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AoW1 Scenario & Campaign Design
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Topic Subject: Map/campaign playtesting/reviewing
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posted 06-29-04 11:55 PM EDT (US)   
So... you want your map/campaign tested/reviewed? Or maybe you want to do some testing/reviewing?

Anyone interested post you email address here. Then, when someone wants a map reviewed (tested.. whatever) they just email the people here!

Please ask the user if they are available to test your scenario, campaign or mod before you send it them. Some of us have a RealLifeTM too.

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posted 08-23-07 08:07 AM EDT (US)     31 / 60  
Lord Naismith you can play for 20 - 60 turns+ and tell me what the feel of it is, hopefully it feel like a good map

Just tell me how crazy the AI enemies were and which players died first. And then you can surrender and check out the balance after however many turns.

Its great to have you back in the game :P

Token Irish Gamer!
posted 08-23-07 11:10 PM EDT (US)     32 / 60  
Roger, so for good ol' Gandalf, play the game, general feedback, and forward any turns major events took place, like battle, race elimination, and that like right?

For dear friend CrazySlyHawk, turns 20-60, general overview, level of AI competition, order of player deaths, and balance level at end of surrendering.

Right. I understand that, but can you explain a bit more how you want me to report the balance after surrendering?

Also, can you resend our turn for Small World, and also the map you want me to playtest? I've haven't seem to got a record of any email messages from like a week ago. Apologies sir!

Also, I want to let anyone know that my project with Trouble Lands Co-op isn't ready yet, I don't wanna overbook myself just yet, I'm just gettin' any previous stuff like this and playtesting events done first, seeing as the Map Making Competition will be making way for much more important events coming in September.

Brings a tear to me eyes mates to see how far the fate of Age of Wonders Heaven has come.

Viva. La. Age of Wonders!

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posted 08-24-07 02:22 PM EDT (US)     33 / 60  
Yes right. And better get down to it finally, it's a tough scenario so you'll need some time to get to anything
posted 08-24-07 03:44 PM EDT (US)     34 / 60  
Oooh ;D It's gonna be even more challenging eh? We'll see 'bout that! ;D
posted 08-27-07 05:46 PM EDT (US)     35 / 60  
I would be willing to test some campaigns. Send to

Kor D
posted 09-15-07 07:07 PM EDT (US)     36 / 60  
i wouldnt mind testin my email is
posted 09-25-07 08:16 AM EDT (US)     37 / 60  
I would love to test some maps!
I am in the process of making my first map, so if anyone would like to test a newbie map, please tell.

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posted 09-25-07 02:37 PM EDT (US)     38 / 60  
I finally realised I can do this too, Im not just a mapmaker

Send maps to

Always checkd

Token Irish Gamer!
posted 12-10-07 00:12 AM EDT (US)     39 / 60  
Maptesters still needed?

email me at, just put AoW maptesting in the subject so that I won't erase it and if you want some specific details of events.
posted 01-02-08 09:51 AM EDT (US)     40 / 60  
Cool!!Too stick
posted 02-13-08 09:32 PM EDT (US)     41 / 60  
Hey, i just figured i help the community in some way, if you want someone to test co-op themed games, you can send them to
posted 02-14-08 02:25 AM EDT (US)     42 / 60  
^ That's actually a grand course of action RazorQuack, I'm glad you've decided to join the community matey! is also the place to send co-op themed maps for testplay as well! When I say Co-op, I mean the computer vs human co-op, not human vs human co-op style. ;D

Lord Naismith

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posted 03-09-08 05:24 AM EDT (US)     43 / 60  
Damn, i am german, i try it on english. I have this map, worked on it more then a month. Then cause of lack of time i stopped working on it. But its a nice map, sure not 100% finished, but its playable. So today i decided to upload this unfinished map, but perhaps its better to let someone test it first? with some feedback perhaps i find the time and power to work some more on this map? the hardest on this map is the testing. if u see the map u understand, what i mean. but u need to be a little crazy to play this map. Map is not unfair, but its hard. U need some days playtime to challenge this map. Map is called "Auferstanden" (Risen) and i have only a german version atm. U should like the undead, cause this is the race the human player should play. And u better play first on Junker-KI, this is hard enough. Someone insane enough to play my map? ;-)
posted 03-09-08 04:28 PM EDT (US)     44 / 60  
Definitely mate! Can you just confirm whether playing it in english will affect the experience or story in any way? Will the playtester be missing any details that he wouldn't have missed in German?
posted 03-14-08 08:16 AM EDT (US)     45 / 60  
Hm? Story is not so big, but there are sometimes warnings hidden in the textes, to make the player a little more carefully. Also the textes are a small puzzle to understand what happens in the past and to find the reason, why the player is now undead. You are right, it would be better, when a player could understand the textes. i will try to translate the textes to english and write them under the german textes, as co textes. but there are also jokes in the names of the the cities, so every race has a racetypical namestyle. Elfen something with trees, Frostling something with ice and so on, so it would be hard for me to translate this kind of jokes to english. Also city names u can change only in the final version, cause if u make some changes/bugfixes later u must edit two versions then.
posted 03-14-08 03:01 PM EDT (US)     46 / 60  
Kamor, I'm actually not crazy, but I'll dare your scenario anyway I don't really speak German but I did learn a little in the high school, and with those all dictonaries I might have a chance to understand the story, so please send me the map (My e-mail address is in my profile). Just take in mind that my RealLife grew rather busy recently, so I can't promise you to finish testing soon, even though I'd wish to.

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posted 03-14-08 09:07 PM EDT (US)     47 / 60  
I see Kamor! I'm sure your creativity and hard work has been put into that map! Playtesters will be en route! ^_^
posted 03-16-08 08:32 AM EDT (US)     48 / 60  
Worked on it this sunday, now there is a first english translation in this map. Next i must do is to finish all the city names and perhaps give some few more hints for the story puzzle, but this is only story. Final work could be balancing, hero design, some more items, and the question if the bonus "way of insanity" is playable. I tested only parts of this way. Also the possible of rearange this map to make a clean 12 player balanced map, atm the undead is only playable by human players. If i concentrate more on mapmaking and lesser on game testing i think i could finish it.
posted 04-10-08 02:11 PM EDT (US)     49 / 60  
Today i could spent some more time on my map, fixed the missing city names, but no time to test it, i have 100 other projects. ;-) if someone insane want some insane map here u have. :-D i think this version is now ready, perhaps some translating problems and some smaller bugfixes and the question how this map looks to other players than me?

Auferstanden (Risen)
posted 08-05-08 06:27 AM EDT (US)     50 / 60  
Forumers of AoW Heaven, lend me your ears! I have almost finished my recent project, an eXtra Large, story driven scenario for single player, where you lead Humans in their struggle to conquer a land strongly defended by AI races, and now I'll need some people to playtest it. Should you happen to be interested, please send me an e-mail at
posted 10-08-08 04:15 PM EDT (US)     51 / 60  
I'd be more than happy to test any AoW v1.36 (or v1.00) campaign, multi-player, or single player maps. I know a guy that really knows what a good map is, and I can get him to play it, too.

Jim Brannen
Skype: jim_brannen
Timezone: -5 GMT (New York Time)
posted 04-17-09 01:39 AM EDT (US)     52 / 60  
Send me a map anytime at! I'll be happy to review !
posted 11-27-09 08:38 PM EDT (US)     53 / 60  
I have a nice 1 vs. 1 scenario ready here. I will send it out to some of these addresses but if you didn't get it and want to help playtest it, please email:

emacfallon at hotmail dot com.

First map in AGES!

Token Irish Gamer!
posted 04-08-10 09:45 AM EDT (US)     54 / 60  
Hey so I would like to send Froster and stoneskin my second version of Mene in Venezuela, the map I did for the winter mapmaking competition in 2008/2009

I just sent you two the email with the map, let me know if you're gonna take a look at it!

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posted 10-14-12 11:16 PM EDT (US)     55 / 60  
Hey, I've played this game for a while (but never actually did the Story oddly enough) And I love the Map Editor and I finally finished up a large 12-player map and I'd like to get some opinions from other people that have actually played the game before. It's called the 'Kingdoms of Fausana'

From Playtesting it myself, I've discovered two moderate flaws, and a few minor flaws. The Moderate flaws are that the Undead and Goblins, at least as low level bots, don't seem to know how to leave their starting areas, the minor flaws are just some npc defenders on structures I don't want defended.
(which I will remedy the minor ones before I send it out)

Anyhow, if anyone wants to help me playtest the map (maybe even play it with me even though I've yet to play this online) then email me at and I'll send it to you
posted 10-23-12 01:07 PM EDT (US)     56 / 60  
I sent you an email.

There are several factors that influence how "adventurous" the AI will be. I always use CPU Emperor for the difficulty, so that's what I'm basing my experience on.

1. Try using Aggressor or Expander instead of Normal for the AI's play style.

2. Turn Leaders off. The AI will probably be more conservative if it's protecting an automatic-lose condition.

3. Use "bread crumbs" and roads to coax the AI to expand/explore. Bread crumbs would be tempting resource points like mines and nodes, as well as towers and weak cities. Also, cities that are the same alignment of the AI will quickly get bought out, increasing its expansion.

4. Be careful with underground. I find that the AI, except for maybe dwarves, dark elves, and goblins, doesn't handle the underground very well. Maybe others have different experiences here. What I've found is try to avoid bottlenecks - keep passages wider than one stack. The AI will start tripping over its own units.

5. Teleporters seem to help the AI expand. Large, barren expanses, and long, desolate passages seem to discourage the AI from expanding.

6. Be careful how/where you place "hazardous" terrain. This means holy woods, poison plants, fire, etc. The AI will not cross this if a unit could take damage. Period.
posted 10-23-12 03:05 PM EDT (US)     57 / 60  
Yeah, both AI's start out in the underground, The Undead just has a single hex wide tunnel (for the most part) but has a little area that can be tunneled through with a drill to create a shortcut to the surface, plus an un-walled moderately defended 3 hex city. (I gave each starting area a single hex and 3 hex city somewhat close to the start area, if it's a pain for that race to get to, it's un-walled, otherwise, it'll have a wooden wall.

The Goblins however I was a little adventurous with, they start off in a subterranean lake and can only escape by building ships and sailing away to the next tunnel. Personally, I enjoy that area, but the bots don't handle that area well, I've only seen them grab the one city and the power node/mines that are outside their starting island.

Other then that, I think the map is fairly well balanced and makes for a fun match, especially if someone manages to capture the secret area and finds the hidden treasure I placed somewhere in the map =)
posted 10-23-12 03:42 PM EDT (US)     58 / 60  
Yeah, the AI doesn't expand particularly well with ships. Forcing the goblins to do that is a long shot. You could try giving them a transport ship as a starting unit. A human playing as Goblins will be in trouble, because the income is so limited right there with no expansion options. You could also give the Undead and Goblins extra starting gold and mana.

It's also asking a lot of the AI to expect it to tunnel in certain places. If that's what you really want, give them a Big Beetle to start the game, and see what happens.

Something else you should know: wasteland kills town income for all races except undead. So, the Dark Elves start in the wasteland with a 2-hex that only gives them 11 income. Whereas the Lizards just North of them have a 2-hex with a full farm complement, giving them an income of 32. If the Dark Elves' starting town was migrated to undead, it'd be fine. Wasteland, and terrain with objects on it, kills the income of a town.
posted 10-23-12 08:18 PM EDT (US)     59 / 60  
Ok, so I think I might do that with the Goblins, giving them a transport ship off the bat, but I don't want to give the Undead a Drill or Giant Beetle at the start really, I feel that the Undead would rise to power too quickly. Maybe just make the tunnel wider so that the troops don't get clustered.

As for the Wasteland resources issue...should I add more mines and perhaps some loose gold on the ground?
posted 10-25-12 09:47 AM EDT (US)     60 / 60  
Yes, more mines in the wasteland, and maybe a couple more 1-hex undead towns.

I bet for the goblins you'll really need to give them a land bridge, and not just rely on the transports. The computer is pretty cautious when it comes to expanding by ship, too.
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