posted 02-04-16 07:56 AM EDT (US)   
Hi there.

I have an issue with the standard bridge generation. (road over water). Since I implemented some custom bridges to my resources, the vanilla bridges won't be used anymore after map generation.

Even if I erase the placed bridges manually and try to put some road over the water only the CUSTOM bridges are used. And I dont want that!

The vanilla (=original) bridges ILB is still in the WMAP dictionary.

I know that there is a trick out there to push original building tiles over custom made ones for map generation, by easily CopyPasting them in editor mode so the game thinks "they are new, i take these". The reason I cant use that trick is that the vanilla bridges can't be seen under terrain objects. Unlike custom bridges do. And I'm not deep enough into modding to understand how to create my own custom bridge, using the old vanilla tiles. My problem might be solved if I would understand how to do that.


Is there another way to fix my problem?

Does someone know an easy step-by-step HowToCustomWMAPobjects tutorial? Cant figure out how the game notices which image is used at which time.. (even the custom bridged are all different in the way they are created. o.O That makes my head explode)


Thanks for any help