posted 10-08-08 07:04 AM EDT (US)   
Hey guys,

i am currently thinking of implementing an online wizard ladder application. Right now i have to travel a lot by train, so there is so much time to spend and i think this would not be so much effort and i would like to give something back to the AOW community.

The idea is to implement the existing wizard ladder rules, so that all of you (if you are interested) can register your games and report the results, so that the system can provide the current standing, just like for example Blizzard's battleNet. The application should be for fun only, and maybe it could provide interesting statistics about what races win mostly on which maps and so on...

If anyone is interested to join this private project, he/she may post here. As i would focus my work on the backend system, a frontend-designer with JSP or JSF experience or any other Java-Servlet implementation experience would be very helpful and appreciated.

If you have any thoughts like:
- Why this project is useless/useful
- Why you would or would not use this application
- What functions to provide
- Any other ideas
you may also post here please.

I will post more information here when i have some more time.

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