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AoW2 Gameplay Help & Strategies
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Topic Subject: Possible to convert AOW maps?
posted 06-23-01 04:08 PM EDT (US)   
Will that be an option in AOW2?
posted 06-23-01 06:52 PM EDT (US)     1 / 15  
mmmmm that sounds grand. yeah why not? Would it be too hard to script in?
but then again, there is the problem that they are changing certain races. what if say, the leperchaun didn't make it and you had it on the map?
posted 06-23-01 07:06 PM EDT (US)     2 / 15  
Sorry, but AoW2 maps are VERY different than AoW1 maps... AoW2 maps have different sizes, different map objects, 3D terrain, and a ton of less obvious internal differences...

It'll be far easier to remake your favorite AoW1 maps by hand than it would be to make a conversion routine. Plus, you'll be able to take advantage of all the new toys the AoW2 maps allow, along the way...

Josh Farley
Triumph Studios
posted 06-24-01 02:49 AM EDT (US)     3 / 15  
Uh-uh, Josh, so you are STILL around uh?

Why don't yu give us some candies, then? like telling us

a) If the new maps are bigger -

b) Or telling us some details about the new units -

c) Lennart at some point mentioned a list of draconian made out of seven units plus one specal... is every race gonna have 7+1 units?

d) Can you mention any new units? What are Mammooth riders (someone mentioned in the past)... some new frostling unit?

e) When should we expect new images\info?

posted 06-24-01 03:18 AM EDT (US)     4 / 15  
a) They're not gonna say.
b) ...I would also rather they not say
c) Perhaps, but there is fun in mystery
d) Of cracking open a new game and checking out all the suprises
e) Like the cool new graphics of the mammoth riders

Hopefully Lennart and the guys will keep Aow 2 mostly under raps. Lately games have been spoiled by insane hype and leaked details. However I guess they have to release screenshots and do interviews to prevent from being torn limb from limb by rabid fans.

Although I think information on the editor would be okay to prepare map makers for what they're gonna get, so please tell us about it!

posted 06-24-01 04:27 AM EDT (US)     5 / 15  
I think AoW 2 is too underhyped. Triumph should hype it more so people in the world know about this game. What's a good game without people playing?
posted 06-24-01 04:55 PM EDT (US)     6 / 15  
a) Map sizes may change as we go, since the engine supports maps of any size, and we just pick our default sizes to keep things easier... I think the current largest size is a bit bigger than it was in AoW1... of course the larger gfx make them -look- MUCH larger...

b) Info on the units will be released as we go, keep your eyes and ears open...

c) Races will all have the same number of units...

d, e) It's not my decision when new info will be released (or what info will be)... but we do plan to spread out the hype over the coming months... we're trying to build up interest as we go, not have everyone amped up and then tell them to wait 9 months... :P

Josh Farley
Triumph Studios
posted 06-24-01 05:55 PM EDT (US)     7 / 15  
GAAAAGGGHHH!! 9 Months! Jason, get to work on those new maps so we can pass the time!

Josh, any update on the AOW patch for people who bought the Medieval Masters copy? Anything else going to be fixed with that patch?

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posted 06-25-01 02:45 AM EDT (US)     8 / 15  
The MM patch was -only- for that version of the game. It fixed an error in that version's installer which caused crashes during TC and viewing cities. Otherwise, the MM version of the game -is- AoW v1.36, except that AFAIK it doesn't require the CD to be in the drive to play...

Josh Farley
Triumph Studios
posted 06-25-01 09:08 AM EDT (US)     9 / 15  
Another question regarding maps :

How large will they be in Kb (or Mb)?
Will they still be quite small and handy to download for people with modems, or will they be 20Mb-monsters?

(The preferred answer here would be "They will be small and handy")

posted 06-26-01 00:57 AM EDT (US)     10 / 15  
Maps will still be small... probably a bit bigger than AoW1 maps, but not much... the largest maps probably won't be more than about 250K...

Josh Farley
Triumph Studios
posted 06-26-01 02:32 AM EDT (US)     11 / 15  
Map size is one thing, PBEM turn size another. I'm in a huge PBEM, Coming of the Dread Lord (5 players). The map (a great, classic one by Jason) is only 230 KB, but the PBEM turns (at day 77) are coming very close to 1 MB.
posted 06-26-01 09:23 AM EDT (US)     12 / 15  
What about terrain inversions? Will all terrain be available at all levels (assuming there are levels on maps again), or will map makers have to figure out another trick?
posted 06-26-01 04:39 PM EDT (US)     13 / 15  
Nojd - that's good incentive to go on a killing spree, as it's things like units on the map that increase the file size...

The underground will return, and there are additional terrains available for it... also, it has 3D walls for it's tunnels, so looks very nice...

Josh Farley
Triumph Studios
posted 06-28-01 03:12 AM EDT (US)     14 / 15  
Will maps have standard sizes (like they are now), or will they be variable (like CivII). I don't actually know how valuable that would be, but someone might find a use for a map that's 32x128.

Bummer on the non-conversion. It's been 8 months and I still haven't finished my infamous map.

posted 06-28-01 03:05 PM EDT (US)     15 / 15  
Maps will have standard sizes. No one says you have to use the whole map...

Josh Farley
Triumph Studios
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