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Topic Subject: Summoner and Call of the Forest
posted 10-23-13 03:25 AM EDT (US)   
I have a few questions about this wizards skill and spell.

1) Is Call of the Forest really counted as SUMMONING spell and not global enchantment?

2) Does it get discount in price when having the Summoner wizard skill?
Original cost is
Research: 300
Casting Cost: 150
Upkeep: 30

3) Do summoned creatures need own upkeep too? If yes, it is pretty expensive and useless. You pay 30 + 6 for having one unicorn, 30 + 12 for having two unicorns. What is the point? You will never have enough mana to keep both the Call AND the summons. For 30 upkeep I can get 5 (!!!) unicorns on my own, without researching such costly spell. And cast them where I need them, not in some random forest blocks of my huge empire. Can someone explain me the point of casting this spell? I understand, that you get those creatures for "free", but if you have to pay their upkeep, it is useless anyway. Unicorn costs 40 mana, so, keeping 30 upkeep for Call is nearly the same as casting it by itself every turn. PLUS the price grows with every new creature. I like the idea of this spell, just trying to figure out how to use it correctly.

4) Does Summoner skill have any real use? I mean, there are plenty of useful skills for production, money, spell casting, research... Summoner affects only 3-4 spells (if you are a specialist). And it even does not lower the mana upkeep of summoned creatures (which would be obvious! You are the SUMMONER for god's sake, why can you have MORE summons as other wizards?).

5) Does Summoner's aura affect Nymph if it was summoned by Call of the Forest?
posted 10-23-13 01:21 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Hi Tensimir, Call of the Forest is a very useful spell.
Some of your complaints are right, but Upatch 1.4 took care of that. Research is now 200, upkeep 15, casting 100.
After casting you pay 15 mana upkeep and you wil get every turn:
a Unicorn (cost: 40 mana) forestry, 40 MP, +healing at gold medal!
or a Lurker (cost: 30 mana) swimming and poison spit
or a Dire boar(cost: 40 mana) forestry, 40 MP, +charge
or a Fairy (cost: 60 mana) flying
or a Nymph (cost: 60 gold) seducing enemy units
or a Wolf (cost: 30 gold) forestry, 40 Mp, a good scout
So you pay 15 mana/turn and can use your castingpoints for something else (enchantments,battle spells,other summons, etc).
In some games I used that spell for more then 100 days.
Summoner skill is useful if you have Level 3 & 4 summons in your spellbook.
Costs are reduced 20% and casting will be finished one turn earlier. Both are very important.
Summoners Aura works only for units with mana upkeep. So no Nymphs.
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