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Topic Subject:New Team Game Tourney
posted 04-11-05 11:52 AM EDT (US)         
Start date:
1st May 2005

Deadline for signing up:
30th April 2005 at midnight GMT+1

Deadline for playing the games:
4 tourney games must be played within 1st month, 4 within 2nd month until all games are played.
Read below for details.

Tourney "mode":
All teams play all teams; the winner is decided on point score

Map size & settings:
Default is: L map, no UG, few or no indies, all else average. Other settings can be choosed ONLY if both teams
agree on it.

Special rules for team games:
The rules for the tourney are the same as for the normal ladder games, with the added rule that
two allied players can't attack or defend together (with stacks next to each other) against an
unallied player (who hasn't met his ally on the map yet and has no diplomatic contact with him).
Don't abuse the rule, i.e. try to meet up with your ally as soon as possible. Try also to follow the
intent of this rule, i.e. if you and your ally are both close to one of your opponents and he is far
away from his ally and hasn't met him yet, don't sent all your units into his domain to try to
take him out before he meets his ally. It's a team game, so people should have a chance to play
it as a team.

Special rules for restart:
If team mates in one team start REALLY far from each other (say, NE and SW), while the other
team is really close, it should be possible to restart, if it's obvious for one team that it will be
really hard for them to meet. Try to agree on this in a good spirit; the tourney is only fun if we
can talk things over in a friendly manner.

How to sign up:
Send email to Gandalf_DK ( that you want to join. You can only join when
you have a team mate, i.e. you must tell me from start who are the two players in your team.

Who can join?
Only players with a valid battlefield account can join (just get one if you don't have one yet). Players
must submit their BF names and Emails to me in the email they send me when they join; I need people's
emails to send information etc.

How will the winner be found - how will the tourney be played? Please read the text below!

Doomdiver mentioned to me he'd like a new team game tourney, and I think it would be fun, too.
The last one I arranged went reasonably well, i.e. many people played most of the games they
were supposed to, but I didn't have time to finish it, and Merkraad was offline for some time, so we
simply couldn't play all our matches.

I think for a new tourney to work, the point system should be somewhat revised, and there must
be FIXED DEADLINES for the matches.

For a new tourney, I'll set deadlines for when to finish the first 4 matches (within one month)
when to finish the next 4 matches (within next month) etc.
It will be an "all teams play all teams" tourney (must fun IMO), and the point system will be:
3 points for a played and won match
2 points for a match that was won because your opponent didn't show up at the agreed time
1 point for a played and lost match
0 points for a match that you lost because you didn't show up at the agreed time.

The score will be put into a spreadsheet and posted and updated somewhere on the BF site.
Wins must be reported as ladder wins, and besides the ladder report, an Email must be sent
to me (Gandalf_DK) at: so I can update the tourney sheet.
PLEASE REMEMBER THIS, don't count on me to read all ladder reports, ok? It's a big job
to administer a tourney, if you don't believe me, host one yourself!

So, when enough players/teams have joined the tourney (deadline to join is 30th April 2005
at midnight GMT+1) - players /might/ be admitted afterwards, but please, if you're interested
JOIN NOW, don't wait, the sooner you join, the sooner the tourney can be organized.
- the tourney will start.
I will post on the BF site a list of who plays whom within the 1st month. This is a minimum; you can play
all the teams you want within that time period and finish the tourney, but if you haven't finished the games
you were sheduled to, you and/or the opposing team will have lost the match because of failure to play it
in time. This is necessary in order to finish the tourney at some time, I'm not going to administer a tourney
that will run over 4 months with no clear structure or winner.
2nd month I will make a new list etc. until all teams have played all teams, and then the winner will be
found on the basis of the highest score. If there's a draw, the winner and perhaps 2nd and 3rd position
will be decided on the basis of a rematch.

I hope Markymark can come up with a juicy medal for the winners
GL & HF, Gandalf_DK

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