posted 01-01-13 03:33 PM EDT (US)   
After 10 years this is the most downloaded map for the original AoW game on this site !!
Me thinks this warrants an update

In this Update i included 3 map versions:
-the original map
-the new updated v1.3 map WL (With Leaders)
-the new updated v1.3 map NL (No Leaders) for Lan and PBEM games

What did he update you ask?
I took the PBEM version from this map and tweaked from there on , this means:
-I used Dix's underground terrain inversion technique. Which translates into using top layer graphics in underground levels (which is a bug), this made the extensive underground lvls a lott more appealing !!
-Used Tekk Zero's mapmakers addition to enhance it; Walking hero's and abilities normally not available for hero's , like healing. I added a bunch of new walking hero's to the ones already there in the PBEM version.
-Item's and hero's are tuned further, so no more physical immunity on items.
-added a few more teleporters for more AI interaction.
-Underground altars.
-slightly adjusted some area's.

Thank you for all the favorable reviews over the years.
I hope you will enjoy this new version

It can be downloaded here:

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