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Topic Subject: Big problem about new patches
posted 04-15-12 01:36 PM EDT (US)   
Hi guys can some one help me when i instal official patch 1.3
it say that i need insert a disc,so i need to do again crack
to game work but unfortunaly the patch 1.4,1.5...bnw 2.0,BNW 3.0 .,3.2 dont work,when i go in the game it say on log that is BNW 3.2 but when i choose scenario to play i get old type of units i mean patch before 1.3 just simple AOW : SM units ,and spels and simmilar,I even use the mods properly before i get in the game i choose BNW 3.2 but when i try to play the game with that patc its cant,but when i choose editor to make maps i can use all of kind new monsters ,and with morph to but when try to load that map in the game it cant,and when can
its old wizards in ther and old units so please hellp me ..i think its problem in the patch 1.3 (???
posted 04-15-12 08:46 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
My guess is you're installing things in the wrong order.

Install Game
Install Patch 1.3 (If you're installing from Steam, GoG, etc it is already patch 1.3)
Install UPatch 1.4
Install Mod(s) (read carefully, some mods require use of other mods, try finding the 3-in-1 Pack in the downloads section)
Open AoWSM Setup and enable custom resources, select the mod to play.
Open AoWSM and should work... make sure you open a map that was made for the mod.

#7373DE for Humans #EFB573 for Azracs #4AA58C for Lizard Men #9CC6E7 for Frostlings |SM|> #E4ED38 #EBEBEB #CC2D29 #CC29D5
#6BB54A for Elves #EFE773 for Halflings #D6AD8C for Dwarves #EFEFDE for High Men |SM|> #DE8EA4 #F09245 #D2BE92 #BDBDE8 #558CDD
#B563BD for Dark Elves #F74242 for Orcs #BD7352 for Goblins #947B73 for The Undead |SM|> #1DDB38 #83795A #2CAAA4 #AC762A
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posted 04-15-12 09:49 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Hi selko92,

Your problem is a common one, but unfortunately it is against forum rules to discuss this subject (it has to do with the 2nd sentence in your post).

If you send me an e-mail ( I will help you out.



P.S. BNW does not require other non-BNW mods be installed or use any material from them. It only requires UPatch 1.4 and that your game is properly patched.
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