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Topic Subject:Abilities that you would like to see
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posted 02-08-13 01:02 PM EDT (US)         
Rather than start a whole topic on ideas for AoW3, I thought it would be good to break topics down into general areas: i.e. abilities, magic, races, etc, to avoid creating one giant thread that was too unwieldy to search.

So, an ability that I would like to see:

In AoW I, unlimited retaliation helped make heroes invincible; in AoW:SM, it contributed to their being quite pathetic. Enter ability "endurance." As with Leadership, increasing levels of this ability give an additional retaliation strike to a hero/unit.

What abilities would others like to see?
posted 02-08-13 01:58 PM EDT (US)     1 / 68       
  • Abilities that make units move (and heal) faster on various terrain types (Desert, Snow, higher levels of Swimming for Water etc.)
  • Invoke Death (like in AoW1)
  • Herbalism - doubles the healing rate of all units in the party while on a Vegetation or Dense Vegetation hex
  • Forest Guide - gives Forestry to all units in the party
  • Mountain Guide - gives Mountaineering to all units in the party
  • Underground Guide - gives Cave Crawling to all units in the party
  • Ranged Tactics - increases attack and damage of ranged attacks of all units in the party
  • Quartermaster - decreases the upkeep cost of all units in the party
  • Logistics - increases movement of all units in the party
  • Aura of Resistance - increases resistance of all units in the party
  • Rebuild Machine - "resurrects" a destroyed machine
  • Control Machine - attempts to take control of an enemy machine

    Will post more when I get more ideas.

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  • balance11
    posted 02-08-13 02:38 PM EDT (US)     2 / 68       
    I would like to see more individual heroes, so I can suggest mastery skills i e specialization on a specific kind of items:

    sword master (can be obtained by warrior heroes of humans and some other races) - provides additional attack bonus (or / and an additional retaliation strike) if hero is wearing a sword.

    hammer master - the same for dwarven hero with damage bonus. And so forth (master of rings, pike, staff, shield, banner, etc.)

    So it would be an additional deal to distribute items between your heroes with maximum effect.

    I'd like leadership ability to be leveled and also differ for commander-type heroes of different races (dwarves give defense bonus, orcs - attack, humans - complex).

    Also I think AOW can adopt the necromancy ability from HOMM, so that heroes of the specific classes would be able to gather and lead a skeletal / zombie / mummy army made from the corpses of defeated enemies.

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    The Harlequin
    posted 02-08-13 05:45 PM EDT (US)     3 / 68       
    Yay! Good idea!

    Well, I always thought I would love be to have a skill that would be like grasp, with charges as well, but that would bring a unit in front of its location rather than throwing it away. It would be ranged and, like doom gaze, only available during the green move. Sort of an atractor beam.

    Also, I thought of a unit like a doppelganger that was so interesting in concept, but would not be really used in the practice mainly, I think, because it had to be the one doing the killing blow. So, I would like to see a skill around that concept that would mirror or mimic an enemy unit, but so as to not make it too powerful, would have restrictions such as only lasting for a few turns, or "copying" the skills but not the stats, etc.
    posted 02-08-13 06:26 PM EDT (US)     4 / 68       
    PawelS, I think those are great ideas!
    posted 02-08-13 06:58 PM EDT (US)     5 / 68       
    The Groll started a thread on this very subject a few years back.

    Some food for thought:,5538,,all
    posted 02-09-13 04:15 AM EDT (US)     6 / 68       
    Watching this : )>
    Keep em coming.

    PawelS, nice ideas.
    Also thnx for the link to the Groll thread Acheron.

    Big benefit of a bunch of these ideas is that they are more feasible for us to make, compared to the suggestions in the 'Spells that you want to see' thread.

    [Edit: Typos]

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    The Harlequin
    posted 02-09-13 06:44 AM EDT (US)     7 / 68       
    * Tactical Commander (I,II,III): Gives the commander the ability to arrange units in tactical combat. Depending on its level, gives each unit a number of movements points they can spend prior to the start of the combat.
    posted 02-09-13 07:54 AM EDT (US)     8 / 68       
    A few ideas that we were planning to implement in MPE, but never got to it:

    1. Endurance - gives unit +1 retaliation strike per ability level.

    2. Daredevil - increases unit's Atk/Dmg as it loses HP

    3. Cure - removes negative statuses (probably a nice idea for a spell too).

    4. Elementalist - increases chance for elemental statuses (stunned/poisoned/etc.) to hit the target.

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    posted 02-09-13 08:08 AM EDT (US)     9 / 68       
    What I can of think right now is:

    - Assassinate : kinda like invoke death, but of course not magical/unholy. Tactical Combat. Another use of this ability could be on the global map, but I'm not sure how that would be balanced or implemented.

    Could be a gold medal ability of rogue/assassin Units, or something the Rogue leader class can get on some Units.

    - Pick Pocket: Something that allows a Rogue hero/Unit to 'steal' an item for an enemy hero (not completely stealing, but making it unavailable during combat)

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    posted 02-09-13 09:50 AM EDT (US)     10 / 68       
    assassinate could activate just before a battle with a chance of killing a random creature.

    also we could have poison or vertigo abilities etc that strike a random creature before combat.
    posted 02-09-13 10:19 AM EDT (US)     11 / 68       
    - Concealment and True Seeing - I always felt there should be a few levels of these abilities - after all shadow demon spirit should be harder to spot than a veteran halfling.

    Also, a different kinds of concealments would be great (physical, magical etc) - to add some diversity to guerilla tactics.

    Swimming out with the open sea... Like the great wild herring...

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    posted 02-09-13 11:00 AM EDT (US)     12 / 68       
    Good idea on different kinds of Concealment!

    one more I thought about:

    - Sabotage: not as in the AoW SM ability, but something that is used BEFORE a battle. Such as a rust ichor to be applied to enemies swords for example; reduces Attack and damage of an enemy unit.

    Could also be used on siege machines, but instead of being destroyed/taking damage, they can fail and jam during combat.

    I think these 'roguish' abilities would be super fun. Maybe some for the Rogue leader only.

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    posted 02-09-13 11:39 AM EDT (US)     13 / 68       
    No Problem Sikbok.

    "control machine" would be a fun ability to give to some imps or poltergeist.

    Here's an idea in Groll's format:

    [c=#FFFFFF][b][u]Name of the ability[/u][/b] Give it a name.[/c]

    [c=#FFFFFF][u][b]Explanation:[/b][/u] How it works.[/c]


    Name of the ability Reach

    Explanation: Allows unit to make melee attacks over walls.

    Note: Ideal for gargantuan units that seem like they could reach units situated on walls. for example: bone giants, titans, dread reapers. Attacks would be made at a penalty (~25%) to account for the additional cover walls provide.

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    posted 02-09-13 03:26 PM EDT (US)     14 / 68       
    In the Mistle Mod (way cool, even though it's work in progress) they changed Block into Dodge. This, I think, is a good idea.

    Maybe both of them should exist. Block for units with armour and Dodge for quick, agile units.

    Name of the ability Dodge

    Explanation Evade an incoming attack

    Note Of course, there should be a difference between the two, so perhaps Dodge, in effect, could mean sidestepping to an adjacent hex
    posted 02-10-13 05:13 AM EDT (US)     15 / 68       
    I'd like to see more 'scissors-rock-paper' in AOW-3, so I suggest well known things:

    Name of the ability Skeletal body

    Explanation: Enemy pierce and arrow attacks do 50% less damage; enemy smashing attacks do 50% more damage

    Note:That requires the damage type classification, which could be easily done by another pack of abilities (i e if unit uses club, mace, fist, or tramples like elefant - it's 'smash' and so on)

    Name of the ability Mounted

    Explanation: Enemy pierce attacks do 50% more damage

    Note:This will give spearmen advantage fighting cavalry

    This approach can be continued..
    posted 02-10-13 06:02 AM EDT (US)     16 / 68       
    I see that I posted some ability ideas in The Groll's thread, and forgot about it. So here is the next portion from me, some copied from there, and some new:

  • Monster Slayer - ATT and DAM bonus vs Creatures
  • Elemental - indicates that the unit is an Elemental creature, and some abilities (like Life Stealing) don't work on it
  • Aquatic - increased healing rate in water, decreased elsewhere
  • Hunter - decreased upkeep cost while in Dense Vegetation (or the unit doesn't require food while in Dense Vegetation, if the food resource is added to the game); ATT/DAM bonus vs Animals
  • Shock Wave - does physical damage to all units (friends and enemies) around this unit in a certain radius (it can be something like 4 hexes), units standing closer get more damage; usable once per battle
  • Mental Aid - cancels enemy mind control (like Seduced or Dominated) from a unit, or removes Will Drained
  • Siege Tower - when this unit stands next to a wall, allows friendly units to move through this unit and through the wall hex, to get inside an enemy walled structure.
  • Heavy - increased movement cost in Swamp, Desert and Snow. Can't enter Ice. Can't travel in Balloons and Air Galleys. Immune to Grasp and Winds of Fury.
  • New concealment abilities - Lava Concealment, Swamp Concealment, Mountain Concealment, Ice Concealment, City Concealment, Bridge Concealment and so on. Also it would be nice if Concealment abilities and Invisibility worked against the AI.

    Changes to existing abilities:

  • Swimming should have multiple levels, the first level (used for Humans that can swim, for example) should allow only slow travel through water (8 MP/hex), while the highest level should give 2 MP/hex, so aquatic creatures move faster on water than on land.

  • Sailing (and high level Swimming) should allow moving through Ocean (a new terrain type, like in Civilization games), units with low level Swimming shouldn't be able to enter it. There can be also some type of water hexes (reef or kelp/reeds etc.) where units with Swimming can enter, but units with Sailing can't.

  • Wall Climbing should work differently than Pass Wall. While Pass Wall should still allow units to move through walls at normal cost (4 MP), Wall Climbing shouldn't be as good, for example the cost can be higher (8 MP), or even the unit can be forced to end its turn on a Wall, and have decreased defense there.

  • Life Stealing should decrease the unit's healing rate, so it relies on stealing the life of others to survive.

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  • Narvek
    posted 02-10-13 06:14 AM EDT (US)     17 / 68       
    Some great ideas here (some which are already in actually, in some way or form!), keep them coming!


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    The Harlequin
    posted 02-10-13 06:27 AM EDT (US)     18 / 68       
    Name of the ability: Fire/Shocking/Freezing/Poisoning Aura.

    Explanation: Makes units (enemy and friendly) adjacent to the caster receive elemental damage per turn, with a chance to ignite/stun/freeze/poison its target.

    Note: Especially good for elementals. The damage per turn could be similar to the one done by Enchanted Walls.

    Edit: Format.

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    posted 02-10-13 06:54 AM EDT (US)     19 / 68       
    Name of the ability Stunning Blow/ Throw/ Trip

    Explanation: Tactical attack that stuns/trips a Unit making it lose a combat turn.

    Note: Ability(ies) for specialized melee/ranged Units such as a master swordsman, samurai, and halfling rogues. Stunning Throw inspired by David vs. Goliath, I can see halfling elite units doing this; Hurl Stones but instead of 3/3 day it would be once per combat turn (called shot!). Non magical nature so Freedom of Movement/ Freedom does not end the effect. Yes this is D&D/DDO inspired

    Name of the ability Chaos Strike/ Breath/ javelin etc

    Explanation: Melee attack that produces a random elemental damage

    Note:For chaotic style Units/Summons

    Gazillion Edits: typos and code mistakes >.>

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    posted 02-10-13 08:52 AM EDT (US)     20 / 68       
    These suggestions are more from a modders perspective, and some might be bit unnecessary for vanilla game, but anyways..

  • Spell Casting for units . Could be pretty overpowered ability if used too much, but would be a nice option.
  • Phobia of.. goblins! Or anything really. Would be fun to have more negative abilities. This ability could cause unit to become frightened if fighting against opponent he has phobia of. Although might be more appropriate for heroes than whole unit groups.
  • Damage reduction. Reduces fixed amount of damage from any attack. This might contradict the protection abilities a bit, but could be interesting bonus ability for some units.

    Changes to previous abilities / attributes:
  • Special ability charges. Could be useful to have more options for the "uses" of abilities than just 1 or 3.
  • Protections. Would be good to have more levels of protection than just 50% and 100%, and they could affect chance of the status effect as well.
  • Unit sizes. The size of the unit could make a difference on how certain spells and terrain affect you, and also if you can mount a transport (kinda like Pawel suggested with the Heavy ability). Also huge units could squash tiny units, and certain units could have special bonus against certain size units.

    In addition it might be good idea to show some more abilities with simple icons or symbols (like attack, defense, etc are shown now). What I mean is that things like attack types, protections and unit types(machine, undead, summoned, animal, dragon, gender etc), could be shown on separate display or something. This would reduce the textual list of abilities and could be easier to read, in case some1 suddenly had an idea of adding several dozen of abilities to some unit . This suggestion is based on the interface of AoW:SM, TS might have something else in mind altogether of course.

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  • Gilafron
    posted 02-10-13 08:59 AM EDT (US)     21 / 68       
    I liked how the evolution mod made levels for the abilities. Hence, archery IV existed and negated the reliance on marksmanship IV, which covered every missile weapon. As a result, I think dragon's breath needed to be way, way stronger and could be with such a system.

    Likewise, I'd like to see different area of effects. For instance, an ice dragon's breath may encompass a larger area than a doom wolf's breath. And maybe a lightning breath is a long, straight line.
    EvilEmpire II
    posted 02-10-13 09:15 AM EDT (US)     22 / 68       
    Name of the ability: Cleave

    Explanation: If dealing the deathblow, and another unit is in radius, strike at that creature.

    Note: Straight outta D&D

    Name of the ability: Dauntless

    Explanation: If target creature is stronger than the attacker, make some kind of roll, if succeded attack with same force as target creature (or some variant of that).

    Note: From good ol Blood Bowl

    Name of the ability: Guard

    Explanation: If standing next to an ally, give attack bonus to that ally.

    Note: Another one from Blood Bowl

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    The Harlequin
    posted 02-10-13 09:34 AM EDT (US)     23 / 68       
    Name of the ability: Binding of life.

    Explanation: Ranged ability. Target friendly unit shares his fate with the caster: Caster and target health pools are added together and then divided equally between the two. All incoming damage either of them receive, is then distributed in the same way.

    Note: For a druidic type of unit. Both, target and caster, really share their fate, for if any of them dies, the other dies as well. Healing effects, if applicable, would also be evenly distributed between the two. Could be extended to share conditions and buffs.

    A different ability could be made to target an enemy unit: In this case, a portion of the damage the caster receives, is then redirected towards the selected enemy unit. Lasts until either of them dies.
    posted 02-10-13 09:59 AM EDT (US)     24 / 68       
    I feel that some abilities that enhance existing capabilities of a unit would be great for more expensive creatures as well as promotion/level-up benefits or abilities to help 'specialize' heroes, presuming heroes still gain abilities with levels.

    Name of the ability Keen Eye (I, II, III, IV)

    Explanation: Increases the range of ranged attacks by (X) hexes.

    Note: Excellent promotion for ranged units or heroes to specialize better in archery/bolt-flinging/etc, similar to the Marksmanship abilities.

    Also, in the spirit of the number of more.... 'random' outcomes of certain spells that have existed, if there are similarly entropic units (perhaps summoned or found). So taking inspiration from Fairy Dragon...

    Name of the ability Entropic Strike

    Explanation: Attacks by this creature may deal random types of damage.

    Note: Certainly a niche ability that I wouldn't like to see on anything except an equipment piece for heroes and one or two units, but each attack in melee potentially being a Fire Strike or a Cold Strike or everyone's favorite Lightning Strike would be exciting, to say the least.

    Having some kind of 'temporary summon' might be interesting, in a sort of quasi Goblin Bomber, save that it simply degrades over time naturally, perhaps every time it attacks such as...

    Name of the ability Dissipation Strike

    Explanation: For each successful hit, lose (X) HP.

    Note: Could also be put on Hero equipment, on an all-mighty sword that drains you to use. On a unit by default, the unit might have a lot of HP (but probably little other defense) or might have little but have a heck of a blow to it. Of course, whether traditional Healing will work on units with this or not may shake some strategy up.

    A form of terrain concealment that hasn't been seen yet would be neat...I'm thinking a means to hide defenders in a city. While not a new concept (considering the Nomad's unique building in Shadow Magic and in a sense, the Elven one as well), having a race or leader class with the exclusive or semi-exclusive means to hide their defenders would add an interesting angle...even only cheap ones, like some kind of City Militia (that to the eyes of others, largely just blends into the population of the city).

    Name of the ability City Concealment

    Explanation: Unit cannot be seen in city (except by True Seeing, adjacent enemies, etc).

    Note: Maybe put it on siege weapons of a certain race? Maybe they're covered or kept indoors or magicked to be hidden or something?

    Finally, for something different, maybe something that makes a unit more resource-friendly to maintain, with an ability that either generates resources or conserves them somehow, such as...

    Name of the ability Zeal

    Explanation: This unit has no upkeep cost if its morale is Cheerful.

    Note: Alternatives include halving the upkeep cost or something. Also encourages more strictly similar group compositions, such as a single race or alignment. The name I gave the ability is an example in the situation of, say, the whole sort of "Crusading" theme in the Theocrat leader class, from the looks of it.

    EDIT: Sorry about that. I clearly didn't read the forum as well as I'd thought, I'd completely missed that "Chaos Strike" has already been suggested.

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    AOWH/AOW2H Seraph
    posted 02-10-13 12:26 PM EDT (US)     25 / 68       
    Some really cool ideas, here!

    I am mostly excited about abilities that make Tactical Combat (TC)- map battles more interesting. For example, abilities that play with the choices of spreading your army out or keeping them closer together, affecting choices verses close-combat versus ranged-combat strategies, and general positioning and formations.

    Area attack abilities
    Attack abilities on units that are area-based (e.g., target multiple hexes) 'force' defenders to spread their armies more, or in certain formations. For example, I hope we keep, and expand on, the bomb/splash type attacks (e.g., 1 hex diameter range attack, or 2 hex attacks). The spray/breath attacks in one direction, like we had in AoW-sm, are also cool in that respect.

    In addition, I would suggest (more) abilities that have damage effects in other directions or configurations, such as:

    Straight blast abilities: [Active ability] A firebolt, for example, that shoots in a straight line (all 6 directions) from the unit damaging all units in its path (friendly and unfriendly). Upgrades in level increase damage as well as path length.

    3-hex area-damage abilities: [Active ability] In AoW-sm, it was either 1 hex or 7 hexes for a ranged attack. This is too much of a jump and also made it hard to balance, imo. A 3-hex area damage ability will be a nice middle ground. The impact can be more powerful and it will lead to different defensive formations than a 7-hex area-attack. This would have a great impact on tactics!

    Surround damage/drain abilities: [Active ability] For example, a wall, or blast, of fire/magic suddenly surrounds the unit, hurting everyone adjacent to it. AoW-SM abilities such as round attack, and spread attack should return (but stronger, and more common, cause they were too weak in AoW-sm... ). Such an abilities could be instant, but also last a few rounds. For example, a lich could have a drain-field ability, such that the closer you get to the unit, the more hp or lowering of stats enemy units suffer.

    Semi-surround damage abilities [Active ability] These would be abilities that allow a unit to attack the hex it is facing, and the two next hexes with 50% damage (enemy units only) next to it. Sortof like 'round attack', but with 180 degrees coverage. This will have defenders try and surround this unit to take it down more effectively.

    Random-surround damage abilities [Active ability] These abilities are more powerful and do damage to surroundings (1-2 hex radius), but have a degree of randomness to where the damage is done within a particular range. A giant mushroom, for example, could spit out spores in the skies that land, randomly, in the surroundings. These abilities should be timed, and positioned, well by attackers so to do minimal damage to friendly units.

    Area defense/bonus abilities
    Then it would be cool to have abilities that benefit units being (closer) together. Unlike AoW-SM, I think it would allow for more tactics if such abilities also work on the degree of proximity to that unit. Abilities such as Leadership (providing atk or dam bonus), various protective auras/magical shields (providing def, res, or elemental defense bonus), healing fields (heal X hp/turn), etc... could benefit friendly (and in cases, unfriendly) units that are close(r) to that unit. This is better, imo, from AoW-sm, where leadership, for example, affected everyone equally in on the entire battlefield. The level of that ability can than affect its range as well as the strength.

    Position-dependent abilities

    Backstab: [Passive ability] Backstab ability deals triple, or double, damage when behind an enemy (i.e., unit must be exactly behind an enemy unit for triple, or flank-behind for double damage. 'Behind' is opposite to what direction a unit is facing, i.e., the direction it last moved in, or attacked. This fearsome rogue-ability will have defenders need to cover the back of certain heroes/important units when they attack, and attackers cleverly maneuvre themselves into attack positions.

    Pack: [passive ability] A unit gains a bonus (e.g., +1 attack, or def) depending on how many of its kin are adjacent to it at that time (inspired on the Sliver cards in Magic the gathering... ). In isolation, these creatures are weak, however, when in a group, their power increases. For example, this could apply to Goblins, pack dogs, etc...

    Mine: [Active: x 1/combat] A unit, such as an engineer, can lay down a mine (doesn't consume movement points) in TC on a hex. Mines are not visible to the enemy. Mines can either automatically explode, with great damage, when an enemy unit moves over it. Alternatively, mines can be placed, and exploded (with area damage?) by an engineer as well. This will make for some really interesting TC mindgames, and positioning...

    Guard: [Passive] If standing next to an ally, give attack [or defense] bonus to that ally. As described by EvilEmpire II.

    All such abilities would make TC more dynamic and interesting, imo, as they affect how one composits and positions/moves their armies.

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    posted 02-10-13 12:30 PM EDT (US)     26 / 68       
    After reading many of these ideas, my hope is that Triumph puts more (not less) abilities in the game. Even if only so that they can be adapted or introduced via mods if excessive complexity is a worry....
    posted 02-10-13 12:50 PM EDT (US)     27 / 68       
  • Protector - reduces damage taken by the party from overland spells (would be useful especially if the AoW1 altars are back)
  • Home Guard - bonuses to combat stats on friendly territory
  • Agility - ignores zones of control of enemy units
  • Charm - a mind control ability that works only on humanoids (like in AoW1)
  • Crushing Blow* - an attack that does more damage than normal, can be used once per battle
  • Trample* - can kill an enemy unit without attacking, only by moving into its hex, if it's a small or medium sized unit with low HP (can be used for elephant units)
  • Dexterity* - can attack enemies in melee without getting retaliation strikes
  • Soul Stealing* - recovers some HP when killing an enemy living unit

    * ideas inspired by Eador: Genesis

    Changes to existing abilities:

  • Resurrect - it should work only on friendly units
  • Control Animal - it should be usable to take control of an animal only once per day, and to cause "Feral Mount" any number of times (can be split into 2 abilities)
  • Web, Entangle - number of uses per day or per combat should be limited
  • Protections - should reduce the chance of getting special effects (Burning, Frozen etc.) or even prevent them completely

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  • Swolte
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    posted 02-10-13 01:07 PM EDT (US)     28 / 68       
    Reall like the agility and trample idea (the "trample" could consume 16 mp, or something).

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    posted 02-10-13 01:55 PM EDT (US)     29 / 68       
    Backstab: [Passive ability] Backstab ability deals triple, or double, damage when behind an enemy (i.e., unit must be exactly behind an enemy unit for triple, or flank-behind for double damage. 'Behind' is opposite to what direction a unit is facing, i.e., the direction it last moved in, or attacked. This fearsome rogue-ability will have defenders need to cover the back of certain heroes/important units when they attack, and attackers cleverly maneuvre themselves into attack positions.
    Combine backstab with invisibilty and/or the heightened concealment abilities suggested here and whammo! I like it, but triple damage might be too powerful.
    posted 02-11-13 06:26 AM EDT (US)     30 / 68       
    Armored: Unit reduce the incoming physical damage by a percent(for example 20%) Its similar to the psysical protection which was in AoW but it can be given to more units like knights, dwarf runemasters ect.
    posted 02-11-13 09:43 AM EDT (US)     31 / 68       
    Mobility: single attack and jump back two tiles tile without enemy retaliation. Should have interesting possibilities when caused with status effects and large armies (about to) (surround)ing a powerful enemy. (enemy unit wasting the retaliation optional, but i think it could be cool, to have a 'missed' animation).

    Two tiles to give space for your other DEF focused attackers to move in to surround the enemy.

    Pull spell: doesn't damage directly but pulls the enemy some tiles towards the caster. If you want to get fancy, make it damage the enemy if pulled towards a intertwining obstruction. If you are going to implement water in combat areas, make units without waterwalking/swimming/flying have drowning while swimming animations and have very restricted movement (say, one tile per turn or even every other turn) and steady hp loss while in water (as well as no attacking/spellcasting/retaliation?)
    Or, if this is too much work, just end it as the border of the water. What did grasp do in this case BTW?

    If pull is too powerful in normal situations because of pulling vulnerable units to the front, make it 'push'. You can also use it to push enemies towards your heavy hitters, if you attack with two opposite stacks; but that is interesting by itself.

    Spell metamodifiers: like D&D3. Extend spell, enlarge spell, empower spell, quicken spell (maybe implemented as casting two spells in a turn) etc.

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    posted 02-11-13 09:57 AM EDT (US)     32 / 68       
    I always kind of thought the 'grasp' ability should be more like the pull spell suggested instead of a grab and throw.
    posted 02-11-13 10:06 AM EDT (US)     33 / 68       
    Actually, push is actually more powerful than pull. I didn't thought it through to the ranged army. But web or entangle from the wizard is already worse, since it has +1 turn effect. In effect the difference is that instead of 'stop/slow' spells these can be used in both situations and don't require the enemy unit cooperation and don't have multiple turns effect. So they can be really powerful against the backliners, but are not more efficient than slow or web/entangle against the heavy cavalry.
    Grasp is very similar yes.

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    posted 02-11-13 11:31 AM EDT (US)     34 / 68       
    I came up with an idea while reading Merkraad's idea about 'stealing item' in the thread.

    Disarm: This is an action ability like Round Attack or Strangle. This ability can be used on any units possessing a weapon even heroes (except priest heroes, unless you decide that priests always need to use a staff to cast spells). If the ability is successfully used on an unit, that unit will suffer a great penalty in attack and damage (bigger penalty than Vertigo/Poison in the current Aow games). If it's a ranged weapon, the unit won't be able to use ranged attack anymore.
    Chance to hit: Depending on level of the ability (1->3). If it fails, it can help a chance to deal a small damage. This is a very difficult skill in reality so the chance to hit should not be high but the result should be very rewarding.
    Duration of effect: a number of turns from 3->5 depending on the level of the ability. Or... it could be permanent during the combat like Vertigo.
    This ability can be given to a special unit of rogue class or to an item like a whip.

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    posted 02-11-13 01:32 PM EDT (US)     35 / 68       
    I notice a lot of cool ideas for "rogue" abilities, and think that this is great! In the past titles, Rogues have had a few special type abilities, such as taunt, but making them a powerful and unique class would really diversify game play. Keep 'em coming!
    posted 02-11-13 08:39 PM EDT (US)     36 / 68       
    Guardian/Bodyguard - Takes X% of damage dealt to an adjacent hero. Optionally gains a stat bonus (defence?) when standing next to a hero unit. There could be an active version where you can choose a unit to guard.

    Exemplar - When this unit successfully strikes or kills a unit, all units adjacent to it (or within a certain radius) gain a temporary attack bonus.

    Erratic Tinkering - target siege weapon gains a bonus to its attack/damage on its next attack but also takes damage.

    Chaos Attack - inflicts random status effects (vertigo, burning, shock, freeze...) on struck units.

    Take Aim - looses current turn to gain attack/damage bonus to next ranged attack.

    Canibalize - consume the corpse of a dead unit to restore health.

    Mark - Unit chooses a specific enemy to be its prey and gains attack/damage bonus against it. Usable once per battle.

    Acid Blood - When killed, the unit sprays acid on adjacent units that burns and lowers armour for X turns.

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    posted 02-12-13 01:46 PM EDT (US)     37 / 68       
    Like Pawel's Crushing Blow. Might have something similar and double the attack and damage for one strike than 1/2 for rest of combat. As a level up maybe x3 the atk/dmg but then 0 the rest of combat.

    Picard's acid blood another goodie.
    posted 02-13-13 02:43 PM EDT (US)     38 / 68       
    I like a lot of the above mentioned abilities Here are some which I would like to see implemented in some way or the other, a lot of them are inspired from the above posts/other games/other experiences.

    *Canibalize: feed up on corpses for health
    *Frenzy: Goes into rage mode, uncontrollable and unstopable, won't attack friendlies though
    *Beserker: Won't cease attacks until one of the two has deceased
    *180 degrees attack: e.g. For ceberus, capable of charging 3 enemies at once
    *Formation: Each next unit that is adjacent and in one line adds up to the defense of every single unit included
    *Tax collecting: Decreases upkeep of every single unit stacked, decreases happiness
    *Second wind: Gives a second act to an ally after a spent turn
    *Mighty meek 2: Greater size of the attacked unit increases attack/damage
    *Cheer: Increases happiness/attack of all units during combat
    *Swarm: Sends out a swarm of bees to charge from a distance (for ents and such)
    *Drink: Increases courage (att & dam), decreases defensive stats, has 10% chance to move erratic
    *Plague: Infects unit with the plague, decreases stats and can spread to humanoids
    *STD infect: Seduce 'plus': when succesful either has 50% to seduce or 50% chance to half health
    *Siren: Draws all male humanoids closer each turn, when reached they have 50% to be seduced
    posted 02-13-13 10:51 PM EDT (US)     39 / 68       
    Yes, but that thread is about weapon TYPES and focuses on looks and coolness, not on ABILITIES and mechanics. It really does not matter mechanically if the exposed debuff is applied by chainsaw, whip or razor. Just give us something that applies the damn thing.

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    posted 02-14-13 03:56 AM EDT (US)     40 / 68       
    I like the backstab idea, but imo it should only work vs. heroes or single powerful units and should only be given to similar units eg. rogue hero, some sort of assassination unit etc.
    posted 02-15-13 10:48 AM EDT (US)     41 / 68       
    Name of the ability ride-by attack / fly-by attack.

    Explanation: Allows mounted/ flying Units to move a certain distance, attacking a target(s) on the way and stop at a designated hex.

    Note:Could also be implemented regarding breath weapons; the goold ol' dragon flyby and scorch farms deal =P I think it would be cool strategy wise, and according to a dev fliers will land between turns (less exploits and issues).

    Probably balanced only if Units can make opportunity attacks as the attacker leaves the hex near the defender. Unless its flying vs. ground Units (cant reach), though archer Units firing a single shot at the 'fly-by' would be cool. This could be negated by the Dragons fear aura tho =P

    Name of the ability Aura of Fear.

    Explanation: Units nearby can cower in fear, standing for one turn at their cirrent hex, or run away

    Note:Some folks suggested auras here, I think its a great idea. While I like the Cause Fear depending on melee strikes as is, an aura-based fear effect could be cool too. Definitely for Liches and Dread Reapers

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    posted 02-15-13 11:19 AM EDT (US)     42 / 68       
    Speaking of abilities I liked how, in AoW1, healing could be used on the strat map. Would love to see it in AoW3 as well except that it should be automatically applied to any wounded units at the end of turn (unless used up in battle). Alternatively it could simply increase the regeneration of the whole group.
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    posted 02-15-13 01:39 PM EDT (US)     43 / 68       
    In the past year or so, I've been busy building a casual turn based card/board game myself, and as it turns out, I've built quite an impressive list of abilities already. I'll try to go through it and see if I can modify anything to make it suitable for a fantasy setting.
    Some are obvious abilities, some are a little bit more complex.

    Healing Abilities:
    Regenerate X: This unit heals X hit points per turn (in combat).

    Defensive abilities:
    Auto-Retaliate: Always retaliates, and is capable of retaliating in any direction.
    I built this one to give certain units the ability to ignore flanking rules, like multi-barreled cannons.
    Needless to say, under my flanking rules, units can not retaliate to flanking attacks.

    Evasive Manoeuvre: Exhaust to evade the next attack aimed at this unit. Cannot retaliate while evading.

    Protector: Exhaust to have this unit take damage instead of an adjacent unit.

    Super Protector: Exhaust to have this unit take damage instead of another unit in movement range of this unit.

    Hyper Protector: Exhaust to have this unit take damage instead of another unit.

    The protector abilities serve to make tanking units more valuable. It's obvious the more powerful the ability, the less units actually have it.
    Given AOW's combat system, only the basic protector ability and giving it an automatic trigger would probably work.

    Heavy Armor: Has double defense while protecting.

    Shield X: Prevent the first X damage dealt to this unit each turn.

    Energy Shield X: Prevent the first X damage dealth to this unit each attack.

    Movement abilities: (These move your unit to other tiles when activated, and enhance movement when passive)
    Defensive Manoeuvre: Exhaust this unit to move it a tile back while attacking. Uses all movement.
    Basically, this order makes a unit have only a single attack this round, and move only one tile, but it cannot be retaliated against.
    Also note that in my game, moving back cost 4x as much movement points as normal movement did, so most units would take more than a single turn to move a tile back to begin with.

    Super Mobility: This unit can move in any direction without turning. Turning still consumes movement points as normal.

    Haste: This unit has double movement on the first turn.

    Charge Dash: This unit can deal area damage 0-X around itself, where X is its damage value modified by the number of tiles moved. (More tiles moved equals more damage done)
    This ability has 3 turns cooldown.

    Quick Turn: This unit no longer expends movement points to turn.

    High Boost X: Exhaust to move this unit X tiles in any direction in a straight line. Cannot attack this turn.


    Duel: Target unit can only attack this unit next turn.
    Taunt: All adjacent enemy units must attack this unit next turn.

    Dual Wield: Can equip a weapon in both hands.

    Ambidexterity: Can equip any item in both hands.

    Blade Aptitude X: Deals X more damage with melee weapons.

    Ranged Aptitude X: Deals X more damage with ranged weapons as long as the target is 3 or more tiles removed from this unit.

    Instant Attack: Perform a single attack that cannot be dodged or blocked.

    Corrosive X: Attacks made by this unit remove X defense from the target for 1 turn.

    System Shock: Convert all impact damage to unpreventable non-elemental damage on the afflicted unit(s).
    (Damage in my game is dealt as a part normal damage, and a part impact damage. Impact damage is cannot kill a unit and is removed the next turn. So it's virtual damage until a unit with system shock scores a hit in the same turn.)

    Piercing: This unit also hits the tile behind its target.

    Custom Projectile X: Creates a missile weapon on a tile adjacent to this unit. The weapon has X movement, 1HP, and flying. The missile deals full weapon damage when it moves into the same tile as any other unit and is destroyed when it does.
    Basically, it makes small controllable missiles which can be gunned down with ease (They don't have any defense), but are very dangerous for melee units.

    Double Impact: Deal double impact damage to units standing between this unit and any object. (Like a wall)
    Highly situational, but works surprisingly well in a System Shock build.

    Status attacks:
    Frost Attack X: Attacks made with this weapon Freeze the enemy for X turns.
    Stun Attack X: Attacks made with this weapon exhaust and stun the enemy for X turns.
    Stagger Attack X: Attacks made with this weapon stagger the enemy for X turns.
    Blinding Attack X: Attacks made with this weapon blind the enemy for X turns.
    Heat Attack X: Attacks made with this weapon make the target take 1 damage each turn for X turns.

    No Retaliate: Targets do not retaliate in response to attacks made by this unit.

    Knockback X: Knocks the target X tiles back.

    Charge X: Exhaust to add a charge counter to this unit. This unit has a maximum capacity of X charge counters. When you attack, remove all charge counters and multiply your damage and impact damage with the number of counters+1 removed.
    Skipping turns to build that one massive attack to decimate that big guy over there? Small defensive units love this one.

    Mortar Shot: This unit makes an attack with +50% range rounded down but loses 50% damage rounded down. Ignores obstables.

    Stealth: Cannot protect against this machine. Attacks made by this machine always count as flanking attacks.

    Negative Effects:
    Pacifist: This unit cannot attack.
    (Often seen on healers)

    Weakness (Already exists in AOW)

    (Element) Deathblow: This unit instantly dies to attacks made by the named element.
    The penalty is probably too steep for AOW since resurrection isn't as common in this game.

    Blindness: Affected unit cannot attack.
    Stagger: Affected unit takes double impact damage.
    Stunned: Affected unit cannot take another turn.
    Burning: Affected unit takes 1 damage every turn.
    Corrosion: Affected unit has reduced defense.
    Frozen: Affected machine cannot take any action and takes double damage.

    Deploy Mechanics:
    Deploy: This unit can skip a turn to switch between deployed and undeployed modes. While deployed, this unit cannot move. (Units with deploy cannot attack while undeployed)

    Armored: Adds its movement value to defense while deployed.

    Sniper X: Deals +X damage while deployed.

    That's the selection I can make on first sight.
    posted 02-15-13 03:16 PM EDT (US)     44 / 68       
    I was playing AoW2 earth 1 and in a very lucky game i found two rings, one with haste and another with free movement.

    This got me thinking: what's the use of these abilities as items? Since the stack moves at the speed of the slowest unit they are nigh useless strategically for all the awesome tactical advantage they give to single heroes (i proceeded to steamroll the map with the dorf focusing on 20def/res by carefully soloing chosen battles, which i could do because he was then very fast on the strat map).

    So, i'd like that some special 'heroes' (say, a special airship) have Transport VII as a gained ability for instance, so you can add mobility artifacts to it and affect the whole squad. Alternatively give the mobility artifacts the bonus to the whole squad, outside of combat or something (and bump rarity).

    I know it's illogical, but that was annoying. If a better solution is found so much the better.

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    posted 02-15-13 10:31 PM EDT (US)     45 / 68       

    I think that Pawels' solution of abilities such as "mountain guide" or "forest guide" would work nicely for such a purpose. A hero would get a ring that would allow them to aid other members of their stack in moving across such terrains.
    posted 02-18-13 10:46 AM EDT (US)     46 / 68       
    How about abilities that let you tinker with spells - like the metamagic feats in D&D ?

    For a castingpoint cost, a spell could be widened with 1 hex, for example...

    Granted, not every metamagic feat would be feasable, but it could give some nice things.

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    posted 02-21-13 07:34 AM EDT (US)     47 / 68       
    My thoughts:

    1. Healing I, II, III

    2. Resurgence I, II, III (maybe 25% life for I, 50% for II, 100% for III)

    3. An ability which adds +1 hitpoints permanently after each kill

    4. An ability which lowers upkeep

    5. Some kind of in-battle summoning ability. It could work like a standard spell, or it could be more 'passive' in that your summoned unit is there at the start of each battle. These units would only ever appear in battles (i.e. not in the world map).
    posted 02-22-13 01:43 PM EDT (US)     48 / 68       
    Return Fire Allows the unit to retaliate against ranged attackers with its own ranged attacks.

    Vanish Chance to disappear when attacked and reappear several spaces away.

    Lifedrinker Heals the unit when it slays an enemy.

    Noble Sacrifice Unit dies at the end of combat but receives stat bonuses and Willpower.

    Distortion Spells cast during the battle have a chance to fail or target nearby units instead of the intended target.

    Shield Wall Unit receives defensive bonus for adjacent units of the same type, max of 2.

    Duelist Unit receives combat bonuses when there are no other units within three spaces besides the target.

    Confidence Unit receives combat bonuses while at maximum hit points.
    posted 02-23-13 07:04 AM EDT (US)     49 / 68       
    Confidence Unit receives combat bonuses while at maximum hit points.
    and its antecedent:

    Bloodrager: Unit receives combat bonuses while at 50% or less hit points.

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    One gas to bring them all and with the Spice we bind them
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    posted 02-23-13 09:37 AM EDT (US)     50 / 68       
    wow - I only realized this thread right now...impossible to read all this at once but I really like Pawels suggestions very much - almost all of them, espeicially those of his first two posts but also some of the following.
    The another post meantioned different kinds of concealment - very good point, I always was longing for this as well!
    It should actually be almost impossible to see e.g. an invisble unit (leprechaun) with the same true-seeing feature as is rquired to see a concealed unit which hides behind a tree..
    in other words: There should be levels!
    Concealment levels and true seeing levels!
    and not each unit should be able to get each level obviously...
    so e.g. only a very few units should get true seeing at maximum level, say level 3, which are capable to see invisble units eetc...
    great idea whoever it had (I forgot) and I would also vote to see something like that!

    and then maybe another comment on the, as I believe, most controversal features of all in AOW so far:
    Resurrect (probably this one would be worth opening an own thread )
    I think most players will agree that there should be at least some change to this mighty feature compared to AOWSM.
    I can give an example from my (german) roleplaying system where the following logic applies for resurrect: 1) almost nobody will ever be able to learn it...
    2) the cost for applying it is high - the character who uses it will pay with his own lifeforce (in other words - will lose PERMANENTLY one hitpoint and a human being in this system usually has between 14-20 HP...) so he or she would only be able to apply this feature maybe a handful of times before getting him(her)self too weak to continue the own life...
    In AOW this could mean: A saint (or whichever other unit might be given this feature - more fitting would be an angel imho) should either lose PERMANENTLY (reduce Hitpoint maximum) a fair amount of HP per usage (e.g. 1/4 per usage) OR should simply get only a permanent number of usages e.g. 3. But I prefer solution 1 which would technically mean: After the 4th usage the unit would instantly die like a martyr.
    But PLEASE, if you plan to implement resurrect at all - don´t leave it as it is today... it is WAY to powerful and can severly damage the balance of almost every game.

    great thread! Special features were (and are) what made this game so unique, they are the heart of AOWSM!
    If most (or even all) of the old ones will be kept and a fair amount of these new proposed ones will be added then this game will surely blow off minds!!

    If I come up with own stuff, I´ll post but I guess everything´s already been mentioned

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