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AoW2 Gameplay Help & Strategies
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Topic Subject: Water Campaign's First Mission
posted 06-28-02 07:45 AM EDT (US)   
Finished the fire realm; now starting the water realm. North of the starting city (Lili?) I am running into trouble. There are 3 cities in the area, one with a tower that I manage to capture, but all hell breaks loose shortly thereafter. I found a fun strategy of casting the lurker(?)-frog- and it drove the oppostion nuts hopping around capturing watchtowers, and production bonuses in the area. Then "hop" into the water where enemy couldn't attack. It effectively kept enough enemy troops busy so my troops could capture or rebuild a couple cities, including the towered one. Problem now is 2 different enemies are moving in and I'm getting beat. I went to this area pretty early; I guess the only solution is to stay south of the area longer to allow build up of cities on the island where the scenerio begins. Yet, I understand a major strategy of the game is to explore/expand quickly. Any suggestions??
posted 06-28-02 12:58 PM EDT (US)     1 / 34  
Well, here's how it happened for me personally...

Early on, I basically just used the islands on the southern island to mass produce halfling slingers (later on, rogues, with some sherrifs in the mix). Built a wizard tower pretty early on in the first city instead of capturing one (I should point out that I had a temple to Order helping me out). Captured two no-tower cities on the big landmass to the north, and periodically captured/lost the city to the east.

Avoided summoning creatures, especially lesser ones (I did summon a Rift Lord or two when Order gave me the spell). Pretty much all my mana went into enchant weapon for slingers and physical protection for heroes.

Once I had the big human town w/ tower, easily took out the Earth/goblin opponent whose tower is just a short distance from the human city, got the big human town upgraded to produce airships, and it was kinda over from there.

posted 06-28-02 03:20 PM EDT (US)     2 / 34  
the ai, at least in that level, doesn't use the sea very well, not at all in that level in fact. Found one sea creature way late in the game who destroyed my one and only boat. Anyhow, because of this, I immediately went up that upper mainland area, like you did, took the 2 southern cities and that one w/the tower. Brought my main wiz up, and one hero. Almost considered razing w/all the attacks coming towards it, but managed to defend (having the main guy and some summoned creatures helped). When I got the other hero, had him run around getting resources. All the while, the southern cities were cranking out flying units so I didn't have to use the boat for that anymore, and since those cities seemed free from attack. Sent the boat off just for explorin'.

Traded for the windmills from the ally on that level too, for more turn by turn spending money.

Anyhow, once I felt I could spare a defender or two, had flying units start running around grabbing resources and exploring. Once I had 2 stacks in that city w/the tower, had my second hero go and get items from the dungeon thingies.

That city, throughout the game was my central city and had the largest defense force.

had a priest in each stack due to all the battles, one of the southern cities making leprechauns every turn, one making rogues, one making sheriffs, and the southern island cities usually producing merchandise, but making air units whenever I had spare money.

Sent a stack of flyers out to actually raze enemy resources, and sent both my heros up to the city in the upper left, another tower. Finally started going underground at this point.

After that, only had one enemy and the map was cake at that point. The tricky part is hanging on to that first tower against the onslought. Like I said, almost razed it w/plans on rebuilding it, but managed to not have to. I wish I could set a victory condition for 'taking over 80% of the map' so I didn't have to spend so much time 'cleaning up' when I already know I've won - wanted to actually finish it past the point of merely knowing I won since its a campaign map.

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posted 06-28-02 03:51 PM EDT (US)     3 / 34  
I went to the middle island as quickly as possible and conquered the southern cities. I called in 2 heroes and leveled them up while conquering the 2 nearby cities. I was also constantly attacked so I decided to take out Mab fairly early since she was nearby. After that, the attacks lessened. The 2 heroes really helped since you get a few ruins you can get experience and items from.
posted 06-29-02 00:27 AM EDT (US)     4 / 34  

I discovered that a Lurker is no match for a Swashbuckler. And since my ship is merely a transport, neither is it.

posted 07-02-02 07:25 AM EDT (US)     5 / 34  
I have played around 40-50 turns in this scenario but I haven't finished it. Actual it looks very promising.

1. the conquered goblin city was migrated and than only just for producing trade goods -> helps to speed up more important cities
2. start city has now completed nearly all buildings and ready for high level unit produciton to break the alliance with the halflings (task of a spirit)

3. On the main land north I have basically
- 1st conquered the southern city
- build pioneer to rebuild city to the north
- I lost both cities a few times and and reconquered them

trick is to remove all forces, let AI conquer the city. AI splits troops after that (well, most times) and you can eliminate them step by step and much easier.

Enchant your heros and important units with water walking and enchant weapon for heros as well. This helps greatly!

I am pumping knights (which helps a lot) with one of the cities while improving the other one. I have won several battles against tons of AI units on this main land, leveling my heros and conquered the city with the wiz tower as well.

Next step:
I will now split my heros and use one against halfling with units of the now ready-to-produce first city while the second hero will continue to conquer the continent with the knights. I love knights - fast and deadly.

posted 07-02-02 06:21 PM EDT (US)     6 / 34  
I found it advantageous not to migrate the goblin cities right away. The money you get from the small one on your island outweighs the small support cost. A few peasants should keep it under control. The fully-grown city on the central continent can be kept under control with a temple. Use humans more than halflings. Human cavalry is much more useful than halfling cavalry in tactical combat due to its speed. Use the money from the other cities to hurry production in key cities. Until a patch comes, the Poison Plants spell will erase bridges, if you are desperate. Have at least two priests with every stack, or within a day's distance: this may allow you to counter-attack and is crucial to facing multiple opponents. If you have a spare stack of one type of cavalry (halfling only or human only) an early harass and then retreat attack may weaken the enemy enough to force them to pull back, delaying a final confrontation.

Taking an enemy city: If you batter down the gates, send sheriffs in first. Their smoky haze ability may poison pesky defenders.

If you have the water-walking spell on an important unit and are inside enemy domain: Never, ever end your turn with that unit over water. A simple Dispel may drown your hero. Heavily favor the enchant weapon spell. At times all the units in two of my stacks had that spell on them. Its not much, but that extra chance to hit can make quite the difference. I found that it was more effective for me to research only a few low level spells and rush research into the spell caster ability so I could cast it on more units.

posted 07-03-02 06:23 PM EDT (US)     7 / 34  
I was up last night playing this one... and I tell you I was having a tough time winning, even with stacks of leprechauns, the enemy (I was playing it on hard) was way more equipped than I was. So here's what I did.

Yes, It does take advantage of the weak AI, but what the heck.

First I upgraded my main city as fast as I could, while the second city I simply built up its population as quickly as I could, thus it's gold returns were better. I did that diplomacy trick too, with Marinus and managed to get a number of nodes and farms too. I needed gold because I wanted Leprechauns. I mean, if you're gonna play Halflings, you have to have armies of Leprechauns, just for the Sheer enjoyment, if not for any other reason.

Leprechauns are also siege machine killers, and since the AI builds tons of catapults and ballistae, these little guys are wonderful in battle cuz you teleport into the city and do sabotage in one single move. 1 out of 4 or so will destroy a siege machine in a single hit. Very fun. BOOM!

Next, I looted all the cities I managed to take from the AI. The AI doesn't rebuild these cities either. I couldn't hold any of the cities I took that were connected to the mainland, until I had researched the spells, "Wetland, Poison Plant and had upgraded my first city's wizard tower to the third spot.

I cast Wetland first. That causes most of the terrain to sink into the water.

Second I cast Poison Plant to obstruct the enemy. By the time I discovered this trick, I had already researched Spell Casting 6, so I was able to cast it every turn easily.

By elminating the AI's ability to get to the ruined cities, I then sent in pioneers to rebuild my cities from ruins. And use Poison plants to keep them away from any that were close. Then, first thing i would build in the new cities was a Wizard Tower, which would then extend my Wetlands, blocking off more terrain, rendering the AI more and unable to get around the map, while extending my domain.

Very fun way to win, I really felt like I was a Water Wizard... (Which is cool, since most games which feature a sphere of water make water spells the utmost lame... AoW2 makes you kick butt... btw, the best single offense spell is Geyser, imo) and those leprechauns are very fun.

This strategy would probably work well against any human player, save, I suppose, though one thing I didn't have to do was be very careful with my home city, protecting it with maybe a single Leprechaun... Something in a Human game you'd probably not do... though come to think of it, if you've got more than one wizard's tower, that might be an acceptable strategic risk.


posted 07-04-02 03:47 AM EDT (US)     8 / 34  
you are right, lordpaul, I have checked and I haven't migrated the goblin city.

I am impressed bz rayb AoW and how he uses the magic. I tend to focus on units too much.

posted 07-04-02 01:01 PM EDT (US)     9 / 34  
Gee, when I playyed that scenario, no-one ever took those city in the middle from me. Took them from Marinus several times, but not from [/i]me[/i] *giggle*.

This exploit is so heinous it ought to be a bug, but isn't. I call it "Alliances for fun and profit (but mostly profit)" Okay, we all know you can easily take all that stuff in the middle, including the city with the Wiz tower with a Water Walking hero, but you can't hold it all because the AI keeps sending parties out to retake things. But... there's your ally Marinus over on the other side of the map with lots of neat stuff they can't get to and Flyers to grab more. So, every time I took something, I'd wait till the enemy showed up, trade everything they were about to grab for Marinus things, then when the split up to take them I'd whack them individually and re-take everything. By about turn 10 I'd traded for all three windmills, both Water nodes, and one of Marinus' cities.

Oh, yeah, the sucker will buy your Watch Towers too. Traded the Watch Tower on my islandand 60gp for a windmill that made 22gp a turn. Now, Marinus is my ally, so what he sees I see, and if I decide to break the alliance where am I going to attack first? Easy money! No risk whatsoever!

I thought about blocking the teleporter and selling him the gobbo village so I could retake it when it rebelled, but it's not worth it. So I built a temple complex there which makes it stable and generates mana at the same time.

posted 07-04-02 02:19 PM EDT (US)     10 / 34  
I'm now into the Life scenarios of the campaign and so far the first scenario of the water part of the campaign took the longest to complete (200+ turns). I should have been defeated earlier in the game when I lost all mainland cities and was left only with my main city but the AI did not move against that city and only much later in the game did it ever send any units onto that Island.

I had also lost all heroes in that campaign early so I had no heroes to help. I used flying units and water walkers to try and play tricks in gaining resource places. I also found geyser to be a very effective spell for combat. I found that the AI does not produce ships in any of the scenarios so far which would be nice to see since it allows supremacy over the seas for me. I found the Halflings to be not much help in this scenario and in fact got in the way. I did get a quest to break alliance but did not want to go to war against them since I figured it could effect the outcome of what type of Wizard I'd be.

posted 07-04-02 02:41 PM EDT (US)     11 / 34  
It was a very hard map because I have no tower in the beginning
My first move, after taking the goblin village was attack the mainland, I didnt wait because waiting (see fire one) is a bad idea.
Big problem to control the central human city, but when I produce the first knights, with the help of my hero and rebuilding the ruined city I survived a little. When I see where was mab I kill her and no more problems
I use a lot of swashbucklers
and cursed marinus, as usually an AI ally is useless, sometimes I had the desire to send my units and kill that damned dandy
But I think Water 2 is more difficult, I begin to hate teleports
posted 07-06-02 07:58 PM EDT (US)     12 / 34  
I'm now playing the second part of the water campaign and it's easy compared to the first. In the first i conquered the gobo city of course and bought the the most southern city on the mainland, than i started to upgrade those cities (the gobo city i resetled for halflings of course). The second city on the mainland i rebuild. Meanwhile i saw a lot of forces of both opposing sides comming towards those cities on the mainland.I started producing rogues in al my cities and started shipping the rogues to the second city on the mainland. With 4\5 full stacks of those rogues and my 2 hero's(beefed up with static shield,liquid form and enchanted weapon) i was able to withstand forces twice that strong (I attacked those stacks and lost 1 hero) After cleaning up the AI wasn't that eager anymore to send units to those cities. Soon after that i build eagle riders to play hit and run with the enemies recources ,pinning his forces to those recources.Than i started building some pioneers to build 2 more cities on the tiny islands between Marinus' and my starting island. Than i started upgrading my cities so i could build leprechauns and casted Wetland.
From there it's easy. It only takes a lott of turns. I didn't know you could trade recources with Marinus but now i know and will definitly use that to.
The second part of the water campaign is not over but i can already see that i am winning. After having casted Spring Rains and Golden Age money is just pouring in. I can now build everything i want and fast ! And a nearly uberhero (def. 20 ,res. 20)which can take most 1 and 2 level stacks by herself its a done deal.

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posted 07-07-02 00:54 AM EDT (US)     13 / 34  
INteresting tactics. THo I took the map on turn 96. I actually destroyed all of the water withces forces and her on turn 80 but just imprisoned her in her city and waited till I researched all the spells and skills I could. I didn't have to rape poor Marinus tho I did save it with the hopes of replaying and whipping his ARSE. Holding the middle town was not too tough. I just speed built to the highest units.
posted 07-07-02 02:58 AM EDT (US)     14 / 34  
On a side note I never even recruited the ubber creatures in the scenario. Just the ones from the Champions Guild. Mostly cuz I forgot they were there. Prolly coulda done it a lot sooner with thos nasties.

Dam I can't wait to play the elves. I enjoyed their city in the 1st fire campaign. ROck en my kin. Now if we can just see pass this whole black elf, white elf thing and stop segregation.

posted 07-07-02 03:15 AM EDT (US)     15 / 34  
Here is the tactic that worked for me.
> Turn 1: Got city, got boat, put 1 unit in boat and set sail.
> Turn 2: recruited 2nd city on major island, sent their troops wandering.
> Turn 3: Took Watchtower & Mine on starting island. Headed Wizard and remaining halfling towards the goblin villa. Sent boat back.
> Turn 5/6 : Took Tower City (Mainland) and Goblin city. Began Migration in goblin city. Afterwards all this city did was produce resources.
> Turn 7/8 : Took Mana Node, Watermill, Tower near tower city. Began recruiting pikeman until I had more then the small town north. Sent 1 halfling in boat sailing. GOt money & mana on small islands east.
> Turn 10ish : Took small city north of tower city. Met small encampment of recruits (4 elves: Nymphe, archer, bladerunner, swordsman.
> Turn 12: Took goblin city near encampment (Bitch to hold down while it was migrating) Ramped up pikemen/archers in tower town to defend small town while it made housing.
> From there I just built up my 2 new towns and produced armies en masss to hold off the ensuing forces. MOved my wizard there. Summoned cretaures to roam.
> Mab was a toughie but I just built knights, witches, archers, pikeman. Since she had no towns with a wiz tower when she was defeated I recruited all her leftover catapolts and ballistae. THen I just Took over the city underground near her. By this time I had rebuilt the ruined city and made a new one east of the mainland orc town (Now human).

I use a bait and switch tactic on the AI. I would move units away from a city to draw in forces of the com then move my units back as a unit or two snuck to the city just south of nemue. Byt then I had more then they did. Marinus just sat his fat ass home and helped me not. When I am done I am going to replay the save scenario and kill him. Hope this helps.

posted 07-08-02 03:55 PM EDT (US)     16 / 34  
I didn't keep a turn log, but in general what saved my bacon more often than not was city siege defense. When you get the two cities to the northeast of the starting island, you're eventually going to get bumrushed by Nimue and eventually Mab. I think the key on this map was not to try to cut Nimue's throat before she gets too strong, but to wait until she stages a massive attack, and after surviving it, dive in for the kill.

This is easier than it sounds. The AI is kind of stupid when it tries to attack a city. It usually sends two cav units up to a gate at a time and leaves the rest of them immobile. If they have no siege engines (and for some reason, neither AI opponent seemed to build too many on Water 1) you can defend a city with 8 Halfling Slingers and a modicum of expendable melee units. Since you only get two opponents at a time (four, maybe, if they attack on two gates) concentrate the slingers around the gates, pelt the fool out of them with rocks, sling some combat magic around if it's available, and generally try to kill the offending units before they're successful in beating down your gates. If I can't kill the gatebeaters right away, I usually throw a halfling peasant through the gateway so the AI will have to kill that unit before it can resume attacking the gate.

Using this tactic, I have sometimes dispatched of forces 2-3x my size with maybe casualties of 2 or 3 of my own units. After such an attack, the city where the attack came from is usually poorly guarded, and that's when you swoop in and take it, since all your forces are largely still there and unharmed.

posted 07-08-02 04:58 PM EDT (US)     17 / 34  
> Marinus just sat his fat ass home and helped me not.

Marinus is the victim of an AI bug. It's not so much that he doesn't want to help - he will in fact send Winger to take that Goblin outpost on day two or three if you don't take it first - but that's about all he can do. The AI isn't programmed to use ships, nor have I ever seen it cast Water Walking even in AoW1, and he's water bound on that island of his. He does send his Eagle Riders out to harass and steal sites from the enemy, mainly Nimue, but anything else is out of his reach.

There is a way of getting help from him though, via the diplomacy screen. You can trade for his Windmills and anything the ER's get. He'll buy those Towers from you, and he'll even buy the Gobbo outpost and try to migrate it ungarrisoned. If you block off the teleporter exit he can't reinforce it and it will rebel of course. Then re-take it and do it all over again It's a filthy exploit maybe, but what else are allies good for?

BTW, if you decide not to play this bait and switch with the outpost, migrating it to Halflings instead is still a bad idea. Build a temple complex there to cause it to go to "stable" and you'll have no problems. You need not garrison it, and you won't lose the income it would produce while migrating. Halflings are slightly more productive then Goblins, but for an outpost the difference is trivial and Goblin towns grow faster. The complex costs money to build of course, but produces mana so in the long run it's always a worthwhile investment to make in a rear area anyway.

There is more to this game then hack-and-slash combat. It's also a game of economic warfare and multi-racial empire building, and this scenario is a prime example of how that can work. It has often been said that diplomacy is warfare disguised, and that's true in AoW2 as well. It's not just an option for declaring war or making alliances as it was in AoW1, it is a means to wage that war.

posted 07-08-02 07:30 PM EDT (US)     18 / 34  
When I played this scenario the second time, Marinus was a demon. He took the city south from Nimue and she attacked that one instead of me... who knew? Holding those middle cities can be tough but the key is mobility. Harass the heck out of the computer. Steal resources centres and towers and the idiotic AI (who can actually see the whole map without towers and get rich without resource centres) will send out massive amounts of troops to get these things back. The key to winning the scenario is the Eagle and regular trips to the haste berry bushes. A stack of 8 of these can easily swoop into undefended country. Send you heroes around to get some experience, go out of your way to let them get kills in combat and the map should just fall your way. I finished it both times by turn 90. I have never abused the AI allies either. Start as a Peace Keeper, it means that you may be able to build some goblin troops to quickly garrison until you have time to migrate.
posted 07-15-02 04:26 PM EDT (US)     19 / 34  
Actually, I migrated Gortrock (gobbo town SE of Lilli on your starting island) to halflings and was building it up when Marinus bought a dwarven town. Although he didn't hold it long, it gave me an opportunity; as his ally, I was able to migrate Gortrock to Dwarves. Although this didn't make the halflings happy, they forgave me, and suddenly I had berserkers to go with my slingers. I haven't finished the map yet, but it seems to help, having cheap, competent melee units to back up my slingers on the offensive. Also, by selling him that first human town on the mainland, I overcame the "landlubber" bug, and put Marinus in the action.

Reality is for people who lack imagination.
posted 07-16-02 02:32 PM EDT (US)     20 / 34  
I used the same tactic as Ackum. Grab those two cities just north of the starting island. Stick 10-12 units in there, mostly ranged, and allow the AI to walk hordes of troops into the suicide that is the AI siege tactics. Once they are dead, move on and take the next city. Wait a while for the AI to march another horde to their miserable "can't get through the gates" end, then move on to the next city. Repeat ad infinitum.
posted 07-17-02 03:09 AM EDT (US)     21 / 34  
Hey all....I too just finished this campaign, and I must say it was challenging and totally fun! It took me 150 some turns,
(after being squashed the first try), but by then I had more beautiful children than god! Thanks everyone for the tips above,
they helped me save my neck and understand the quirks of the AI. i.e., one wouldnt think to trade somewhat useless things
for very useful things, or otherwise take advantage of the strategic lunacy programmed into HAL. Its kinda funny they wrote
the behavior to, for instance, build no further units even tho I have a six pack of stacks floating on the doorstep.
My conscience is saved by the fact that my rival Wizzies have grokloads of cash and mana to treat me with in the form of neverending beefy MOBS.
hmmm kinda like the US?

Things that helped:
what ackum said about holding the gates.
using the safety of the water. would be very diff game if AI could sail/swim.
thieving resourses and whacking those who come out to getm.
50 cp's
casting poison plants! ouch! & i love destroying bridges. wonder if that will be nixed.
geyser...totally dependable 8 hits.
casting sweet to strand a couple 8 stacks on a rock!
im glad the change is gradual, but beware of your young tanning units on the beach! billy!!
my rift lord. big stinky lobster.
water elementals, pretty cool...a nice wet fat slap babe.
and omg Leprichans are SO fun! I birthed 6 of them for the final party (wearing lovely and deadly static sweaters),
and they just knocked'em silly. and sabotage is spectacular when it hits all the way.

Its really cool to be learning the subtlies of the game. the more I get into it, the more I see the potential for an even more engaging game.
I would love it if there were other ways to win besides War. Cmon you know you wanna be the best hot LOVER in the land dont ya?
Im gonna smother you with my overflowing love baby! you wont want to fight when Im thru with you.
Well, I suppose that multiplayer could offer more diversity, and maybe player made maps/quests.

But other skills like seduce/charm/dominate would be great such as: (off the top of my brain)
Psych--hit unit comes to you thinking you want to give him something nice to eat, then whap! while he's -5 def. =)
Assist with Strings--replenishes life of enemy unit, for service to you until he whacks his own. no not that.
Pawn--trades your lowest stat for his highest. hmm.
Slander--tells the unit dirty little lies about his master, confirming his worst fears, and causing him spread them among the troups
causing moral to plummet and him to desert.
um um bout ooo Enlighten....unit sees the Oneness of the Universe and chooses non-violence...lays down, smells flowers, stares into sky.

well..hehhh maybe not but...

anyway weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on with the Water! ~ hypnos the dream

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posted 08-06-02 01:52 AM EDT (US)     22 / 34  
I've seen in a number of posts here references to the player having mulitple heroes. I can only get one in my game. I've tried the spell Call hero and I'm told there are no more heros. Can someone explain this??
posted 08-06-02 03:58 AM EDT (US)     23 / 34  
There is a limited number of heroes available on any map. One of the ones randomly available on this map - Ham - was a bug however and he was removed in patch 1.10, so it is likely that by the time you tried to call one, all the heroes were gone even though others have gotten two in the past.
posted 08-26-02 05:52 AM EDT (US)     24 / 34  
I had my Hero DIE during the first water phase. It just sucks that I can't summon a new Hero. I'm the type of player that sticks with the deck he is dealt... mainly because you can't reload an old game if your hero dies during multiplayer. This means permanently one less Hero for the entire Water sphere!!

I feel that having only a specific Hero or two is a game flaw... mainly because CallHero spell can't work and the death of two Heroes seriously makes a sphere more difficult because there's NO WAY to get a replacement.

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posted 08-26-02 02:24 PM EDT (US)     25 / 34  
Ray, have you seen the AoW1 campaign that I have been making? You might have some comments.
posted 04-25-04 03:25 PM EDT (US)     26 / 34  
Hi everyone,

First 'real' post here. Previous was in the wrong topic asking for advice on this scenario.

I skipped Fire 3. I'll go back and hit the Phase 3s after I make my way around. I found Water 1 to be a completely different class of difficulty compared to Fire 1 and 2. In Water 1, even though I've gotten a strong foothold, Mab and Nimue put up insane fights. Without any Fire-type top-level destruction (i.e. Forge Blast I think it's called) you have to win your battles by fighting.

I believe the key to success is "ultraviolence" as I like to call it.

(1) Take the Goblin city on the starting island and migrate it, ASAP. I find that the times I didn't migrate it, I never got a hero join offer. This city is just a money-maker. It's production capacity is craptacular.

(2) While you're taking it with your original 3 troops and Merlin (it will only have 2 defending and no wall if you're quick), start pumping mostly slingers and some swordsmen from the first city. Why 3 and not 4? Because while you were building barracks in the first city, you sent a peasant to get the production resource so you could build a Siege Workshop.

(3) By the time you finish migrating the goblin city, you'll have a 7-stack ready to transport. Buy the first city (make sure you get there with just the right amount of gold to spare) and advance ASAP towards the wizards tower. The time and money you save capturing this city make it the most important on the map, IMHO.

(4) If you can time this just right, it will only have 2-3 units defending. Marinus should notice this and one of his flyers should swoop in. Darn... Not to worry, take the city to the south - it had 6 units defending with no wall, against my Merlin and Hero stacks - no contest.

(5) Send your hero stack and the troops you've been transporting it from your starting city, up to the small Nimue-human town above the wizards tower. I believe having both Marinus and myself occupying those two cities spooked the AI, because the only raiders it sent were to recover the furnace.

Now I'm building up and building up, but just can't figure out what a good strategy for attacking Mab in her castle. I tried last night - lost 33 units to her 11

Any suggestions?


posted 04-26-04 03:49 AM EDT (US)     27 / 34  
Hi rslifka,
Water 1 is one of the harder scenarios within the campaign so you shouldn't feel too bad about having trouble with it. If you are already attacking Mab in her last city then it seems your are close to winning as well and I'm not sure how to help you (or if you need my advice ).

As for the last fight, what kind of units did you bring? What kind of units did Mab have? With the assistance of some magic spells and a hero or two such a fight shouldn't normally cause any problems.

posted 04-26-04 11:15 AM EDT (US)     28 / 34  
Cool, well that's good to know

I found Fire 1 to be challenging (in a good way). Fire 2 wasn't all that difficult. Water 1 is muuuch harder than Fire 1 or 2 and I was concerned that, if it were setting the tone for the rest of the campaign, I might not be able to finish the game!

Hopefully I can find some siege-strategy threads in this forum. Can't seem to find the search button tho' =/


posted 04-27-04 03:41 AM EDT (US)     29 / 34  
The search function is at the bottom of the forum page, you can search by subject or by author. For tips on how to get started you should definitely check out Jomungurs strategy tips right above this thread, but I'm guessing that you have already found them.

Some tips about sieges:

Use fast units with high defense to take down 1 or 2 gates quickly (knights might do it in water1, halflings don't have any real 'tank' units with high defense and good hit points).

Your main attacking force should usually be lv3 units.

Bring some extra lv1 infantry for the fight. Their role is not to kill anything but they can force opponents to retaliate and become defenseless when your tougher units strike. Placing lv1 units right in front of more valuable units can also be useful when you are approaching the gates.

Be prepared before you enter the fight. Unit enchantments (bless, enchant weapon, liquid form, static shield etc.) are some of the most effective spells there is in the game. Put them on your best units to make them even better, if you have lots of units this might mean spending all casting points for 5 turns before the fight.

Spend your casting points during the actual fight on healing your strongest units or by attacking enemy siege weapons.

If possible, bring priests that can heal important units during the fight.

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I just started Water 1 today and had something strange happen. While defending a city I was attacked by a force taht included a couple of Goblin darters. All of a sudden a stone like animation appeared and it said that I was being hit by the darters. They were way too effective and my slingers were slaughtered in short order. What is going on???
posted 05-21-04 09:31 PM EDT (US)     31 / 34  
Stone like animation?.
You mean before the battle began?.
posted 05-22-04 11:01 AM EDT (US)     32 / 34  
No it was during the battle. Now I think it may be some sort of spell that went off right before the Darter. Thanks.
posted 05-22-04 03:39 PM EDT (US)     33 / 34  
Stone-like animation? Could it be the Stoning spell?
posted 05-25-04 05:13 PM EDT (US)     34 / 34  
I found this scenario VERY easy. I used a strategy similar to RayB's. I massed Slingers in my cities, cast Wetlands, and the built up two stacks of Leprechauns to run across the waters and hammer Nimue. I was never attacked, not once, and Nimue's forces didn't stand a chance. I managed this in around 90-100 turns.

Granted, that's a very cheesy, strategy-free way to win. Don't worry! I had changed my ways by Life 1.

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