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Topic Subject: The Prancing Pony Inn
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posted 09-08-02 10:48 PM EDT (US)   
WELCOME ONE AND ALL to the Prancing Pony Inn and Tavern. Farman has taken the coin Rugo so generously paid him and after a few renovations, is open for business. What type of business? Glad you asked!

Here Newbies, Players, GM's and Storytellers may gather to raise an ale and a song to old adventures while also plotting new. Or put another way, your one stop shop for Q & A, good times and sharing ideas.

Here Farman welcomes Newbies and their questions, he's been around and seen a lot, so he can probably help you out or point out someone who can.

GM's, Players and Storytellers, if you'd like to try out a new character or story idea, come on in and discuss it with friends - maybe get a new thread going. We can always use new ideas.

Just keep in mind to keep it civil, folks. Farman also has a very stout club behind that bar! (I hear he's named it "Kiss of the Cherub".)

By the way ... Ale on the House for all GM's! Newbies get the watered down version until we see how well they stay on their feet.

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posted 10-02-02 04:39 PM EDT (US)     211 / 2500  
For both Role Players and GMs here in the Hall, Farman would like to share a link brought to his attention via special courier:
The MUD Role-Playing Gamer's Survival Kit. While these references are made to a MUD, included are very good articles on coming up with and establishing a character's identity, developing a backstory and especially on how to develop interesting and playable GOOD and EVIL characters as well as a wealth of other tips. Pay attention to the Contents on the left side of the page as they link to VERY informative articles which can really help you with your character, especially Whom would you like to be today?

GM's may also want to look over The Scenario Writer's Survival Kit. Again, pay attention to the Contents list of articles on the left. While this is more geared towards writers of scenarios which GM's will then run, there are several pointers of how to develop a scenario, guidelines, a timeline, developments which player's may never see but which may effect them down the road, and a basic outline for The Concoction of a Scenario.

Good Journeying ... and plotting!

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posted 10-02-02 05:15 PM EDT (US)     212 / 2500  
Very interesting - Thanks Farman !
I'm constantly amazed by the articles and sites which are 'out there' and just need to be tracked down and shared onwards.

>Evil Characters: Not a Jerk of a Player

Particulaly of interest to anyone planing to be tempted by EB14's 'dark side' plot.

posted 10-02-02 05:26 PM EDT (US)     213 / 2500  
Since Gathering of Heroes will be ending soon, within the next few days, I'm going to post the OOC thread for Call of the Reavers now.

There's oodles of time to join up. I'm going to write a few important points for the characters there, please follow them. Remember that Heroes can't be Reavers.

The OOC thread will probably collect dust for a while, because there are so few roleplayers to join it, but I want it up now in case I get a big project or something and lose my chance.

posted 10-02-02 10:01 PM EDT (US)     214 / 2500  
Thanx for the Link Kaji.

Have you tried the insult generator ?

And the angel said...

"May your eleventh son become the stinking rider of a flea-bitten dragon."

posted 10-03-02 07:30 PM EDT (US)     215 / 2500  
Things have gotten a bit slow in the Hall lately. Farman knows a few of you have been quietly muttering over their ale about it. Well, Farman's been an adventurer once too. Heh, yeah, he keeps it to himself mostly, but there's been a few tales that crept out about those years. Anyway, from personal experience Farman reminded me that we have several adventurers that are also adventuring in universities in RL, and right about now are facing some mid-term exams and projects. There have also been some RL events within the world that may have effected some adventurers who also work in RL. So things may be slower on postings for just a bit, but don't get discouraged or think they won't pick back up again. It happens, and GM's and players sometimes just need to be a little patient and kick back over an ale or story or two here in the tavern and wait it out. So ...

*bangs empty tankards together making a sound like a dinner bell*
This weekend only (starting now) FREE ALE, CHICKEN WINGS (your choice of spicy or mild), AND DOUGHNUTS!
*quickly sends a runner to the BTOOIC Coffeeshop and Restaurant to order some doughnuts and supplies*

Now then, a reminder to all adventurers that EB14's Gathering of Heroes is looking for another Heroic player, and Call of the Reavers will be starting soon for those bold types who would like to try playing for the despicable "Dark Side". *Mwah-ha-ha-hah heard from somewhere in the back corner* Silverwerewolf is likewise opening his world of Tyron and put out a Call to Arms for an Assault on Tyria. Meanwhile CubanGeneral welcomes any with bardic leanings to try their hand at something a bit different in Story Time. For those who want a more traditional RP experience, we've been informed Cynon has posted a No Slot Limit on his LoC Roleplay based on his Legend of Cynon story. And for AoW fans *cheers heard around the tables* ...I don't know if the Keepers are taking new recruits, but you can read about Beren V's group of brave Keeper's and their valiant quest on behalf of Princess Julia in The Dragon Queen's Will.

There's a lot to do here and several styles to choose from, so have an ale and some wings and settle in to enjoy a good adventure!

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posted 10-03-02 08:25 PM EDT (US)     216 / 2500  

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posted 10-03-02 08:49 PM EDT (US)     217 / 2500  
Oops, thanks! Therin on the brain I guess.
posted 10-03-02 09:03 PM EDT (US)     218 / 2500  
Free donuts and ale! Wahoo!

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posted 10-04-02 02:44 AM EDT (US)     219 / 2500  
any one here play muds?
posted 10-04-02 09:52 AM EDT (US)     220 / 2500  
*Dinglebarb comes in with little red wagon, shaking head*

Farman! Farman! Woe I've heard. Off your cook's flown like a bird?

*hands several large large bags to bouncer*

My good man, to the back take please, while prepare I do, some Danish Cheese.

*glances at Farman*

Uhm... and cinnamon rolls.

*Bouncer sniffs bags*

Hmmm? What's this? Smells like one of you more potent concoctions, here Ding.

*gnome opens bag*

Ground by hand, of fine dark roast, from a place, called Kona Coast! For my friends none but the best, And legal only I attest. An honest Gnome am I!

posted 10-04-02 10:00 AM EDT (US)     221 / 2500  
Chicken wings! mmmmmm

and ale!

"Where there is imagination, the possibilities are endless."
Age Of Wonders 2 Heaven | AOW2H Scenario Designers' Hall
posted 10-04-02 07:24 PM EDT (US)     222 / 2500  
I came across this while searching the web. IT can generate and entire small town, with families, guards, etc. It`s not perfect, but you can add whatever is missing.
posted 10-04-02 10:42 PM EDT (US)     223 / 2500  
*Pours himself a mug of cider, then one for Tinuviel*

Something I've been thinking of...

I could be starting another role-play set in the period of AoW2 shortly after "Inioch's Legacy" takes place but before Merlin's quest really gets going, but there are two things that I need to know: (1) whether Inioch was good (if misguided) before he was killed by the humans, and (2) whether there will be much interest on the part of you guys to play in it. You would be going with Elric (remember him from AoW1?) investigate the return of Meandor.

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posted 10-04-02 11:00 PM EDT (US)     224 / 2500  
Can you name the two women in Middle-earth given the nickname Tinuviel?

And do you know who first said the Ring rhyme?

Just a little test of your knowledge of Middle-earth.

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posted 10-05-02 01:26 PM EDT (US)     225 / 2500  
Chicken Wings and a jug of Dwarven Ale for Blue. I take it you wanted the Fire Wings? If not, np, just let us know.

Beren, welcome to the Pony! Why don't you and EB have some pie with that? On the house to GM's here.

Ding! What's this? Kona you say? Hm. *takes a cautious sniff - a euphoric smile appears on his face* Gnome, I think we can do business! *grabs a cinnamon roll while waiting for Ding's Kona brew* The Halfling? Yeah, he's got some mad adventure into his head. Seems he heard a tale of someone called Bill-bow Baggers ... or was it Buggers? Anyway, he's off to see some wizard about some sort of dragon and mutterin' about some fountain over in the Valley.

Hey, looks like the Sheriff gathered the info and posted some new Links! *points to the board just outside the tavern* Nice! *nods approval*

So Ding, while we wait for your brew to finish ... how good are you at doughnuts?

posted 10-05-02 07:06 PM EDT (US)     226 / 2500  
*Shakes head at Dinglebarb*

Honest Gnome? More like honest Halfling . . .

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posted 10-05-02 07:55 PM EDT (US)     227 / 2500  
"Can you name the two women in Middle-earth given the nickname Tinuviel?"

The first occurrence of that name is in the Book of Lost Tales, and is that an elfmaiden of incredible magical ability. In later versions of the story - what eventually became the Silmarillion, her name was changed to Luthien. The other instance I am not completely aware of, although I know that Arwen is compared to Luthien.

Since my alias here on the forums is 'Beren V', the reference is clearly to Luthien/Tinuviel.

"And do you know who first said the Ring rhyme?"

It is printed in the opening page to the Fellowship of the Ring. The first time anybody mentions it in the story is Gandalf, explaining to Frodo what the fire-writing on the inside of the ring says. Chronologically, within the story itself, that fire-writing was presumably written by the ring's maker, Sauron.

posted 10-05-02 09:37 PM EDT (US)     228 / 2500  

Quoted from Beren V:

Chronologically, within the story itself, that fire-writing was presumably written by the ring's maker, Sauron.

Close enough. Chronologically, Celebrimbor who had himself forged the Three Rings of the Elves, heard Sauron chanting the words as he secretly completed the One Ring.

Now for a real test: What were the names, stones, and keepers of the Three Rings?

posted 10-05-02 09:39 PM EDT (US)     229 / 2500  
Aragorn called Arwen Tinuviel when he first saw her.

As a nitpick, Sauron wrote the writing on the One Ring, and when he first put it on he read it aloud. Kind of stupid, really. The Elves with the Three Rings heard him, and that's how they knew he could take over their rings.


The first occurrence of that name is in the Book of Lost Tales, and is that an elfmaiden of incredible magical ability.

Dagnabbit! Everyone gets this wrong. Tolkien didn't see magic like we do today. Versions of 'magic', like the D&D version, for example, are actually what he said were natural powers the Elves had. Sam and Frodo actually ask Galadriel about magic, and she doesn't know what they're talking about. In Tolkien's time, magic was still thought to be like witches, voodoo, and fairy tale gibberish.

The best way to describe it is to say that the Elves use 'clerical' powers, and the evil witches and wizards and sorcerors, like Sauron, use magic. All of the other races think Elves have magical powers when in fact they do things differently and better. Tolkien saw the words 'power' and 'magic' as bad things, because they are power over other things.

For simplicity's sake, even I call it magic, but it isn't really.

posted 10-06-02 04:44 AM EDT (US)     230 / 2500  
Well the 3 rings were held by Gandolf, Galadriel and Elrond (at least in the time of LoTR) but thats the easy part, I can't recall the names/stones of them. Not without looking it up - which kind of defeats the object

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posted 10-07-02 01:56 AM EDT (US)     231 / 2500  
i know what there called.
posted 10-07-02 01:57 AM EDT (US)     232 / 2500  
*does a little dance* any whan wana dance.*im drunk
posted 10-07-02 03:11 AM EDT (US)     233 / 2500  
*puts out another heaping tray of BTOOIC restaurant doughnuts and vanilla sauce delivered earlier. takes a doughnut, dips it in and starts munching.*

Mmm. Good doughnuts.

*looks at zargen dancing, takes another sniff at Ding's Kona mix and raises an eyebrow at the 'Gnome'*

Are you sure you didn't add a little "boost" to this?

*shakes head and remembers zargen didn't have any Kona brew, then stares in horror at the last bite of BTOOIC restaurant doughnut left in his hand as his foot starts tapping and he jitterbugs off to the kitchen in the back*

posted 10-07-02 03:17 AM EDT (US)     234 / 2500  
drunk as a mule zargen falls into the platter of donuts.
posted 10-07-02 10:42 AM EDT (US)     235 / 2500  
*a small, very, very, dark corner of the inn suddenly has a small spark of light as someone lights a pipe (cliched.. or what?)*

*Looking around, the man smiles softly, and closing his eyes, slowly falls back into sleep. As he falls deeper into slumber, his image slowly fades away and before anyone knows it, there is no one there*

posted 10-07-02 03:19 PM EDT (US)     236 / 2500  
*cleans up the doughnuts and promptly substitutes water for zargen's ale, then instructs that all zargen's drinks be watered down until zargen can handle his drunkeness*

*glances into the dark corner and smiles, wishing 'Van Winkle' well ... and a shave*

posted 10-07-02 04:02 PM EDT (US)     237 / 2500  
*Doodles little maps for his new AoW campaign scenarios on the placemats*
posted 10-08-02 05:13 PM EDT (US)     238 / 2500  

What do you people do in this forum? It says "role playing" but i dont realy understand that...

About that Tolkien thing, all i know is that is Gandalf's ring is called Naya or someting like that.

posted 10-08-02 11:09 PM EDT (US)     239 / 2500  
Welcome D3_kamikaze! Is there anything the barman can get you? Ale, chicken wings, wedges, pie or doughnuts?

Have you ever done a "role playing" paper game like D&D or even a computer RPG? By "role playing" we mean that here we make up a character out of our own imagination and then "play" the "role" of that character in a story. It's kind of like being an actor in a play, except that you make up your own character and lines. Before you make up a character, however, it is best to read through the "threads" (Topics listed on this forum) and find one you want to be in then make up a character that fits into that story and does not cause too many problems with the other characters already in it. Once you think you have a character you'd like to role play with, then it is time to ask the GM (Game Master) who runs the thread if your character can join. The GM is usually listed as the Originator of the thread in the list, and most of us will have posted our emails where we can be reached as well as separate OOC (Out-Of-Character) discussion and recruiting threads. For example, I am GM for Path of the Fury, and there is a Path of the Fury - Recruitment/Rules/OOC thread where you will see various people have posted descriptions of the characters they play in that thread. These descriptions are called "bios".

For an overview of how it all works, read thru several "Quest" or non-OOC threads as well as Guidelines of the Hall. Yes it's long, but it's informative. We have several different styles, as you will see, and while not all of them may be right for you, you never know until you try. For links to places which describe how to come up with a character, try Who Would You Like To Be Today? and check out the Contents links on the left side of that page as well.

Above all, don't be shy of asking more questions like this one here in the Prancing Pony thread. That's what we're here for.

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posted 10-09-02 03:25 AM EDT (US)     240 / 2500  
Aye welcome Kamakazi *takes a bite from a donut and smiles as the rasberry juice leaves his lips a tad jam stained*

It is basically like 'tabletop' except you are writing what your character does and how they feel.
The only exception is that there is no dice rolling, tempting as it is to therefore always hit, always win, and never get hurt, it makes a far more interesting story if things dont always work

The threads tend to be much more rolplay/characterisation and you can be amazed how you character changes and develops by the end of the thread.

Try it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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