posted 06-26-11 05:37 PM EDT (US)   
Hello AOWHeaven

Been playing AOW for a long while, only just signed up here...

Attached is my first attempt at a map in a while - I'm happy with the top layer (though it's completely biased in favour of the Lizards) might get rid of the depths.

Feel free to have a look, I downloaded a whole load of maps looking for completely symetrical maps in the vein of Oracle's Eye but couldn't find any.

I'm not sure I understand why this is, land of merhal and forge of war are both excellent and enjoyable, but I'm not convinced they're completely balanced -

Are completely symmetrical maps unbalanced by the virtue of the races different strengths?

... Anyway. Have a look. I think it's pretty if not playable, will find out how playable it is with my mates... might ban Lizards from human use.

OK I have no idea how to upload it. Will screenshot / photobucket.






I've added extra mountain ridges and filled in some of the water ways with ice and play tested to ensure the flood spell doesn't quite act as such a blatant game winner.

Will get some screens up later of the new version, or if anyone's interested (and can tell me how) I can upload the map.

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