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Topic Subject: Where are strings located?
posted 09-14-13 10:00 PM EDT (US)   
I was attempting to modify ability names with some good ol' hex editing, only to find that I'm unable to find those names in any files. Searching for "slaying" I get two results that relate to the Dragon Slaying ability, namely in \Dict\ResStr.mld there is "Dragon Slaying", but altering that string has no effect whatsoever, and in AoWEPACK.dpl there is "AoWE.DragonSlayingRStr@8276FCC3" which clearly is a reference to a hex offset in some other file.

So where the bloody hell are ability names stored?
posted 01-27-14 04:34 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I have the same question. It is very easy to modify, edit or swap strings in the mdl files in "Dict" directory (I have a python script for that). But the version don't read the mdl files in "Dict" directory. Try to rename or delete the "Dict" directory. The game starts normal and you can see english texts as always...

Where are the strings saved? In the exe file?

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