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As I mentioned in my original thread, I've been making a set of scenarios in Age of Wonders. These scenarios are similar to a campaign in which a story is played out through each episode, but unlike a campaign, the scene continues to change and the leaders and races playable also change in every episode. Over the course of the creation of these maps are planned for three major series of scenarios; the first series to be made is for Age of Wonders (I);

the History of a Parallel Earth
This is a series basing the known history of Earth, into the universe surrounding Age of Wonders. Each nation acting in the series is affixed to a race with accurate leader names and heroes from the race/nation. There are 20 planned episodes for this first series spanning from the very beginnings to the conquering of the final continent; Antarctica, and major events in between.

This series has now reached a stage where the point of releasing maps is about to begin, Episodes 2 and 3 await testing by me and any others willing to help in the perfecting process. Until testing is complete, I won't release the tutorial without the option to play straight into one of the multiplayer games. Below is a running list and status of the maps in the series;

Episode 1 - the Beginning (Single Player Tutorial) < Ready for Release! >
Episode 2 - Per-aa < Ready for Release! >
Episode 3 - End of the Tunnel < Complete! Exterior Testing... >
Episode 4 - A Game of Shatranj < Under Construction >

Every one of the maps can be played as multiplayer games except for the first map, which is be designed to be a tutorial.

Alternate Histories;
Bloodline of the Explorer (Colonial New Spain) <Writting!!!>
the Divine Rule (Ancient Egypt) <Refining story>
Kingdom of the Moon (Golden Horde Mongolia) <Composing base story>

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