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Topic Subject: OT : Olympia (pbem) (open source)
posted 08-27-10 07:09 AM EDT (US)   
Hello all,

Just a quick message that we're relaunching an old pbem, that became open source recently. Open source means free, of course. We're hosting it as a tribute to the community.

It might be interesting for you for having a look at the game mechanics, or just to have some fun with that old jewel.

In short, it's a pure pbem, which means it doesn't have the awesome graphics of Age of Wonders though. I have to admit that.
The turns are in txt format.
A turn looks like this :

On the other hand, you play it with 150 other players in a free for all, which leads to interesting diplomatic exchanges.
150 is not that much, so you still make a difference with your alliance/group (compared to the clicky webgames like Tribal wars).

Turns are run once a week, to permit everyone to send in their orders and to process all 150 orders at once. You don't have to stay before your PC all the time, you can make your orders offline whenever you want and then send them in.

No client is necessary to install, so you can play it by mail and follow everything by smartphone, netbook or tablet.

The game has a lot of similarities with Age of Wonders 1.

A few comparisons AOW vs OLY :
-you can view combat vs auto combat
-max 6/8 players vs 150+ players
-lots of spells vs less spells but more impact
-tech tree vs no tech tree
-no trade vs trade (by cities)
-limited diplo vs diplo with 149 players, you write what you want in your email
-a map vs no map

For the rest, you have the same things like :
units (ranged, air)
wizards (are heroes but with an additional cost)
special locations

Freel free to take a look,

Tom Droeshout
Belgium, Europe

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posted 09-24-10 11:44 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Game 3 is up and running (turn 4 atm). 153 players are active in the world and they are all like hungry vultures looking to each other, heh heh.

In case you have missed the start, feel free to join. You'll get the same benefits as the players who have started from turn 1.

Good luck.

Tom Droeshout
Belgium, Europe
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