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Topic Subject: AoW on Steam? (I wish...)
posted 03-05-09 09:24 PM EDT (US)   
Just had a wild thought...

I've been an active Steam user in the last 2 years, and about half of the games I own on my account are pretty old (e.g. I have ID Super Pack complete with Commander Keen and the original Doom, Epic Mega Pack with original Unreal and UT, and so on). And, in general, browsing through Steam game catalog, it seems that quite a few companies are willing to re-release old titles there, for $5-15 a pop, or large bundles thereof for $10-30 (and more if they have newer games). I guess this doesn't cost much to prepare, and so long as at least a few copies sell, it's still money.

Now, I wonder if Triumph Studios would be willing to go ahead and do an AoW bundle - and if not, why not? They already have established presence on Steam because of Overlord, so it would seem a natural extension. And it offers more opportunities for bundling - e.g. an AoW series-only bundle for, say $20, and some sort of complete Triumph Pack (with Overlord) for whatever.

The question is - would you care? Most people here already own at least one AoW games, and probably all of them. However, I, for myself, have got my original CD to unreadable state a long time ago, and have to copy the installed game around from system to system. Personally, I would be quite willing to pay for the game again. Disciples II Gold (which is the game + all expansions) are offered on Steam for $20; I think I'd consider $20 a fair price for a complete set of AoW games to date, given that the last release was in 2003.

What do you say? Would you buy such a thing? Is it worth it to try to contact Triumph directly over this?
posted 03-28-09 03:18 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I would for sure! I only have the original, I had Aow2, but could never get it to work on my computer after months and months of trying i was so disgusted i gave up and didn't even bother with the 3rd one because i was so disappointed about the 2nd one not working. but now since a significant amount of time has passed i would definatly be up for it to give it another go!

I think its worth it for the whole bundel plus Overlord.

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