posted 04-10-21 02:11 AM EDT (US)   
Probably a question to the developers (if they still check into this forum )
I want to start a pbem with my old roleplaying friends on the Runeblades map and one of them installed AOWSM from Steam because he doesnīt have the old CD-Version. He said installing all patches up to 1.4 was no problem but 1.5 did not work (I donīt know yet what "did not work" means exactly but does anybody know if there are problems with the steam AOWSW version in regards to the 1.5 patch? I would normally assume 100% compatibility !?

Author of the following maps for AOWSM:
Version 1.4: DEMONWARS II (Transcendence & Immortalis)
Version 1.3: (also playable in 1.4) Gates to another World 1.4
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