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Topic Subject:Good/Evil Life/Death Redundencies And Flexability
posted 02-16-13 10:56 AM EDT (US)         
There has been some arguing over at the other forum regarding unconventional race/class/sphere combinations. I believe that these unconventional options should not only be available, but encouraged.

My friends and I always found it cool that you could that you could select elves with death magic (they often did in fact). In aowSM it was at times synergistic to do so. Take for example Orcs and Goblins. Both races have a resistance deficit. It just so happens that the best resistance boosting unit enchantment is a life spell: bless. Spells like healing and high prayer would keep your warlords going longer and harder while sacred wrath would soften the enemy as you were charging at them. Mighty meek worked well on goblin butchers and Orc axemen. Warlords with resurgence. It was a shame that so many life magic spells (such as sacred woods, summon units) were unusable to you.

On the flip side, it was somewhat redundant to get death magic with undead. Almost all of your units have death strike so dark gift is less useful. In SM Halflings had a resistance surplus which made many of life magic's resistance bolstering effects redundant.

Triumph it seems like you are trying to keep things open and let people find their own tactics and solutions. I encourage you to do so. It was this notion that turned me on to AoW in the first place, and kept me coming back over the years.

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posted 02-17-13 06:07 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Thanks Acheron

About the unconventional combinations... I can honestly say that, while being a big fan of the earlier games myself, it never was a point of concern for me. I've contemplated why that wasn't yesterday, and ignoring personal taste etc I think a big difference was that I got to 'play' (as far as that was possible at that point) with the game immediately.

It all sort of flows automatically from the rest of the game I feel, and I think that it fits the 3rd installment well.

Seeing how you choose alignment during play based on your actions for example... That for me was a logical step to take with Meandor first choosing to become evil (in fact corrupting a number of elves to become a different race, even), and then choosing to become good again in SM, fighting alongside Julia after coming to terms with himself. If you are then playing a Leader like Meandor, why wouldn't you have the same freedom?

That and more combines in Age of Wonders 3 in such a way that, to me at least, it feels natural.

posted 02-17-13 09:18 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
This aspect of the game is probably going to remain controversial up until the very release.

But it honestly should be fine because you can still play "proper" combinations like druid/sorc elves, rogue goblins, dred dwarves, theo archons, etc. and set your opponents accordingly.
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