posted 10-16-16 03:01 AM EDT (US)   
Hi guys.
I love this game. It's amazing. I haven't felt this way since
Heroes 3 was new.
I like to play on Emperor difficulty with a draconian necromancer.I think I'm doing ok and i belive I understand the game mechanics a bit now ( I played a few games, never finished one).
However, playing on emperor difficuly, versus AI player my troops are dieing in the first 3-4 turns. Versus independents I'm doing very well. It seems like I need maybe 1.75 x the AI power to win a battle or even more ( 1.75 times HP, dam, def overall). This would mean a lot of troops to create in very short time. And to eventually lose very fast.
I could have used Age Of Dead but it seemed like cheating at the moment. I should maybe use it to refill my troops each turn. So, I need suggestions to improve my gameplay. The main problem is troop resistances. So much elemental damage when fighting the AI player that they die like cake. I should probably create specific troops but that would make it even harder. I lost like 10 tier 4 units in one battle and soem were like champion 5 ( around 150 hp but died so fast). I'm also missing something to move faster over the map and explorer doesn't seem to help much. I need something like "Logistics" was in Heroes 3 (ex with Desa) or some sort of town portal spell to help move troops around.
I make a playlist on youtube - just to document my gameplay.
And in this vid there are 3 important battles vs AI sorcerer. I will probably lose the game but I want to learn something out of this game. Any suggestions for improvement ? Like how to keep my troops alive ... ex. AI dispells my "Undying army"

Here's the vid. with the 3 epic battles : , being processed atm. There's an epic 1h long siege defense battle at the very end. You don't have to sub or anything. Just watch the battles if you can and maybe help me if you have ideas.
And yes, amazing game, I played like 3h without even breathing .

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