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Topic Subject: Best Level 1 unit? Is there one?
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posted 11-30-01 11:16 PM EDT (US)   
This is probably one of the more interesting posts I have made. Which do you think is the best of these level one extra units:

Giant Frog-odd critter things
Boar-odd critter things
Mermaid-Maverick (whatever that is)
Lady of Pain-Darkelves
Dire Penguin!-Frostlings
Wolf-odd critter things
Spirit Puppet-High Men

Let me know what you think.
Also let me know what Basic Infantry you
like best and think is the best.

I squee'd like a fangirl when the Frostlings were announced for AoW3. True story.
posted 08-23-04 10:32 AM EDT (US)     61 / 67  
yep, but IMO the are better at arrow catching than swordsmen
posted 09-04-04 11:34 AM EDT (US)     62 / 67  
Pony rider, Pony rider, Pony rider.

Add 2 more hp, one more attack, 6 more mp, one more attack, and of course, the whooping charge, on the regular swordsman, and you will have a very, very, effective unit.

Add the fact that they really count as cavalry, cavalry gets to attack archers before they can fire their arrows in FC, those who praise the elephants should know that the elephants, counts as infantry, and are therefore more vulnerable to archers than ponies.

Those who likes orc swordsmen most, should take notice, that the orc may die in the first strike from the pony.

Best swordsman is the orc, definately.

Best lvl1 infantry has to be the berserker.

Best elephant - has to be the elephant.

Beserker has as high damage as the orc, the dwarven abilities, and that lovely round attack, this means, when killing an enemy swordsman, instead of taking 4 hits, and dealing 4 hits, its taking 2 hits, dealing 3 hits. I'ts kinda clear how much difference it is. It sucks against archers, thats its little bane...(Doesnt all infantry do?)

Edit: one more hp than the regular swordsman, helps a little too

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posted 09-04-04 11:42 AM EDT (US)     63 / 67  
For special infantry, I've personally always preferred the Pikeman over the Berserker (Although the Berserker IS cool!); First Strike is just such a great skill, espescially in the hands of a Human (Goblin Spearmen can only do so much). Of course, there aren't many choices, are there? The only real Infantry special are the Pikeman, the Berserker, and if you want to bend the rules a bit, the Bomber and the Kobold.
posted 09-04-04 11:47 AM EDT (US)     64 / 67  
Yes, pikemen are really good units, but i rarely install and produce them; it is a waste of turns, its just the same as a swordsman but with first strike, i really dont think its worth it, id rather pump out 2 archers. But, who knows, i think im gonna try this right away!

If i get one from buying a city, i gladly use them

The kobold, its hand to hand, looks like a swordsman with huge eyes, yes, i would call it infantry .

The bomber isnt infantry, its just suicidal .

Small Edit; Yes, the berserker is cool ;-D, one of my favorites actually.

I have gone to find myself.
If i get back before i return, keep me here.

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posted 09-05-04 10:42 PM EDT (US)     65 / 67  
I just discovered that Stone skinned pony riders are killing machines! They defeated two orc Warlords!
posted 09-06-04 03:28 AM EDT (US)     66 / 67  
Yes, they own .
It takes 3 pony riders to take out one warlord, quite impressive eh?(Without enchantments)

I have gone to find myself.
If i get back before i return, keep me here.
posted 09-06-04 10:42 AM EDT (US)     67 / 67  
I almost never use the regular human swordsmen over the pikemen. The stats, as you said, are the same... plus first strike. It it balanced out economically by the installation and (if I remember) higher production cost. In combat, it makes them much more effective in defensive lines, almost to the point where I'll split a human stack in half with pikemen and archers. Almost.

I have never tried stone-skinning a Pony Rider, or for that matter, most non-hero units. I'm not suprised that you beat two Orc Warlords like that though. With the Halflings, I tend to rush the heck out of them, and generally can take out most anybody head on like that. I keep the slower slingers back in defensive positions, with a few pont riders for point. It is the only race I can win a map with by only using that particular race's units. Typically, it's only the lvl 1 units, though I do like the Centaurs and I do have a number of clerics floating around with my aritillery.

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