posted 05-24-21 05:57 PM EDT (US)   
Hi All,

As I saw on this Archived thread i was finally able to remove easily the useless Crusader Ability from the Humans Chapter House, and I gave them the "Superior Blessing" ability so now they get +2 RES, +1 DEF and death protection alongside the willpower ability granted as a secondary effect by the Chapter House, it works fine now and I'm really happy with it!

Now after testing many games repeatedly, I was able to see that the Draconian hatchling transform into 50% Flamer and 50% charger, useless and anti-aestethic in my opinion, so I just created a copy of the slither and replace the venomous spit with the fire dart (the one shooted by the Tigran fire cat) and so I wish to replace the unit 31 and 32 (respectively the charger and flamer) with unit 35 (original slither) and my new slither (i set it to number 40).

Always here, I read this:
Offset (old Offset (new
1.3 patch) 1.3 patch) Building name and race Default ability
----------- ----------- ------------------------- -----------------------
12BD9F 120B1F Blood Totem (Orc) 76 00 (Life Stealing)
12BDC0 120B40 Midwinter Hut (Frostling) 47 00 (Fire Protection)
12BDDE 120B5E Hydra's Pool (Draconian) 31 00 (Regeneration)
12BDFC 120B7C Mirage (Tigran) 40 00 (Vision)
12BE1C 120B9C Chapter House (Human) 6E 00 (Crusader)
12BE2C 120BAC Chapter House (Human) CB 00 (Willpower)
So there is a good list where i can find the related draconian growth offset, because I tried to use the Find button in the Hex editor, and indeed it find only two strings called Growthdrac, but, after converting the decimal number 31 and 32 to hexadecimal ones, I searched them in the code, but nothing found... could someone help me please!?!

Thanks in advance to everyones!




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