posted 07-14-17 03:01 PM EDT (US)   
So, I know this question might be stupid, but maybe someone can help me. So, recently got an idea for a campaign where Merlin, as a Cosmos Wizard, fights the allied conspirators, like... sort of and alternate version of the campaign events, and a true Cosmos campaign, with 3 missions instead of 1, as it was in TWT. Of course, I wanted to do it for Shadow Magic, due to unit balance issues (and for the sake of putting Shadow Demons into the fray). Anyway, the way how Pure Cosmos build (1 of each sphere) works in Shadow Magic, while makes sense for normal scenarios, does not feel right for this campaign. Is there any way to modify the rules for magic spheres, so the Cosmos Wizard could have all the spheres, as in TWT?

And, while we are on the subject of modding. Would it be possible to add AoW TWT Steppe trees to the AoW SM, but without replacing the SM graphics? I've been tinkering with custom resources for a while, but I can't really add those trees, I can only place empty hexes.