold and time for so much better?! Well, that’s the point here.

The Drill is really nothing but a Tunneling Battering Ram – and Tunneling isn’t usually a make-or-break skill. That’s it, that’s all it is. As such it is now Tier 1, and all other stats remain roughly the same. Note that this is NOT the aforementioned Dwarf Drill – that particular Drill is more inherently armored, to represent the Dwarven technological initiative. This (regular) Drill is merely a minor improvement over the Battering Ram. At Tier 1 it will allow for a forward army without siege weapons the opportunity to take a Guild and produce said siege equipment, as Guilds cannot be fortified. July 3 2018: Essentially, what I've always sort of wanted to see, were these forward siege camps where an army could create the weapons they need in the field.

The Builder will remain, but given it's ability to literally build roads and recreate sundered cities, it is now Tier 3. Why? To ensure it is taken seriously for its value, and it is guarded and worth its time and effort. It's essentially a mobile city, so it ought be a large investment on its own. This also makes it a valuable target for your enemy, being perhaps the most expensive noncombatant unit in the game.

The Drill will still be at the Builder's Guild, maybe the same dumbed-down version the Gobbos and D.Elves get? Regardless, it must be made available to other races, as Tunneling may be required.

The Flamethrower I think could stay or be reassigned to the Dwarves. Not sure, it is a machine after all, and if the Drill machine is available to others, no reason the Flamethrower couldn't be. July 4 2018: By this point all machines will have a racial version for what I had previously planned.

But this brings me back to the problem at hand of those two machines - the Catapult and the Ballista.

The Builder's Guild only has room for 4 slots. I could put both units here, but that means replacing one of the other three. The Builder is a must, as is the Drill. The Flamethrower is not, however, as it is merely a small AoE unit. This is why I think it would serve well with the Dwarves alone, which would fix nicely supplementing their Cannon. The Cannon is both siege (like the Catapult) and ranged damage (like the Ballista). So giving them a slightly altered strategy of the AoE Flamer makes sense, and frees up the room for the two units needed at the Guild.

Thus the Ballista and Catapult round out the Builder’s Guild line-up:
Drill (1), Ballista (2), Catapult (2), Builder (3).
There are NO Tier 4 machines at this Guild. There might be other guilds, however that remains to be seen at this juncture. July 4 2018: I have since kind of decided that the racial siege will scattered over T2 and T3, so it might be that the Guild Siege is a different Tier than their racial counterparts.

Of Ships and Transport
While we're on machines, Ships are machines, no? Each successive ship gets bigger and scarier ought to be more than just bigger and scarier, in my opinion. As it is, you’re in for the same bland tactics as mentioned above, so I want to shuffle some things – and probably add a secondary Shipyard for more diverse options. [July 4 2018: Really don't want more guilds, honestly, or any sort.

1) Transports should be like Builders in my opinion – unarmed and in need of protection. But why would I keep to the Transports when all the other ships can fight and transport troops all the same? Because the Transport is now going to be the ONLY ship with Transport Capacity more than 2. Yep, you read that correctly. With just 2 slots, it makes the other ships far less effective at naval transit, and more designed to do the fighting and protecting, leaving the Transport’s 7 slots more desirable and a much protected unit later game. As a transport, it is neither tough nor agile, so nothing changes there.

2) Dragon Ship is, well, sort of pathetic. A Dragon Ship is meant to be a small, fast craft with the purpose of raiding. Whether it be raiding shipping or raiding shorelines, the Dragon ship isn’t a brawler and doesn’t carry heavy weapons. So no Javelin for this ship, she’ll have to make do with Archery + Marksmanship. They’ll have to get in close before they can harass the enemy, but they have excellent speed. Not a viable transport, it has only 2 transport capacity.

3) Galley loses Javelin as well. A Galley utilizes oarsmen far more than sailpower, theoretically anyway. In Ancient Days, they carried capped rams on their bow to smash the hulls of their targets. Now, the graphics on the ships in Age of Wonders are all sporting some sort of prow and oars, but I feel this one is best suited. Not too heavily armed, but can take some abuse while it smashes enemy planks. No javelin, but Strike + Charge, and enough damage to make it worthwhile… if a little slow. July 4 2018: A trireme, essentially, or something of the like. Should keep archery since it's losing ballista. June 3 2020: Flamethrowing... some range for aerial defense.

4) Galleon is the penultimate surface ship, and as such actually stays largely the same. It keeps the armor, HP, and yes, it is the sole warship with a Javelin. Why? Because that's what makes it special... Expensive, quicker than all others at the Shipyard – save the lightning quick Dragon ship – and carries a long range punching power with Javelin + Marksman.

But there are so, so many ways to engage in war on the waves, it can all get a bit… chaotic. Other variants might include: July 4 2018: Probably just going to nix the rest of the naval stuff. It's unneeded clutter.
June 3 2020: Thusly nixed.
A) Cannon Galleon is exactly what it sounds like. A Cannon instead of a Ballista. To set it apart, it’d be more expensive, slower, but with more Marksmanship to start with so you can really blow the enemy out of the water.

B) Fireship with Flamethrowing to simulate Greek Fire, basically a Galley, but with the short ranged attack. Marksman to make it worthwhile against mega-HP warships. No transport capacity either, because who wants to be onboard with all the combustables?!

C) Submersibles could potentially force a more thorough overhaul of the naval strategy as it currently exists in-game. We’d have to try it out first, if I can find the appropriate Sprite and set of skills. Underwater Concealment is a MUST, but that also means a lower movement, lower HP… and would it be Ranged like the Ballista or Melee like at ramming speed? Or could it be something along the lines of a chap popping out of a hatch with a musket? Hmm…

D) Demolition Ship... except the Self Destruct skill doesn't do enough boom for its buck when we're talking the couple dozen HP of warships and the likelihood of 1v1 naval battles. Which brings me to another point…

Ever notice how the most ships you ever see in a single battle is, I don’t know, maybe 4? Most naval encounters are 1v1. And that’s boring. The reason for this is because units with Transport Capacity CANNOT STACK with other units with Transport Capacity. Imagine a Transport ship carrying around a flotilla of Galleons. It just doesn’t work that way. Same reason Air Galleys can’t stack. This is the primary reason that the only ships with transport capacity in this Mod are the Transport itself and the raid-designed Dragon Ship.

With the ability for warships to stack with one another, and a drop in price and Tier – thus production time – it is my fervent hope that we’ll see sizable naval battles alongside the typically large land battles. Think: cheaper ships and faster production means more action on the waves, and this might make some of those water maps more exciting. It also means Lizardmen will now have their hands full with warmachines to counter them at sea.

So assuming a couple of things – such as a secondary naval factory, and the submersible and such, here’s the vision:
Shipyard: Transport (1), DragonShip (1), Galley (2), Galleon (2) [June 3 2020: Galleon now also a Tier 2 unit.
Foundry: Demolition Ship (1), Fireship (1), Submersible (2), Cannon Galleon (3) June 3 2020: Again, Nixed.

Again, there are NO Tier 4 ships yet. They simply take forever to make. I’m not a fan. Though I’m going to have to test some of the ships at the Foundry to see if they need to be pushed up a level, thus Fireship might be 2, Sub 3, and Cannon 4. But we’ll see. Might toss in an Ironclad just for giggles.

*All Machines 8 HP Minimum.* July 4 2018: Or not.

With the Naval Digression of Machines over, we can get back to the Racial aspect I was initially on about. The premise here, if you remember, was removing the standard slot Catapults and Ballista from every Race, thereby opening up additional options for Race-based units. A reimagining, if you will, of how these Races could have (should have?) functioned in the first place.

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posted 05-09-15 11:00 PM EDT (US)     1 / 25  
========== GOOD ALIGNMENT ==========

All Elf Racial Units +1 Attack, +2 Move, -1 HP, Concealment (S), +Vision (G). July 4 2018: Now this, I recall, was something I had considered implementing. Race to Race, each with an additional collective boost. I might need to revisit this. Not implementing now, anyway.

Besides the Halflings, you should expect the Elves to be the least likely of all the races to go to war. Trade immortality for worldly riches and honors? No thanks! But if they must war, they want to keep their does off balance and at arm's length. So more maneuverability, more ranged options, and slightly more resistances help offset their physical frailty.

June 3 2020: I also really never liked this idea that all Elves are the same. Are the Elves of Lothlorien the same as everyone else? Why are Elves always so high class, and none of the eco-terrorist 'savages' that could be so much more fun? Therefore, I'm gonna lean a bit harder on the Wild Elf side of things this go-round.

Bladewarden: (Swordsman) Fairly unchanged. He will receive additional goodies as he levels up, perhaps Extra Strike at Silver, Wall Climbing at Gold (see grappling hook), possibly more. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.
Glade Guard: (Archer) Already a tip-top marksman, this fellow doesn't need much in the way of improvement or change. Like with other Elves, gonna get that +2 movement to help with the Forestry maneuverability. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.
Ironsap Dryad : Replacement for the Battering Ram. He's essentially a Nature Elemental lite; a wall-crushing Ent, durable enough to serve as T2 primary siege as well. New gfx needed. June 3 2020: This guy might have the potential to be to the Elves what the Elephant was to the Azracs. We'll see.
Water Nymph: What makes a boring buxom lass more fun? Toss her in the water. Add Swimming, Charm at Silver, Dominate at Gold, and suddenly she's not nearly as useless. Add in a little magic strike or something of that nature, and she's suddenly very versatile. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.

Greenweaver Druid: (Cleric) Because why the hell is a crazed old wizard in the woods a druid, but the elves have merely a cleric? He'll be picking up some Entangle Strike or the like as he levels. Nature's Bounty, and all that. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.
Deepwood Scout: Faster, faster! Gains archery at higher levels. Slightly weaker than other cavalry, however. But TRUE SIGHT, Bitch! June 3 2020: Do we have an alternate, more forest-appropriate mount? Probly not. Shame. No gfx change
Gnarlroot Sentinel : The Elves are fragile things, true, so why do they not utilize heavy armor and m*therf*cking polearms?! Heavy Elf infantry with reach, albeit a little slower as a result. New gfx needed. Just Elf swordsman w/ Human Pikeman spear, really. June 3 2020: Name? The thinking is the tough and gnarled roots of old trees can withstand great punishment and keep on holding the line; thus these heavy infantry are the roots of the army when they stand their ground.

Bramblethorn Ballista: A light (weaker) Ballista that can be trekked through the woods somewhat more quickly than other models (forestry). New gfx needed? Thinking all racial siege should have a unique color shade... June 3 2020: Updated.
Skyshroud Fairy: Weaker, but more able to elude direct combat, more magical & healing options, including magic bolts at Gold, making it a serious threat that should focus on support/evasion. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.
Gloomstalk Ranger: More or less the same Ranger we all know and love, except with a few extra tricks up his sleeve. Still not a 'standing toe-to-toe' kind of warrior, but solid support for the developing armies. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.
Brightvale Unicorn: Also gets Magic Bolt at Gold to assist in the continued shoot-y Elf style, but also - to tap that magical elvish bond - some dispel magic and cleric type things. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.

Nature Elemental: Essentially the same. Picks up Swimming because trees can float and shit, so it can afford to get around a bit more - possibly with Ranger/Fairy support to make a reasonable raiding strike force. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.

June 3 2020: Now, I could be wrong... like, really wrong, but my thinking in rebalancing/reflavoring this faction was simple: Stick and move. Embrace the guerrilla lifestyle of an Ancient People, long past their prime, whom would much rather live in obscurity for eternity than risk that immortality. They fight when they must, and preferably from their Forest Homes. Thus they all have forestry, they've adapted their combat accordingly (see Dryad rather than siege ram), and they can move quicker than any other force, en masse, through those forests. If I could give them a defensive/morale bonus in the forest, I would, or make their particular forestry cost 1 less movement per hex. Anything to boost their forest abilities. In general, though, they'll have their core archer armies with a few more stalwart options, with a focus on movement, delay, and distraction.


Let's be real, the Dwarves are a contentious and arrogant lot, always ready to throw down, and with the stout hearts and iron constitutions to do it. As a result, they are one of the tougher races, and this will now be reflected in their army line-up. I am not sure yet if that means more defense or more HP than their counterparts, but it's going to be one or the other. June 3 2020: Probly more HP, because upping the Defense would probly break them.

Warrior: (Axeman) Just your standard brusier, nothing to see here. Wall climbing at gold; maybe Parry at Silver because axes are versatile like that. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.
Quarreller : (Archer) I'm going to see if I can't adjust the gfx for a crossbow. Dwarf arms being short and whatnot. If it's too much headache, I can ignore the thematic fail. New gfx needed. June 3 2020: Updated.
Deepmine Drill : Why, oh why, were Dwarves - Lords of the Undermountain?! - pushing around wooden battering rams? Nah, this baby is a freaking tank, because Dwarves are basically masters of siege warfare by sheer virtue of living underground in veritable fortress tunnels. New gfx needed. Racial unit coloring June 3 2020: Updated.
Berserker: I might move this guy to Tier 2, and leave the Tier 1 your run-of-the-mill fellows. Either way, this guy will be faster and scarier. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.

Runesmith: (Cleric) Lighting Crackles and Snaps as this guy is just as likely to beat you down as cast magic at you. Can still magic-bolt folks, but can also lightning bolt folks and is probably the most durable cleric-type out there.June 3 2020: Updated.
Longbeard Tusker: (Boar Rider) I'd considered seeing if I could change the mount... goat, bear, whatever, but nah. This guy is fine as he is. Not the most robust cavalry (doesn't get Charge until Silver), but gives the Dwarves some mobility. Less CAVALRY! And more Mobile Infantry sort of guy up front.June 3 2020: Updated.
Irondrake: (Flamethrower) Essentially a flamethrowing tank, with more armor than your usual flamethrower so it can stand a bit more combat than the original.New gfx needed. Racial unit coloringJune 3 2020: Updated... I may not bother with a new gfx, and might simply make the Flamethrower available only to the Dwarves which would negate a need for a second, unique gfx.

Tier 3
Bombadier: Good old Dwarf cannon (w/ Marksman). June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.
Hill Giant: Slightly less damage output, but more HP, and wall-crushing instead of hurl boulder (though he gets it at higher levels), meant to be your heavy shock trooper. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.
Ironbreaker Mole: Same old, same old. June 3 2020: Updated. No gfx change.
Thunderer : The Dwarf's (rightful) predecessor to the Human Musketeer, supplementing the Giant's lack of immediate hurl boulder, and good fire support for the Bombadier New gfx needed. Dwarf Archer w/ Human Musket June 3 2020: Updated.

First Born: Hmm. I've never liked this fellow, thematically speaking. I'm not sure what else I might put in a Dwarf's Tier 4, however... June 3 2020: Updated.


Oh, don't forget the littler guys.

June 3 2020: Oh my!

The Halflings are the least likely of all the races to go to war. It sort of goes against their whole raison d'être. They avoid war, adventure, and generally the most violence they see is mischief in stealing the neighbor's hogs for a prank.

But they are much more community minded than most of the others, I think, so it is with zeal if not happiness that they will March tok war to the betterment of their kith and kin. Thus they have this theme of being unprofessional, but willing to jump to if need be. And as a result, they have beastly allies that share in that symbiotic relationship.

Tier 1

Militia: Unchanged.
Slinger: Unchanged.
Ram: Halflings really charge a gate with a battering ram? Would it be the same size and effectiveness as everyone else?
Watchman: Unchanged.

Tier 2 - almost every race will lose their standard T2 siege equipment, and the Halflings are by far the main one that abuses ballista in the 1.36 version.

Priestess: (Cleric) All female to stand them apart a bit from all other races, since they would need all their fighting men in the militia, ya know, with Halflings culturally not really maintaining a standing army.
Valesong Satyr: A little bit stronger than before, with Charge and Dominate as he levels up.
Gnomish Engineers: This funky thing resembles a ram with attachments, and it levels curiously; with no medal they have wall crushing and fire musket, silver gets hurl Boulder, and gold finally gets fire ballista.. New gfx needed. Need to check Laurentius' units?
Gnomish Balloon: More gnomes?! Yeah, remember the Halflings are cosmopolitan with other races. This is merely the Dwarves Balloon, granting the smaller, weaker surface-dwelling Halflings more escape options.

Tier 3

Lightfoot Rogue: - sneakier and deadlier, but also more fragile. Can lay down some serious damage, but a misstep and he's toast.
Skysentry Eagle Rider: - (eagle rider) mostly unchanged
Wildwood Centaur: - brings some staying power, for sure, as well as good balanced damage and support; still can't stand up to folks like the Orc Warlord.

Tier 4 - the end
Leprechaun - perhaps one of the most boring T4 units in the game, I'm unsure how to give him more pizzazz and more purpose. The AI almost never builds them in my experience, and it's easy to see why. Hmm...

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========== NEUTRAL ==========

Religious fanatics and rabidly offensive in war - or at least, that's the description they get in the background, but this race never really spoke to me in religious terms other than having the avatar of their god. That's about it, and honestly even it seemed a little bit strange without knowing some of their backstory. So I've done a little bit of rebalancing - but mostly renaming - for their 'flavor' as well as changing things up a bit to reflect their style of combat.

Tier 1 - I want to see the all-out offensive starting at T1, and I'd really like to see something besides the Elephant Zerg.

Dervish - see, slightly more religious-sounding name, this guy will get Round Attack at Silver for the 'whirling' nature I have in mind. Otherwise keeps the high attack, low defense, slightly adjusted. Also considered giving him CHARGE instead of Round Attack, again for the rapid advance nature of the Azracs. Thoughts?
Skirmisher - (possibly) the only archer with strike starting out, to give the Azracs that all-attack option up front, obviously weak attack, weak defense, but just something to defend himself.
Elephant - need to nerf this guy a tad, but unsure how other than maybe dropping his defense by 1 (he is not armored, after all, and has merely a leathery flesh). That might be my answer...
Scorpion - right, so this guy gets a decent buff early with an Extra Attack, and even Wall Climbing and Concealment as he levels.

Tier 2 - In the desert, you must rely on speed, so your siege is bound to suffer... unless you can - through the blessings of Yaka - gather the beasts of the field to serve you!

High Priest - because these folks are the servants of Yaka the Fire God, they get Call Flames in addition to their other abilities; not sure yet if it will be a Silver skill or not
Firehoof Fanatic - the standard Azrac cavalry, and because of their nature of high speed and maneuverability, they are the fastest cavalry in the game... and they get ignition at Silver (because spreading God's will), and Archery at Gold (because it just makes sense)
Sandworm - somewhat faster, more concealed, and with some bonus bits like Wall Crushing, at Firebreathing as he levels up

Tier 3 - now we're talking! with the previous changes, I hope to see a more diverse army composition, but it's still all heavy attack and low defense, so at T3 we start to see a bit more balance.

Camel Guard - this may or may not come to pass depending on how the gfx goes, but my thoughts here were a slightly slower cavalry with more punching power; it just seems to me the Azracs fall short of speed - unless you go Elephant Zerg - and Fearless. I wonder... is there a way to make a humanoid unit un-convertable?
OR I could pull in the Mummy. It still makes sense as a temple guardian sort of religious figure, with some punching power up close and personal, but lacks maneuver, BUT does bring some resistances...

Beholder - also slightly faster to see it fielded more, with some other changed stats, but it also gets Dominate, because that makes more sense than Yaka Avatar having it, honestly. Because if you don't know D&D, Beholders are all creepy inside your head.
Djinn - more or less unchanged, because I feel they were pretty well balanced originally
Thunderbird Roc - right, so this guy actually has ZERO attack - take that Azracs! - but he's got some considerable protections, HP, and lightning immunity (because flavor), and a massive transport capacity. This will add more speed and maneuverability to the Azracs without breaking their meta by giving them a combatant flying unit - why need one when you can field the Beholder and Djinn in close support of the Roc? Also *may* or may not come to pass, but it would essentially be an enlarged Great Eagle...

Tier 4 - Ah, yes, the God on Earth. Also seriously tough and well-balanced in my opinion.

Yaka Avatar - So this guy needs more Fire in his life, right? So nix the Magic Bolts, give him Call Flames and Fire Strike and Ignition. That gives more flavor, right? I get the idea, somewhat, of giving this literal God-Being Dominate over puny Mortals, so maybe at Gold? He just seems overly tough otherwise...

The Frostlings, due to their small stature and poor resources in the frozen north to support a massive population, are by nature raiders and (somewhat) scavengers. To this end, they must rely on the creatures more native to the climate to bolster their forces, and strike with precision rather than a flood (more beasts/creatures than other races). Toughened by the elements, they outstrip their Goblin kin in one-on-one battle prowess, but lack comparable numbers.

Tier 1 - so somewhat tougher, more resistant units, but also more expensive in comparison to some other races; also pick up some speed, despite their stature, to suit their style.

Raider - your standard infantry unit, but with the blessings of the White Witches, their blades are imbued with Cold Strike at Gold
Hunter - gaining experience in the wilds, they get Strike at Silver, and can harness Frost Bolts at Gold
Ram Same old, same old, because there will always be need for siege.
Not A Freaking Penguin I'm so far unsure what to put here. I'm considering the following:
**Corsair - a swimming Raider variant... thing, because it seems to me that the Frostling raiding style would include viking sorts, not merely overland guys; slightly adjusted gfx
**Mistborn Merfolk - drawn from the hotsprings of the north, another swimming melee option; as much for flavor as a bit of diversity in how the infantry is fielded; would need a gfx like this one; Frostbone Naga:

**Werewolf/Wulvar Ravager - the Werewolf gfx for a *rough* Pony Rider equivalent, but with Regenerate as he levels for continued raiding/ravaging; but I fear that might be too strong at T1. So...
**Direwolf Marauder - the Wolf Rider of T2, also somewhat dumbed down to be a *Pony Rider sort.

Tier 2 -

Shaman your Frost priest right here!
Direwolf Marauder - the wolf rider guy, fairly unchanged (unless he get bumped to T1)
Mammoth If the Marauder gets dropped down, we'd need the speed of a mounted unit at T2 with more durability - and wall crushing option! *MAY* go for T3, in which case Yeti will come down to T2. New gfx needed.
Harpoon Frostling version of the Ballista, which can be pulled through the snow/terrain faster than most New gfx needed?

Tier 3 -

White Witch - somewhat buffed to be more durable/useful, plus Healing! because obviously she can harness nature and such.
Nordic Glow - same lovable ball of badass
Yeti - considering "Hungering" Yeti, and giving him Life Stealing... otherwise the same-ish.

Tier 4 - even with the Nordic Glow, the Frostlings need more options to tackle the biggest baddies abroad.

Frostwyrm - more or less the same, if a little bit toughed; also considering Dragon Slaying to give him a better chance against the Gold & Black Dragons which currently wreck this guy.

The rulestick by which other races are measured, sort of. I'm torn, a little, on where to put their siege. Thinking I'll keep them at T2 (or might test at T3) because the Humans are a contentious lot prone to war.

Tier 1 - your stock warriors, with pretty standard tactics and no real flexibility options or beasts to call upon.

Man-at-Arms - standard swordsman
Longbowman - standard archer
Ram - standard ram
Pikeman - first-strike swordsman, basically

Tier 2 - more standardization

Wizard - standard priesty guy
Mounted Squire - standard cavalry guy
Musketeer - replacing the Ballista
Catapult - standard catapult

Tier 3 - slightly more diversity... maybe

Cavalier - standard heavy cav, probably best T3 cavalry around, pound for pound, something the Humans finally get right and best
Ballista - standard Ballista option
...Charlatan? - the Humans need a magical option at T3, but the Charlatan - if he stays - needs more... just MORE, ya know? Wall Climbing and Dominate at some point, maybe something else besides. True Seeing, because a scoundrel knows where to look and can see through disguises?

Tier 4 - No flyers or floaters leaves the Humans entirely reliant upon their T4 for flight

Air Galley - very little changed, really. Might rethink his balance a bit, with some testing.

The description of the [Lizardmen] informs that they are rather weak and rely on numbers. This, I think, is fair for the Neutral Races, because the Azracs are potent attackers all around with weak defense, the Frostlings more costly, but very deadly precision, and the Humans your catch-all balance.

Tier 1 - weaker, cheaper, let's do this! NO RAM at T1, and not *sustainable* siege means they are at an early disadvantage and must utilize early attacks in rapid numbers to snipe towns with no walls... or resort to throwing Slugs at under-defended towns.

Bladescale - cheap, standard swordsman; swimming means less armor, thus weaker
Bowbrave - cheap, standard archer; swimming means less armor, thus weaker
Leech Slug - now, this guy sucked, so I've giving him swimming, wall climbing, AND Life Stealing to give him a little more survivability
Will o'Wisp - this curious little ball of energy is native to the swamps and rivers the Saurians call home, and have formed relationship whereby the Saurians cultivate new Wisps through their rituals. The Wisp has NO attack, hovers over the ground at a quick pace, is able to pass on some of their natural energies through HEALING (at Silver, so you'll need an Arena to level them) and can force themselves to Self Destruct and potentially take down fortifications and enemy formations. This critter is the only floating unit other than the T3 Wyvern, so it can frustrate opponents by traversing mountains and water alike, but can't stand up to any real punishment. (Also, it's the only Floating Creature with a Siege* type action, so they can actually capture unoccupied cities - which I've always found odd; a Goblin Bomber has to blow themselves up to remove walls, but if the town in unoccupied, they can simply capture it as if the walls weren't there and their sacrifice wasn't needed... therefore a floating siege option might be too strong; we'll have to test and see.)

Tier 2 - So T1 sucks and has little way to take an enemy town, so the Saurians MUST have their Turtle Siege at T2 to stand a chance, backed by your standard healers and cavalry type.

Elder - same rubric as the rest of the Saurians
Boghopper - ditto; not much to report here
Turtle Catapult - swimming siege, always good
Turtle Ballista - swimming siege, both Turtles will have a bit more armor than other siege, both for their natural armor, and because they're slower and need it!

Tier 3 - only at T3 do the Saurians get more dynamic, tougher options to crack the enemy's defenses.

Salamander - a bit more attack, and speedier with Cave Crawling because they're supposed to be the underground bulwark for the Saurians
Lurker - REALLY considering changing this guy out for the *King unit with the hidden gfx, or giving him something special other than underwater concealment and a slow-ass movement
Wyvern - your standard wyvern, but with a bit more bit; this guy's 4 attack, 4 defense leaves him vulnerable to other flyers. Also Dragon Slaying because he needs it.

Tier 4 - big, burly, swimming, ranged... All this guy is missing is Wall Crushing.

Basilisk - so he gets Wall Crushing, among a few minor changes.

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========== EVIL ==========

Are in many ways meant to be the antithesis of the Elves, or rather, to mirror them in many ways. Frailty, speed, magical prowess, things of that nature. I'll try to keep that in mind, and tap into the more evil, wrathful nature of the Drow, without necessarily breaking with tradition.

Tier 1 - the low-level Elves are still the relatively frail creatures of their surface-dwelling kinsman, but in their exile, they have become much more attuned to raw, arcane magic.

Bleaksword - your standard footman, but as he levels his blade crackles with magical energies; magic strike at Gold
Night Guard - considering magical bolts at Gold... unsure yet
Ram - standard; unfortunately the Dark Elves have relied on their magic and creatures rather than brute battering strength for siege combats
Witch Elf - a twisted soul turned and enslaved by their foul rituals; never liked that this registered as a 'creature' and the name just bugged me, so I've altered the thematic feel to just a Drow female who has gone over completely to both madness and the seduction of magic; enjoys magical resistances, and gains Charm at Silver, and Dominate at Gold

Tier 2 - T1 is standard, T2 changes very little, but you begin to see more of the darker magics in use by the Dark Elves. From this point you'll see an increased infusion of magical elements, moreso than any other race.

Warlock - standard sort, but with wider options lightning strike, magic strike, lightning bolts, and magical bolts
Dreadspear Hussar - Serious attack, seriously no sturdy defense, but that Death Strike lance is something to watch out for
Shadow - A slightly dumbed-down version, still provides a semi-siege type unit to accompany rams for breakthroughs, and is sturdy enough to take group up and take lightly-defended towns on their own; might get a magical attack of some sort as he levels
Reaper Bolt - the Shredder Bolt, Dark Elf style, with better Marksmanship

Tier 3 - continuing the magical power and increasing speed and ferocity of the Dark Elf vs Elf counter theme.

Executioner - largely the same as before, maybe with magic protection or somesuch thrown in
Spider Queen - ditto, but with the same Seduce-Charm-Dominate progression as other female seducers
Harpy - new unit, a more aggressive flying counter to the Elf Fairy's mobile concealed harassment, I've got a new gfx I need to convert over; considering the same Secude progression as above, making the Dark Elves the converting powerhouse - all attributable to some fell magics, of course - and the fact the Drow are traditionally a matriarchal race. Gfx needs to be smoothed for the AoW artistic style.

Tier 4 - not a thing wrong with bringing the darkest dark thing in the darkest existence into being; Drow Shadow Magic at its best, and nicely supplements those conversion options above

Incarnate - more or less the same creature as before, because this guy does *not* need any buffing

These folks give the true meaning to the term "horde" - with ultra-cheap weak units, these guys can hopefully flood the map to give their enemy plentiful problems, stretching them thin so the more powerful Goblin units can find the cracks in the enemy armor.

Tier 1 - Cheap. Dirt Cheap. Hell, maybe even free, these guys are your cheap throw-aways that, in concentrated numbers, are going to bleed the enemy's resources.

Slavespear - your standard weak spearman
Dartrunner - your standard weak darter
Rocksled Ram - not quite as amazing as the Dwarf Drill, but this thing at least gets Cave Crawling
Kaboomist - the Bomber by another name, gets Strike (hey, he can still kick, right?)

Tier 2 - Time to embrace the stinking pit that is the Goblin warrens! Took inspiration from Warhammer's Skaven.

Plaguemonk - These guys get poison strike as a matter of course
Warg Rider - little changed, poison strike as he levels
Censer Bearer - a modified version of the Bomber, this guy sprays poison gas
Rabble Rig - this "warwagon" the Goblin answer to the Halfling/Gnomish Engineers, poison darts, and siege options, what it lacks in durability, it makes up for in cheapness

Tier 3 - without bulkier brutes to back them up, the T1 and T2 units will be scythed through somewhat easily if they come up against equivalent forces (though who knows, ingenuity often beats strength), so the Goblins recruit some beasties to help.

Cave Troll - now with cave crawling, because it just makes sense
Wyvern Diver - about the same as before
Bog Beetle - now with swimming, but a bit slower

Tier 4 - because speed and terror

Karagh - relatively unchanged

What the Goblins lack in strength, the Orcs generally lack in numbers. This is why the two form such a nice cooperative... if they can keep it together. Powerful siege options, and enough capable auxiliaries to fill the gaps, the Orcs are all too willing servants to the malicious Red Dragons that they follow/that enslave them to wreak havoc upon the world.

Tier 1 - expensive units, but damned good ones on the main.

Grunt - a sort of blend between the tough Dwarf and highly aggressive Azrac, the Orc brings the pain
Bowman - but their bowmen lack grace and don't get additional Marksmanship until Gold
Siege Ram - but their siege equipment is tops!
Kobold - now with wall climbing at Silver, these little guys have a purpose/use

Tier 2 - more shooty options at T2, they are still largely reliant upon their heavy melee infantry at T1 and T3 to keep them moving forward.

Witch Doctor - might toss Bloodlust or something at him to make it him stand out as the spirit-sensitive shaman type
Black Knight - a little bit tougher cavalry option than most
Assassin - slightly dumbed down, the Orcs would look down on the Assassin class as being shameful rejects who couldn't hack it as true warriors, but it does give a *little* versatility to the Orc ranks
Shredder Bolt - about the same as before

Tier 3 - So the goal with the Orcs is to *mostly* strip them of finesse and really focus on their brute strength, but I don't want to completely handicap them. But I typically think of the Orcs as having a tribal hierarchy, and that traditionally means some form of spiritual leader beneath the top-ranked warrior (in this case beneath/alongside the Warlord).

Warlord - same old badass, gets Leadership at Gold
Onager - the racial version for the Orcs, which has Marksman and additional armor, but is slower
...? - Taking a page from the Warcraft playbook, there's an option for a Spirit Walker type guy. If I could, maybe give the Orcs a floating light caster sort, that could serve to fill the gap here where the Doom Bat just made no damn sense. So Floating, some resistances/immunities, and maybe a short ranged attack like Black Breath.

Tier 4 - greedy and aggressive, the Red Dragon needs no introduction

Red Dragon - really brings the crowning best to the Orcs, for without this guy they can quickly find themselves outmaneuvered if they're not careful; this guy needs to be a blend of what the Gold & Black Dragons are.

In some ways, the Undead are similar to all of the other evil races combined - flexible, relatively cheap, and they represent an inexorable advance of destruction against all comers. When you think you've beaten them, their Regeneration allows them to just steamroll ahead.

Tier 1 - I never liked the idea of skeletons having the same durability as their living counterparts on top of the same defenses and regeneration to boot. Thus they are weaker, and somewhat cheaper than before, but still have their Undead-ness to fall back on.

Grave Guard - reduced HP, but otherwise about the same
Archer - ditto
Bone Ram - no need to fix this guy
Hell Hound - solid option at T1, no changes really

Tier 2 - because of their regenerational longevity, the Undead need to take no real pains on keeping the enemy at distance, so they've got no ballista and instead field a little flyer to harass and skirmish in the form of the Doom Bat.

Acolyte - same old Dominating priest as before
Death Knight - this fella may pick up Death Strike at Gold; undecided
Skull Thrower - same old same old
Doom Bat - somewhat reduced to be T2, otherwise the same

Tier 3 - at T3, the Undead durability begins to pick up as their heavy-hitters come online, giving solid backbone to their otherwise unimpressive ranks

Bone Horror - this guy has long been a favorite of mine, and I see no reason to change him
Demon - somewhat nerfed like its Valkyrie counterpart
Wraith - a *little* bit stronger than before since I suspect there will be more magical potent folks around in this mod

Tier 4 - the Angel of Death, the only thing this guy is really lacking is Flying...

Reaper - which he is not getting; a little more sinister than before, but largely unchanged

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posted 05-16-15 03:50 PM EDT (US)     4 / 25  
i want to play this mod :P sounds great! dont you have it anymore? are you remaking it?
posted 05-16-15 06:56 PM EDT (US)     5 / 25  
Remaking and retesting. It's been so long, I don't recall what all was included. It was on a laptop that, well, imploded. Before that was another version on a desktop at my parents' house. That was half a lifetime ago.

But I'll get to that.

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posted 05-16-15 11:18 PM EDT (US)     6 / 25  
let me know if i can help you! i developed a mod that i never finished , so i used the deveditor and so. even remember how to change upgrade cost and attack values of abilities (i think i still remember :P )

i also think the game is very similiar with any race and really like your idea. i hope you are up to play some pbem games with us on this forum. and also, there is a group on facebook called "aow pbem" , i'm there too and we are some active people actually playing. they will love to play with your mod :P

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========== MAGIC ==========

Spell Costs & Names & Levels Changed.

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posted 05-29-15 10:44 AM EDT (US)     8 / 25  
Revising what was written. I think part 1 is done, as it was the easiest. Working on the next part now, likely will be a few days.
posted 06-01-15 11:40 AM EDT (US)     9 / 25  
are you going to play with me when you finish your mod??
posted 06-01-15 01:14 PM EDT (US)     10 / 25  
Sure, though I've

1) never played PBEM before,
2) no gaming computer with internet access,
3) no idea when the Mod will be done.

But yes, I'd love to play you sometime.
posted 06-02-15 02:16 PM EDT (US)     11 / 25  
well, if you want to. you are not forced to!
posted 07-03-18 02:19 PM EDT (US)     12 / 25  
Son of a bitch... I knew there was more out there somewhere in the Ether more recent...
posted 07-04-18 07:02 PM EDT (US)     13 / 25  
Lol, you found your old thread. I thought 'requiem mod' sounded familiar.

Nerfing bruiser heroes and buffing casters is definitely a good idea, but I'm sure it requires hex editing. Warlock knew how, but it's been so long, and I never saw contact details.

His mod makes DEF cost 8 points per increase, and it can only be increased 5 times. It changes the other stats too, but DFEF is the most important. It's probably not quite enough, but a good start. By installing Warlock's ruleset and using his game executable, you can use those levelup-changes, even if you use the .pfs files from the base game or your own mod.

The modding changes you'll be making will, unless you have leet haxor skills, only be in the .pfs files of the Release folder. So really, why not combine your mod with warlock's modded .exe to get its decent, but not quite radical enough, changes to hero levelup?

Also, I made a map - Xelm Plateau - where every leader starts at level 30 with spellcasting 5 and terrible combat stats. Ruining the superhero menace once and for all. Modding isn't the only approach.
posted 07-04-18 08:45 PM EDT (US)     14 / 25  
Yeah, I've about decided to try out the Warlock Mod from what all I've read. That's work for me, I figure, since most of what he did seems on point with what I had in mind for Hero balance.

The only other thing I'd want to play with, which is not at all required, is changing the finance system a little. Incomes from farms and such.
posted 07-05-18 06:54 AM EDT (US)     15 / 25  
In AoW2 it's easy to change the base income of structures, but income per crop tile is again a matter for hex editing.

I assume that AoW1 is the same.
posted 07-05-18 08:42 AM EDT (US)     16 / 25  
Even base income would be something. Per farmfield, it's like 2 or 4 gold anyway - not much at all. I want to see for a farm with no terrain penalty messing with their 6 surrounding hexes, it's 12 gold, without a base income for the farm. Could be wrong though and can't look just now.

Either way, yeah, I've zero experience with hex editing, and since Warlock has already made the best (thus far) steps for what I've invisioned, I might as well just build off of his. In the distant future, I might consider trying my hand at it, but ah... will depend on the need vs drive.

Mostly it was the stat balancing, production costs, skill costs, and unit roster that I had my eye on anyway, because with those are more than effective enough at making the game more diverse, challenging, and balanced vis a vis the Uber Hero.

Truth be told, this round of nonsense is ALL planning anyway, because I haven't had a chance to sit down and adequately modify even the units in mind, much less the spells or gfx. And, honestly, I *do* want to scroll through some of the other mods to see if there's anything that catches my attention.

I'm not a fan of the endless guilds. I think mostly they're just more fodder that don't contribute to the wider strategy. And it sort of undermines the whole racial relationship that the game is heavily based on. If I can get alignment-oriented, or even neutral, units that fill in the gaps, why should I really bother balancing relations? I think that sort of straddles the line of lazy and boring, personally. But to each his own.

But first thing's first - finishing the unit roster and balancing them.
posted 08-18-18 03:08 PM EDT (US)     17 / 25  
posted 08-23-18 09:30 AM EDT (US)     18 / 25  
Still testing.

I've taken to pitting two King-level NPCs against one another while I sit in a far-away corner with a super-buffed group of heroes, just in case they fly my way with dragons or somesuch.

Currently the Azracs have gotten the most time under observation, but I still haven't quite balanced them the way I want just yet. Overall, though, I see them as being the fastest on foot/horse, so that has been tweaked. Their infantry all now have 30 movement, and their cavalry gets 44 - rivaling the Karagh, now. (By comparison, the Archons [Highmen] retain, for now, their 30 movement infantry and 40 movement Paladin.)

The nerf to the elephant is really strangely working out. Azracs still field a lot of them, so their swarm is still in play, but with a -1 Def and -1 HP, they are considerably easier to handle. Instead, curiously, they are loading down with ballista. So I'm moving that to T3 as planned.

On open maps, they absolutely trounce the slower-moving races, like the Halflings and Dwarves, I don't care what the situation is. So the speed is definitely a factor. Once you get into more confined areas (tunnels, mountains, etc), then that balances things a little bit.

More to come, I assure you, but not much for the moment. Too busy with work to elaborate.

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posted 09-25-18 01:51 PM EDT (US)     19 / 25  
sounds interesting, would like to play it.

the idea of removing catapults and ballista from cities and put them into guild is awesome. Ofc with exception here and there (lizards turtles stay).

I would put this idea little further:
lets replace half of the battering ram with other units, who could wall crush.
great example is Thirsk mod AOW Enhanced, goblin Bomber receive wall crushing without suicide - just excellent solution.

its strange to me that orcs has assassins, while goblins don't.

i would change the unit name Builder (?) into Crane

Orc, Goblins and Dark Elf should has more monsters in their disposal.

i have risky idea for Dark Elf:
what if there is no battering ram for them, but they have available spiders as tier 1 wall climbers? This will force DElf to capture cities with spiders, which is very interesting.
on tier 2 - DE could receive some wall crushing monster (remove catapult).
this spiders is to complete the spider queen - she feel to me kind lonely or out of reign in roster :P

incarnate and shadow - fit rather poor IMO. Would be sweet to see some Hydra as tier 4, and flying harpies as tier 3.

also vampires fit in DE army.

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posted 01-13-20 03:43 AM EDT (US)     20 / 25  
B) Fireship with Flamethrowing to simulate Greek Fire, basically a Galley, but with the short ranged attack.
posted 01-21-20 10:16 AM EDT (US)     21 / 25  
Now that Flameship is definitely a cool idea which I will use in the next version of my mod.
posted 06-03-20 02:42 PM EDT (US)     22 / 25  

Oh, don't forget the littler guys.

June 3 2020: Oh my!

The Halflings are the least likely of all the races to go to war. It sort of goes against their whole raison d'être. They avoid war, adventure, and generally the most violence they see is mischief in stealing the neighbor's hogs for a prank.

But they are much more community minded than most of the others, so it is with zeal if not happiness that they will March tk war to the betterment of their kith and kin. Thus they have this theme of being unprofessional, but willing to jump to if need be. And as a result, they have beastly allies that share in that symbiotic relationship.

Tier 1 - mostly the same, with minor modifications as they level.

Militia (swordsman) fairly unchanged

Slinger (unchanged)

Ram (same as most everyone's ram)

Watchman (Pony Rider) mostly unchanged


Tier 2 - almost every race will lose their standard T2 siege equipment, and the Halflings are by far the main one that abuses ballista in the 1.36 version.

Priestess (Cleric) All female to stand them apart a bit from all other races, since they would need all their fighting men in the militia.

Valesong Satyr A little bit stronger than before, with Charge and Dominate as he levels up.

Gnomish Engineers This funky thing resembles a ram with attachments, and it levels curiously; with no medal they have wall crushing and fire musket, silver gets hurl Boulder, and gold finally gets fire ballista; also might be a Builder... Not sure. New gfx needed. Need to check Laurentius' units?

Gnomish Balloon More gnomes?! Yeah, remember the Halflings are cosmopolitan with other races. This is merely the Dwarves Balloon, granting the smaller, weaker surface-dwelling Halflings more escape options.


Tier 3 - the 3rd tier is meant to really crank up the diversity, though my changes hopefully alter that earlier balance a bit. The Halfling 3rd tier is mostly unchanged.

Lightfoot Rogue - sneakier and deadlier, but also more fragile. Can lay down some serious damage, but a misstep and he's toast.

Skysentry Eagle - (eagle rider) mostly unchanged

Wildwood Centaur - brings some staying power, for sure, as well as good balanced damage and support; still can't stand up to folks like the Orc Warlord.


Tier 4 - the end
Leprechaun - perhaps one of the most boring T4 units in the game, I'm unsure how to give him more pizzazz and more purpose. The AI almost never builds them in my experience, and it's easy to see why. Hmm...

And the final Good Guys:

June 3 2020: Oh my!

Being somewhat mysterious and curiously better than everyone, I perceive this to mean (in addition to their backstory) that they are attentive to all sorts of micro-detail and stupidly rigid professionalism. This is why, for example, their foot soldiers can march farther than most in a single day. This also means they are splendid in siege warfare for having studied advanced mathematics over the ages, and so forth.

Tier 1 -

Legionaire (swordsman) - about the same

Sagittari (archer) - also about the same

Capped Ram - the Archon version, second (?) best racial ram in the game New gfx needed. Racial unit coloring

Soulsworn Spirit (spirit puppet) - name change because, well, a spirit puppet makes it sound like it's an unwilling and coerced combatant, which isn't exactly "Good," eh? This guy also gets pass wall at Gold, though is otherwise weak if resistant.


Tier 2 - for these guys, unchanged. They are about the only ones to keep their T2 siege in place.

Disciple (saint) - about the same

Paladin - loses Healing, until he get Gold anyway

Scorpion - Archon version of the Ballista; slightly better than the original New gfx needed. Racial unit coloring

Mangonel - Archon version of the Catapult; also slightly better than original New gfx needed. Racial unit coloring


Tier 3 - in truth, there's little need to change up the Archon army roster too much...

Avenger - about the same, gets Wall Climbing as he levels

Valkyrie - slightly nerfed for the costs, largely so it's a) not going to outshine other racial flyers so hard, b) it doesn't give the pre-T4 Archons *everything*, and c) because it was a little bit broken.

Sun Titan - more fire!


Tier 4 - by far one of the better T4 candidates, but not without some balancing
Astra - also loses Healing at the start, but otherwise mostly the same

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posted 06-04-20 08:20 PM EDT (US)     23 / 25  
Nice to see someone still modding AoW1. I will be releasing an engine patch within the next couple of days that makes changes to upkeep, income, skill points, default relations, and a whole bunch of other things you can't edit with AoWEd. Maybe you can build your mod around that, or if it's just a few specific changes you're after I could tell you which bytes to edit.
posted 06-08-20 09:14 AM EDT (US)     24 / 25  
I'd love to know how you managed that.
Default ace relations and upkeep are two things I've wanted to alter forever.
posted 06-13-20 10:17 AM EDT (US)     25 / 25  
Default relations are in a straightforward 12-by-12 single-byte table at 0x001E71F0 (0x558E83F0) in AoWEPack.dpl.

Unit upkeep involves some arithmetics based on unit level; the routine starts at 0x0007F064 (0x5577FC64) in AoWEPack.dpl but the main part is really just the three bytes starting at 0x0007F084 (0x5577FC84), so if you want to introduce a completely different formula with instructions that require more than three bytes you will need to write a subroutine.
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