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This is the follow up for the most downloaded map for AoW 1 on this site !

I had so much fun updating the original Valleys of the Lost recently that i decided to make a follow up for it.
I used Dix's underground terrain inversion technique from the start, which means using editor version 1.0 i finalised the map ofcourse with 1.36. By updating the original map i found out that you can give underground hexes the look of toplayer graphics but keeping the underground stats for it. For example: by copying a snow tile onto an underground tile with undergroundtile effects like grass or stone you can put a bat onto the snowtile and don't see the bat ingame as it has underground concealment. Ontop of that you have more editor options as you can mix underground tiles like grass, mushrooms, stones etc with toplayer basic tiles (snow, desert etc).Anyway enough of the technical editor chitchat.
What is this map all about?

2 map versions:
- Valleys of the Lost ; The World After (WL) (With Leaders)
- Valleys of the Lost ; The world After (NL)
(No Leaders) for Pbem, lan games.

Expect the same as the original only better which means:
-All races playable.
-3 highly detailed XL sized levels.
-Dix's underground terrain inversion technique. Which translates into using top layer graphics in underground levels like snow and desert grahics.
-Used Tekk Zero's mapmakers addition to enhance it; Walking hero's and abilities normally not available for hero's , like healing.
-Custom made hero's and items.
-Underground altars.

I hope you will enjoy this new map as much or hopefully even more then the original.

The new map can be downloaded here:

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