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Fairy Tale

Tales of the faraway world ruled by human kings and kind elves and brutal orcs and all the other creatures of the land have never seemed a threat, since the ancient Sacred Pact between the Elves, the Feys and the People of the Land-Above and the Land-Below was signed with blood and tears by the legendary leader that united all fairy creatures, King Oberon. And yet on the night celebrating the nine hundredth year of the sacred Pact that has kept the Fey Islands safe, a message arrived, warning us for a danger unfolding, much greater than the land creatures can comprehend.

Cooperative map: 3 human players Vs AI (Players 1 and 2 MUST be Humans). Please do not change the default settings. The scenario is intended to be a major challenge even for the most experienced players.

Hundreds of scripts, events, quests in this highly modified game (in terms of structures, skills, rewards etc).



Winter Is Coming!

A powerful Theocrat emerged beyond the Northern Wall and proclaimed herself Queen of the North. For first time in millennia she has managed to unite all Northlings under her command and the auspices of her pervasive faith. Unite all tribes and defeat the evil Queen!

Cooperative Map 3 Humans Vs 4 AI players. Keep the default settings unchanged! Human players are important to trigger the hundreds of scripts and complete the quests. You can try it single player but be warned that most of the custom made events and sequences might fail to trigger.

In this map we gave our best self for complex sequences of events. Hundreds of scripts and heavily modified sites.


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Please do not post comments here as this might spoil the story for other players!

A great thanks goes to Dimis, Zano and Noulis that play-tested the scenario and meticulously reviewed it and to Narvek that I have the feeling that he should take most of the credit as he offered gigantic help with scripting!

Enjoy the latest creations of M.Ul.E!

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