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AoW1 Scenario & Campaign Design
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Topic Subject: Analysis of Independent AI Types
posted 02-23-13 04:18 PM EDT (US)   
Is there a breakdown anywhere of how the AI handles each style of play that you can choose in the editor? I think this is the full list:

1. Wandering - default; units can be purchased; units don't move.

2. Guard - units don't move; units can only be attacked, not purchased.

3. Guard Area - like guard, except units move to attack intruders in movement range (of any alignment), and then return to their starting position before attacking any other intruder (?). In game, this is simply shown as "Guard" on the screen.

4. Seeking Refuge - units don't move, can be purchased for free if alignment is favorable.

5. Scouting - roams the entire map; can't be purchased(?); will attack units of unfavorable alignment if it calculates a good chance of winning; will capture resources and towns owned by races of unfavorable alignment.

6. Berserk - Only moves if it sees a unit within attacking range. After combat, stays in that spot until it can attack something else. (??)

7. Patrolling - Like Scouting, except more aggressive. Maybe limited range of movement? I think if a patrolling unit captures a town, it stays put and changes to Wandering. Can be purchased.

8. Suicidal - Roams the entire map attacking units (but doesn't capture resources/towns), until it dies. Can't be purchased. Sensitive to alignment?

9. Raiding - Roams the map and captures/destroys resources and towns. Can't be purchased. Sensitive to alignment?

Did I miss any? Can anyone add to or correct what I've got here? Some of it is guessing, other is based on my observations.
posted 04-11-13 12:43 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
1. Wandering - Editor setting is "Auto" which translates ingame into wandering; unit(s) walk around capturing undefended stuff if alignment is unfavorable, if a city is captured i think they stay put until purchased or killed. Purchable by favorable alignment.

6. Berserk - Roams the map attacking anything (units and/or sites) destroys all, allignment doesnt matter.

9. Raiding - see berserk except allignment matters.

Thats what i remember.
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