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AoW1 Play By Email (Turn Logs)
Moderated by Enginerd, Ziggurat Mason

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Topic Subject: AOWH WIZARDS LADDER -- Sign Up and Report Game Results
posted 01-22-03 04:25 PM EDT (US)   
Welcome to the AOWH Wizards Ladder

Original Ladder System and Rules Created by: ArmageddonUnlimited and Dark Side of Day
Modified for Play-By-Email by: Cay
Ladder Update Program Written by: Talon

Ladder Administered by: Cay

The AOWH Wizards Ladder is an ongoing competitive system for Age of Wonders. Participants seek out and challenge other ladder players to play-by-email (PBEM) games. The winners of each game earn ladder points, while the losers lose ladder points. The ladder is sorted daily, and players move up or down the ranks depending on whether they have won or lost. The goal is to work your way to the top of the ladder where you may challenge the reigning champion to a duel.

Please note: Until further notice the AOWH Wizards Ladder will operate under playtest status. In the event of any technical problems with the ladder system or update program, ladder administrators may be required to clear or edit match results without advance warning. This notice will be removed when it becomes clear that the ladder system and update program are operating as intended.

This thread is to be used for:

  • Signing up for the AOWH Wizards Ladder
  • Reporting Ladder Game Results

Off-topic replies will be moved or deleted.

Quick Reference:

Before using the following quick reference links, you must first register with HeavenGames Forums, and then login:

  • Sign Up for the AOW2H Wizards Ladder. Provide your PBEM email address.

  • Browse the Game Registry, and join a new ladder game.

  • Challenge other players to a new ladder game.

  • Register a new ladder game. Provide the URL for the turn log.

  • Report the result of a completed ladder game. Provide game registration number and winning and losing players.

  • View the Current Standings and Hall of Records.

  • Discuss the AOWH Wizards Ladder.

How to Join The AOWH Wizards Ladder:

Joining the AOWH Wizards Ladders is easy!

  1. You must be a registered member of the Age of Wonders Heaven forums. If you have previously registered on a different HeavenGames forum, you may use the same forum name and password to login to Age of Wonders Heaven. If you are not a member of any HeavenGames forums, then register now.

  2. Post a reply in this thread that you wish to join the ladder. Be sure to include the email address that you wish to use for PBEM games.

  3. Read the ladder rules so that you understand how the ladder works!

  4. You can start playing ladder games right away as long as you have posted in the Ladder Thread that you want to join and have left your PBEM email address.

How to find ladder games:

  • Browse the Game Registry for new ladder games that are looking for players. Please do not post your replies in the game registry. Instead, follow the links given there to the proper thread where the new game is being organized.

  • Post a general challenge to all ladder players, indicating that you are starting a new ladder game. You should provide details such as what map will be used, how many players you are looking for and how the teams will be decided. Post a new thread with this information. That thread can later be used as a turn log for your game.

    You may post a single reply in the Game Registry advertising your new game to other players. Include a link pointing the thread where you are organizing the new game.

  • Browse the Current Standings and select a specific player or players that you wish to challenge. Send the player(s) an email, and discuss which map and races to play.

Please note: Make sure the players you are playing are on the ladder. It is very dissapointing to not get credit for a win when you find out the player you beat isn't actually a registered ladder player. You can easily check to see if a player is registered on the ladder by looking for their forum name in the Current Standings.

How to register new ladder games:

Register New Ladder Games by posting a reply in the Game Registry. Be sure to include a link to the thread which you will be using as a turn log.

Please note: You must register your game when it starts or else you will not be allowed to report the result when it is finished. Be sure not to forget the registration step or else you could be disappointed later.

How to report ladder game results:

Report Game Results: by posting a reply in this thread. Post the game registry number and the forum names of all the winning and losing players. Only one player from the game needs to post a reply. I can verify the result if necessary by checking the game's turn log.

Please report games in this form: Game #1: Draco, Nojd defeat Cay, Jerk

Forum Names: Please be sure to report your games using the correct Forum Names for all players. This will assist me greatly when entering the names into the ladder update program.

Earning Ladder Points:

The winner of a game is awarded the points given in the 'Value of opponents' category that applies to their opponent's rank, while the loser loses that same amount of points.

Scoring for Individuals:

(A)Experts: 200+....................Value of opponents: A: 6, B: 3, C: 3, D: 1, E: 1, F: 1.
(B)High Inters: 165-199...........Value of opponents: A: 9, B: 6, C: 3, D:3, E: 1, F: 1.
(C)Inters: 111-164..................Value of opponents: A: 12, B: 9, C: 6, D: 3, E: 3, F: 1.
ZERO Gamers: 100..................Value of ALL opponents: Winner gets 2, loser loses 2.
(D)Low Inters: 90-110.............Value of opponents: A: 15, B: 12, C: 9, D: 6, E: 3, F: 3.
(E)Good Rookies: 80-89...........Value of opponents: A: 18, B: 15, C: 12, D: 9, E: 6, F: 3.
(F)Rookies: 79 & Under...........Value of opponents: A: 21, B: 18, C: 15, D: 12, E: 9, F: 6.

Example 1: You currently have 108 points and are thus ranked as an Low Inter (category D). You play, and beat another forumer who has 166 points and is therefore ranked as High Inter (category B). You can see in the 'Value of opponents' for Inters that category B players are worth 12 points to you. Hence, you gain 12 points for defeating the High Inter player, while they in fact lose 12 points for the loss.

Example 2: Good Rookie (E) loses to a Rookie (F): The Good Rookie loses 9 points, while the Rookie gains 9 points.

Example 3: Inter (C) beats a Zero Gamer: The Inter gains 2 points while the Zero Gamer loses 2 points.

Scoring for Team Games:

Team games must start with an even amount of players on both sides. Team games are scored by adding up the total rating of all players for each of the sides, and then comparing the difference as follows:

Winning team is 61+ points higher..........1
Winning team is 46-60 points higher.......2
Winning team is 31-45 points higher.......3
Winning team is 16-30 points higher.......4
Winning team is 6-15 points higher.......5
Winning team is 0-5 points higher.........6
Winning team is 1-5 points lower..........6
Winning team is 6-15 points lower........7
Winning team is 16-30 points lower........8
Winning team is 31-40 points lower........9
Winning team is 41-50 points lower.......10
Winning team is 51-60 points lower.......11
Winning team is 61+ points lower..........12

The number given for each row is the amount of points added to each member's rating on the winning team, and the amount subtracted from each member's rating on the losing team.

Rules of the AOWH Wizards Ladder:

Joining the AOWH Wizards Ladder:

  • You must be a registered user of the HeavenGames forums in order to join the AOWH Wizards Ladder. If you have not already done so, please register and login.

  • To join the ladder, you must post a reply in this thread stating that you wish to register.

  • You must supply an email address that you wish to use for your PBEM games when you register for the ladder. If you do not supply one, then the email address listed in your forum profile will be used as a default.

Starting New Games:

  • Start a new thread in the AoW Play By Email forum to organize a new ladder game. Specify that the game will count towards the AOWH Wizards Ladder, and give details such as the map to be used, how many players per team and which races are to be played.

  • Games may be played between individuals (1-vs-1) or between balanced teams of up to 4 players each (2-vs-2, 3-vs-3 or 4-vs-4). More than two individuals, unbalanced teams, or more than one team are not allowed.

  • Only players registered with the ladder may join the game. Please verify that all players are registered with the ladder befoer you start the game.

  • Once the game has been started your thread will be used as a turn log for the game.

Registering New Games:

  • All players in a game must be members of the ladder, and agree to register the game as a ladder game.

  • Post a reply in the Game Registry stating that you wish to register a new ladder game. Provide a link in your reply to the thread which you will be using as a turn log.

Playing Games:

  • Play your turns promptly upon receiving them. If you cannot play a turn within 3 days of receiving it, then post a reply to the turn log stating the reason and length of your expected delay.

  • After playing your turn and sending it to the next player, post a reply in the turn log stating the turn number that you have just sent. These turn logs are your guarantee that you have played your turns in the case that a player or game goes missing. They can be used by the ladder administrator to determine if a player should default from a game in the event of an extended, unexplained delay.

  • If you have not received a turn from your opponent for 5 days, then check the turn log and contact your opponent by email to ensure that the game is not missing. At the time you send this email, you should send a carbon copy / cc: of the email to the ladder administrator and post a message in the turn log stating that you have done so. If your oppponent does not respond within 3 days, then please contact the ladder administrator by email and provide the game number, a link to the turn log, and the forum name of the player who is causing the delay. The ladder administrator will then take appropriate action.

  • If a player causes an extended, unexplained delay in a game then the ladder administrator may assess a default to that player.

    If the player is an individual participating in a 1-vs-1 game, then the opponent will receive a win, and the defaulting player will receive both a loss and a penalty of -5 ladder points.

    If the player is a member of a 2-vs-2, 3-vs-3 or 4-vs-4 team and all of the player's team members have already been eliminated, then the opposing team will receive a win, the defaulting player's team will receive a loss, and the defaulting player will receive a penalty of -5 ladder points.

    If the player is a member of a 2-vs-2, 3-vs-3 or 4-vs-4 team and other members of the player's team are still alive, then the game may continue as follows: The defaulting player is removed from the game and assessed a penalty of -5 ladder points. The defaulting player's race may be played by a substitute player who is ranked within the same ladder category as the defaulting player (Zero Gamer is equivalent to Low Inter). The substitute player may not be one of the existing team members, and may ask to see a game turn before accepting the position. When the game is completed, scoring will be based on the rank of the team including the substitute player, but not including the defaulting player.

  • Players may choose whether or not they wish to use passwords for their ladder games. However, in the case that a player wishes to use a password in a team game, the password should be shared with other team members. If the password is not shared, and a player defaults from a game, then the other team members will be unable to finish the game and will be assessed a loss.

Reporting Results for Completed Games:

  • A win is granted when a single player eliminates their opponent in a 1-vs-1 game, or when all players from the opposing team have been eliminated in a team game.

  • All wins must be reported to this thread within 24 h of the completion of the game. Game results will be entered into the ladder update program in the order that they are posted. Failure to report a win within 24 h could result in the winners losing credit for the game. This is because other games could be reported in the meantime which will affect the ladder standings, and thus the points awarded for each win.

  • Post a reply in this thread stating the game # and forum names of all winning and losing players.

  • The creation of multiple forum accounts ("smurfing") for the purpose of cheating by reporting false ladder games will not be tolerated. Turn logs will be checked for all game results that are reported. If there is a concern that someone is smurfing, IP addresses will be checked. Smurfing is a serious forum offence, and anyone caught smurfing will be banned from all HeavenGames forums.

Miscellaneous Rules:

  • If you will be away for an extended period of time, then you must make arrangements to have your place in current ladder games substituted, held or forfeited. Also, you may post a reply in this thread requesting that you be moved to the Non-Participating Forummers category. Your old rating will be reinstated when you are able to return to the ladder.

  • This ladder will be updated every several days or as required. All changes including the addition or removal of names to the ladder will take place only during the update times.

  • Zero Gamers will be removed from the ladder if it appears that they have become inactive for an extended period of time without notice.

  • Attempts to distort the spirit of this ladder (such as through being involved in multiple disputes about who won, smurfing, etc.) can result in being removed from the ladder or otherwise penalised.

  • Rules may be added, removed or modified at any time in order to maintain the integrity of the ladder. All changes to the rules will be announced in this thread prior to coming into effect.

  • All disputes will be resolved by the ladder administrator. If you have any concerns or questions, please email them to the administrator. Disputes involving the ladder administrator will be resolved by neutral staff members.

Special rules concerning the Champion:

The only way a Champion can be replaced is by defeating the current Champion, regardless of who has the most ladder points. It is possible for the Champion to have less ladder points then other ladder players.

Earning Ladder Points as Champion

The Champion will continue to earn points for wins according to the category he is in, by the same point structure as everyone else. Example: If the Champion is in the Inter category he will get 6 points for beating players from the inter category, 3 points for beating players in the Mid Inter category, etc.

Defeating the Champion

If the Champion is defeated then the player who defeated him replaces him as Champion. The old Champion then returns to the ladder and is ranked according to his ladder points. The new Champion is awarded ladder points according to both players categories for his victory over the old Champion, and old Champion loses points for his lose. Team games do not count as Championship games. So if the Champion is involved in a team game, and is on the losing side the Champion does not lose his title.

Challenging the Champion

Anybody in the top 3 ladder positions (and with a rating of 101 or more) can issue a challenge to the current Champion for 1-vs-1 ladder game. The Challenger must post this challenge to the Champion in the Game Registry, and must notify the Champion of this by email. The Champion must accept all challenges made in the Game Registry by qulaified players in the top 3 ladder positions to a maximum of 5 simultaneous challenge matches. If the Champion is already playing 5 challenge matches, then the Champion may accept new challenges, but is not required to do so. The Champion will select the map and 2 races to be played (but not who plays them), and post his reply in the Game Registry. The map selected by the champion should not be excessively large so as to be able to be completed within a reasonable amount of time. The Challenger will decide who plays each of the 2 races selected by the Champion. If there are no challenges to the Champion, then the Champion is free to play any ladder player he wants, if he wants. Since PBEM games may take several weeks or months to complete, it is possible that a player may challenge the Champion, but that the Champion will no longer be the Champion when the match is complete. Therefore, it is wise for players to challenge as many other players near the top of the ladder as possible, since one of these other players may become the Champion in the meantime.

No Response from Champion

If 10 days pass with the Champion being notified of a challenge in the Game Registry but failing to respond, then the Champion's rating drops to one point lower than the rating of the player in position 3 on the ladder, and the Champion loses his or her status as Champion. Then the highest ranking player on the ladder becomes the Champion. If two or more players occupy the highest ladder position, then the new Champion will not be declared until there is a single player in the highest position. However, if the Champion posts in the Game Registry that he or she will be away for a short period of time, then no official challenges can be made during this period.

A special thanks to everyone who has made this project possible... Draco, Talon, Dark Side of Day, David and many others. I will elaborate later, but now I've got to get this baby online!

CayMack on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and Steam. CayMack#1436 on BattleNet.
Visit: TrueAchievements|TrueTrophies

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posted 09-11-03 12:20 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5  
New Games Added to AOWH Ladder

Game #166: TalonThorn, FrenchKisser and Elvons defeat Sprout, Ill Frog and Cay
Effect: +/- 10 Points

Game #167: unicorn77 defeats GillB
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #168: Eriksson defeats Arctic Wolf
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #169: Sprout defeats enginerd
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #170: Nojd defeats unicorn77
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #171: Thorongil defeats Sleet
Effect: +/- 6 Points

Game #172: Elvons defeats Eriksson
Effect: +/- 6 Points

Game #173: unicorn77 defeats GillB
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #174: [typo, effect removed]

Game #175: Dan Petersson and Eriksson defeat Thorongil and GillB
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #176: Eriksson defeats OnePoorHalfling
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #177: unicorn77 defeats Blacksmith_Tony
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #178: Sprout defeats enginerd
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #179: enginerd defeats Arctic Wolf
Effect: +/- 6 Points

Game #180: unicorn77 defeats GillB
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #181: Nojd defeats enginerd
Effect: +/- 6 Points

Game #182: Nojd defeats enginerd
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #183: Sprout defeats enginerd
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #184: Sprout defeats Nojd
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #185: Elvons defeats Thorongil
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #186: Sprout defeats Thorongil
Effect: +/- 3 Points

Game #187: Sprout defeats Thorongil
Effect: +/- 3 Points

New Players Added to AOWH Ladder


CayMack on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and Steam. CayMack#1436 on BattleNet.
Visit: TrueAchievements|TrueTrophies

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posted 11-27-03 10:06 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5  
Game over.

#180 - Sprout defeated Enginerd on Human Valley.


posted 11-28-03 04:19 AM EDT (US)     3 / 5  
I would like to join the ladder. Am able to send at least once a day.

Nickname: rogue ai
PBEM Mail:
Time Zone: GMT+1 (Germany)


posted 12-01-03 01:30 AM EDT (US)     4 / 5  
Games Over:

Game #192: Sprout defeats Lord Lurifax on Blood Isles

Game #174: Sprout defeats Species on Diplomacy with Dragons


posted 12-01-03 07:57 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5  
Game Over

#181 Enginerd Defeats Lord Lurifax, Toadstool Vale

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