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AoW1 Play By Email (Turn Logs)
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Topic Subject: New State of War game?
posted 06-14-01 04:44 PM EDT (US)   
I'm about to be munched in one of the games I'm in, so I figure now's a good time to get a new game started!

Can I get three other takers for a game on DIX's State of War map? All races playable except Lizardmen, Warlocks Rules. Leaders off, Allied Victory off.

I'm at work, so I can't look at the map, but BCH did the story and Dix did the map, so it should be decent, and it's a medium-sized map so the action should get going fairly quickly (less twiddling around trying to get enough gold to buy that one-hex town so you'll have some troops...).

Players? Suggestions?

posted 06-15-01 07:30 AM EDT (US)     1 / 15  
I'll take the Dark Elves.


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posted 06-15-01 11:07 AM EDT (US)     2 / 15  
Hope your not talking the Diplomacy map Guv! Not even close to being over..!

I would be interested in playing this map, don't know it but will play the Humans, Goblins or Dwarves.




posted 06-15-01 02:33 PM EDT (US)     3 / 15  
Cay - Dark Elves
Sleet - Humans, Goblins or Dwarves (indecisive much? )
Guv - Highmen
with one more, that'll be a quorum for a game that should move fairly quickly.

Guess I should take a look at the map tonight, eh? I don't even know whether the races start with heroes.

And I do mean Diplomacy, Sleet. It's only a matter of time, especially now that you've rebuilt that teleporter.

posted 06-15-01 02:54 PM EDT (US)     4 / 15  
I would like to play the last race if still available,havent played this map before and guess i will need to download warlocks.


posted 06-15-01 04:06 PM EDT (US)     5 / 15  
Yes, download Warlock's Rules, install them, and make sure to read the instructions carefully and set up shortcuts to the batch files to switch back and forth. Playing PBEM games in the wrong rules set is a bad thing.

Anyway, all of the races except Dark Elves, High Men and Lizardmen are available, and Sleet put a claim on one of Humans, Goblins or Dwarves so you might steer clear of those.

If Sleet and Thunder will specify races, I should be able to get the game set up and started tonight (assuming no twiddling is needed in the scenario).

Don't worry about familiarity with the scenario, thunder. I've never played it, and Sleet said he hadn't either.

posted 06-15-01 04:25 PM EDT (US)     6 / 15  
I will choose Dwarves ,as i believe Sleet will probably opt for Humans.
I have Downloaded Warlocks and unzipped to a file C:\GAMES\AOW,sorry not that familiar with computer jargon but how do i open a ms-dos command box??


posted 06-16-01 00:51 AM EDT (US)     7 / 15  
To get to MS-DOS, you should have a "MS-DOS Prompt" option on your Programs Start menu in Windows 95/98.

Did you extract the Warlock's Rules to the directory in which your game was installed? The default is to
C:\Program Files\Triumph Studios\Age of Wonders

After you do the install, set up shortcuts somewhere (on your desktop, on your start menu, somewhere) for the Rules Warlock and Rules TS136 commands so you'll be able to do them easily.

I've checked the map, and running with Leaders Off should be fine. Everyone has two heroes.

So, with confirmation from Sleet on race, and confirmation from Thunder on a working installation of Warlock's Rules, I'll start things off as follows:

Sleet: Humans
Thunder: Dwarves
Guv: Highmen
Cay: Dark Elves

I'll set the AI to Expansionist/Emperor. Let me know, y'all, and the first turn should go out tomorrow. If Sleet goes for Goblins instead, then Thunder should have the first turn, and Sleet will go last. I'll start up a new thread for the turn log.

posted 06-16-01 01:03 PM EDT (US)     8 / 15  
Sorry but i am having problems with the installation of Warlock rules.
I have downloaded the two Warlock files :WR136110EXE and WR136106 and they are both located in the AOW file.
Following the four EASY step's to install,the following occurs:

1.Find the downloaded file. Filename WR136110.EXE -using the start menu this is no problem,and i unzip it to default C:\GAMES\AOW -73 file(s) unzipped sucessfully.Press ok and close boxes.

2.Run WR136106,so following the path above,12 files are unzipped successfully,then close all boxes.

3.Patch-This is where my problem lies
I go into start,ms dos prompt.3.2 in the instructions says to go into game directory (CD\GAMES\AOW),type rules and i get the following

Rules 2.bat version 1.10

You are running this batch file from the wrong directory.
You may have installed this patch incorrectly.

The files all seem to be on the computer,so i cannot see what the problem is,any help would be appreiated.



posted 06-16-01 11:06 PM EDT (US)     9 / 15  
Is the game itself installed in \games\aow? That's not the default, so you'd have had to specify that when you installed the game originally. If the files from the Warlock's mod aren't unzipped into the directory that currently houses all of the other AOW game files, the install won't work right.

Make sure you're putting a space between the CD and the \GAMES\AOW as well. It's a command - "change directories to the AOW subdirectory within the GAMES directory that's located on this disk drive"
I only point that out because you don't have a space in the description you post - it otherwise looks like you know what you're about.

posted 06-17-01 02:33 AM EDT (US)     10 / 15  
I have unzipped both files to Program Files\Triumph Studios\Age of Wonders.

Looking into Hard drive this is where all the Aow files are stored including both Warlock files.

There is also a file called Games where the two files were initially downloaded to.

Open MS dos

When i type CD \Program Files\Triumph Studios\Age of Wonders
I get "too many parameters Files\Triumph"

Not having much luck with this one

posted 06-17-01 08:58 AM EDT (US)     11 / 15  
Well, the CD problem you're having stems from the fact that DOS isn't really as smart as it should be - it doesn't really understand long filenames (longer than 8 characters plus the 3-character extension). Type this instead:

Then run rules (type RULES and press enter).

posted 06-17-01 03:11 PM EDT (US)     12 / 15  
Have followed what was last posted and i get the following

C:\Program Files\Triumph Studios\Age of Wonders Demo>

Not sure about Demo,anyway i type Rules and get Bad command or file name.


posted 06-17-01 08:03 PM EDT (US)     13 / 15  
You must have previously installed the AoW demo? In that case, you'll have to end the CD command with AGEOFW~2
I'll bet.
posted 06-18-01 02:27 PM EDT (US)     14 / 15  
Thanks for your perseverance it looks like i can now switch between Warlock's and the standard rules.To create a short cut from the desktop,does this have to be done in MS promt as well or can i do this in the program files.

Looking forward to receiving the first turn.


posted 06-18-01 02:37 PM EDT (US)     15 / 15  
Heck, you had to be pretty dogged about it to get to this point as well.

You don't have to create shortcuts, it just makes your life easier. Here's what I did (in win98 - I'm doing this from memory, but the good news is that if I mess it up it just won't work, rather than actually doing something bad):

Right-click on an empty part of the desktop
Choose New > Shortcut (a dialogue box will pop up)
I then Browsed to find the Rules file (in the AoW program directory) and put " warlock" (note the space, don't include the quotes) on the end of it
Click Next
Put in an appropriate name for the icon you're creating (I used "Rules - Warlock") and click Finish.

Repeat the process to create a Rules TR136 icon.
I later changed the icons on the shortcuts, but that's beyond the scope of this discussion.

Remember to always switch your rules set! If you play a Triumph PBEM game using the Warlocks rules, or vice versa, you'll cause or get major problems!
And in your free time when you're not playing PBEM, download Fingers' Fall of Gondollin map and play it (using Warlock's Rules) - it's purty.

All we need now is confirmation from Sleet that he wants to play and will play Humans.

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