posted 07-14-16 07:43 PM EDT (US)   
Hello to all of you who still play AoW all these years later,

I've decided today to make an account and share with you all a mod that some friends and I have worked on for literal years before it became what it is today. It stays true to AoW and does not lose its charm, but rather is a simple rebalancing of the game. Most changes are subtle, some like spell costs are not so subtle.

Simply go to Downloads Section and in the Misc section you will find Inioch's Rebalance to learn more about the mod.

As for the map, it is uploaded to the Multiplayer Map section, and named Before the Fall. It is truly a masterpiece of balance, playability, diversity of options, and aesthetics. Much time and consideration were put into the map, and it is the only map besides After the Fall that all my friends can agree on liking. (Hence the name once it was finished)...

The map will still work without my ruleset, but I do recommend it.

(EDIT: oops typo in my title, sorry lol)

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