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AoW:SM Gameplay Help & Strategies
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Topic Subject: Newbie questions
posted 03-23-14 02:13 PM EDT (US)   
Hi guys. I just bought AoW Trilogy last week. I had played AoW2 and AoW:SM in long ago. I always played cheat because I didn't understand this game. Now, I am playing without cheat. I like to ask you few questions.

1. How I can increase casting points for wizard and heroes?

2. Why is Shrine of Nature useful? Personally, I don't like it because that Spirit of nature always wants me to raze mines, nodes, and magic relay. I don't want because I need ot make gold and get research points. I don't have problem to raze magic relay. So why Shrine of Nature is useful?

Thank you for help.
posted 03-23-14 06:23 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5  
Hello and welcome Yamikodomo.

There are three basic ways to increase casting points...

1) Research the wizard skills from Casting Specialist I up to Casting Specialist V. Each level of Casting Specialist will add 10 casting points.

2) Build the wizard's tower level 2 and then build the casting chamber for plus 10 casting points.

3) Build the wizard's tower level 3 and then build the item forge and finally forge an item with casting specialist for plus 10 casting points.

The total maximum when all of these three are finished is 90 casting points.

Note you may sometimes find an item with casting specialist while exploring a crypt, campsite, or ancient ruins.


Here are the UPatch1.4 changes to the NATURE SHRINE...

EFFECT: 15 Gold, 30 Growth. Production bonus was removed, Gold comes from Mother Earth.

+ City Quake, + Concealment, + Free Movement, + Stone Skin, - Static Shield, + Basilisk.

Low reward: GoblinBeetle,2Wolfrider; Shaman,2Abomination; EE,2Boar; Manticore,Catmaster,Hunter; 3Penguins; 3Minotaurs; Hydra,Slither; Waterdancer,Lurker,EE; Treeman,Druid; 2Centaur.

Average reward: 2Trolls,1Darter; GoblinPioneer; Doomwolf; 2Herbalist,1Boars; 2EE,1Minotaur; 2Hydra,1Slither; 3Yeti; 2Treemen,1Nymph; ElvenPioneer; FairyDragon.

Strong rewards: 2Kharagh; 2Glutton; 2Basilisk; 4 EE; 2DoomWolves; 2Wyrm; 3Hydra3Slith; 2FairyDragon; 2Leperchauns; 4Hydras.

I hope this answer helps, good luck!

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posted 03-26-14 08:16 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5  
Oh I forgot about skills. Now I remember. Thanks!

Can you give me link for 1.4/1.5 unofficial patch notes? I can't find them.
posted 03-26-14 08:36 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5  
The UPatch 1.4 release notes can be found here.


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posted 03-29-14 06:31 AM EDT (US)     4 / 5  
Thank you.

I don't agree about change in 1.4 patch. So I will stay with official patch.

I think I found Nature Shrine is useful because of 10+ produce/growth and anti-income strategy.

Anyway, thank you for help.
posted 11-15-14 10:53 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5  
Believe it or not, I just did find a way to get over to the right side of the isolated area on day 167! I can now continue to search for a way out of there!

Gee whiz, it figures...right after I just made this post!

I will let you know what happens!

Also, I might need some more help later; so maybe this post won't be a total waste.



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