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Topic Subject: Lodoss Portraits ready for download!
posted 05-11-01 02:13 PM EDT (US)   
Hey... Thrash and I finally got this thing taken care of. We imported 19 pictures... I'm not sure what the policy for posting images is here, but you can see 18 of them on the AoW Heaven board.

If you don't know what Lodoss is, its an anime loosely based on D&D. I personally think the portraits are MUCH better than the AoW ones. Here is the link:

Here is the README file:

Lodoss Portrait MOD for Age of Wonders v 1.0
by Steve "Stephanos" Weese
and Jimmy "Thrashbarg" Anderson
with help from Martin Wright, /

This MOD will replace your H_faces.ilb file in the
\Program Files\Triumph Studios\Age of Wonders\Images\Faces

If you want to be able to revert back easily, make a backup copy
of this file before running this program. Otherwise you will have to
reinstall AoW.

This MOD replaces the following images with the listed Lodoss Wars
character. There are 19 in all.

humn_knight Slayn
humn_darkwar King Beld
humn_noble Kashue
humn_warlord Shiris
humn_samurai Wagnard
humn_rogue Woodchuck
humnf_priestess Karla
humn_dragonsl Orson
azr_gladiator Ashram
high_gen Captain
high_priest Etoh
Elff_femranger Deedlit singing
azr_fempriest Dark Elf female
humnf_warriorDeedlit fighting
high_warlordPan (Parn)
delf_rogueDark Elf
humn_romanKing Fahn


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posted 05-11-01 02:29 PM EDT (US)     1 / 10  
As you already know care not for Anime how can i put my own portraits in the game? is there a limit to the ammount and do the have to be of a certain size?

May the road go on FOREVER!
posted 05-11-01 03:03 PM EDT (US)     2 / 10  
I will post an howto guide soon and the tools, i will be away this weekend so probably on monday.

The portraits must be 103*128. This tool will not add portraits only replace the old ones.

So the limits are:

H_faces.ilb (heroes) = 65 (not all will show up ingame)
L_faces.ilb (leaders) = 26 (not all will show up ingame)
R_faces.ilb (races) = 12
Units.ilb (units) = 91 (not all will show up ingame)


posted 05-11-01 05:41 PM EDT (US)     3 / 10  
Observe, this mod can be used with both Standard and Warlock rules. And it woun't corrupt the game or anything when playing MP with anyone who dosen't have this mod installed. It's completely harmless. So go and download it right away!!
posted 05-12-01 02:21 AM EDT (US)     4 / 10  
hey max, did ya include those two I sent you the other day?

Kheldar Blackmane:
I put the
"Romance" in "Necromancer"

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"Take care of my friends, I can handle my enemies."
"Treat your friends as if they will one day become your enemies."
posted 05-13-01 04:07 PM EDT (US)     5 / 10  
what happens if you play with someone without them? do they see the normal AoW portraits?
posted 05-13-01 04:53 PM EDT (US)     6 / 10  
Yes, this mod wount affect other players at all. Everyone can have different versions of the ILB files.

But i wount bet my life on it, since i only tried it once.

posted 05-14-01 11:52 AM EDT (US)     7 / 10  
Yeah I tested it in a looong network game and its stable.

I believed it would be anyway, but wanted to make sure.


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posted 05-16-01 09:18 PM EDT (US)     8 / 10  
Make an easy to use bmp/pcx/whatever to ilb converter, and perhaps some good artists out there might make some new units


posted 05-17-01 12:08 PM EDT (US)     9 / 10  
Hhmmm... so, what are you saying about good artists, hmmm?


My Freeware Adventure Game:
The Robotech Freespace 2 MOD:

posted 05-23-01 07:41 PM EDT (US)     10 / 10  
Haha, no, that was not intended as an insult.
If you are a good artist and have the time then great

- Warlock.

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