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AoW2/SM Mod Making
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Topic Subject: AoW/SM Modding in 2019
posted 08-04-19 10:58 PM EDT (US)   
It's good to see a classic like this still taking full breaths in 2019, though modding information seems at first a little disparate so perhaps we should get answers to the questions below, at the very least it will provide a block of fresh information so people (like myself) can orient themselves properly.
Is it possible to change the name of Spell Paths?
Is it possible to change the location of Spells in Spell Paths?
Can the Magic Spells showcase be changed to display something else?
Is the selection area for races limited to 15 or will it develop a scroll like the portrait selection screen?
Is the allowable races menu area hardcoded such that a scroll cannot be added?
Are the 18 skills in the selection menu hardcoded such that they will not allow a scroll?
Can the 18 skills be edited by name and can their stat effects be edited?
Is it possible to tie certain unit and building access to individual Wizards or and Heroes?
What are the essential modding programs for this as of 8/4/2019?
posted 08-07-19 10:24 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Nice to see people still playing! I share your interests in modding, if you figure something out please post a reaction.

Thanks in advance!
posted 08-09-19 06:49 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Well people are still around they are just not very active on the forum by and large, for a lot of people they've seen it all before, but a proper FAQ would be nice...failing that I'll update those Q's at some point.
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