posted 08-12-21 06:46 PM EDT (US)   
Dear Age of Wonders fans

I started recently to create own maps on the Map Editor of AoW3. First thing I realized was: Compared to the Map Editors of AoW 1 and 2/SM (that I enjoyed/enjoy very much) this Editor is way more complicated. Or in other words: For a casual gamer that has never done any scripting it is a nightmare, if you want to implement Quests/Events and so on.

I have read several guides, like f. ex. this one:
And even downloaded and studied the advanced level editing and scripting guide:
And I have read passages in that guide again and again and again with the only result that my self esteem shrank ;-).

So my first Problem is: I have some independent enemies. But these enemies start to walk around on the map, rather than holding their position and guarding a certain place. Now I could work with BlockingAI markers, but this blocks also other units. So I figured out that one possibility is to group the stack and put it on guard somehow (also discussed here
But then comes the thing: I have absolutely no clue how.
I tried to open a new script for a stack I named NAGAGUARDS (which should then be the groupalias right?).
In the guide it says:
3.6.2 SetGroupBehavior
void SetGroupBehavior(GroupAlias : string, BehaviorName: string)
Sets the behavior of a group.
<param BehaviorName>:
"GUARD" : guard behavior - guards a single location or a specified area.
"PATROL": patrol behavior - patrols around the home location with a specified range. Attacks all enemy units it encounters.
"RAID": raid behavior - attacks everything it can find...

So I just clicked on scripting for the stack and after some trials I finally got no error message by tiping in this in the script:
HexWorld:GetScriptingS():SetGroupBehavior("NAGAGUARDS", "GUARD")
But still I can't chose anything in the section "Behavior" of the unit stack...
Honestly: I have no idea what I am doing and also no idea if that leads to anything!
I don't understand the basic principle how to setup all those commands and just fail to figure it out from the guide!

I would appreciate your help if you know something about the scripting.

Thanks a lot!

PS: I registered in 2007 in this Forum and thats my second login after 14 years, somewhat very nostalgic, even if I wasn't really active. Time really flies by... But the Age of Wonders series remains one of the best game series ever.