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AoW2/SM Mod Making
Moderated by Swolte, Ziggurat Mason

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Topic Subject: The mod I'm making...
posted 05-24-04 05:07 PM EDT (US)   
..does not have a name yet.

Anyway, I'm making a mod with all the default rules left as is, but with a lot of new units and with the TC-structures available from the editor. The purpose of this is to give mapmakers more things to play around with.

Here's a tiny screenshot af a few Frost Boars and their leader + some TC objects... :

I've made about 15 new recolored units, but I'm in serious need of unit/ilb donations. If people donate units to this mod it might become kind of an extension to the original game, made by the community (and that would be cool ). It will not compete with other mods since it has no rule or balance changes at all. So if any of you guys will allow me to use your mods' units in this mod, please let me know!

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posted 05-24-04 05:25 PM EDT (US)     1 / 20  
Did you see the recolored units made by me in my mod? What do you think of them?
posted 05-24-04 06:00 PM EDT (US)     2 / 20  
I've seen them, they look great! If you allow me to use them, plese mail me the script file. That will make everything much easier... dsk2293(at) (replace (at) with @)

I'll make some sort of list of which units were created by who so that everyone gets credit for his/her units.

posted 05-24-04 06:22 PM EDT (US)     3 / 20  
thanks, but the problem is that I did not save the codes that I used to recolor them--it was really dumb of me.
posted 05-24-04 07:43 PM EDT (US)     4 / 20  

But I don't think they are all lost, some of them comes with the UGPM gui (looks like most of them).

posted 05-24-04 07:50 PM EDT (US)     5 / 20  
those were not made by me though, and I think you can use those.
posted 05-24-04 08:16 PM EDT (US)     6 / 20  
Ok. The sasquatch and the spearmaster are in there though, they're yours right? Anyway, I'll use your descriptions and stats for the other units as well (if ok).

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posted 05-24-04 09:23 PM EDT (US)     7 / 20  
you can use any of my new graphics the way you want as long as you mention my mod in your description and provide a link for it
posted 05-25-04 05:25 AM EDT (US)     8 / 20  
With UGPM GUI are included a lot of my recolored units. You can use all of them if you want, the only thing I ask is to give me credit. But some of them aren't well displayed wit the GUI (for now, Hamletg promised to fix this when he has time), so I suggest you to use the script files with Pawels converter.
posted 05-25-04 08:55 AM EDT (US)     9 / 20  
Thanks guys! You will all get credited properly, I promise.

I'll try to keep the size down as much as I can, so for recolored units I will use the ugpm command line feature to create the units during installation of the mod instead of including all the ilb's.

posted 05-25-04 11:01 AM EDT (US)     10 / 20  
I could send you a huge bunch of units, which are 'new' (not recolored), if you want them (they are not copyrighted).
posted 05-25-04 12:13 PM EDT (US)     11 / 20  
I want them! Please contact me on ICQ #109832443 or E-mail. I guess the files are large, so it would be nice if we could transfer them over ICQ.
posted 05-25-04 01:32 PM EDT (US)     12 / 20  
Sounds like a great idea Magog, the only problem will be setting the stats for all the units so that they are what mapmakers will want!

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posted 05-25-04 03:06 PM EDT (US)     13 / 20  
If I get enough units I think there will be at least a few that pleases everyone...

And I just found that some of the TC objects disappear after saving a map...

posted 05-26-04 10:17 AM EDT (US)     14 / 20  
Magog -

You're quite free to use any of my DwigMod units in your mod if you like. Their abilities and statistics are geared towards/designed for the mod more than for fitting into "normal" SM, so most probably won't be appropriate, but if any do fit feel free to grab them.

I'm not sure whether you're more in need of unit ideas, or recoloring schemes; I'm no recoloring expert, but the newest (unreleased) version of the mod includes recolored units (and a few new units), and I'd be happy to send that to you if it helps (or I could just send the coloring schemes if that's all you need). Just lmk.

posted 05-26-04 11:18 AM EDT (US)     15 / 20  
I haven't checked your mod out yet, but I will. Thanks!

Edit : Ok, I stole 6 units (Loved the Shrubling btw. ). I don't want to use units that look just like the default ones, that would just be confusing.

Let me know when you release the new version of the mod, then I'll be able to copy stats etc as well from the new units.

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posted 05-27-04 02:09 PM EDT (US)     16 / 20  
Hi Maggog,

please read the ICQ-Message I have sent. You will be happy about this ... :-)


posted 05-27-04 04:08 PM EDT (US)     17 / 20  
Great! Please read the ICQ I sent you...
posted 06-05-04 09:12 PM EDT (US)     18 / 20  
Magog -

Do you have some time frame in mind for your mod? The current working DwigMod version has a serious boost in the number of new units, but I expect I won't be able to release it until the end of this month or the beginning of next. If you had a smaller time frame in mind for your mod and are still in need of units, I'd be happy to toss over what units I have so far for you to sort through if it helps your mod out.

(New units so far include Dryad, Medusa, Stag Beetle, Elven Lord, Phantom Warrior, Nightingale, Nightmare, Ghoul, Valkyrie, Demon, Naiad, Golem, Astra, Gremlin, Glade Sprite, Kraken, Great Ape, Liche, Glutton Magi, Chill Falcon, Charlatan, Eyes of the Deep, Gnoll Halberdier, and various ships <Dragon Ship, Bombardier, Steambarge, Firemoth, Wavelance, more>. All of the racial priests are now recolored. Units are still being added at the rate of one or two every day or two.)

Just offering in case you still need to fill some unit gaps and were planning to release sooner than I am. Good luck!

- Dwiggs

posted 06-06-04 05:15 PM EDT (US)     19 / 20  
I plan on releasing this mod sometime this summer. Sorry, don't have a better time frame than that.

You'll probably release your mod before me, and then I'll be able to copy the units from it (which makes it much easier anyway). For recolored units I'd be glad if I could get the script instead of the ilb's, I'm trying to keep the mods size down as much as I can. If you could mail it to me in a tiny text file I'd be very grateful...

Btw, about racial priests... Here's my version of the Storm priest from AoW1 :

# Priest_Neutral -> m_Storm_Priest

FILTER 0 0 1.35 146

R 1.7 0 0 0
G 0 0.4 0 0
B 0 0 -5 0

FILTER 2.55 -1.85 -1.5 2

R 0.5 0 0 0
G 0 1 0 0
B 0 0 2 0

If you haven't already made a better one...

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posted 06-08-04 11:03 PM EDT (US)     20 / 20  
Dwiggs, do you have a medusa unit? Can I use it in my mod? Is that a recolored unit or come from a new source?

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