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Topic Subject: SM MP Tactics vs Anarchy & Magic
posted 10-12-12 04:21 AM EDT (US)   

I'm just playing in Multiplayer AoWSM and lost a city due anarchy.
..what can i do against it?! how big is the chance that my city will revolt?

..i know, there is the costly city shield. But i think it should also be possible to defend with some troups in the city. Do you have some experiance how much troups are needed?

The second question is related to Magic. Due all PvP fights are decided in Autocombat. How do you use magic. Are you keeping your wizard full of mana and hoping he will use it in autocombat? Or do you prelinary use spells directly on your/oppent stack?

whats your experiance?

thanks for helping =)
posted 10-13-12 00:12 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Yes, I think you should be able to fight against anarchy spell by having enough troops in garrison. Check the city menu for the morale the city currently has.

If you use autocombat on pvp fights, you cant choose what spells you use in them (some spells might be used randomly though). I'd recommend using tactical combat vs human players though, it's more fun that way . (and autocombat vs AI)

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posted 10-18-12 11:00 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Thank you for your answer.

But i don't understand yet. How high has my city morale to be, or how much will it decrease with anarchy? do you have any experiance?
because i'm quite sure, in the game i mentioned the city morale was above stable and there were at least 3 troops in the city.


we play an e-mail game. so its not aviable to do tactical fights against Players... it would be unfair for defender if this would be aviable.
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